The concept of preemptive healthcare is becoming increasingly prominent as we continue to move towards a more health-conscious society. Between the aging population, the obesity epidemic and the convenience and affordability of less-healthy food options, the country's healthcare system is facing heavy burdens. Outside the realm of healthcare, a healthy population is a more productive population, and that translates into economic benefits for everyone.

Preemptive healthcare includes many proactive, healthy choices that you can make in your daily life. It means eating better and exercising more to keep your weight in check and decrease your chances of developing a medical condition that will require emergency or ongoing treatment. It means quitting smoking so you do not spend your last years of life hooked up to tubes, unable to leave the confines of an around-the-clock clinic. It means taking deliberate and informed steps to reduce your risk for serious, chronic and potentially fatal diseases.

Study after study has shown that obesity is closely linked to a long list of morbidities and chronic health conditions. Those who are overweight are at increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma and many forms of cancer. Imagine the burden that could have been removed from the nation's healthcare network if preemptive interventions reduced the prevalence of obesity and prevented millions of people from developing these conditions! What's more is that a population that smokes less, eats well and exercises more is healthy in mind as well as body.

The economic impact of healthy living stretches far beyond reducing the cost of providing healthcare to those in need. Healthier people make greater contributions to the economy, by missing fewer days at work and remaining productive through later stages of life. This creates a more prosperous country for everyone to enjoy, proof that the benefits of healthy living are about more than just you.

Another of the many benefits of healthy eating is that you can support local economies. By buying fresher, locally grown foods, you will provide a much-needed boost to regional farmers and help foster sustainable economic development.

Preemptive healthcare is a grassroots movement that is geared towards people in all stages of life. A great deal of attention is being paid to raising a healthy, more active generation of children, but it's never too late to make positive changes for better health. You'll be serving your own good as well as the greater good.

We all know how to be healthier: eat better, cut out unhealthy habits and exercise regularly. However, putting together a plan that works for you is not always easy. Good health is a marathon, not a sprint, and many people get frustrated and give up before they have a chance to see positive results, and that's due in large part to a lack of guidance and proper planning.

A life coach provides you with the motivation and direction you need to create a plan for healthy living that you can stick to. Good health is as much a product of mind and spirit as it is of body, and that's where you'll find a life coach's greatest value lies: in their ability to help you transform your way of thinking into positive improvements in every aspect of your life.