My studies were totally different from the studies made in the universities of our historical time. God helped me gradually discover that all mental illnesses are generated by our satanic anti-conscience, rather than believing in the ridiculous realities of my historical time.

After discovering the truth about the human nature and fighting my anti-conscience, I had to stop writing my scientific book, and study what I had discovered. I was not expecting to find God and Satan after continuing Carl Jung's research in the human psyche through dream interpretation.

My life completely changed. I stopped being only a writer. I had to become a doctor.

A doctor is responsible for other people's lives. I did not want to have such responsibility. If I could choose my destiny, I would never decide to become a doctor. However, I could not choose anything. I had to precisely obey the divine guidance in my dreams, independently of my opinion.

I was a terrible demon. I had to be transformed into a real human being by possibly obeying the guidance I had in the dream messages. My opinion had no importance. It was the opinion of an idiotic, absurd, and evil creature.

God showed me that our psychiatrists and psychologists are doing everything wrong. I had to become a doctor and learn how to help everyone find sound mental health thanks to dream interpretation according to the scientific method. Everyone's doctor is God, the dream producer. I would be only a helper.

I already wrote many articles about how dangerous and ineffective psychiatric drugs are. This is why there is an anti-psychiatry movement.

In 1989 I had no idea of ​​what was really happening in this field. I was shocked when I discovered how harmful these drugs really are. They have numerous dangerous side effects and they cause dependency.

I had to study what happens in the human brain based on the information I had in dream messages, signs of my reality, and through the codes I discovered in Xavier's book Words Of Eternal Life, based on the dream language. I saw that God's symbolic messages could be found everywhere if we knew the meaning of the symbolic dream language.

God was graduating showing me the big tragedy that marks our existence.

We are selfish and violent monsters because we have a satanic nature.

Everyone must precisely obey the divine guidance in their dreams and in their religion in order to become really human. Religion is more important than science.

All religions teach us a part of the truth. Jesus was really God because no one else would bear His suffering without false.

However, Jews are right because they declare that they do not believe that Jesus was God. They were chosen by God to be sincere, even though they were wrong. At least they are not hypocrites like those who pretended to believe in Jesus.

God is revolted with the hypocritical Catholic and Orthodox Church because nobody is imitating Jesus' example.

I do not know many details about other religions, but I can tell you that every religion is right and completes a part of the big puzzle that forms our spiritual reality. When we know a lot more about our complex reality we can understand the relationship exist between all religions of the world and why all religions are right.

We are absurd and evil, and this is why there is a dispute between different religious groups. We should respect all religions and try to understand their importance.