Since we are rational animals, we can understand how hard life is. We can understand that we need many things in order to survive and feel well. This is a painful comprehension.

The fact that we can not have everything we need and everything we want is frustrating. This is why we need God's support.

God gives us clear guidance in our religion, showing us how we can bear all difficulties of life without revolt. All religions of the world help us attain sanctity. However, we detected God's lessons because we are absurd and evil. We do not want to accept His peaceful philosophy of life.

God gives us more information in our dreams. We must become really human and attain sanctity, even though we have an evil nature. Only when we will become perfect human beings will we stop having mental illnesses, diseases, and other problems.

We depend on God's guidance in order to organize our psychological system, and gradually transform our evil self into a conscious human being. Since the largest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience and our tiny human conscience is underdeveloped, we can not transform our anti-conscience without obeying God's directions.

We need superior guidance.

God is very generous. He sends us numerous messages in all dreams because He knows that we need His wisdom, but His messages are incomprehensible for our ignorant conscience. God must hide their content from our evil anti-conscience. This is why we have to study God 'language and His logic in the dream images.

Now that Carl Jung discovered the meaning of God's symbolic language in dreams and now that I simplified Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation, you can easily understand the divine guidance. This is simple, but what really matters is your obedience to the guidance you have.

When you understand God's words in your dreams this is only the beginning of the process you must follow. You only understand your doctor's guidance.

Then, you have to do what your natural doctor is showing you, and not what your ignorant conscience desires. This is how you will be cured and you will evolve.

God is alive and He can make miracles, but He depends on your obedience to His wise guidance.

If you are a disobedient demon you must be punished; you can not be helped.

Atheists believe that God's rules in each religion are not congruent with our scientific and technological progress and can not be permanent norms for our conduct. However, God shows us eternal truths. Our intellectual level is too low. God explains what is good and bad in different forms. This is why He created various religions.

We need religious rules in order to become more intelligent and sensitive.

The same way, God gives us many explanations in different forms in our dreams. He helps us cultivate real goodness in our hearts. In order to be mentally healthy and wise, we have to stop being selfish and false.