Many people like dream therapy precisely because it is a short treatment for depression, neurosis, bipolar disorder and other simple mental illnesses. The treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis is long, but almost all the other mental illnesses are cured in a short period of time.

Dream therapy is an effective psychotherapeutic method because it is based on God's guidance. However, it is not only a treatment. Dream therapy is a lot more.

You'll discover a new dimension of life when you'll translate the meaning of your dreams and you'll understand God's words in the dream images. You'll verify that you can transform the material reality by transforming your spiritual reality.

God teaches you how to attain sanctity and discover new alternatives in life, which can not be attained when you are imperfect.

You understand that you live in a cruel world and you verify the depth of the human absurdity. You are able to see all the dangers of the way and avoid all traps. You pass through a process of psychological transformation and spiritual purification.

You become a wise and sensitive human being who takes life very seriously and always respects everyone.

You realize that you have infinite possibilities of evolution. You are able to solve all problems based on wisdom.

Wisdom is your capacity to understand what is right or wrong thanks to your sense of justice, which is based on compassion and sensibility. You do not close your eyes to what is bad like a hypocrite. You condemn what is bad and you correct what is wrong.

You are always protected by your moral principals and by the goodness you show to all human beings in all situations.

Justice is your capacity to discern what is right or wrong and understand the rights of every human being. The same way, justice is your capacity to understand the obligations of every human being as a conscious person.

Goodness is medicine. Goodness is your capacity to put an end to violence and terrorism thanks to your patience and thanks to your compassion. Goodness is your capacity to automatically forgive your enemies and help them find salvation.

Goodness is your generosity and your dignity when you face difficult life challenges that demand patience and tolerance. Goodness is your capacity to understand the meaning of love. Goodness is your capacity to accept making sacrifices in order to save others. Goodness is humbleness and sincerity. Goodness is wisdom and peace.

Peace is a state of harmony and satisfaction. Peace is tranquility, safety, happiness, and completion.

Peace depends on justice. Justice depends on the preservation of your moral principals.

Your moral principals protect your dignity and your mental stability because they help you have the behavior of a conscious human being.

Once you attain an evolutionary level that surpasses the level of the animal nature, you understand the importance of the new dimension of life exist behind the appearance reality. You stop being privileged, naïve, and indferent.

You become a wise and sensitive human being. Your vision of the world is huge. You can see everything as a whole. You also pay attention to all the details of your reality. At this point you realize that everything can be perfectly organized and that you are very lucky because God exists and He organized the nature of our planet.

However, God can not organize our psyche on our behalf without our cooperation, and this is why there are many disorganized mattes in our psyche and in our world. In order to organize our psyche, we have to respect the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion.

When you understand the importance of your spiritual reality you understand that you can solve all problems based on the simple solutions presented by your religion. All religions explain a part of the truth that composes our spiritual reality.

All religions teach us that we have to eliminate our ego and love all human beings. They also teach us that we have to love God more than we love ourselves because God is perfect. We must respect God's superiority and feel grateful for His sanctity.

Now that we can understand God's words in dreams we have many explanations for all mysteries. Now we know that we are absurd and evil. Now we know that we live in order to become peaceful and wise. All dreams help us transform our violent nature into peaceful nature.

Now we know that sanctity is the solution for all human problems, but the world is very far from sanctity. Nobody tries to attain sanctity on Earth.

Sanctity is not a state of absolute perfection that can characterize only rare human beings. Attaining sanctity should be everyone's purpose.

When we attain sanctity we attain wisdom and we find authentic happiness. We discover that only goodness can give meaning to our existence. We pay attention to everything. We stop having materialistic ideals and we stop concentrating our attention only on our daily lives.

The empty moments of our existence become meaningful. The incomparable importance of life becomes known. Our relationships are based on sincerity. Our behavior is always based on wisdom.