The Acceptance of Reality

God is reality, yet this can be confusing to some because God has no counterpart in the world that our five senses experience. God is formless and is neither good nor bad. God just is!

Please do not judge this writing as a religious article or one seeking to push a specific teaching. Much of the writing on the website is inspired writing as is this one.

Good or bad are evaluations based upon what one likes or dislikes. God is!

In order to gain benefit each of us must learn that God is!

It is not my intent to confuse. To learn that God is means one must accept reality. Reality is that God is!

This means that a person must regardless of circumstances, situations, or any condition accept that the infinite is present. For example, anytime you are in the presence of another think or allow this to come to your awareness. Right where I am in the presence of this person, I am in the presence of God. It does not matter if you seem to be in the presence of Adolph Hitler, you are in the presence of God.

Remember the scriptural statement that “whenever two or more are collected, I am.” Do not attempt to complicate this with any language such as the agreement of the persons gathered or the purpose of their gathering. It is best to just call everyone God in the silence.

This is similar to telling someone that you love them upon the first meeting. It is absolutely possible and necessary that you do love them. It simply means that you have reached a spiritual maturity to love immediately rather than judge. You can not say this out loud and expect a consistent response. Many are not ready for the spiritual mature lovers.

Practice remembering that God approached you when you are in the presence of anyone or anything and watch what happens. A minimum you will experience a joy of some measure. Or you may just bring a healing balm for you and another.

Reality is seamless. It is like homogenized milk. God is equally present everywhere. Believe this and let the truth express itself. Learn from this that God is!

This is very simple. Let's not complicate the simplicity of it. Please do not let your mind complicate this. We will not attempt to name the separation mechanism. The light has come. You are in this light. It has erased any darkness. God is! Amen!

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Finding a High When You’re Feeling Low

Happiness is a choice … a very conscious choice that we are challenged to make each and every day. Because it is a choice, happiness is an inside job. It is not up to anyone else but us. Happiness comes from within us and reflects the way in which we are choosing to see ourselves, our circumstances, and the world. I try to live my life knowing that my happiness is my choice … but there are still times when I stumble and find myself feeling low. I know you do, too. It is part of being human.

We all know that gray, persistent feeling when we feel alone and vulnerable, and it seems that nothing is going right in our world. It's easy to sink into that feeling and succumb to feeling sorry for ourselves. But we also know that easy as it is to fall, it definitely doesnt feel good to stay too long at our own pity party. If you feel low and want to lift yourself out of the doldrums, the best thing I have found is to do something for somebody else. It does not have to be major. If you are feeling lost and alone, make an effort to reach out to someone else. Sometimes it is an elderly relative or neighbor; sometimes it is a friend you have not been in contact with for a long time; perhaps it is a stranger on the street. Just reach out and make a connection. Make a phone call; stop by for a visit and a cup of tea. Say hello with a smile that shows you mean it. Hold a door open for someone whose arms are full. Let someone go ahead of you in a check-out line. If you are feeling like nothing is going right in your life, make something right in someone else's life. I promise you. You Will feel better … immediately. Small acts of kindness and caring will do more to lift you out of low spirits than any other self-help remedy I've come across. Do something for someone else, and not only will you give that person a lift, you will lift YOU. When you give yourself, you receive far more than you give.

Another remedy for the blues that works well for me is to get outside and get some “green energy.” Go for a walk and find some green space … a place where you can connect with the natural environment. Feel the sun and wind on your face; breathe in the fragrance of living plants; feel the peace of being outside in nature. Listen to the birds and notice … really notice and take in … the beauty that is all around you when you pause and really see. We all get so caught up in our lives – in the running to and from work, in the running with children and the running to take care of everyone's needs – that we forget to take a moment to breathe and to restore ourselves through time in nature . The demands of modern life can consume us if we let them, but the cost is our well-being and our own happiness. Take regular time to get outside in your closest green space and just be within the rejuvenating energy of natural creation. It is a guaranteed “lift-you-up.”

The third remedy I am suggesting is one that has been offered by many self-help writers and teachers, and it really does work. Take time every day to identify what you have to be thankful for. Thinking gratitude is important, but the practice of writing down what you appreciate in your life is very powerful. Note that I used the word, “practice.” That means that you need to do it every day. Start a gratitude journal, and record everything you can think of that you have to be grateful for in your life. When you are feeling low, this can be challenging because it feels like there is nothing to be thankful for. You feel like nothing is working in your life. However, I can assure you that there is always something to be thankful for, even if it is the air you breathe, the amazing way that your body works and keeps you going, the bed in which you sleep, the food you have to eat , the book that you are able to read, the job that you have to go to so that you can provide for yourself. We have so much that we take for granted in our lives. Begin with the basic elements of life if you have to and go from there. As you begin to take note of what you have to be thankful for, you will recognize more and more blessings in your life. The act of noticing begins to turn your perspective from one of “the glass being half empty” to “the glass being half full.”

I offer you these remedies because they are tried and true. I have struggled with feeling low, sometimes for prolonged periods, in my life. Doing something for somebody else, getting outside and being in nature, and appreciating all the good that is in my life are the very best remedies I have found for lifting me up when I am feeling down. Wait! There is one more, and it is the most powerful. I surrender all that I am despairing about to God, and in that moment that I turn to God, I feel the weight being lifted from my spirit. I feel God's Love holding me and lifting me. God is here for me always. When I am feeling low, it is usually because I have been relying on myself too much and forgetting to take time to be with the only true Love there is.

What suggestions do you have for finding a high when you are feeling low? Please share them in the Comments section below. We can all learn from each other and grow together.

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All That You Seek Is Within You

It seems to me that everyone is searching … for the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect home, the perfect look, the perfect vehicle, the perfect holiday, the perfect deal .. and the list goes on. One only needs to take note of people's actions and comments over a short period of time to observe this endless quest. Just stand back and observe people in a shopping mall. Listen to people's conversations over a meal or at coffee. Watch the media messages that bombard us every day. The under belief is that these external marks of success will make us happy.

Hmmmm … questionable logic seems to be at work here. “When I have / get [insert wish here], I will be happy.” When did having or getting anything ever result in lasting happiness? Might you experience happiness in the attainment of something? Of course. You may experience excitement, a surge of joy, delight, or even a feeling of euphoria. The question is … does it last? Or, does it wear off and leave you with the feeling of “Now what?” Then the search begins for the next perfect thing that promises happiness. And so we ride this roller coaster of seeking, finding what we think is the perfect solution to maintaining that elusive state called happiness, feeling an expression of happiness, and then realizing that it dissipates and does not last. No matter what it is that you attain, the feeling of happiness does not last. It feels good for a while; in fact, it may feel good for quite a while, but the question is, does it last? Attaining any thing does not equal lasting happiness. And so the search continues.

Everywhere you look, the promises of happiness beckon you to buy in and to place your belief in external things. If one thing does not do it, there are innumerable things to entice you and countless promises to lull you into believing that what is offered is what you are seeking. STOP this fruitless search! Has any thing or any person claimed in repeating happiness for you yet?

You are not alone in your search. This search is universal. As humans, we seek thanking happiness, love, and peace. We want to feel good. We know that our fleeting experiences of these states feel good, and we want more. We want to hold onto these states of being … and so we search for the key to maintaining them.

You can find all that you seek within you. You may have heard the expression that “Happiness is an inside job.” This is true. Happiness is a state of mind over which you have complete control. Happiness is a choice that you make in every moment of every day. It means deciding to be happy and to finding happiness in the people you encounter and in the moments and the events of each day. When you do this, your happiness is not dependent on anyone or anything. You are the constant in your life, and you can choose to be happy.

I have been asked, “How are you so happy all the time?” My response is always the same: “I choose to be happy.” The choice for happiness is a conscious choice that you make and that you need to cultivate through regular practice. As with any new practice, it takes time to develop. At first, it will seem that many things happens during your day that seem to threaten your chosen state. Remember that no thing or person can take away your happiness unless you allow it. Over time, you will develop the practice of choosing happiness, and you will begin to realize that you are maintaining that happy state of mind through the practice of conscious choice-making.

Love is also an inside job. It truly is. The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Learning to love yourself … to be able to look into your own eyes and say, “I love you,” and mean it … is one of the most powerful exercises you can do to find loving. It took me a good part of my life to finally accept the truth of this lesson and to embrace it for myself. That was not the only love I discovered inside me.

I have experienced the most incredible, unconditional, unwavering, all-encompassing love of my life right here within me. I searched, in vain, for the love that would fulfill me and make me feel complete. My search failed because I was looking in the wrong places. I was looking for someone else who would provide this beautiful love that I thought. I was searching for someone who would love me unconditionally and who would make me feel totally loved. I have learned that I have always been loved in this way. All I have to do is get quiet and go within to experience the Love of God that is always inside me, always waiting for me to remember and to return to who I really am as a child of God. Only God is capable of perfect Love, and I do not have to search for that. It is given to me; it waits for me; it is me.

When you find and experience that perfect Love, you know where to find true and lasting peace. Within the core of your being, you are perfect Love, perfect peace, and boundless joy. At last, you are complete. You are loved completely with a Love that truly passes all understanding, and it has been within you, waiting for you, all along.

Pause and get still. Go inside and feel the quiet that is there. Allow that quiet to expand and fill with the Light and Love of God. All that you seek is within you … waiting for you to remember.

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We Experience What We Project

When we feel insure, we project our insecurities onto the people we interact with. Then we perceive what we expect, which is validation of our insecurities. When we feel unloved or unworthy, that is what we project out into the world. We warn to be validated and built up, but guess what we experience? We experience rejection, and we feel put-down and unappreciated. We experience what we expect.

I grappled with the statement, “We create our own reality,” for a long time. There was so much heartbreak and emotional pain in my life. Who, in their right mind, would create that experience? The problem was that I was not aware of what I was projecting out into the world. As I struggled with lack of self-worth, I created proof of that through my experiences. I perceived judgment and rejection from others. I perceived that I was less than others. I perceived what was not actually there. Everywhere I looked, I perceived my own expectations reflected back at me, and every time I perceived myself as less than others, I reinforced my own lack of self-worth. People were not actually judging me or putting me down. There was no intention on their part to make me feel bad about myself. They were focused on living their own lives. I dreamed for validation from others, but because I did not give it to myself, I projected that lack into the world and got to experience exactly what I sent out there.

If we do not feel good about ourselves, we broadcast that. It's like we're a perpetual signal-emitting device. The signals we emit reflect our inner state. When we feel insecure, we view everything we experience through that lens of insecurity. A passing look from someone becomes interpreted as a sentence. Co-workers sitting, talking, and laughing together becomes interpreted as exclusion. Finding out that friends or colleges are organizing a social outing among themselves becomes interpreted as a rejection. Innocent events that have nothing to do with us become personal and are experienced as further validation of our low self-worth. We experience what we expect.

The way to change this is to consciously create what we want to experience. When we embrace the beauty of our inner spirits and the Love that we are, we become expressions of that inner beauty and Love. When that is what we project, that is what we experience. We do, indeed, create our own experiences.

I can personally vouch for how to create more positive experiences in your life. Since I have focused on my own inner journey and have truly experienced who I am as a spiritual being created as an expression of God's Love, that is the signal that I emit into the world. As I come from an inner space of Love and gentle knowing of my own truth, I experience love and beauty in my life. Of course, I still stumble and fall and sometimes cause myself to experience life through old lenses, but I know that I am on my way to more awareness of what I create in my life.

If you want to experience a life of happiness, love, beauty, and peace, you need to come from an inner place that emits these qualities. The good news is that these are God's gifts to us. Within each of us, we are Love, we are Divine Spirit. We need to open to who we truly are and live from this inner space. Then, we project everything that we want to experience – love, joy, peace – and that that is what we perceive as our reality.

We do, indeed, experience what we project. What are you projecting into the world? Look at what you are experiencing, and you have your answer.

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Weekend Rejuvenation

Are you feeling burnt out from your work week and all of the claims placed on you? Do you feel like you need a way to restore yourself beyond a Saturday morning sleep-in and time to actually sit and drink your morning coffee? I have a no-cost suggestion for you that is certain to uplift and recharge you.

Get outside. Find somewhere you can go that allows you to connect with nature – walking paths, hiking trails, a park, your backyard, any green space – so that you can feel the earth and the kiss of sunlight on your skin, and you can fill your lungs with fresh air. Move – stroll, power walk, jog, run, rollerblade, bike – move in a way that feels comfortable for you. It really does not matter how you move; it just matters that you move your body in the fresh air and feel the natural high you get from physical movement.

Shut off the tunes, take out your earbuds, and listen to the sounds of nature – the sweet trill of birdsong, the breeze through the trees, the lapping of water against the shore. Let Mother Nature sing you a song that will ease your stress and soothe the need to be “on” at all times.

Find a spot to sit and be still. Just allow yourself to be – to truly be in the moment. Feel the grounding of the earth benefit you. Notice how the sun filters through the leaves; watch the play of light and shadow around you. Observe the life that surrounds you – the birds, the insects, the small creatures that venture out when you are still.

Allow the persistence and quiet to see into you and fill your inner being with peace. Feel your heart swell with the beauty of tiny wonders that surround you but escape your notice in the busy-ness of life. Take a moment to feel gratitude for the gift of this moment.

Sit still and feel the life force that is you, that is me, that is everything. Know that you are part of all that is and allow that knowing to settle into you. Feel the quiet and solitude embrace and fill you. Close your eyes and go within. Go deep into your inner permanence and feel the love and peace that is there for you. It is always there for you whenever you choose to return.

Get outdoors to experience nature; move where you can feel the earth; sit where you can be one with the life that surrounds you. Rejuvenation and inner peace will be your rewards. Namaste. πŸ™‚

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How Does Ayurveda Work?

“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.” β€’ Shubhra Krishan, Author of Essential Ayurveda

This well-said quote is warmly accepted by people in India who wish to gain the benefits of Ayurveda. An ancient medicinal form, Ayurveda was developed during the Vedic times about 5000 years ago.

Ayurveda-An Insight

The word Ayurveda basically consist of two words; Ayur and Veda. 'Ayur' stands for life, while 'Veda' suggests science. It literal means the 'science of life'. It is not a medicinal system; it is much more than that. It will not be wrong to call Ayurveda a way of life.

The Science of Healing

Unlike other medical systems, this age-old system deals with physical, mental and spiritual health. Governed by the laws of nature, Ayurveda suggests that health can be acquired by establishing a perfect harmony among mind, body and soul. According to this old science of healing, our body is made of five elements-earth, water, fire, space and air. Three biological organisms govern the functional aspects of any individual's body. Ayurveda medicines are prepared using traditional process at home with little mechanization, which is used for large-scale production. This way, the therapeutics contains the active principals in natural forms, which heal the patients from within.

While prescribing Ayurvedic treatment to a person, the physical, mental and emotional well-being is also considered. The Ayruvedic medicines usually come in the form of powder, decoctions, tablets and medicated oils, prepared using natural herbs, minerals and plants.

Ayurveda in India

Kerala, the God's own country is the foremost place in India where Ayurveda has been practiced with complete dedication. We can get an idea of ​​the significance of Ayurveda in Kerala by the fact that Ayurveda tourism is gaining popularity worldwide. The city has the best Ayurveda practitioners and Ayurveda doctors who are carrying forward this amazing science of life. If facts are to be believed, almost 80% of the people in India use it. The Indian Govt. also encouraged organized research on Ayurveda formulas and treatments in 1969. Major cities have an Ayurveda college or hospital to promote this wonderful healing system. The growing impact of Ayurveda in India can be witnessed by learning the fact that Ayurveda resorts have become a preferred choice for many travelers, seeking rejuvenation in India.

Taking Ayurveda Ahead!

When it comes to Ayurveda in India, the name 'Jiva' strikes in our minds ! There are many restructured organizations that are dedicated towards making Ayurveda a way of life. They not only promote Ayurveda globally but they also educate people about this age-old science. With its chain of clinics throughout India, it has enabled millions of people to restore life with this ancient medicinal system.

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5 Health Myths Dissected

A Quick Preamble:

When it comes to health, there are so many 'ideas', 'schools-of-thought' and outright 'myths' being bandied about, while at the same time so many of these same 'ideas', 'schools-of-thought' 'and' myths' are constantly being revised, re-thought or wholly debunked as our society changes its needs or scientific means of investigation … or as things are actually “proven” rather than appreciated as just a theory … still, for the most part, confusion reigns ..!

Let's help clear the air a little and sort out the truth of a few myths right now …
Cutting To The Chase:

Myth No.1 … You Must Rely Totally on Big-Pharma Medication

  • Good nutrition and anti-oxidant rich, wholesome, natural foods will aid sickness prevention as well as fix the cause of the ailment … prescription drugs alleviate the symptoms while often hiding them and their root cause.
  • Radiation and Chemotherapy are medications that more often than not, worsen the condition of a sick person … why is this continued as a viable treatment ..?
  • There is a continuous stream of proven cases of people who have cured their own sicknesses, including cancers, by their own natural means.
  • Positive thinking, diet adjustments and alternative / natural medication (of which there are numerous types) has always played a huge role in curing the sick … our society has spent many years forgetting the natural cures and medications we once used.
  • You CAN control your own health …
  • There are medical “issues” that have only come to the fore in recent years … strange how people were not needing medication for these ailments just a few years ago. In fact, there are medical conditions around now that were simply unheard of in my grandfathers day.
  • Something else to ponder … think “Cholesterol” … why is there a mysterious massive cholesterol drug when it has never actually been proved that anyone has actually died as a result of too much of the “supposedly” wrong type of cholesterol ..!?!

Myth No.2 … Normal Sugar is Not as Bad as Corn Syrup

  • The highly refined sugar that is the staple of many people and is included in many of our foods and beverages on our supermarket shelves today is just plain poisonous – it is BAD FOR YOU … full stop ..!
  • As far as we're concerned here at Natural Health Sniper, high fructose corn syrup is just another poison equally as dangerous as refined sugar – taken in the amounts that seem normal to most people these days.
  • Pure, unadulterated sugar in its' raw form is not such a serious problem, in fact a little sugar is one of those “essential” nutrients the body needs … there are schools of thought that will advise a certain minimum daily limit for men and women separately … I say we're all human, and a little of what you like now and again, will never kill you, but just be aware of what you may be doing to your health if you go too far. .!
  • FACT: more people are dying now of heart disease and cancers than ever … this is in a so-called health conscious society where we are now consuming government controlled “light” or sugar-free “food and beverages, or” fat -free “foods and beverages … hmmm …!
  • Be scared … be very, very scared and just think about it a little … what exactly is now in our foods instead of genuine sugar or real animal fat ..?!?

Myth No.3 … Raw Foods Are Better

  • Well, it's a fact that (good, organic) raw foods retain all their nutrients, whilst
  • cooked foods do not … however, that's negated somewhat by the fact that our bodies produce certain enzymes etc. that assist with the breakdown and obtaining of the relevant nutrients from cooked food that our bodies need.
  • A vegan diet has been proved to lower the risk of colonic cancer … even there is also no real evidence that this type of diet is better than any other, in fact there is evidence that this type of diet can be cause for its' own unique negative health issues ie bone and joint weakness and vitamin B12 deficiency … to name but a few.
  • The bottom line is, we're all different and we all have different tolerance levels … BUT … we evolved to eat meat … just a thought … use-it, don't-use-it. .. !!
  • In essence, a good balance of raw and cooked organic foods that are chemical and sugar free, is the way to go.

Myth No.4 … Fat Makes You Fat

  • Absolutely and totally untrue … SUGAR MAKES YOU FAT … and do not forget it … !!
  • Fats are many in number and are not all created equal … you have the Saturated type found in animal foods ie meat and dairy products, and the Unsaturated type Ie those types found in plants and fish.
  • A diet too heavily loaded with saturated fats paves the way for an increased risk of heart disease … again, a healthy balance is the most beneficial.
  • There's nothing wrong with a good steak from a grass-fed source so long as a regular decent omega 3 rich fish-dish is thrown into the mix … along with a portion of nutrient and vitamin-rich veg of course ..!

Myth No.5 … If I've Just Passed a Physical, I'm 100% Fit And Healthy

  • I do not want to be a “gloom-and-doom” merchant here, but this is one to be particularly wary of.
  • You've all probably heard of it at some point or another – a guy (or gal) has the routine year check-up, or even a full medical for a new job offer … and wallop … they're gone … I've personally seen this on a number of occasions and it's always a shock ..!
  • Many people throughout the world have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest even though they have had zero history of major illness of any type.
  • Those “free radicals” are bombarding our bodies by the hundreds of thousands each day of our lives … our immune system is what protects us and kicks those little critters into touch … things can change pretty damned quickly if we're not taking the best care of ourselves that we can.
  • All those antioxidants that we hear so much about are a must for own protection – drink that green tea, eat those organic greens and do that all-important daily exercise.

A Final Anecdote:

While it's true that life has a way of throwing the odd curve-ball at us, which is usually easily fixable, it's no secret that we can often be the perpetrators of our own undoing by not living a healthy and positive life … by not doing as much as we possibly can to ensure we live a healthy, fruitful and long life … a combination of the right exercise, the right food and the right mindset is critical for our natural health.

Develop healthy habits that you are comfortable with – they're easy once you get in the swing of it all – and you and your family will never regret it.

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3 Reasons For Kale In Your Diet

A Quick Preamble:

Kale: just another one of those green leafy garden weed type of veggies that along with spinach, was something I'd be fighting AGAINST eating as a kid … it turns out that my ol 'gran was right about this nutrient den veg' , as I have since found out … there are certainly natural benefits to be had if you were to include Kale as a regular part of your diet and natural health regime …
Cutting To The Chase:

Reason No.1 … An Antioxidant …

  • Kale contains Carotenoids and Flavenoids – absolute essentials for helping the battle against cancer and many other serious (as well as the more minor) ailments.
  • It also contains Phytonutrients that help improve your hearing as well as your eyesight.
  • For the health of your liver, it's also Sulfur rich … a great thing for detoxing the body of any undesirable chemical or toxin.
  • A large handful of this veg ', on a regular basis, will help strengthen your immune system or at least kick it into a higher gear if it happens to be a little low.
  • It's great mixed into your salads as well as cooked – it can be cooked just like any other green … steamed, sautΓ©d or even blended with other veggies and fruits into drinks for energy and vitality … great brain food ..!

Reason No.2 … An Anti-inflammatory …

  • Serious studies of the effects of consuming Kale have proven that when consumed regularly – just a useful per day – it helps stave off diseases that effect the autoimmune system and helps ease joint pains caused by the likes of Arthritis.
  • It eases the effects of asthma and allergy related issues.

Reason No.3 … Weight Loss Friendly …

  • Kale is pretty high in fiber content, so will ensure you stay fuller, longer.
  • It will optimize your digestion so you metabolize the important nutrients a whole lot better.
  • It's low in Calories and has zero fat content.
  • These are definite contributors to healthy and natural weight loss.

A Final Anecdote:

There's a whole lot more positives could be said about Kale, but In essence, it's a 'nutrient-rich' natural “Super-food” that'll help you quickly and easily shed weight, fight off disease and pain, boost your vitality, improve your mood and just generally make you feel good ..! If it's available to you, be sure to include a small portion of it into your diet 3 – 5 times per week and you'll be sure to improve and maintain your natural good health.

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3 Natural Ways to Brighten Your Mood

A Quick Preamble:

It's all down to being human – even the most cheerful and positive among us can get a little 'down' now and again. The dark side of your thoughts or those of others, or those circumstances and occurrences not within your control, just sometimes have a way of creeping up behind you and giving you a short, sharp kick-in-the-butt that instantly drops you into that place where you never want to be.

There's nothing here to be really be too seriously concerned about though … there are plenty of ways you can easily get your thoughts back to the positive side and kill those low moments of misery or mild depression … here's a couple of my favorites …

Cutting To The Chase:

No.1 … Posture And Physical Exertion …

  • Our normal physical posture when we're miserable is something like this: eyes downcast, head bowed forward, shoulders slightly lowered, mouth down-turned or held in a straight tight line and a general lethargic demeanour … right ..? Do you recognize yourself in that low mood ..?
  • So, think about … it's an easy fix … just physically do the opposite …! Take a deep breath, breath out slowly and stand straight, tall and proud. Lift your eyes, Lift your head and smile – just a small gentle natural smile … you do not want to look like you're totally bug-nuts …! Seriously, try it, it really works … a 'positive' posture is a massive mood enhancer.
  • You've certainly heard this quote (or at least a version of it): “A Healthy Body Makes For A Healthy Mind” … well that's exercise folks … a dirty word to some, but as I often explain to all those who want to listen, exercise is never about the body only. Some quality daily physical exercise is a proven mood enhancer … spending 20 to 30 minutes working up a decent sweat 5 or 6 days per week tones our physique, eases our mental pains and calms all of our negative thoughts.

No.2 … The Attitude of Gratitude …

  • This is a simple but very powerful emotion … and something that so few people make proper use of – BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE …!
  • Here's where a good quote from Anthony Robbins usually proves useful:

“Focus On Where You Want To Go, Not On What You Fear ..!”

  • I'm constantly amazed and totally inspired by people who are without doubt much worse off than I or my loved ones are or ever have been … people with no sight or no hearing, people who lack limbs or who have suffered debilitating illnesses that have left them seriously physically challenged, people who have undergone terrible losses of loved ones in the most horrific manner – BUT – they have gotten over their immediate challenges and are miraculously positive minded and completely grateful for what they still have.
  • Cultivate within yourself an “attitude of gratitude” for what you have … you do not
  • have to have an awful lot but it's really not far from a complete miracle that we are blessed with what we DO, that a lot of others do not have – and the people that do not have are very often still in a constant happy mood … that right there, is a serious lesson for all of us more 'fortunates' to learn and never forget ..!
  • Also remember this … Like Attracts Like ..! be grateful for what you have right now and more will ever come your way – the laws of attraction dictate that very thought.

No.3 … The Best Medicine For Low Moments – Laughter …

  • There are a few good natural stress-relievers and mood enhancers that always help to drag a person out of the doldrums, but laugh is by far the best one.
  • Everyone has memories of past events, or the antics or words of people in the past … those cherished moments that have caused you some serious fits of the giggles or even side-splitting, wet-your pants laughter – focus on those moments and giggle again.
  • Although I'm not the greatest TV fan, I understand that it can have its place in anyone's life and even I've had the great fortune of sitting and watching hilarious comedies that honestly put me in a far happier place for days at a time …

A personal confession: I actually have a pretty good collection of comedy DVDs and one of my favorites is still the full collection of “Laurel and Hardy” … it's good, old-fashioned, clean slap-stick that never fails to get me into some serious giggling fits … damn they're good ..!

Laughter is the greatest medicine for curing the sickness of low moods and misery … Recommended Dosage: very generous, extra liberal doses, extremely regularly …

A Final Anecdote:

It's all about a subject very close to my heart … controlling the ONLY things you can control, YOUR THOUGHTS. Your mood is all about the mindset that you and only you, can control.

Take control of your attitude: Your attitude = Your mood

So when your mood takes a bit of an unexpected dip, simply use the tips provided here and you'll soon be back in control and back to being that happy, self-confident person that you know you naturally are ..!

Before you go, a few quick words from the late, great, Louis Armstrong

“The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces of people goin 'by

I see friends shaking hands saying, “How do you do”

They're really saying “I love you.”

I hear babies cry, I watch then grow

They'll learn much more than I'll ever know;

And I think to myself, What a wonderful world;

Yes, I think to myself, What a wonderful world.

Oh yeah! ”

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Binaural Beats – The Ultimate Tool for Your Peace of Mind

These days with the busy lives everyone is leading, the mind is subjected to extreme pressure. This ordinal results in an increase in blood pressure that, unfortunately, has become the trend these days. But there are also several ways that one can try to instill their peace of mind. Drugs are illegal, yes but certain ones are meant for the greater good. Binaural beats, for instance, is one of the best and the most innovative ways to strengthen your mind.

What are Binaural Beats?

Most of you are not aware of it, but these digital drugs have been gaining widespread acclaim. A major number of people are buying them for their peace of mind. Surveys have demonstrated that presenting a binaural beat will bring about the mind to start responding to that beat. By making a binaural beat at 10 Hz – an Alpha recurrence – you can trigger your cerebrum to resound at that same 10 Hz recurrence, consequentially acting mind movement in the Alpha extent. This same method can be utilized to rapidly and effortlessly manage your brain into any situation. Just imagine having an innovation that can permit you to contemplate like a monk.

Think for a minute about the advantages you could get from having the capacity to enter a substantial sans thought state within minutes by just pushing a button. Imagine for a brief moment what you could program into your brain through the utilization of a practically instant alpha, theta or delta mind wave state. Brainwave entrainment is a rapidly developing field that includes the investigation of how modifying brainwaves normally can permit individuals to enter effective conditions of expanded knowledge, imagination, unwinding, and unadulterated vitality.

Binaural beats bring your brainwaves to move towards a particular recurrence. This is something your mind does actually. In the event that your brain is subordinated to outside rhythms that are of the same range as its common rhythms, the mind will in the end react to the outer rhythms and start delivering comparative brainwaves.

Many companies develop generators and software that are well equipped to play your favorite tracks. Generators are unique products wherey you can not only play the pre-installed beats, but you can also edit, change and add other beats in it. There are many of you who are not sure if these binaural beats work in stimulating their brain. But if you give these products just a chance you will be amazed at what they can do. Not only will your brain function better but you will also be able to lead a life that's stress and anxiety free.

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How To Boost Your Wellness Quotient

Do you want to tackle your work with greater ease, feel more alert, and not have to drag yourself out of bed every morning? Get on to this super simple energy-boosting plan and add more to your day, every day. Here are some simple must-dos to weave into your day and push up your physical and mental energy levels.

The Route To A Calmer, Healthier You

Stress can shoot up blood pressure to dangerous levels. To keep it in check, spend some time doing relaxation exercises. Even if you can fit in 5 minutes every day, just do it. A simple exercise is to sit back straight in your chair and keep your feet firmly on the floor. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe in slowly and deeply, and feel your torso expand. Hold your breath for 2 counts and exhale, slowly. You can repeat, and increase repetitions as you go along for better results.

Make tea-time sacred. When you sit down to drink tea, you're taking time to relax, so avoid multi-tasking. Also, sip on some herbal or green tea. Total rejuvenation!

For your heart's sake, build your menu around these five key foods – fish (especially fatty fish like salmon), legumes (such as peas and lentils), whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal), soy products and olive oil.

Maintain a diary. Write down your dreams, so that you can keep them alive, and your goals (short term and long term) so that you can review them periodically and work towards them. You will be surprised to see how this helps in your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

To keep your weight in check, you must include protein in your daily diet. It helps increase your metabolism, and does much more good for your overall health than carbohydrates and fat can do. Choose from this list of protein-rich foods: fish, eggs, tofu, lean chicken, beans, low-fat dairy, soya milk, sprout and lentils.

Before you dip into that bag of chips, giving into a hungry pang, drink a glass of water . People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, and end up eating extra calories when all they need is just a glass of cold water.

Try and eat dinner by 8:00 PM, which still allows you “movement” time before you go to bed. This allows for better digestion. If you absolutely must eat later in the night, keep it light.

Have a bowl of vegetable soup before meals to reduce your appetite. Soup contains relatively few calories but takes up space in your stomach and makes you feel full. It is also nutritious, and low on fat if clear.

Tackle bending tasks during commercial breaks of your favorite TV programs. Start the washing machine, empty dustbins, gather dirty dishes, or wipe counter-tops. All of this adds up to a lot of activity and helps your body produce endorphins, which make you feel better. Apart from this, you will also save on time and loads of calories as you will not be snacking during commercials.

Pack some juice into your day. Juice helps boost immunity and energy and is full of vitamins and minerals. Fresh juice is best but if you do not have the time and want to avoid the fuss, choose a quality packaged juice, ideally one with no added sugar for extra benefits.

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Are You Grasping or Gravitating?

How do you know if you are grasping or gravitating in your life? When you are gratifying you are trying to make something happen or moving forward; perhaps operating on auto-pilot and working on that big “should list”? When you are gravitating you are coming from an intuitive place and you are naturally drawn to people and circumstances that support you in your highest good. It feels easy and it unfolds easily. Sometimes we question that feeling because it goes against what we were taught – that you have to make things happen, keep on driving and moving up and that ANY momentum is a good thing. But I do not know about you, but I want to work smarter doing what I love (not harder) because I want plenty of time to play, love and have fun!

When we are grasping and living on auto-pilot this can create a lot of stress that affects our physical and emotional health. This will generally manifest in health issues like gain gain, depression, addictive behaviors such as anesthetizing with food and / or alcohol, exacerbating autoimmune diseases, heart disease, and even cancer. It is well established that stress feeds cancer, so I'm not saying that to scare you. The sad truth is that living a stressed out, unhappy and unfulfilled life has consequences, but you do have a choice.

How do you know if you are grasping or gravitating? When you are presented with a situation to consider or a desire to create something, do the following:

1. Check in with your physical response. Do you feel heavy / sad or light / happy? This is a great indicator and I've talked about this concept before; how some things can literally weigh you down and you need to detox / cleanse them from you life. Well you can also use this “feel test” when considering what to do next or when presented with a new opportunity. Do you feel tense, nauseous, or heavy at the thought? Or do you feel light, happy and joyful at the thought?

2. Sit quietly and meditate and / or ask for guidance. This may take some patience if new to this sort of thing. I remember when I was a newcomer to prayer and meditation so I encourage you to be a patient with yourself. Sometimes just a quiet walk in nature will provide the answer. Just be open to receiving the messages.

3. Surrender to the outcome. The result may not be what you EXPECTED, maybe it's better!

In the past when I have tried to make things happen because I feel like I should be doing something to move my life and business forward, they always seem to fall short. I usually end up reading what I committed to and then beat myself up for not getting it “right”. But when I check in with my internal guidance system first, those ideas and concepts get much better results because they are more in alignment with who I am.

I have learned many things in my life that I apply to my coaching practice. In fact, I am frequently asked how I bucked my family legacy of obesity (morbid), type II diabetes, depression, negativity, and unfulfilled desires that led to my mother's death at the age of 71. The short answer to this question is personal choice and learning to tap into my intuition and mindset. When you realize that you do have a choice over family inheritance, environment, and what you choose to believe about yourself and how to live your life, things can change in an instant. You. Decide. Now.

You decide to take a step toward that which you want with all your heart. You decide to stand up for yourself. You decide that today is the day you take back your health and reject an unhealthy inheritance. You decide to love yourself first so that you can really enjoy life with those that you love. You decide to own your worth and declare your value. You decide to stop grasping and living on auto-pilot. The list goes on, but I think you get the idea.

What thought can you decide to change right now? Now take action, no matter how small. Make a call, reach out, ask for help, make it known, and then let it go. Now applaud yourself and smile!

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Soul Food: 5 Secrets to Renew, Recharge and Be Happy

It is not uncommon these days to get so busy that you do not even realize you are overwhelmed, tired and headed for a burn out.

With work, kids, and other obligations, life can get out of control very quickly.

In the midst of the chaos, you lose the meaning of what you are doing and you have too much invested to notice. Your soul whispers to you but you do not hear.

It happened to me without me seeing it

Things seemed to be flowing smoothly in the blended work life that I created. I love what I do. But the flow got so fast I did not know how to slow it down.

Here's what that looked like for me.

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I divide my time each week: half is spending supporting a small non-profit that supports families with a seriously ill child with cancer, and the other half is spending branding and marketing small wellness businesses to get them more clients. A great combination. Until I'm running so hard and fast, working every minute of every day, and realize I've lost the whole reason I created this lifestyle in the first place: flexibility to live a happy, meaningful and adventurous life.

There was no personal time, no time to recharge, no time to enjoy the things in life that I love to do. My soul felt empty, drained and exhausted, and I knew I had to make a change.

Here are 5 secrets I discovered that helped me renew, recharge and get the happy back into my life:

1. Create a margin. If you want to add the spark and happiness back into your life, you need to have the space to welcome it. Just like a Polaroid photo with a small white margin around it, you need to add that same padding into your day. For me, that mean finishing up a few marketing contracts and not replacing them. Give yourself some space so when something comes up in the moment, you not only notice it, but you can jump into it and embrace it.

2. Protect the new space. Do not pre-schedule. Savor the time. Life is a mystery, and the only thing we know for sure is what's right here and right now. When you take a pause and live into that, magic moments will start to happen that feed your parched soul like water in the desert. You'll see that it's the little things that matter.

3. Sleep, pray, eat well and exercise. This is a priority to me. When you take time to replenish your spirit it allows you to serve others from your overflow. If your bucket is empty, what do you have to offer?

4. Break old habits. Start with being honest with yourself by taking a serious look at what's missing and stealing your joy. Create new options that replace the old patterns. It does not take long to create new habits, and you will quickly see that you become what you do.

5. Dare to say yes. Really, so simple but so life changing. Do something different. Be brave enough to look the world straight in the eye and step out even though you might feel uncomfortable. Say yes, a hearty yes, to new adventures! Fall in love with life all over again.

The last step of dare to say yes, refueled me like nothing else. I am an adventure, and I lost that part of me in the day-to-day chaos.

Here's the difference these secrets made to me in just one month:

  • I joined a 6 week hiking training group with people I did not know. Stepping out of my comfort zone – absolutely – but I forced myself to go. A little awkward at first as they were darting up the mountain and I was the straggler, but I kept at it and I'm right with them now. After just 3 weeks, it has become a highlight of my week, not only with the challenge and adventure, but I have made a lovely group of new friends.
  • A personal trainer partnered with me to amp up my eating habits and exercise routine. I've lost fat, gained muscle and feel fabulous with only 1 month in.
  • On a windy, sunny day, I said yes to sailing with a new friend on Puget Sound. It's been over 20 years since I sailed, so once again it's a big stretch, but it turned out to be the most exhilarating thing I did for a long time. So much that I am enrolled in a sailing certification course next weekend!
  • It did not take much to say yes to an adventuresome 32 mile bike tour event on Lopez Island , which is one of my favorites in the San Juan Islands. In just an hour drive and a short ferry ride, we were riding on a glorious rural island with Puget Sound all around us. I am reminded that nothing is too good to be true.

It feels so fabulous to be back. I'm reclaiming my title: Chief Adventuress. Each day I will wake up with anticipation for what's ahead for that day, believing that the best is yet to be. I believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around me.

There's more to come and more to share. But how about you? Which of these secrets will help you renew, recharge and be happy?

Life is for you!

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Ways To Stay Social After Retiring From Your Job

Once you retire, socializing is a great way to make friends and keep connections alive. Any activities that you currently participate in can continue after you retire as well as seeking out new ones.

Go Adventuring

Many libraries host day trips and even overnight trips to nearby events and provide discount tickets because of the groups they send. This is one way to find people who like to do what you like to do. A bus trip is a great way to strike up conversations because the whole group is passionate about the same thing and excited during the journey. There are many things to talk about going to and returning home from the event.

Pick an Activity

Local clubs and team events like bowling, dancing nights at bars (country dancing in particular is very popular) are all great activities to get involved in. As well as birding groups, craft lessons, learning a language and so on. You just need to read the local newspapers and publications you can find at libraries and grocery stores to find many events you can attend and meet new friends.

Everyone needs a support system of like minded peers. Families are great, but sometimes a person your own age is more comfortable to talk to. If your spouse joins the above groups with you, you two are sure to meet other couples you can entertain at home, or go out to dinner with. If you are not married, or are widowed, there are many senior singles groups that hold events to attend.

Go Online

The internet is a great way to socialize and build a network of old and new friends. Websites like Facebook allow you to connect with others and join groups about specific topics that interest you. No matter the interest, there is a group, or even several, about it. You can also try searching Google for more groups. There are many clubs set up specifically for seniors. When searching Google use the term 'forums' as well as groups. To get local results add the name of your town or community to the search string as in the example below.

Bird watching + Forums [Clubs or Groups] + Town

Closer to Home

If you live in a senior community the condo association will advertise events right at the facilities. It's a great way to meet your neighbors. Also, have you kept in touch with your former neighbors when you moved? They may feel like getting together.

Family is always a good bet when it comes to a night out. Many of your grown children's friends may have parents who like to socialize. Ask around and see who they know that likes to go out or entertain. Growing older is a time when you can make friends and keep relationships without the fetters of a job and having to juggle what social time you can arrange around it.

Retirement is a great time of life for expanding your social circles and not letting friends you have go. Reach out and see who you can add to your circle today.

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Motivational Tips For Staying Healthy

Do you find yourself losing interest in staying healthy or in exercising? Maybe you were enthusiastic and dedicated. Then, you suddenly find your interest fading in doing exercises. Then, you go back to your old habits. What if instead of making huge changes to your life, you choose to make small changes? Simple changes to your life will help you stay healthy.

Rethink your role model

Barbie dolls may have been your role model as a child, but then they are six feet tall, have thin legs and a thin waist. Moreover, they have the extra inches up their chests and are too skinny to be role models as children grow up. In fact, you should rethink your role model because it will help you to accept yourself for who you are and make you motivated enough to go to the gym. Remember – it all begins in the mind.

Feel good about yourself

Be sure that the people around you want to make you feel good. It does not matter what your health condition or your size is. If you have friends, who encourage you to smoke, drink alcohol or skip the gym, then it is high time you find friends, who can help encourage you to cultivate some good habits. Do not be hung up on the number of pounds you weigh. Instead, eat healthy and exercise. That is more than enough to live a healthy life.

Know what makes you eat more

If you want to stay motivated, then you should consider knowing what your problem areas are and having a plan to deal with them. Do you use food to cope with depression, boredom, rejection or even personal success? Think of healthy ways to cope with your mood swings. Instead of eating food every time you feel something, In addition, try to avoid binging on foods whenever you feel disappointed, bored or even dejected. Fill your kitchen with plenty of fruits and vegetables so that whenever you feel tempted to eat, you can simply chew on one of them.

Find a cheering section

Many people need a cheering section or someone who can help them muster their courage and determination. It does not matter who gives the support – your spouse, co-worker or your friend. Think of four to five people, who might be in your cheering section. Talk to these people and ask them how you can get help from them along with some motivation to visit your gym or to cultivate healthy food habits.

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