Surviving vs. Thriving – Where are you and where do you want to be?

Many of us go through life day by day not even really thinking about if we are surviving or thriving. We have things to do, people to see, work to be done and plans to make. We go through the motors and do not even stop to think if we are where we want to be in life. Or know that when we do stop to think about it, we will not like what we see.

Living day by day is a safe way to approach life. Living day by day is not easy to do. Many of us live in the past while criticizing our mistakes and dwelling on what could have been. Some of us live in the future wishing things were different, we were different, had something better to look forward to. Very few live in the present, day by day. Living in the present is the difference between surviving and thriving!

You know you are surviving when:

· You are coping with your life the way it is.

· You settle for nothing better than the passing of time. The slower, the better.

· You continue to miss the opportunities to learn from a mistake.

· You carry on day after day without motivation.

· You manage to get yourself through the day and collapse with emotional exhaustion.

Surviving is very acceptable for some, and can be really difficult for those dealing with emotional baggage that drains us even while we sleep. Your goal is to exist, nothing more. For those living in this stage of life, I respect you! You have chosen to meet with life until you are fed up. The question is, what will you do when you are fed up? Will you begin to thrive?

You know you are beginning to thrive when:

· You think about the past less, and talk about the future more.

· You think about doing more, and maybe even talk about it more.

· You think about the possibility of doing more, and being more.

· Your thinking turns into doing, and you enjoy it.

· You begin to flourish, just a little, and want that feeling a little more.

· You smile a little more often, and even find your laugh again.

· You begin to wonder “what if”, and make a plan or two to start.

This is when getting out of bed is just a little bit easier. Maybe not every day, but more days than not. You are no longer coping, you are starting to grow some roots and begin to harvest a beautiful bloom. In order to see this bloom in full blossom, you need to thrive and this is when you WANT to thrive!

You know you are thriving when:

· You live day by day with ease and think about the future with excitement!

· You enjoy and respect the relationship you have with yourself!

· You smile – a lot!

· You make others smile and want to be near you!

· Your personal and professional relationships are strong and many!

· You are successful!

· You radiate and shine with positivity!

· You make sound decisions and enjoy the challenge!

· You are happy and at peace!

Which stage do you refer to most? If you or someone you know are surviving, or even pre-surviving, get the help you need from a qualified health coach or professional. Coaches can help you from we here you are today and move forward with you to a more satisfying life at your own pace, your own terms. If you or someone you know is at the in-between stage of surviving but not quite thriving, what steps need to be taken to help you move in the right direction? What holds you or them them back? Discovering this can be the difference for you or someone you know to grow, prosper and succeed in a way you see as rewarding and beautiful.

Everyone has their own vision of thriving and what that looks like on them. What does your vision look like? Feel free to comment with others and share your vision. Dream big and dream often! Your thriving life depends on it!