If you think this article will be about Mental Illness, you could be right or you could be disappointed. That all depends on how you look at this concept.

“Do you hear voices?” The time a nurse asked me this strange question I was puzzled. I answered: “I hear YOU.” Why would she ask me such a strange question in the first place? Well, I guess she had her reasons.

Until that time I never knew about people 'hearing voices' or what is meant by it in the medical terminology. Later I learned what they mean by that question.

They usually ask to find out whether the voices that the person hears are subject of his imagination or 'real', and whether they are positively or negatively inclined.


I previously studied NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), which, in my own words, is a 'modern psychology in a shortcut'. From this field I do know that every person has an internal voice (or more voices, depends on how you want to look at this). To give you an example of what I mean by this. Think of these sentences: “I'm not good enough.” “Money do not grow on trees.” “You have to work hard to make it in life.” “I can not do this.” “I will never be as good as …”

Well, unless you spoke these words out loud, you SAID it inside your head to yourself. For some of these sentences, depends on your life circumstances, you might even hear them in another person's voice (maybe your relative or a school teacher). And one more illustration. Think about the way you are reading this article. Chances are you are reading it to yourself inside your head (likely in your own voice).


So now we understand, that there is a VOICE inside our head that does talk to us. To stretch this understanding a little further, you might want to realize, that sometimes you might have two of these VOICES opposing each other on an issue you are dealing with. Some people referred to these two as the voice of the devil and angel. There is a conversation going on in your mind. If you do not know what I'm talking about now, think about the time when you were not sure about something. Maybe you had to make a decision about something in your life and you had a dilemma about it.

Part of you were on one side, and another part of you was opposing that idea. Well, if you still do not believe this is how we function, see this next time you ponder about something important.

Seeing this as it is, we can appreciate that the problem with any voices in your head only becomes a problem when they are CAUSING YOU to do something you do not want to do or tell you something you do not want to hear. Then a real problem arises. What to listen to?


What goes on in one person's mind is a mystery to another human being.

However, there are certain aspects of our inner world, which govern how we think, what we believe and how we then act upon these.

The aspects I am talking about are our rigid or less rigid beliefs and our values. Both of these were, and are, formed during our life experiences and thanks to many people who surround us since the day we were born.

What we believe to be true creates our reality. It may be challenging for you to realize that there is no such thing as one reality for all people. We all live in different worlds of our own.

Now, depending on your level of mind openness and personal development, this will or will not be a new concept for you.


Let's get back to the voice now. I have not been inside the heads of other people (but my own), so this is only a well researched assumption. Try this to find peace with the voice or voices inside your head, if they are being a problem. You might want to give a go to meditation as a way to quieten the mind. And if you can not sit still and focus your mind long enough, perhaps try NLP or Cognitive Behavior Therapy. These work on altering internal images or thoughts, and help you to change your internal map. And as a good technique to help with any limiting self beliefs, I would recommend the Forgiveness Process.

You might find, after doing any or all of the above suggested techniques, that you will come to more centered 'beingness'. You will understand your self better and be able to deal with any rising thoughts or 'voices'.