My friend Rose was in a 4 wheeler accident on the 4th of July 2013. While I was in Idaho she casually asked me if I would give her a massage. Of course, I was happy to do this. I did not realize the extent of her injuries. She informed me that the local massage therapist took care of her shoulder and it no longer hurt.

With her second session I wanted to tweak the muscles on her inner thighs to ensure that they did not tighten back up and pull her back into knocked knees. After spending an hour and a half on her legs I had her take off her blouse so that I could connect her back muscles into the work on her legs.

I was appalled that her postural disorder as left scapula was under her armpit. I asked her about the other massage therapist fixing her shoulder. Rose informed me that the local massage therapist fixed the pain and that her shoulder no longer hurt. That is not what I considered fixing a problem. I had Rose stand up so that I could assess her whole body. Not only was her left scapula under her arm pit but her left shoulder was much lower than her right. She informed me that she could not keep her bra strap up as it just keeps slipping off. Also, her left clavicle was not level with her right clavicle as it protruded out about 1/2 an inch further.

Momentarily I did not know what to do to help Rose. I had Rose lie on her right side so that I could do some deep tissue manipulation on her Lateral Line while I waited for inspiration. When the inspiration came I had Rose lie on her stomach. I used a Shiatsu shoulder release on her shoulder.

I then had Rose turn over on her back and I began a shoulder unwinding on her left shoulder. When doing a shoulder unwinding, simply place one hand under the scapula and the other directly opposite on the front. Move the tissues in opposing directions. For instance, when moving the tissues on the back side towards the spine the top hand would move towards the arm pit. If the bottom hand is moving up towards the top of the shoulder then the top hand moves towards the breast without touching the breast tissue. The hands never leave the body but work in sync with each other in loosing the stuck tissue.

What ensued was 2 1/2 hours of unwinding and popping in her shoulder. She became giggly as she informed me that her scapula was moving towards her spine.She informed me that she was enjoying more range of motion in her shoulders and could feel the shift of each scapula. After just three sessions with me and three sessions with her self therapy Rose is back to her normal. She reported to me that she has her full energy back and is doing well. Oh how I love my 'job'.

I am so grateful to my teachers at The Denver School of Massage Therapy and at The Utah School of Massage Therapy. I am so grateful for my education. I am truly humble with my gift and talent of healing.