If you are looking for a great family activity, or perhaps just want a fun way to stay active, then why not consider taekwondo (TKD)? This enjoyable sport has been available in the US for a number of years and there have been numerous people who have discovered it. But what exactly is its draw? And, better yet, what benefits are there in learning the moves of taekwondo?

Why Learn Taekwondo?

· Family Friendly – Ideally, TKD is great for students as young as 10 years old, though there are many children who start at earlier ages. So, signing up the whole family is great way to strengthen your bonds and build some awesome memories, too.

· Self-discipline – A student of taekwondo must show self-discipline in order to be successful. The moves and balance needed to perform the various skills such as punches, kicks, blocks and patterns keep both the mind and body stimulated. However, learning to control everything for the precise moment it is needed takes discipline. This discipline can help in other areas of life, too!

· Exercise – Let's face it, going to the gym is always fun – even if you enjoy the workout. However, TKD offers an exercise routine that flexes your muscles and stamina, thus improving endurance. As a result of weekly taekwondo, you will improve your body's tone, overcome physical challenges and improve your joint range of motion. And, in doing TKD, you will also learn how to breathe properly and thus reduce stress and the staggered breathing that often accompanies working out.

· Self- Defense – Knowing how to protect yourself is a must in today's culture. Because TKD focuses on kicks and strikes with the feet and hands as well as providing an understanding of how to use evasive moves, you can protect yourself should be attacked.

· Coordination and Flexibility – By doing TKD a minimum of once a week, you are improving your body's coordination and flexibility making your range of motion better. This will stand you well either it is applied in self-defense or just being better able to do those task that once cause pain.

Learning taekwondo is something that the whole family can enjoy. It offers a chance to spend time together, improve your balance, provide one with basic protection skills and feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus, in training together you can encourage each other along the way and build a tighter family bond. Do not put off looking into this great sport. It is something you will be able to use your entire life – and who knows- it might even save your life! Look for a local place to learn – you will be glad you did.