This layer of the auric field is only one to two inches from your physical body. It is closely related to the root chakra – sort of the foundation of the aura. It is most often described as a light blue or smokey blue color. Let's remember that the color's will vary by individual based upon the health of the person. Many people will actually 'see' this layer as a blank space between the body and the rest of the aura – like a shell encasing the body. It is thought when we sleep this layer of the aura actually expands to act like a recharging station allowing the body to take in restorative energy from the universe as one sleeps. In this way, it is arguably the most important layer of the aura to work with. It is your energy field recharger. Without a healthy etheric field the body can become worn down and cause dis-ease.

For many this empty space or smokey color is the first auric level that a person can see. The reason for this is that the etheric aura has the lowest vibrational rate in comparison to the other layers of the aura. The etheric aura is strongly affected by our thought energy and physical health; then, it is also the first place that any dis-ease will be seen. For some this area will be “seen” as a cloudy area or black spots long before it becomes a physical disease.

One reason that many feel so refreshed and renewed when they have any basic energy work done, including chakra therapy or sound therapy, is that the aura at this level is affected before the physical body. Clearing the debris from the “health” aura truly lifts the energy vibration of your entire body.

Your diet, lack of sleep or lack of physical activity, any negative habits or thoughts can all effect the aura at this level. Paying attention to the aura is a pro active step in ensuring that the physical manifestation of the dis-ease does not happen. Yet, the reverse is also true. Negative thoughts, low self esteem, or negative self talk can undo any clearing work in moments.

The Etheric Aura is one of the area's that can change and shift day to day. This is important as it is important to keep the field as healthy as possible so that disease will not manifest.