The human energy field has various components. Each of these relate to a specific area of ​​life. Balancing these structures can facilitate healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of life. Below are parts of the human energy field and areas of life affected by them.

The human aura and the chakras

The aura is an energy field which, when healthy is an egg shape. Although it has many layers, the ones spoken of the most are the first seven. Each of the layers is related specifically to one of the seven chakras. The health of the chakra determines to an extent the integrity of the specific layer of the aura. The energy healing practitioner works with the aura and chakras freeing the energy. This can produce relaxation and the relief of various emotional, mental and physical discomforts.

The emotional centers of the body

Consider the expression, “Kicked in the gut.” This description refers to experiencing an event which produces a feeling of weakness in the body. A number of years ago I was called to the phone for an emergency call. (This was well before cell phones.) I was informed that a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was standing at the time. My knees literally buckled beneath me and I had to catch myself or I would have fallen. I was “kicked in the gut” by the news. This affected the emotional center where fear is often located, the solar plexus or third chakra.

Another area of ​​the body affected by emotion is the heart. When someone experiences a tragedy, as in the death or serious illness or injury of a loved one, a descriptive phrase is “my heart hurt.” Some people experience physical pain in their chest. This is referred to as the fourth area.

Everyone has had the experience of a “frog in the throat.” This usually occurs when the person is having a difficult time saying something. The throat tightens up making it difficult to speak without “croaking.” This center, the fifth, often tightens up when trying to say something in times of fear.

Think about what happens when you are trying to absorb tremendous amounts of new information. This can happen at trainings when learning new material. Many people literally get a headache. You are trying to absorb so much information that your head feels like it's going to explode. You just can not take in anymore and feel overwhelmed. This is called the third eye area.

Anyone who has had sexual feelings is familiar with the tingling and pressure which can develop in the groin area. This area is another emotional center, the second, having to do with sexuality and sexual feelings. It is also about our sense of power in our outside world which includes finances.

The spiritual center, the seventh is at the top of the head. This is where you have your connection to the Divine. Some people feel a tightness at the top of their head when they are growing and developing spiritually.

At the opposite end of the body is the first chakra. When dealing with family issues you may experience experience tightness in the area around your tailbone. If you are having difficulty with family issues you might have difficulty being stable on your feet.

The aura

Each of these areas contributes to the egg-shaped energy which surrounds the body. Emotions can become lodged in the aura. The energy practitioner can smooth the “bumps and bruises” from the aura assisting in enabling the person to relax and release pent up emotion.