Could All Healing (Surgery Including) Be Due to Placebo?

In medicine, the placebo effect is observed when a patient gets better due to a sugar pill. In such cases, it is usually the patient's belief in the treatment (not the treatment itself) that effectuates the healing. But did you know that the placebo effect also occurs based on the doctor's belief in the treatment, even if there is no scientific evidence whatsever to support the treatment? Did you know that extremely, all successful treatments are based on belief?

In his book Timeless Healing from 1996, Dr. Herbert Benson, MD, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, talks about the changes in the effectiveness of therapies designed to alleviate angina pectoris (ie pain in the chest and arms caused by reduced blood flow to the muscle of the heart). At one point in history the cure for angina pectoris ranged from injecting cobra venom to surgeries to remove the thyroid or parts of the pancreas. While these techniques were used and believed in, they were effective 70 to 90 percent of the time. Later, when the research was out showing that there was no physiological reason why any of these treatments should work, the doctors continued to perform them for some time but their effectiveness dropped to 30-40 percent.

In the same book, Dr. Herbert Benson marvels: “Once, doctors were confident that a low-roughage diet was the best treatment for an inflammation of the colon called diverticulitis, but a few decades later they urged sufferers instead to eat plenty of roughage. that hormone replacement therapy did not increase likelihood of breast cancer; recently they have announced the opposite findings … “In fact, according to Dr. David Eddy no more than 15 percent of medical treatments are founded on “reliable scientific evidence”.

The “evidence”, according to Dr. Benson is highly influenced by culture, personal bias, beliefs and emotions. He goes on to suggest that part of the reason why experiments contradict each other is because it is hard to account and control for all the different beliefs and expectations that the individuals (researchers and subjects) bring to these experiments. His conclusion is that “… if medicine allowed for different groups of different minds to produce different results, as diverse people do, science might achieve more consistent results.”

My conclusion? It is all in our head! There is no objective reality; everything is subjective, scientific research including. This essentially forms the promise of modern quantum healing therapies (such as BodyTalk) and the science of Epigenetics (ie the biology of belief). Therefore, do not worry, be happy and expect the unexpected. Keeping a positive outlook on life and having faith is the best thing you can do to help your healing process.

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You Are What You Believe

You've all heard the saying “You Are What You Eat”, well here's a new one for you to chew on … “You Are What You Believe”.

As I write this, I am on cruise ship out of Sydney, Australia. There is a ton of little Australian kiddies on board. I do not think that I have ever been on a cruise where there have been so many children. As I watch them, they not only remind me of how much I miss my grandchildren at home in Canada, but it makes me think about how easily they are influenced by their experiences … especially by what they see and hear.

Have you ever thought about how you became the person you are today? Why do you believe the things that you believe and how those beliefs influence your attitudes and behavior?

Did you know that your personal perception of reality is determined by your beliefs and that your beliefs dictate your attitudes and feelings, which greatly define how you will have in any given situation?

As a new-born you were pure, not yet aware that you even had a body or of anything around you. But historically, the culture that you were born into and the socialization process taught you its language, customs, and beliefs. Over time, your individual consciousness assumed the identity of the person you would become .

As young children, because we did not have the capacity for critical conscious scrutiny, we were affected, in fact some might even say we were programmed early in life by our parents, family members, teachers, peers, and others in our lives. Did you know that the part of the brain that is responsible for cognitive processes such as reasoning, planning, and judgment is not fully mature until somewhere between ages 25 and 30? During that time of development, our basic core beliefs, emotional condition, values ​​and attitudes are set in place, and once these are “hard-wired” within our subconscious mind, these beliefs, and attitudes drive our actions (or actions) and behaviors .

Many of these beliefs and attitudes may be holding us back from living the life we ​​want. Because of our beliefs we may not be living the life that we were truly meant to live. We may not be living life to our full potential. But even worse, we are willing to settle for the way things are and do not make an effort to strive for a better life, simply because we believe that our life is what it is and we can not do anything to change it. But human development is continuous from birth until death, and we CAN make changes to our lives at any time.

Think about each area of ​​your life; your relationships, your career, your wealth, your health, your emotional and spiritual well-being … one or two areas of your life may be in a relatively good shape, but if just one area is out of whack, it has a negative impact on ALL areas of your life.

Imagine having a job that you love BUT you are so busy working that you have no time for your family or to take care of yourself. Pretty soon you will appreciate your successful career less and less, simply because you are not getting what you need from other areas of your life. Your body does not get the exercise it needs to feel alive and energized, and you are too tired to participate in activities with your family. This is what an UNBALANCED LIFESTYLE looks like.

It's so important to think of your life as one holistic pie and to make the decision to put your energy into making every piece of that pie as yummy as possible!

How do you do that? Great question.
You try to discover the lost pieces of yourself. Are you satisfied with who you are, or do you feel as if something is missing? If you feel that something is missing, start digging. Dig for the pieces of yourself that did not get nurtured because of your early programming … Because of your belief that that … you could not realize that … you could not be that person.

There may have been life events that got in the way, preventing you from accomplishing what you wanted to do, or from adequately expressing a specific side of yourself?

The more you learn about yourself, the more capable you are of changing your perspectives and, by doing so, broadening your own horizons. The belief systems that you developed through your childhood and into young adulthood CAN be altered.

Creating a more balanced lifestyle would mean taking a really good look at all areas of your life: relationships, career, money, health and well being … and making decisions about what is and is not working in each area.

Sometimes the reason we stay stuck in unhealthy or unhappy areas of our lives is because it's easier, in a way, to stay stuck in the familiarity than to find the creativity and energy to make the changes needed to improve our quality of life and move into the unknown.

But do not worry, I am here to help you begin to imagine what your LIFE IN BALANCE could look and feel like … you are not alone!

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The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps: Half Full or Half Empty?

First I have to say, I am a metaphysical girl. What do I mean by that? I am a spiritual being; I belief in Angels, Energy Healing, the Power of Crystals, then Energy of the Earth, and a Higher Power. One of the loves of my life, my 25 year old son, is an engineer. He's a science guy. While I love him with all of me and love to debate with him often about the differences in our beliefs, it makes me really check into things that I believe in so that I can have an intelligent sparring match about certain topics with him. One of those topics of our doubts was the Himalayan Salt Lamp. The benefits stated below are in fact found, but on such a small-scale, that I could not find documented scientific evidence.

This is what just one Himalayan salt lamp company touts: Emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation and fights fatigue and sluggishness; It also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, protects against airborne germs, increases work productivity and creativity, improves bone strength, soothes allergies; Sleep better & wake refreshed.

First, Electromagnetic Radiation is emitted from your TV, computer, cell phones and all electronics that seem to be attached to our hips and in some cases used in our daily lives more than 10 hours out of our day. These daily emission of electromagnetic radiation contributes to lower the melatonin levels within our bodies. Lets look at why melatonin is so important to us. Melatonin plays an important role in the sleep cycle, sometimes called “The Dracula” of hormones as it only comes out at night. Lower levels of melatonin affect your immune system, your mental health, and is the regulator of sex hormone production. This is huge. Melatonin deficiencies have shown in patients with cancer, heart disease, ulcers, and even Alzheimer's. I personally had a low level of Melatonin when I lost my thyroid and my sleep was disrupted regularly. Aside from the issues of not having a thyroid, not being in the right mind as well due to lack of sleep and proper necessary hormone levels through the body was really awful.

When the heat from the salt lamp warms the crystal, a negative electrical charge is emitted, ionizing our atmosphere, which in fact helps to neutralized harmful EMF radiation. Just imagine though, this small Himalayan Salt Lamp and the huge amounts of electronics that we surround ourselves with daily. Negative Ionization is really a benefit here, but, unless you are a person who is off the grid, so to speak, the electromagnetic radiation of all of these electronics, far outweigh any negative ions the salt lamp can produce. You can certainly do better for yourself here and put a salt lamp in every room you spend a reasonable amount of time in, including your office, which might be significantly favorable in the hormone department of your body.

Secondly, negative ions are proven to increase the oxygen in our brain and other organs, as well as boosting the serotonin levels which results in higher mental energy and alertness, and makes us feel happy. It's for this reason that most people feel more refreshed and happy while at the beach … Running water is considered the world's greatest source of negative ions. While with this lamp, we're talking about just a small amount of negative ions in your home or work space. But does not that account for something? In my world and belief system, every little bit of good you do for yourself is growth to all of you; physically, mentally, and spiritually. And every little bit of kindness you give to yourself, is negating (even if just a minute amount), the toxicity that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Thirdly, the salt lamps are also said to be Hydrostatic which means it joins water vapor from the air to it. In attracting the water vapor, along with that vapor, it's also appealing things trapped inside the water molecules like mold, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants improving our air quality by trapping it to them into the salt crystal. Talk to the person who has severe allergies, or severe asthma and see how they feel about improved air quality. To them, even the tiniest amount of improvement can be expressed as monumental in their ability to breath and feel well because they are getting more oxygen to their brain than usual during allergy season. Personally speaking on allergies and someone who is allergic to dust; I work in an office building that is not always properly cleaned or air purified as maybe I would do to my own home, and this is life altering daily, not just allergy season.

Salt lamps may even help with SAD – seasonal affective disorder. Due to the soft orange hues and soothing colors reminiscent of a sunshine effect, they tend to be calming and increase can even increase clarity and focus of daily chores or work that sometimes gets to be overwhelming during this time. Some people suffering from SAD have been starting to put these lights on timers to relax the mind during a time of less sunlight. Again, it may not be a cure-all but any bit of relief is better than no relief, and this is all natural.

So this is my own personal hypothesis. Just as being on a beach with the salt air, helps many people feel and breath better, so too, does the salt lamp. While they may not have an intense difference in negative ions, a benefit is a benefit and better than none at all. Salt lamps definitely does not hold a candle to an air purification system, but much like the relief attained by breathing in the salt air at the seashore, it can be an additional healing asset in your life. Truly, the way I see it is, you absolutely could be a “glass half empty” kind of person, and do not want to hear about any of these so-called “tiny” perks because you consider them to be too insignificant to care about. That is definitely your right, but in my opinion, any slight improvement to your health, mind, & body, is worth it, because YOU are worth it !! Lastly, with the aesthetics alone, you have can add a salt lamp to any room to serve sincerely as a beautiful accent piece.

I'd love to hear what experience you may have with a salt lamp. Immediately, when I got mine, I noticed a difference in my breathing as well as my energy level, which I'd be honest, really did surprise me. I just love mine !!

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How to Switch Off and Relax When Your Brain Is Busy

What can you do if your brain will not switch off, or is too full of stuff for you to relax?

It is not always bad to have lots of stuff going around your head. Sometimes you want to conjure new ideas or solutions to problems. But when you brain becomes crazy with thoughts that you can not switch off, what do you do?

  • It's hard to relax after work.
  • It's hard to think rationally about pretty much anything.
  • You can not concentrate.
  • You feel like you want to scream, or run away.
  • And it can cause tension in your body as well as headaches.

What you really need to do is find the off switch, which is way easier said than done.

Some simple solutions to relax and switch you brain off are:

  • meditation
  • a soak in the bath
  • go be childish and run around doing something stupid for a while
  • yoga or tai chi
  • a treatment such as massage
  • Another hobby where you are forced to concentrate on something specifically, like learning new dance steps for instance

But what if these activities fail to help you relax?
Sometimes people will reach for a drink, have another cigarette, over indulge in chocolate, or any number of less than helpful habits. I do not think this is really a solution.

Personally I would recommend some kind of energy work. For me, I call it Reiki, but any kind of healing from a recommended practitioner, or friend will do it. (Personally, I believe it's all the same stuff from the same place.)

You might wonder why this is better than all the other suggestions I made. Well I have been using Reiki since 1997 and I have discovered that it has a unique way of finding the off switch for your brain. I know – I did not think there was one either.

Here are two stories that illustrate my point.
One night I was lying in bed but I was not trying to sleep. I was trying to try to remember the thing that I forgot to write down that was really important for me to do the next day. I mentally went through my to do list but I can not drift off and starting to fall sleep. Then I realized that my partner's hand was resting very gently on the top of my head. I turned to him and said,

'Why is your hand on my head?'

In return he said, 'I thought you were having trouble getting to sleep so I thought I'd give you some Reiki'.

That's why I could not think! My brain was switching off!

Flook? You might think so but things like that have happened way too many times. Here's another story.

I was participating in an open day for a yoga center where I was giving people 10 minute sessions of Reiki to experience it. It was not ideal, there was not room for a coach, so I just had a chair at the edge of the room, and a lot more people turned up than anticipated. So when someone was sat in the chair having Reiki people were walking past them, right next to them. I kept thinking that this could not possibly be relaxing, and I was a bit worried about it that they would not get the best experience. No one said anything to me about this until a man came up to have a chat. he was not really in to 'all this stuff' as he put it, he had just popped in with his wife. But he thought he'd have a go and see what this 'Reiki' thing was all about while he was waiting for her. There he sat for ten minutes having some Reiki with me worried that it would not be very relaxing, and he clearly didnt get it anyway so probably would not have a great experience. When the ten minutes was up I placed my hand on his shoulder and gently told him to bring his awareness back to the room.

He opened his eyes and looked quite stunned. I asked him if he was alright and would he like a glass of water. He said he was fine he just surprised when everyone had come back as he had not heard them.

'What do you mean?' I replied. And he said, 'Just after you started everyone left, where did they go? I assumed there was a demonstration in another room or something. But I did not hear them come back in and when I opened my eyes they were all back '.

No, I explained, no-one had gone anywhere, in fact more people had arrived and continued to walk past him, pretty nearly, for the whole ten minutes. He looked like he really did not believe me but said that he did indeed feel very relaxed.

These are only two out of many examples as to why I think Reiki, or similar, will really help you to switch off and properly relax when your brain is whirring, you are busy, or have lots on your mind. And if you really want to get the most out of it, and of life, yourself and the universe, I would highly suggest that you learn Reiki for yourself, it's not all about giving treatments to others, it's fundamentally a self-help tool and will completely change your world if you let it.

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5 Tips to Be Naturally Happier

It's just about everyone's life goal to be happy. But how do we achieve it? Life is a journey and finding happiness is generally the goal for most people. Do not turn to drugs and alcohol though; here are 5 tips to be naturally happier.


Food can be a tricky pattern to break. Those fast food chains are usually easier to turn to than cooking at home. But the cliché “you are what you eat” is absolutely true. Instead of eating fatty, non-nutritious foods, you want to be eating fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and lean meats. This kind of diet will leave you feeling lighter, more energized and believe it or not, happier.

Meal prepping (where you make all your meals for the week in one day) can make this kind of diet much easier to achieve. But everyone is different, for some cooking alone can be a fun hobby that will also increase your happiness factor.

Achieving something

A sense of achievement is definitely a happiness factor in life. We want to be moving forward, getting things done and reaching goals. For some this can come from their work life, but for others you will need to step out of the office to reach that sense of achievement.

So what can you do to get that good feeling of achievement? Here are a few ideas:

  • Volunteer at a local kids group / soup kitchen / animal shelter
  • Help out a stranger if the opportunity arises
  • Make a goal like losing weight and seeing it through
  • Save money and then spoil yourself with something you have always wanted
  • Start a new project like a YouTube channel or website
  • Pay off debts like credit cards or personal loans.

Depending on where you are at in life even making the bed and having a shower can give you a sense of achievement, so do not write off the little things in life, they all can add up to naturally boosting your happiness.

Working out

Exercise is a brilliant way to naturally boost your happiness. Doctors will recommend that people do at the very least 20 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, but you can do more than that if you feel so inclined. When you work out the body naturally produces endorphins, which make us feel good and even reduces your perception of pain. You have perhaps heard from your running / jogging friends that when they go for a run they naturally experience what they call a “runners high”; this is due to the endorphins pumping through their brain. Some have even compared this to a morphine like euphoria (that's non-addictive) so how can you beat something as powerful as that!

Continuous working out also has mental effects such as improving sleep, reducing stress, boosting self-esteem and very importantly reducing things like anxiety and depression. That's not even including the other physical effects of working out like strengthening your heart, weight loss, increasing your energy levels and even lowering your blood pressure.

There are many types of exercise out there, so why not start with a simple walk around the block and you will already feel feel happier.

Find something fun to occupy your time

Finding a hobby is a great way to unwind after work and on weekends. Instead of just watching TV or playing on your phone, why not find something more rewarding to do with your time? Do not get me wrong, a bit of down time is integral for happiness, but too much of it is not the best either.

If we listen to Google, it defines a hobby as “an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure”. Think about that for a moment, particularly the word “pleasure”.

Old school hobbies can still be rewarding, things like knitting (very good for anxiety too), writing a journal, flying a drone, collecting stuff (like trading cards, video games etc.), making a garden, catching up with friends; the sky is the limit with what your choice of hobby may be. Whatever you choose to do will definitely help with your happiness.

Get Active

Wait a minute, did not we already cover working out and exercise? This is not that kind of active we are talking about. Increasing one's activity is a sure fire way to increasing happiness. The simplest way to do this is to just say “yes” to things. If someone invites you to go camping, say yes. If someone invites you out to go rock climbing, say yes. If someone invites you out to the zoo, say yes. You get the picture, say yes to things! This can be daunting to some people as it can take you out of your comfort zone, but this is a good thing. In fact magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

Do not be afraid to instigate events with your friends either. If they are busy then refer back to your hobbies or join a club of some description.

And there you have it folks, 5 ways to simply and naturally increase your happiness factor. Life can be fun, take part in it. The more you expect yourself and the more activities you take part in the better (and happier) your life will be.

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How To And Why Wake Up Earlier

Whilst many prefer to stay in bed and snooze that button, there are advantages to waking up early. It is a challenge for anyone who can not sleep early. And although for a small minority of people, mornings are not their best time and they should be sleeping through till late, for most of us who start work in the morning, there are advantages, and there are ways how.

Let us list some advantages first:

You can have relaxing time before you set off for work. Aiming to get to work 30 minutes before you are due to start is always a good habit, as problems with traffic or anything that happens on the way may delay you, and so you can arrive on time despite any hiccups along the way. If you are part of a loving couple, you can enjoy a special cuddle in the morning, cementing your relationship further. or you can go and enjoy a sport – anything from the gym to a morning walk to a 5-minute Yoga morning routine. If a meditator or tapper, you can do your meditation or tapping in the morning as soon as you wake up. Or you can simply enjoy watching the dawn evolve as you hear life slowly slowly awakening.

To be able to wake up early, you of course need to sleep early enough. This depends on your day, so for example, if every Tuesday evening, you have a personal trainer or a Yoga class or a Reiki share, and you only then get home for 10 pm, then you will need to go to bed almost straight away . This takes some planning. For example, being able to have your supper early somehow. Most people generally agree it is not ideal to eat a heavy meal just before going to sleep.

So, how can we go to sleep earlier?

I like using EFT. Short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as Tapping, EFT can help you to relax into sleep. Tapping for “I happily go to bed at 10 pm” for example, can help release any objections of your subconscious mind. You may have to do this for a few weeks for the full effect to take place, but it takes only minutes, so it is easy to do. For some, sleep is always a problem, due to getting up frequently as a light sleeper. This is also where EFT can help. EFT can release the stuck energy imprints left in your mind-body from negative events that you probably think you have deal with and are no longer affecting you. However, their cumulative effect may still be lurking in your mind-body, causing lighter and lighter sleep. Nutrition is also important, and it is good to consult an experienced functional nutritionist to ensure that any nutritional needs for sleep are being addressed. For the EFT in this case, it is good to use an experienced EFT Practitioner, so that sleep can be safe for you to waft into at night with more ease.

I hope this helps to inspire you. In short, I think a combination of lifestyle habits, EFT (Tapping), and the right nutrition for your body can open up a whole new joy of mornings for you. Life is to be enjoyed.

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Why People Find Mindfullness at Work Advantageous

Take out any of the well-reputed brands such as Google, NHS, and Transport; you would see the managers suggest their employees keep up mindfulness at work. But what is this mindfulness? Why this is so significant for their employees! Let me tell you; mindfulness is nothing but the awareness-awareness to the present condition without any doubt. And it is nothing new; rather people used to practice it since the time of Buddhism. Yes, that's true; later people start to apply it for their purpose regardless of any religion, culture and other distinctions.

Why is mindfulness necessary?

All of the concerned studies about it conclude that it is very significant to reduce stress, conflict, and anxiety. On the other hand, it would increase resilience and emotional intelligence to a great extent among the people. All of these would improve the communication level of the employees as well.

When would you need it?

Although it is benign to all the people working through the day; you definitely need help from a professional mindfulness at work in the following conditions:

• If you have grown a tendency to miss out recollecting words in conversations.
• If you start forgetting your daily commute.
• Paying more attention to some electronic gadgets other than near and dear ones.
• Living in the past and can not pay attention to the present.

If you are experiencing any of such conditions or all of such conditions then you must get help from this service.

How is it beneficial for employees!

In the current scenario, managers often encourage employees to take more work pressure, doing works for hours after hours. As a result; the employees soon become psychologically deactivated; their personal lives get hampered, their dedication level gets hurt. And so, the company would suffer loss instead of making some impressive profits. Now, look at how this service can prove to be advantageous to all of them.

• A proper mindfulness at work program would elevate those professionals by offering neurological benefits
• Now, betters psychological calmness would lead to better communication level as well.
• It will also help you to make alternative strategies to accomplish a hard task.
• In short, your brain would start controlling your emotion, desire and so on.

To make a long story short, this kind of service has more psychological benefits rather than physical benefits. That's why managers apply this in their workplace for their employees and so they ensure better productivity from them.

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5 Mid-Day Routines to Help You Reset & Get on Track

We often hear of routines to help you have better mornings; a way to start your day off on the right foot. Mornings are extremely important and play a major role in your day. There are so many benefits in starting your mornings off with being grateful, having a plan, eating breakfast, drinking water, stretching, etc. However, starting your day off on the right track and keeping it there is just as important.

Here are 5 mid-day routines to help you reset and get on track when the afternoon slump attempts an attack.

1. Take a Clarity Break

Sometimes, sitting in the same environment, hour after hour can make us feel delirious and cyclical. Our eyes need a break, our legs need a stretch and we need an overall different perspective for a moment. To be a better you, better employee or leader, you may need to step away.

The Fix
Take a clarity break. A clarity break is just a break that allows you to step away from your environment to gain a new perspective. Some clarity breaks do need to be longer than others, but mid-day, you may not have too much time. Instead, take a mini clarity break and walk away for 15 minutes. The clarity break needs to be out of the office or work space you have been in. Take this time to go for a walk outside. Use this break to look at nature, be resolved oriented and visualize the stress or problems releasing from you.

2. Reexamine goals

While we may start off our day with goals in mind, it is easy to let the hecticness and distractions veer us off track. Knowing we are off track can make us feel unproductive, overwhelmed, stressed and all over the place.

The Fix
Reset yourself mid-day by checking your to-do list or schedule. Create a habit of not letting the day slip you by without checking your planner. When you feel all over the place, stop for a moment and check your planner to see what your goals were for that day. Have you lost focus? If so, do not get discouraged, just get back on track. Put the distractions that you can away, or the new to-do's on another day's agenda and stay focused on your tasks for that day. Sticking to your schedule can increase your confidence and feelings of accomplishment.

3. Eat a Snack

Glucose is brain fuel. Your brain is a very energy need organ and if you want it to work well, you need to fuel it. When the day passes by and you have not eaten, you might get grumpy, become “on edge,” “irritated” or get a headache. To reset, you might need some food.

The Fix
Eat. Grab a snack and eat. At work, have handy foods around you that increase your memory and focus like avocado, nuts, blueberries, celery and, lucky you, dark chocolate (Disclaimer: in moderation!). We are all very busy nowdays, but that should not be an excuse to not fuel your body and mind, especially if you want your brain to work effectively and top notch so you are successful.

4. Get Inspired

As the day goes on, things change, distractions pop up, the afternoon slump sets in and you just might need a double dose of motivation to keep going. Especially if you have half the work day left, kids to help complete homework and dinner to make; not to mention that the calendar is showing it is only Tuesday. To reset, you may need a quick boost in motivation.

The Fix
Get inspired. While you can not always change your immediate situation, you can change your perspective. Take time during your mid-day to look at inspiring quotes, pictures and even visualize your goals coming to fruition. This is not the time to get on social media and check out the “fabulous” lives of everyone and self-pity, but rather to be inspired by what you have and where you desire to grow and be. I encourage you to surround yourself and your work space with things / pictures that are upbeat, colorful and goal focused. Then, at mid-day, take time to reflect and look around at your space. If you have a vision board, your work space is a great place to put it up and take time each day to reflect on it.

5. Take Deep Breathes

With the fast pace of our society, we sometimes forget to breathe. Yes, we are breathing, but we fail to stop and just take a deep breath to center and be present. Failing to just stop and deep breath can keep us in a go-go, rush-rush and somewhat impulsive mode.

The Fix
Take deep breaths. Taking some deep breaths at mid-day can help you to feel more calm and neutralize stress. Make deep breathing at mid-day a habit, even on non-stressful days. Deep breathing can bring mental clarity, re-center you from distractions and help you to be more present.

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Why Your Dreams Help You Change Your Beliefs

Many people still believe that Darwin's theory of evolution is meaningful until today, especially atheists. However, many scientists have already shown us very clearly all the flaws in this theory thanks to recent scientific discoveries.

The fact that most people want to believe that nothing has any meaning and that we are alive in order to be happy we can means that everyone's opinion is distorted by their desire to believe in pleasant beliefs.

They offer strong resistance to other beliefs or to scientific evidence that proves that these beliefs are unrealistic, and they do not want to better investigate this matter.

They believe that they have the right to believe in whatever they want and they insist on defending their beliefs without wanting to verify if they really are right. They do everything they can to block their enemies and keep defending their erroneous beliefs.

So, how can humanity evolve?

We block our own development with our idiotic attitude because we do not want to lose our privileges. We do not care if other people are starving. We do not care if other people are living in terror. We want to be happy in parallel with terror.

Do not you think that our attitude is idiotic and insane?

We should obviously care about immediately eliminating poverty and terrorism. We are indifferent to what is happening to most people in the cruel world because we are selfish monsters.

Do not you think that we should change our attitude?

We should show compassion to those who live in poverty and terror. We should understand that they obviously can not let those who have the necessary conditions of life live peacefully and happily if they are suffering.

Why do we insist on defending the beliefs that combine with our aspirations, without trying to understand the meaning of life?

Why are so many people still defending Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in the beginning of the 21st Century if so many scientists (like Konrad Lorenz) have already shown us without a doubt that this theory is based on illusions?

Because money is everyone's god.

The barbarous modern civilization does not care about what is true or not. It does not believe in the importance of dignity and religion. Our civilization is atheistic and materialistic.

If a scientifically proven truth goes against the interests of those who rule the world because they have more money than half of the world population, do you believe that the world will learn the truth?

Even if the world will learn it, as we could all learn what Lorenz and a group of biologists had discovered, their discoveries would be suffocated by the propaganda of their enemies.

Nobody cares about the importance of integrity. Everyone on earth is a greedy actor. The only exceptions are the rare saints of the human history.

The fact that we are basically demons with a tiny human conscience means that we are cruel monsters. We sincerely pretended to have human feelings. We are deceptive liars.

We exploit, torture, and kill those who need protection instead of being human and saving the poor and the weak.

The fact that money is everyone's god while most people live in poverty proves that we are demons, exactly like our wars and our horrible crimes. Greed is a satanic characteristic. We are not ashamed to be greedy while other people are starving because we are crazy.

Do not you think that we need psychotherapy?

Do not you think that we should respect our religion?

Do not you think that we should help one another?

Do not you think that we should pay attention to important scientific discoveries without trying to defend old beliefs or our own products?

We are very, very far from balance.

God is the only one who can cure our mental health problems through dream messages and religious lessons. Science and religion are complementary disciplinary. We have to pay attention to everything in our reality.

God is the only one who knows how to organize the world based on wisdom and goodness. We are unable to organize our disorganized world based on our suppositions.

We must learn how to have the behavior of saints in order to understand how mentally healthy human beings must be, and respect God's justice.

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Why God Is Your Doctor

You have to believe that God will help you become a better person and that your life will be more meaningful. If you do not have faith you do not have the courage to do what is necessary in order to eliminate your evil self.

So, you can not triumph over all challenges. You accept the evil suggestions of your satanic anti-conscience. You do not believe that your sense of morality has a meaning.

God is alive and sends you enlightening messages in dreams. Now your faith in God is not based only on your religiosity. You have proof that God exists and you can have a direct communication with Him through dream messages.

Therefore, you must trust God's wisdom and always respect His commands.

You have to believe that God will help you in the situation you are. Your faith will help you be with God. You will feel that you are not alone.

However, in order to be with God you have to respect His rules in all situations of life, even when you feel that you are in a terrible position. Sometimes you have to accept suffering in order to become a better person. If you never accept suffering you have the behavior of a cruel demon. So, you make many people suffer. You have to accept suffering when it is necessary.

You want to protect your selfish and proud ego, but this is not what you must do in order to find sound mental health. You have to be a balanced person.

If you are indeterminate to what is bad because you are selfish and lazy, your satanic anti-conscience will take advantage of your irresponsible attitude and generate a mental disorder within your conscience.

You want to agree with the philosophy of life of the commercial and immoral world. You do not want to change your personality even after verifying that you make many mistakes.

However, you have to follow your doctor's guidance in order to be cured.

The intelligent and helpful messages contained in your dreams prove that God is your doctor and that you have many negative tendencies. You have to change your personality and become a better person until you attain sanctity. This is how all your mental health problems will be completely eliminated forever.

You will attain higher consciousness and become a true genius, but you can not reach this point without having a map. You have to obey your doctor to achieve this goal, even though you tend to be disobedient because you have an evil nature.

You have to be an obedient student and patient and strictly follow God's instructions, independently of your personal opinion. God's wisdom is safe. Your opinion is dangerous because it is based on ignorance and suppositions.

This is why God sends you many warnings in dreams. You have to follow His plan and accept to change your personality. Your evil self must be completely eliminated.

You have the impression that your evil self is necessary, but this is a misleading impression imposed by your satanic anti-conscience. You do not need to be evil in any situation. Evilness is craziness.

You must be wise and sensitive in all situations of life. You must respect God's commands and truly desire to attain sanctity.

Science helped humanity discover the importance of dreams and religion, the existence of God, and the existence of Satan. Now you have scientific explanations that help you understand the meaning of every religion.

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Empower Yourself to Be a Change Agent

How many of us feel heartsick about the discrimination and prejudice that continues to create division and conflict in our world? How many of us wish we could do something but feel powerless to create change? I'm here to tell you that you can make a difference. It is up to each of us to empower ourselves to have the courage and heart to BE the change we wish to see in the world.

This week, I had the opportunity to spend two moving and transformative days with a group of educators who were committed to becoming more culturally responsive in their work with First Nations and Métis students in their classes and schools. An important part of this exploration was deepening our understanding of the cycle of prejudice and exploring ways in which we may take action to break the cycle of prejudice that continues for First Nations and Métis students and many other students who are perceived as “other.”

When I first started the work to prepare for this workshop, I faced huge uncertainties. This work was so important to me, but I struggled with feelings of inadequacy. I went into my director and asked, “Who am I to do this work? I am whiter than white, and I have lived such a life of privilege by virtue of my skin color.” Who am I to do this work? I will always remember her response: “Who are you who do not do this work? Who had a powerful voice for women in their struggle to gain equal rights? It was the men who stood up for them and challenged the misogyny of the prevailing social structures As a “white girl” who has lived a life of privilege, who are you not to do this work? ” I had often talked about the need for change, but this was my opportunity to move beyond talking to begin the work of creating change, the time to step forward as an agent of change. As you vacillate or struggle with moving beyond wishes and hopes for change to actually taking action, I ask you the same question: Who are you not to be a change agent? Nothing will change if we talk about change but do nothing to create it.

The work that I had been so uncertain about became a labor of focused commitment and love, and the hours that I was blessed to spend with the educators who attended were rich with their deep sharing, openness, and desire to effect change. I want to share with you some of our commitments to action:

  • Practice awareness of our past conditioning and question what we have been taught or led to believe. Question any assumptions that arise within us.
  • Develop the courage to question stereotyping and actions of discrimination and prejudice that happen within our own contexts. This means moving beyond observing it, feeling that it's not okay but not saying anything, and wishing later that we had said something to standing up and addressing it in the moment that it happens within our classes, our families, our communities, our places of work and recreation.
  • As we develop our courage to stand up and express our discomfort, practice caring for the perpetrator who is acting on claims and prior conditioning. No one in our group wanted to create more conflict or aggression by being antagonistic. Rather, we wanted to question the perpetrator's thinking and create a space for expanding their awareness and understanding.
  • Develop relationships with everyone in our contexts. Get to know PEOPLE; genuinely desire to know their stories – what they have experienced in their lives, what is important to them. In that sharing, we will find ways to relate and connect.
  • Take a learner stance; instead of making assumptions or acting without understanding, find out. Ask questions and open ourselves to learning and connecting with people rather than seeing and responding to differences.
  • Be a friend to everyone we meet and interact with. Reach out and connect with people. Recognize everyone's humanity.

Each of us left the workshop with a commitment to the actions that we planned to take moving forward. What actions are you prepared to commit to in order to become a positive change agent? Often, we feel inadequate in the face of the intensity of the changes that are needed to create an inclusive society, but each of us can make a difference in our ways of being with each and every person that we interact with every day. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, we need to “be the change we wish to see in the world.” Being the change means moving beyond wishful thinking and talking to taking action. Will you embrace the courage and heart that being a change agent requires?

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The Sun Will Come Out Again

LaTely, I have been reflecting on how life can teach us to end difficulties. It is so easy to lose hope and to think that we will always be trapped within the 'storm' of life. However, just as there are natural cycles to our weather and seasonal patterns, we can also find these same cycles in our personal growth patterns.

I live in Maui where Mother Nature sees gentle and the weather is pretty idyllic most days. However, I recently visited Northern California where many areas were pumeled with rainy weather for a good part of the winter season. The typically golden rolling hills were radiantly green and the trees were beginning to blossom. After over a month of almost non-stop rain, the rivers were raging and the ground was deeply saturated. Mud was everywhere!

I had begun to lose hope that the rain would ever stop, or that the sun would shine, at least before the end my trip! Then, the day before I left California, the rains stopped, the warm sun came out and the air felt clean and vital. I was even able to go on a four hour trail ride with my daughter!

This was in such stark contrast to the dark, wet, cold days that had ensued just before. During the storm we had been stuck inside the house, completing little projects to add beauty to the home, baking, and reading. I found myself being reminded that there is a harmony to the cycles of nature.

As we stand on the precipice of Spring, take a minute and look within. See if you are in the winter, spring, summer or fall of your growth cycle right now. Perhaps you are prolific and producing a lot. This would mean the fall, or harvest time. Or maybe you are sowing new ideas and generating new visions for the future. This would be the spring cycle.The majority phase is often measured by the continued feeling of growth and expansion of ideas that have been planed and, finally, there is the winter rotation which calls for inner resolutions and deep contemplation, oftentimes coupled with less outward action.

Just as I needed the bright California sun to remind me that the rains will ever stop, so to must we learn to trust in the cycles of life to lead us where we need to be. Know that hope is always available to us no matter where we are on our path. Looking for signs of spring in our lives can help us to focus on the goodness and new growth to come.

An ancient sage once said “This too shall pass,” and how true that is! For as life continues to expand and contract, so too, do we. Trust the process of spiritual regeneration. The sun will come out again!

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Surprising Information In Dreams

The information you find in your dreams does not let you believe that you are a reasonable person. Unfortunately, the fact that you have inherited a huge satanic anti-conscience and your conscience is deficient and underdeveloped means that no matter how reasonable you may believe you are, you ignore what exists into the largest part of your brain.

You can only see the content of your conscience, but the largest part of your brain is absurd and evil because it remains in a primitive condition, since it does not want to evolve.

You can see that the dream messages protect your conscience and help you become more intelligent and sensitive because they show you the absurdity existing in your thoughts and in your behavior when you are influenced or controlled by your evil self.

Most dreams contain warnings because you make many mistakes. Your dreams help you see your mistakes and understand how to stop making them, so that you may stop suffering because of their bad subsequences.

You can not be indignant to the fact that there is a demon in your brain. You must learn how to eliminate the demon and develop your human side. You have to become a brilliant human being and attain sanctity.

This is another surprise for the human race. We not only discovered that we are in fact demons; we also discovered that we must attain sanctity during our lives in order to avoid going to hell.

This information proves that God speaks in dreams, and it confirms what we learned in various religious lessons. As I already told you many times, all religions can save you, and all religions give you the same basic lessons because they were created by God. They were not invented by human beings.

The satanic origin of your conscience is a tragedy, but you can evolve. You can become an admirable human being, even though this is a difficult matter. You need God's guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

You have to stop following the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the modern civilization. God shows you the meaning of life and the meaning of death in your dreams. He helps you predict what will happen in the future and get prepared for future challenges.

God gives you many lessons. Your dreams contain scientific explanations that help you understand the meaning of your religion.

These lessons obviously have a specific meaning. You can learn the dream language and translate the meaning of your dreams yourself, without depending on a dream translator, and verify that these translations are specific. They are not invented by the dream translator.

This is a simple matter today because I simplified Carl Jung's complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation. You can learn in a few months what I could completely understand only after 19 years of research and therapies through dream translation.

All your dreams have a specific meaning and are about you. All your dreams are about your mental health and your life. Some dreams are about what happened in the past. Other dreams are about what will happen in the future. You will easily verify that dream predictions come true.

You will see many things predicted in your dreams happening in your life, or you will see that you could avoid facing various bad situations that were predicted in your dreams because you obeyed God's guidance in the dream messages.

In the future you clearly verify that your obedience to God's guidance protected you from something, even if you could not see the danger that was threatening you when you followed his guidance in your dreams.

The fact that we have a terrible anti-conscience is tragic, but the fact that God is alive and He can eliminate the demon is a blessing. Our human side can win the battle against the monster that lives into the largest part of our brain when we do what God shows us in our dreams and we respect our religion.

All religions teach you that you must become a better person and purify your spirit. You must follow your religion, your parents' religion, or another religion you like. Religion cures and protects your human side.

You must prefer to follow your first religion or your parents' religion and their traditions because this is easier for you and all religions give you the spiritual help you need.

Your dreams give you more information. They cure invincible mental disorders and they help you become a wise and sensitive human being. You understand why you have to respect God's commands.

God shows you in your dreams what is happening in your brain and in the cruel world. Your vision stops being limited by the rudimentary knowledge of your barbarous historical time.

God helps you clearly understand the real meaning of goodness, the meaning of peace, and the meaning of love.

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Dancing With Fire

I always surprised when my two worlds were going to collide.

OK, collide is a bit of a dramatic word. Let's say “intersect” instead.

I always surprised when my two worlds were going to intersect.

And the two worlds, you're wondering? Why firefighting and free form dancing , of course!

This is my sixteenth year working as a firefighter in an urban fire department. A career I am humble and grateful to have. For me, serving my community, being ready to help in emergencies of all kinds, feeds my soul and gives my life meaning. For sixteen years, I've been responding to any emergency imaginable – emergencies from broken hips, heart attacks, allergic reactions, over-doses; to car extrapations, car fires, shootings, stabbings, and structure fires, to name just a few.

Off duty, in my civil life, for the last seven years, I've been practicing free form dance. Free form dance has quickly become my favorite self-care practice. It's one of the primary ways I keep my body healthy, quiet my mind, feel into emotions, and breathe the life-affirming energy emanating from my soul. On this particular dance floor, where yoga pants and bare feet are the norm – a no talking place, where respect for the individual and collective dance space is identical – I build up a fierce sweat. My arms and legs limber this way and that, my torso stretches from here to New York, my feet take me to the left, and with a jump and twirl as they land, I feel myself sway downwards, rolling onto my side, continuing to roll onto my back and find my self rising forward on two feet again, all the while rockin 'out to dubstep and funky world beats.

This way that I listen to my body and move my body, nowdays, are much different than years ago.

Pushing (Telling the Body What to Do)

Many years ago, as a competitive gymnast, I was used to pushing myself, and my body, from an early age. Three to four hour practices, multiple times a week, challenged my body in all of it's cardiovascular, aerobic, and anaerobic capacities. As a firefighter, I know that this early training has helped enormously to assist me in the mental, emotional and physical challenges that firefighters face daily.

Early in my fire career, my workouts consist of sole of standard strength training at gyms, with weights and machines – lifting, squatting, benching, curling, pressing, running. More pushing .

And that's actually how I've gone fires my whole career. All that training and experience boil down to the charged moment when I'm facing that crackling orange inferno, and I get my body ready to Push.

When the fires come, it goes something like this … I'm feeling pretty invincible – but I know its the adrenaline pumping through my body that's talking. I'm breathing faster, oxygen saturating my core organs and muscles. I've fitted up into my heavy protective gear with the SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) on my back and folded 200 feet of hose off the engine. I'm masked up and ready, holding the nozzle with the hose flaked out behind me, on my knees or in a low crouch. My vision is obscured (because my mask covers my face and it's dark and smokey in a fire) so my other senses are heightened. I hear beyond my breathing, the crackling, popping, and loud thud of falling objects. I'm feeling the hot walls, and the ground, through my structure gloves, hoping there are no bodies in here to be found. We press onward into the blackness and heat, until we get to the crackling orange.

As I prepare to open the nozzle, I'm aware that I'm squaring off my shoulders, my left leg lunged forward in a deep squat, digging in my feet or knees and ready for the water to come spiraling at 145psi (pounds per square inch) through the line and shooting out the nozzle. The water pressure wants to send me flying back, but I'm gritting my teeth and I'm diggin 'in. All that training and experience is kicking in. I'm fighting fire. And it all happens in a split second.

There is a lot of push.

That's how it usually goes, when I'm in front of a fire. Until a couple of weeks ago.

And I'm convinced that my dance practice, played a big part in this new experience on the fire ground. Let me explain.

Going with the Flow (Listening to the Body)

My seven years of practicing free form dance has allowed me to become the experiencer of my body. When I'm on the dance floor – instead of telling my body what I want it to do (like pumping a free weight at the gym, or even practicing the steps of a zumba workout) – I become a deep and attentive listener.

I do not push my body on the dance floor. I listen . Another way to say it is I became very aware and feel into my body and then flow with the way my body wanted to move. From this listening place, I follow my body's direction. And on the dance floor I'm always amazed at the wondrous ways my body moves itself. Like I said it's a workout, a break from my mind, and sometimes it's an expansive and spiritual experience.

Recently I've added to my free form dance practice by taking a contact improvisation class. Contact dance improvement requires, like free form dance, deep listening to self as well as to a partner or two or three or four. In contact improv one is always keeping a point of contact to something or somebody whether it's the floor or your partner or a group of other dancers. Contact improv requires even more listening skills in relationship to your dance partner (s) and how you decide to respond. The dance is very fluid. I'm in awe when watching seasoned “contacts” and the flow they exhibit in their dance, making it all look so fluid and easy, as arms, legs and torsos weave in and out of each other through rolling, lifting, and transfering weight .

Fire Dance

Two weeks ago I was fresh from a contact dance class. I arrived at the fire station and a couple hours later our crew was dispatched to a fully involved RV fire. The RV was in the middle of the intersection, flames already blowing out the roof, the owners standing curbside, screaming for us to hurry. I pulled the hose like always, but this time something was different. Very different.

Right from the beginning while I was fighting this fire, I became aware that I was not in my familiar squatting-squaring-off-shoulders-mode. I did not even have my determined teeth grimace going. In fact, my usual digging in, “fighting” position was no where to be found. Whoa I realized with surprise, somehow I was not in push mode . Everything felt oddly natural, easy. Wait a minute, was I in dance mode ?? When the pressurized hose wanted to move me to the left or right, my body simply responded accordingly, a small movement here, a slight adjustment there, a stretch, a weight transfer – just like an improvised dance with a contact partner. And my body went with it, with ease – with flow. Omg, here on the fire ground, I was in flow mode .

The other interested fact worth mentioning is this. Unequivocally after a fire, I feel the residual physical effects a day or two later. If our actions at the fire scene fire were physically grueling, I might be sore all over. Even at the less physically taxing fires, I usually feel a muscle here or there, a place where I think to myself, Oh I must have used that part of my body , or I did not even know I had a muscle there. Usually at least a small reminder or souvenir that I did some hard work in the middle of the night.

Interestingly enough, after my dance with the RV fire, not a sore spot to be found anywhere.

The Choice is Yours

So what does this mean and why does it matter? I've been thinking about this question a lot these past few weeks.

I'm highly aware that the RV fire would have gone out just the same in “fight” mode, as it did in surprising flow / dance mode. However, putting out the fire in “flow” mode, felt smooth, easier, natural and still accomplished the goal – without the negative residual effects (sore muscles).

I often see dance as a metaphor to living, and this time is no different. To me, this experience of push and flow brings up the following. I believe we can do most things – even very difficult things – without push, struggle, or fight. I believe it is possible to accomplish our goals with deep listening, response, and flow. I believe this about our personal lives and greater lives as well. Politically and socially – no matter where we stand on issues – I wonder about “fight” and negative residual effects. And I believe that deep listening, response, flow, deep listening, response, and flow are a legitimate way to get to our goals and dreams.

So if there is something in your life that you feel you need to fight for or against, or grit your teeth at, or dig your heels in, or square your shoulders off to, more power to you. It is, after all, your blessed choice to go about doing that! But maybe, just maybe, it's worth considering, going about it in another way.

Perhaps deep listening instead of squaring off, responding instead of digging in, flow instead of fight, is something worth trying.

And the fire will go out either way.

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Running for Clarity

Running is something I have taken up recently after years of avoiding it. I've always said I'd never be a runner or even enjoy it as a pastime or hobby.

As a new mother and stay at home mom, I spend a great deal of time at home. I used to go to the gym all the time with my husband before our little one arrived. But since our precious angel's arrival my workouts have been home based, initially out of necessity but now it's because I've really grown to love the simplicity and effectiveness of my exercise routine. I have not missed going to the gym because I try to be creative with my routines and enjoy the challenge of utilizing the small space I have to work out.

There is one problem that has plagued my workouts though. My programs have always lacked cardio because I honestly hate moving around that much and prefer weight training above anything else. Lately, for some reason I could not put my finger on, I've had this intense urge to go run and run hard. The urge did not come from some spontaneously thought up New Year's resolution or a need to get in shape. My husband and I have always maintained healthy habits and workout routines. I was surprised at my wanting to run and after some thought I realized that the impulse I had been feeling coming from the need to clear my mind. Feel my heart pound. Feel my lungs suck in the cold night air. Feel myself kick my own ass mentally and physically.

I need the reward that running provides me because along with the physical benefits the mental benefits are what keep me wanting to go out for my twilight jog. The urge to go out for run seems to hit it's peak when the sun is setting for two reasons: (1) Because that's when my stamina for the day begins to diminish and (2) evening running sessions feel so incredibly cleansing.

At the end of the day after countless hours playing with, entertaining, teaching, and caring for my boundlessly energetic 9-month old baby girl my energy stores begin to feel totally depleted. Honestly this tends to happen around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I used to try in vain to load myself up with black coffee to finish out my day. The issue with that is coffee just leads to more coffee, which leads to edginess and jitters followed by a big fat mood (and energy) crash. It's like coming down from a sugar high.

I reached a point where I got fed up with that cycle. After dinner, bath time and putting the baby to bed I found myself turning into a couch potato. Sitting on my phone mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed like a teenager for hours. I genuinely felt stupid and ridiculous for the way I was spending my free time. I felt like it was it was time to become more honest and self-aware, and starting utilizing what little precious free time I have more productively. I believe that taking a step back and taking a good hard look at the habits I was forming is what subconsciously pushed me outside of the house, outside my comfort zone, and into a world where I chase the things that look me head-on rather than avoiding them. It's like they say, the comfort zone is a beautiful place of contentment … in the short-term, but really only caused me more pain and anxiety over the long-term.

Of course it was not easy to get started. On day one my husband and I ran together with the baby. It was about 20 degrees outside and the wind felt like microscopic needles slowly teasing away at our knees and knuckles. We managed to run two miles. That may not be a lot to some, but as gym rats who have not done any respectable cardio to speak of in over a decade, we were quite proud. On day two we took turns, neither of us managed to finish a mile because of how hard we pushed pushed the day before. On day three we could not run at all because our legs were so sore from day one's run. But on day four we decided to manage the distance and intensity of our run and made sure to control our breathing, taking slow deep breaths through through the nose and out through the mouth. I can not express my gratitude for our mutual encouragement to stick with it because now we're making small bits of progress every day and are more productive and focused than ever before.

I discovered that when I would get done with my jog, I got a second wind about me. I was incredibly wake and alert and clear minded. I was able to get everything done that I needed to with the extra boost of energy that jog provided me with, all my little chores, work, writing, weight training, etc. My mood improves tremendously. It's a boost of energy and mental stamina that keeps me fueled in a way that coffee could never do. From what I gather, most people who run prefer to do so early in the morning or during the day. While I can understand the appeal to early morning running to get that boost to start the day, for me that burst of energy best serves me at the end of a long day of mothering.

Instead of spending the evening hours winding down in front of the television or on my phone, my husband and I along with the baby bundled up in her jogging stroller and go out for a jog. If the little one is sleeping my husband and I will take turns running while the other stays home to listen out for the baby. For me it is the perfect end to a day. My mind is clear, my mood is improved, and I'm completely reinvigorated. Rather than crashing from caffeine into a useless couch potato I can ease into relaxation in a productive and healthy way. It makes for a restful night's sleep.

Running forces me to live in the moment. I experience living in the moment meaning that all my thoughts and concerns I have built up before I start my run dissipate that harder I push myself. My busy and sometimes wandering thoughts are replaced with reminders to myself of my posture, or making sure I'm running with my whole foot and not just on my tip-toes, or controlling my breathing, or telling myself to keep going until I get to that stop sign then the next. After my run I have a much better outlook on the things that concerned me before I set out. My worries are easily resolved and it begins to seem silly that I ever cave them the justification of being legitimate concerns.

What has surprised me the most about my new routine is the mental clarity I gain after I run. When I decided to face my fear of discomfort and lack of skill and started running last week it was not a need to escape that motivated me but a desire to push myself physically. Then when I got into it I realized that to push myself physically also meant that I had to push myself equally hard or more so mentally.

Since the benefits of running have become so cruel to me I never let myself go more than two days without getting my fix. Some nights we are just not able to do it usually because of family or social engagements, but to maintain the habit I make sure to run every other day at the very least. If I feel too tired or not in the mood to run I remind myself how little time it actually takes and how wonderful I will feel once I'm done. I identify what I am doing as an excuse, which motivates me further. Being tired lying on the couch thinking about how tired I am drags out all night until I go to bed. But forcing myself to go out and take care of my mind and body with a quick run is so uplifting that it puts me back in the state of mind to be a better wife and better mother.

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