We all strive to be healthy at some point or another in our lives. When you area teenager you give no mind to what you are eating or how you pass your time because most of your customs are passed to you by your family. As you grow older you feel the need to focus on your health because you have come to understand that doing the wrong things to your body can lead to death.

What things are necessary in order for you to have superior physical health? Eating nutrient dosage foods, consuming water according to your body weight and keeping a good resting schedule are great building blocks. Failure to tactfully implement any one of a number of vital daily habits can land you in a precarious situation.

What things are necessary to have supreme spiritual health? Meditation, reading and great exercise are normally associated with being spiritually sound. The issue that we have today is that many people have only one (or no) category mastered. They either have a great diet and no spiritual base or they have a great spiritual base and a lackluster diet or they have neither of the two which is completely hazardous.

The even larger issue is that people do not realize when they are spiritually or nutritionally deficient. How would you know if you were lacking in nutrition? Here are some warning signs that your body is asking for nutritional assistance:

  • Obesity . If you were 120 pounds 5 years ago and now you are 200 pounds with a big stomach then it's time to change.
  • White or Gray Hair . We will all grow old someday and have gray hair but it is not a sign of good health if you have a head full of gray hair when you are 30 years old. Gray hair is a sign that you need more copper in your diet. It also is indicative that you may have hemorrhoids and varicose veins forming inside.
  • You're Not Using The Bathroom . There are people who are only able to use the bathroom once or twice per week! For every meal you consume you will want to have a bowel movement. If you are not releasing the waste that builds up in your body then chances are those poisons will start to find their way through your system and begin to damage your colon.

The spiritual part to this equation has more to do with individuals bettering themselves and having a concept of what life is about. When you are naturally fed there are certain things that do not trouble you because you have a great concept of the bigger picture. Below are some warning signs that let you know that you need spiritual food.

  • You change according to your environment . The incessant need to fit in with the crow at any expense is a give way that you need help. A person who is spiritually sound will always remain themselves in any environment.
  • No conscious . You are not bothered by wrongdoings toward mannish because you are only concerned about your gain be it ill-gotten or otherwise. Robbing, killing or harming does not register in your mind.
  • No genuine happiness for others . When you hear that someone else has improved their lot in life you are not happy for that person. If someone finds a soul mate or gets a job promotion you will always have something negative to say regarding the situation.

In the end, life is about balance and in order to live a healthy life there must be a healthy correlation between the spirit body and the physical body. Overfeeding one and neglecting the other is a recipe for imbalance and a disease plagued life.