We do not know how our species managed to attain consciousness because this mysterious process happened many billions of years before the creation of our young planet. Conscious creatures already existed before the appearance of the human race on earth.

Consciousness is defined as the state of being conscious; awareness of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.

This complex activity was the reason why God created our planet. The process of consciousness must be organized based on goodness and wisdom. Otherwise, it is absurd and evil, and therefore, catastrophic.

Consciousness is a dangerous process that has many evolutionary levels. The fact that our brain has consciousness of our existence does not mean that it is intelligent.

We have to acquire total consciousness in order to become really intelligent. This means that we have to completely eliminate our satanic anti-conscience, which does not let us acquire consciousness, and become true human beings.

We can understand the importance of consciousness when we deal with cases that reflect lack of consciousness. Psychotic and schizophrenic patients lose consciousness when they have traumatic experiences and their anti-conscience invades their conscience.

Everyone keeps large losing consciousness in the crazy world; not only those who are visibly mindally ill.

Consciousness is a precious process that must be developed, and not destroyed. It is a fragile process that can easily be destroyed by absurdity, but most people believe that they are intelligent and they can trust their own judgment.

This is why they make tragic mistakes as if they were mentally retarded, and they become more mentally ill when they deal with the consequences of their mistakes. This is very common.

The development of the human conscience based on goodness and wisdom is a difficult process because we are absurd and evil by nature. Our terrible anti-conscience thinks like a demon and tries to eliminate our capacity to think logically.

Dream translation according to the scientific method is a process of consciousness that eliminates our anti-conscience with many lessons, explanations, and examples. We understand our mistakes and the big difference between good and evil.

Carl Jung really discovered the meaning of the dream language because his translations transmit God's messages in the dream images. Now that I simplified and clarified his method, you can protect your mental health and become a brilliant person.

You will understand what you have to do in life thanks to God's messages in your dreams.

The atheistic modern civilization hates the idea to depend on God, but the truth is that we depend on superior guidance in order to deal with all the absurdity we have inherited, and with the absence of the world.

Scientists declare that we do not need a God because we can find explanations for everything without simply saying that everything is the way it is because it was created by God.

However, after finding numerous explanations for the existence and the formation of various phenomena, our scientists arrived at a point where they could not find more explanations, and they had to admit that our universe is the way it is because this was how God created it.