Some people believe that our dreams help our conscience select what it must keep from the experiences we had the previous day. Other people believe that our dreams are produced by our imagination. They believe that our dreams reflect our fears and our ambitions.

You have the privilege to know that all dreams are produced by God and this is why they contain intelligent messages. Your conscience can not understand them in the beginning because your anti-conscience must not understand God's words before your conscience does.

So, you have to study the meaning of the symbolic dream language in order to understand what God is telling you in the dream images. Carl Jung discovered the meaning of God's symbolic language in dreams on your behalf, but he did not have a religious attitude.

I had a religious attitude because I was prepared to have this attitude thanks to my religious education in a catholic school, thanks to my literary talent, and thanks to my life biography. This is why I actually obeyed the divine guidance, without doubting that God was right.

I related various scientific discoveries of the 20th century with the intent to prove the value of Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation to the world, so I realized that the information I had in my dreams was giving me scientific explanations about religious mysteries.

You should have a religious attitude like me, and humbly recognize that God knows everything. Your humbleness is very important for your progress.

God shows you your mistakes in your dreams not because He is condemning you, but because you have to stop making mistakes. If you will disregard the warnings you have, you will deserve to be punished in the future.

You are not alive in order to be happy. Your transformation into a real human being can not be forgotten.

You have to be humble when God shows you your mistakes in your dreams. At the same time, you have to be prudent and try to correct your attitude. This is how you will prevent bad outcomes in the future.

Since you have a terrible anti-consciousness trying to influence your behavior, you always are exposed to numerous dangers.

I transformed Carl Jung's complicated, time consuming, and obscure method of dream interpretation into a fast method of instant translation from images into words because I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience; the main topic of all dreams. Without this information, the meaning of dreams could not be clearly comprehended.

I saw more than too many times that many people face in their lives exactly what was predicted in various bad dreams because they do not obey the divine guidance. They do not try to prevent negative situations in the future.

They are indignant to the attacks of their anti-conscience, they do not want to believe that something bad could really happen to them, and they do not want to do anything to change their destiny. Therefore, the bad predictions become true.

Later they regret, but then they have to face the consequences of their idiocy.

In order to prevent a bad situation in the future you must do what God shows you in your dreams, and not what your selfish and evil conscience desires. You have to be intelligent, instead of ignoring the warnings you have in dreams.

Do not let your satanic anti-conscience mislead you and imposes an indeterminate attitude before serious dangers. You have bad dreams anticipating dangerous situations a long time before facing them, so that you may learn how to avoid bad consequences.

Do not think that you will manage to survive and you will be fine, even if you will be disobedient.

If you will have a negative attitude, you will certainly be punished by the consequences of your mistakes, and some mistakes can not be corrected later. You will not be able to delete the past.