The atheistic and materialistic world depicts the importance of dreams, but you must have a serious attitude. Today you know that God is not a myth because I continued Carl Jung's research, providing to the world that God produces our dreams.

You must admit that you depend on God's wisdom in order to become a mentally healthy individual, instead of listening to the lies of the hypocritical world.

You may believe that God exaggerates when it shows you that you are in great danger, but you have to be prudent. You are absent from birth and you tend to become more absurd with time. Your conscience is underdeveloped and your satanic anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy your capacity to think logically through absurdity.

Your anti-conscience is strong because it occupied the largest part of your brain, while your tiny conscience is fragile. You need God's protection and His wise guidance in order to escape your anti-conscience's traps, and become more sensitive and intelligent.

Without God, you can not win the battle against Satan. Your anti-conscience is a terrible demon.

You may believe that God's warnings are unnecessary because you do not see how much your anti-conscience is trying to make you do what will be catastrophic for you. You believe that you can control your behavior and recognize hidden traps. You think that you smart, while your ignorance is vast, and you do not use all your psychological functions when you try to solve your problems.

This is why your satanic anti-conscience manages to gradually destroy your conscience and your life.

Instead of believing that God is exaggerating when it shows you that you will face terrible problems in the future because you are making tragic mistakes, you must be serious and learn how to correct your mistakes through dream translation.

You have warnings about the dangers that are threatening your mental health a long time before being in a dangerous situation, so that you may get prepared to face this situation with wisdom. If you will be indignant to the dream warnings, you will not know how to successfully face the challenging situations that are part of your destiny.

When you have bad dreams with sad predictions, you have to change your attitude before they will become true. If a dream anticipates that you will have problems in the future, you had better believe in this fact and learn how to avoid these problems.