Feng Shui teaches about the 'entrance' and 'thresholds' being auspicious, as one is taking a step into another space .

The 'gateways' in China can be very auspicious as their shapes can perpetuate other meanings. Those of you who have attended my talks or workshops can relate to some of the shapes we've talked about. The square or rectangular shape represents earth and the circular shape (or arch) representations heaven . Recently, when walking in China, we explored the local urban sections of the city before stepping into the sacred areas and temples. We would walk through a gate; from earth to heaven. Some gates were more elaborate than others. The sub-conscience will pick up the energy change and the propitious nature of a new environment. There was a definite 'feel' on the other side of the gate: calm, tranquil and serene. By moving from one space to another, we can experience a shift of some sort: a driveway could have a pair of sentinels to welcome you home; a yard can have a gate, the garden displays a porthole, etc.

Have you surprised how we can 'forget' something within a split second, as we turn around? Look back where you've been: there has to be a doorway, gateway or energy change within those few steps. Something has changed, and taken our attention to another place in mind.

Each step you take out of one space into the next can offer mystery and new experiences.

My brain was fogged the other day just by driving over a bridge in Vancouver. Once I got through the gateway, I had a blip of my purpose. I really had to stop and think: Where was I going again? Crazy? -I'm not sure. My car had turned the wrong way -away from my destination, but appeared to be on auto-pilot towards a friend's house. Interesting … as my friend had moved a few months before and I was near her old neighborhood. Hmmm, could this be the early afternoon of Alzheimer's? Or although, my subconscious really wanted a visit with my dear friend?

The bridge and its grandiose structure relates back to the doorway and threshold theory: When you leave the room – you leave the room! Anyone, at any age, can walk out of a room and completely forget what they were doing. Blaming the doorway is now an option!

Take comfort in knowing: You are now AWARE! These little jaunts from earth to heaven can be tough.