You have a busy schedule that keeps you tied to your job for the better part of the day. You can not give sufficient time to your family and friends because of your hectic schedule. But most importantly, your busy lifestyle is leading to health problems and you've been putting on weight of late because of your erratic eating habits.

You've been on a strength training program for quite some time now but you near near building up a well toned body with flsy sinews and robust muscles. Maybe you're not on the right plan or you're not following the guidelines in a proper manner. It's time you took stock of your training training program and made some modifications.

1. You're being impulsive

If you're sincere about your workouts, then in the initial phase, there will be changes in your appearance that are not tangible. Your muscle co-ordination will improve with every successful workout and the degree of contraction of your muscles will decrease as well.

Your neuromuscular efficiency will increase as your brain will be able to co-ordinate and communicate with your muscles in a better manner. Control your urge of looking at the mirror every now and then and wonder why your muscles are not building up. Just persevere with your workouts and things will work out in due course of time.

2. You're not keeping pace or track

If you do not have a workout schedule, you'll never have any idea of ​​what you're going to do tomorrow. If you do not keep track of what you've been doing in the last two weeks, how'd you know what to do in the week ahead?

You should keep a logbook of your workouts where the details of the weight blocks used, the different stretching out exercises performed will be maintained. It will help you to keep track of the progress you've made and also help you to introduce any changes or modifications required midway.

3. Your plan lacks a structure

Mediocrity is the bane of all workout regimens. You should have a workout plan that reflects a certain degree of linearity and consistency. It should not be randomized. The perfect way of toning up your muscles and building up your overall strength is following a linear workout plan with gusto.

4. Chill out

The age old adage all work and no play makes you a dullard still holds and it'll be so for ages to come. Do not go overboard with your exercise regimen and do not workout in a manner as if there will be no tomorrow.

Take time out to enjoy a movie, go out on a date with your girlfriend and enjoy your job thoroughly. Live life to the hilt and banish all negative thoughts from your mind. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cut down on your intake of processed foods and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Practice meditation and sleep soundly for eight hours. Your body needs enough rest to start afresh the next day.

5. Tone down your cardio workouts

If you're aiming for a well chiselled body with a washboard abdomen then your workout program should include a fair balance of a range of exercises. That calls for an eclectic mix of cardio workouts, abs building, and push ups and so on. Do not have a lopsided exercise program where you lay too much stress on a particular type of exercise.

6. You can not survive on salads alone

In your obsession to develop six pack abs and shed fat as fast as possible, you're on a caveman's diet. You're subsisting on salads, fruits and vegetables and avoiding whole or processed foods entirely due to appreciation that you'll not be able to meet your objectives.

You tend to workout more aggressively than regular exercisers as you're on a muscle building and body strengthening mission. So you'd need to imbibe calories more than your normal intake for supporting the growth and development of your muscles. Stay away from junk food and take more of organic foods.

7. Shunning drop-sets

Drop sets are instrumental in stimulating hypertrophic activity within the muscles. This sort of workout involves exercising with weights below the maximum limit. Instead of working out with multiple mini-sets, try to work more with drop sets for pumping out your muscles. Take short breaks in between.

8. Do not get addicted

This guideline is a corollary of the 'chill out' tip. Just as you've needed to chill out on a regular basis, spending too much time in the gym can have a negative effect resulting in dwindling returns. Enjoy your workout instead of punishing yourself.

9. You're not doing the full reps

Half reps are going to take you only half the way. Adapt to performing the complete range of incentives for every exercise.

10. You're not following an order

There's an order that you should keep with your front raises, calf raises, lateral rises, and curls. Start with compound workouts like deadlifts, bench presses, cleans and squats when you're fresh and full of beans.