The mental auric layer has various aspects to its layer. It is the third auric layer and it extends four to eight inches from the body. For most it is will be a yellowish or goldish color; for some it is white in color

There is so much information on the mental aura and all its different aspects, that it would be hard to cover it all in this one lesson. So for the sake of space and time we will only be discussing some of the important points on the mental aura.

Your mental aura is the third aura in the seven layers we will be discussing. It extends four to eight inches from the body, and is yellow / gold or white in color. The shades of these colors can be affected by an individual's mental and spiritual development, the colors are brighter and bolder in a person who is more developed in these areas.

Like the others, the mental aura is connected to one of the seven major charkas. In this case the mental aura is connected to the solar plexus charka located near your heart. This aura is seen as a globe surrounding your head and chest, often depicted as a halo over an angel or holy persons head. An individual can increase the circumference of their mental aura by actively working to increase their intelligence (you can do this by studying any subject that interests you), and active reasoning. So what is active reasoning? It I the power your mind uses to turn thought from simply ideas into actions. This starts when you visualize something that you desire to have or to do, this is the idea. When enough energy has been concentrated upon this idea it must become an action. Therefore you move towards obtaining that goal.

Example: You want to see your friend who you have not seen for a couple of weeks. You think about her and how she is doing, you visualize her face, and think about how much fun you had the last time you saw her. You continue this until you get the overwhelming urge / desire to call her up. So you get up walk to the phone and dial her number. In this example thinking of her was the idea and dialing the phone was the action that directed from the amount of energy that was put into the idea.

The mental aura is a vast and exciting aspect of the human aura. When you take a closer look you will find that the aura is divided into the lower mental and the higher mental layer. These two layers have their own specific functions that together to form the whole of the mental aura. Both the lower and the higher mental auras have a yellow / gold grid like pattern which acts like a file cabinet holding a vast amount of information.

The lower mental layer – On the most basic level the lower mental layer displays your personality, your mental / intellectual status, and expressive thought forms. Even your creativity, habits, attitudes, likes and dislikes are displayed here. But that is just the beginning, in fact only the beginning of the beginning. Hidden in the depth of this grid is every memory and thought you have ever had in this life time or in past life times, there may possibly even be information gained from your soul's future incarnations. However, only a very small portion of this information can be accessed even though it is stored in the lower layer of the mental aura, the conscious mind.

The higher layer – Unlike the lower layer, the higher mental layer can only be reached by meditation, visualization, and patience to learn to work with these two tools that open the subconscious mind. It is here where we find our higher self, and the cord that ties us to the Creator (who ever you choose to commune with). The higher layer not only connotes you to your higher self, but it can also tap into the Universal Knowledge. Everyone can access this great universal subconscious, you just need to know how, and have confidence that you can. The information that is gained from visiting this place can include learning to enhance your natural talents and balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Another fascinating area of ​​study that uses your higher mental layer is spirit communication. While I am not going to go into this area of ​​study in any great detail, it is important for those of you who are interested in this area to know how your subconscious mind plays an important role in this kind of communication (if you would like further training in this area check out the Spirit Communication course). Simply put, when an entity is trying to contact you, they stimulate your higher mental layer / subconscious mind. They do this by radiating various colors, and from this you are able to understand the nature of that entity. Meaning these vibrations can show you who or what the entity is, whether it is a relative or friend on the “other side”, your spirit guides, even a soul mate from a past life.

Keep in mind that although we looked at the lower and higher mental auras separately, they are closely intertwined, and the only time they will truly be separate is in a post-mortal state when the higher mental layer assents with your soul. However, when you are living your earthly existence, neither one can stand alone.