Wellness is such a broad term. When one speaks of wellness our minds usually go straight to the physical characteristics of an individual. One may wonder how they may be feeling on that particular day or be concerned about whether or not anything is ailing them. Are they sick? Do they have any aches and pains? These are questions which may be considered when engaging with another human being. However, wellness is comprised of many more aspects than just physical health. It is how an individual is doing overall. It is about their self-esteem, financial state, physical state – which in turn influences their mental state or how they view themselves as an individual.

Since the mind controls what you do and how you think and feel about others and ourselves, I am tempted to say that wellness starts on the inside and then works its way out. On the other hand since your surroundings and circumstances affect your outlook I want to argument that wellness starts on the outside and influences the inside or your self -perception.

In a perfect world, one would be able to separate the two concepts in order to provide a concrete blueprint on achieving wellness. Being that there is no way of dividing the two without engaging in years of debate I will say that the inside and the outside work in harmony to make you the best you can be.

Feeling good about your weight and your physical features causes you to be more content with life. Your mood and how you handle difficult circumstances are also affected by how you feel about yourself. When an individual is not happy with themselves they are more apt to be short tempted when dealing with others and with stressful situations. Their mind is not at ease and adverse circumstances cause more stress to be put on their mind and sometimes their mind snaps like a rubber band. This may cause a person to be mentally unstable, suicidal or seriously depressed.

The person that possesses a positive outlook on the world is more likely to take care of themselves. According to their perception, it is more suitable for them to live not only for today but to prepare for tomorrow. They desire to preserve what they have. For instance, one may exercise more or eat foods that have more nutritional value because they want to preserve their body. Conversely, the person that is not happy may not do what is needed to take care of themselves. It is difficult to plan for tomorrow while struggling to get through today.

The purpose of this article was to bring out some points that people may already be aware of but may also overlook. It is very important that you take time from whatever is going on in your life to sit down and take introspection. It is imperative that you take time to figure out your next step. Learn how to slow down just a little and take 5 – 10 minutes a day to take care of you. Whether it is shutting the door to the bathroom and letting the kids run around for a few minutes while you gather your thoughts or finding someone with a listening ear that is willing to let you vent, you must take time for you.

Take care of yourself. You only have one and you can not replace yourself once you are gone.

Stop, take time to smell the roses and enjoy the sun. Pamper yourself when you have the chance. Find out how to optimize the utility of the body that was given to you. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Take care of your mind and the world around you will be governed by your outlook on life. Be well.