Stress is a major component of many chronic health problems. Research has confirmed its negative effects on many diseases. Stress increases cortisone output which impairs immune function, elevates heart rate and blood pressure, and affects hormone balances. Nervousness, anxiety, worry, fear, and other forms of stress rob us of valuable mental energy.

Setting aside time daily to relax is vital to achieving and maintaining excellent health. The calming sounds of nature have been proven to aid in relaxation and stress reduction. When combined with subliminal healing messages, the relaxing sounds of nature become a double threat against stress and its effects.

You can play subliminal audio CDs in your computer CD drive, home stereo system, or personal CD player. Listen while you drift off to sleep, while reading, or any time you want to be transported away to a tranquil natural setting.

As you listened to the relaxing sounds of nature (eg ocean waves), positive health statements are delivered subliminally to your subconscious mind (just below the level of conscious awareness). Though your conscious mind will not hear any messages, your subconscious mind will not miss a word.

Consider using subliminal audio to reduce stress and promote healing. Effortlessly you will reap the wealth of health benefits from positive affirmations as they are very delivered to your willing subconscious.

Just as negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions can make and keep you sick, positive thoughts can heal and help to maintain health. Science has discovered several connections that appear to give the brain immunity influence over the body regarding wellness and vitality.

Every cell in your body communicates with you and with other cells constantly through your thoughts. For example, when a patient is given a terminal diagnosis by her or his doctor, how it is perceived is communicated to the body's cells. If the cells perceive the individual has given up, the cells also give up and stop fighting. Consequently, the immune system becomes inefficient, and begins preparing the body for death.

In contrast, there are many cases of individuals who have access to all odds because they have refused to surrender to physical illness, and have used strong positive thoughts and visualization to help their cells fight off disease. A positive attitude puts all the cells on notice that perfection is expected in the functioning of your body. Positive cellular communication is vitally important. The effects of positive thinking are very real.

Training your mind with positive affirmations, subliminally, permits them to reach the subconscious without interference or modification from the conscious mind. This is important because the conscious mind will question or reject certain statements that it knows may not be present true. At the subconscious level, there is no reasonability ability; therefore, no filtering potential. Positive healing messages, delivered directly to the subconscious mind, can quickly become reality.

You must create change at a subconscious level, if you want to make lasting improvements in your life. Subliminal healing audio CDs can be valuable tool to help promote and maintain good health, by providing stress relief and relaxation, while delivering positive messages of healing and well-being directly into you subconscious mind.

Make “Subliminal Strategies” a part of your diet, nutritional supplement, and exercise plan for optimum health.