Deepak Chopra says “Health is not just the absence of a disease.

Health must be first and foremost a state of being.

Is the person who eats very healthy food and exercises every day, but hates his job and is constantly critical of himself, healthier than the person whose diet is at best average, but loves what he does and feels contented with his life?

We are made up of a mind, a body and a spirit, and each part of us is affected by all the others. Someone who is happily married, laughs often and has the support of friends and family is probably going to live a long happy life even if he is a few kilos overweight.

The ancient Vedic sages knew all about the power of our emotional state. The Ayurvedic texts encourage us to only eat when settled and happy so as not to disturb the internal digestive processes. In fact they believed the experience of enjoyment and pleasure was considered important in every aspect of life.

Modern research now tells us that the heart actually sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart . The heart has its own intrinsic nervous system and communicates with the body in 4 ways: nervous system (electrical), the pulse (pressure wave), hormones (biochemical), and energy (electromagnetic).

Our emotions direct our heart to send messages to the cells and organs of our body, either messages of dis-ease or messages of health and healing.

If we think we will be happier when we are healthy we have it back to front. We will be healthier when we are happier!

How do we find happiness?

We can practice it. Happiness is simply a particular feeling in our body where we are thinking happy thoughts, feeling happy emotions and doing happy actions. We are 'feeling' good about something.

We most often wait for a situation to occur in our lives to give ourselves permission to be happy, whether it is being with someone special, going on holiday, being out at a social occasion. We are simply focusing on enjoying the experience rather than focusing on not enjoying the experience. Our minds and body's respond to whatever you choose to focus on.

It is very important to our health to 'learn the skills' of how to be happy with who we are and what our life is about. Even if it means changing some things we are doing, we need to do it, because it can literally mean the difference between life and death for us.

We all have our own 'stories' to explain why we are not happy. Something that happened in the past, some unfulfilled need, that person who is treating us badly, the unavailability of life, a parking ticket or not enough sleep. It may be totally true but making it a part of who we are and what our life is about is not going to give us the abundant energy, health and healing we want.