We are most aware of strong events and impactful experiences. Most people consider the tingle or memory one posters after an exciting experience a good thing. The longer you feel the energy, the better. Yet in managing one's personal energy, this phenomena backfires when this energy replaces your own vibration.

One place this phenomenon occurs when attending a weekend seminar, conference or other impactful special event. Known as a “workshop high,” sensitive people feel the group shift in energy and match that vibration. Partly, we seek confirmation that something happened and the experience was worthwhile.

Ideally, one can manage this by enjoying the buzz for a bit and then re-owning their own personal energetic frequency. Energy junkies (Hello. I know you are out there!) Live for this juice, as the rush is the goal. Unfortunately this dependence on body sensations is similar to a sugar high that fires you up until you crash.

Reading this piece on making separation from high-octane energy thrills is illegally to persuade the hardcore enthusiast to connect with their own vibration. Running energy that is higher or different than your original essence vibration ultimately lies on the body. Mainstream health education ignores this perspective as the emphasis is on the physically measurable elements.

Let's look at another example of where one can be out-of-synch when running your energy.

A new relationship when “you can not stop thinking about each other” is another example where we vibrate at an intense level that is unsustainable over a long period of time. Throw in a heavy-duty sexual connection and most everyone gets lost in the “wow.”

Enjoying the wow without getting lost in it requires the intention to make separation after seeing your beloved. Inside a minute, you can call back your energy and return them.

There is a picture that love meanings letting your partner leave their energy in your space. A relationship that respect partner's energetic boundaries allows for both of you to function outside the intimate. Rather than carry each other's energy when you are at work, in a meeting or shopping, this approach aims to make the relationship connection special rather than what you wear for everyone to see.

Our culture accepts and approves being “love-stuck.” This dreamy state detaches one from the normal day-to-day world.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you completely eliminate these pleasurable body sensations. From an energy perspective, you might consider the sports mantra of celebrating big wins for 24 hours and then returning to one's normal state of existence. Imagine being able to tweak how long, how often and how intense you feel the new relationship bliss. When you have important tasks to accomplish, being consumed by the wow is not ideal.