Forgive the tone here, but I cringe when I see many health assessments. A real assessment should be just as much a road to self discovery for the client as it is insight for the health coach. It is our duty to get the client not just to trust us and open up about health behaviors that they probably do not wear proudly on their sleeve, but we should be helping them be strong enough to look at themselves from an analytical perspective. We help them realize this is the golden reboot to dealing with those little voices lurking within, chanting what they should and should not be doing. This is not about guilt and self torture, this is about go forward to liberation, pride, fulfillment and happiness.

There is no such thing in proper health mentoring as a predetermined, set nutrition program, weight management, exercise … the nutritional needs drastically vary between clients. Maybe nutrition for Brian, who eats a good clean diet most of the time, so he has great eating habits but binges on donuts, cookies and cheeseburgers and loses control. What if Kelly is a mom, works full time, stressed out of control and spins like a maniac on weekends and too much of her food is ordered from a drive through … can we tell her to take a couple of hours each day to make the perfectly balanced meal … we have to go with the demands, and work with the clients needs.

Do we know if the client's frustrations are due to their circadian rhythms dancing to a totally different beat? How bout using smoking as a stay thin strategy, but they do not consider themselves a smoker because its only a couple a day “and I could quit any time I wanted”.

What if Susan is suffering from high blood pressure and can not figure out why … maybe she is in a very stressed out marriage, her adrenal fatigue and stress hormones are totally out of whack?

Traditional health coaching packages can have serious holes, and allow for critical health saboteurs to continue ravaging the health of the person. So it's not just about knowing how to eat healthy, telling people to go to a gym they're just not going to make it to more than once a week, if at all, it's working with strategies to get what I call a behavioral scan, reach those personal scary points, deal with them, try out and provide many paths. The more paths a person has to succeed, the more confident and empowered they feel.

If you are planning a corporate program for many … please think about this. MANY providers proudly claim that they are offering the exact same program in Toronto, Seattle, calgary, Phoenix, Halifax … really that that necessary, or is it better to know that your employees from Seattle to Halifax are all offered a thorough program which will unforgettable the employees' needs and they will get the guidance to really achieve positive health outcomes.

The R in relapse is for reality. Understanding that failure is only a failure if we did not learn from it. From experience grows wisdom. Our goal is show you there is no sacrifice at all … but a welcome to an inner peace and exhilaration, driven by your own physiological rewards. Your sense of freedom, self control and empowerment drives your energy, focus and desire to conquer. We turn the cacophony, into a symphony!