What happens to your energy that engaged life yesterday? Is it still there? Does it automatically follow you as you make today out of tomorrow? Energy attentiveness of this sort is lost in today's culture.

Whether you had a great day or a bad day yesterday, your energy is often left in the people, projects and destinations you encountered. Our society practices a form of taking it with you when, at the end of the day, we leave work and are mindful to take our “stuff” home with us. Imagine bringing your energy from yesterday, home to start each new day. It is rejuvenating when you call your energy back to you.

“Unfinished Business”

Often it is the “unfinished business” that keeps our attention on yesterday's events. While resolving each task does a good job freeing up your attention, there is a price to pay if your energy just moves from one yesterday to the next and never rejoins you in present time. The phrase present time is a psychic term that equates with the “be here now” sentiment.

Having, as much of your energy as possible is a common mantra in metaphysics. The belief is that more of you is better than less. When you have less of your energy two things tend to happen. We need energy to live, create and communicate. If your energy is absent, then we'll find other energy to use instead. If your parents have powerful energy, we can use their minds in a pinch. Maybe it is your relationship partner from what you borrow that extra bit of life force.

You might wonder, what is so wrong with using other people's energy? First off if you are using it, that means they have less to use. Things change a bit when you look at it that way. Who would consciously choose to take another energy if we knew it would negatively impact them?

In psychic-speak, we consider information and energy the same thing. Now in our example, how do we feel about using someone else's information to navigate our life? At what point do you begin enhancing and enriching your own life information? Virtually all of us have designs on becoming better and more capable. Disabling your energy and information and using another's, runs counter to that spiritual goal.

The second scenario is where you try living with less energy rather than using somebody else's. Less of your life force may mean less enthusiasm. Operating with less information makes life harder.

As you can see, leaving your energy in yesterday is self-handicapping.

Understandably this is not something we think about on a regular basis. This does not mean that unconsciousness is the answer. Simply taking an energy inventory like taking your stuff with you when leaving work will make a fantastic difference in your life.