Techniques to Improve Your Memory and Mental Health

The part of the brain called the “mind” serves as the Central Processing Unit of the body. As a result of its strategic assignment, it requires very close attention for optimum performance. The memory, which also stores information on past events, also needs to be sharpened.

One sure way to keep the memory and mind in optimum shape is to engage them. Just like an athlete, the more you exercise and practice, the better the performance; so also, the brain needs to be constantly challenged. Make brainteasers your friend. Read books. Get familiar with new words. Take verbal and quantitative aptitudes. All these help to stimulate the mind and build up the brain cells. Try doing some arithmetic on paper at any opportunity (this helped me personally).

Secondly, it is very important to rest the mind after sufficient strain has been put on it. It is recommended that six to eight hours of sleep should be observed, not just for the mind, but also for the general wellbeing of the body. Sleep is important, as it helps in clearing cortisol, the stress hormone, which must have accumulated during the different stressful and potentially traumatic experiences of the day. It is also very important in replaying the events of the day, making them more registered in the brain.

Also, in order to help the memory, repeated exposure to different concepts is important. When new data is introduced to the brain, it registers in the short-term memory, depending on several factors, however, such as how spectacular the event is.

The next time you encounter it, the concept is now more familiar. In the by-and-by, after coming close to the object or idea many times, it moves into the long-term memory, and is easily remembered without effort.
Meanwhile, getting involved in a sport is recommended for both physical and psychological wellbeing of an individual. Talking about all the benefits of exercising is a whole topic on its own.

Next, staying close to nature is therapeutic. Surrounding yourself with greenery and horticultural beauty is very good for the mind as it unlocks the creative part of the mind. In fact, almost every innovator has been known to have his own get-away, where he stays away from distraction and connects with Mother Nature.

Still on psychological wellbeing, it helps to surround yourself with people who share mutual affection with you. If love comes knocking, give it a chance. Engage in activities that will make you laugh. Yes, laugh a lot. Watch comedies. Live happy.

Finally, it is in your best physical, academic, emotional and psychological interests to cultivate the habit of forgiving. It may not be easy, but forgiving unburdens the mind of load that people have placed there through their various offensive words or actions. By learning the difficult art of forgiving and forgetting, you will not only lead a healthy, happier life, you will also quite prolong your impermanent life span.

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Blue Collar Meditation

It is often asserted that successful meditation can only be achieved by first having a totally quiet, aurally sterile almost deep space quiet environment other the mind can not empty itself, rest and re-energize. Additionally one must utilize particular tools or props such as candles, incense and low ambient lighting. The concept is that in order to empty the mind of your troubles you must create a silence so deafening that your troubles must leave. But meditative procedures take different sometimes radical forms from the standard stereotypical practice.

One excellent example is your working class or blue collar individual who is never associated with New Age type practices. In fact, the working class mediates more often than you think and without realizing it themselves. They may not engage in an elaborate ritual with special purchases however they achieve the same results. The method goes by many names but one can use “kicking back”, anywhere, anytime. Their “tools” are often popping open a local brew, lighting a cigarette and listening to a comforting version of their favorite music wherever loud or mellow. In this state their minds leave the hectic everyday stress and seek those blissful days or even weeks of hunting, fishing, playing ball, etc.

The local dive bar or their porch or their stoop is their venue and their “tools”, tobacco and alcohol, are used in their meditation ritual. In fact the use of so-called unconventional tools for meditation – alcohol and tobacco – are standard for many cultures for millennia through the world for religious and ceremonial purposes.

Take a look at any present-day or historical photo of working class folk at rest who are interestingly meditating with their eyes open vs. New Age practitioners who meditate with their eyes closed. Whether open or closed they both travel to the same destination for the same peace of mind result and indeed achieve their objective.

Successful meditation is all about the mind at rest so it can recharge so that thought-provoking, sometimes life-changing messages, enter. Rest through meditation allows the mind to work more efficiently so you can make better decisions with confidence.

So next time you see some blue collar guy kicking back in some dive bar looking at nothing in particular, do not interrupt. For a local minded guy he may be in a deep meditative state seeking the key (s) to the same wisdom and peace of mind we all do.

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How To Attain Higher Consciousness And Evolve

When you evolve you abandon a previous stage of consciousness and you become more intelligent and sensitive.

You believe that you only have to become more intelligent in order to evolve, but this is a dangerous delusion. You depend more on your sensitivity than on your intelligence in order to be a mentally healthy individual.

You are a mentally healthy human being when you are sensitive, calm, patient, sincere, generous, friendly, and humble.

If you are selfish, impatient, nervous, proud, and distanced, you still have the behavior of your wild ancestors.

You have to become a saint because this is how you will find peace and you will purify your spirit. You will definitively stop having mental health problems and become a sensitive genius. This is the evolutionary process you must follow in order to attain higher consciousness.

The meaning of dreams gives you scientific explanations that help you understand God's lessons in your religion.

All religions help you cultivate goodness in your heart. You should follow your religion or the religion of your parents if you do not have one. You can also follow the religion you like, but you have to be serious and truly respect God's rules.

Carl Jung helped us understand the explanations we find in our dreams from a scientific perspective and follow the unconscious psychotherapy. I followed his steps, discovering that the unconscious mind is God's mind, and that the human being is in fact Satan, since we are demons with a tiny human conscience.

So, we are more than cruel.

This bitter truth had to be discovered someday. We had to understand that we are barbarous primates who merely pretended to be human.

You have to pay attention to the bitter truth in order to preserve your human conscience and become the extraordinary human being you can be.

You have the moral obligation to help God eliminate evil, violence, immorality, cruelty, poverty, and many other horrors because God keep you a human conscience, even though you are a demon, what means that you did not deserve it.

You have to fight your primitive anti-conscience thanks to the tiny human conscience you receive from God by doing what God shows you, and not what the demon imposes to your conscience.

You must have the capacity to understand that God is right and defend His justice.

The dream language will help you discover many truths you ignore, and your dreams will organize your psyche.

Your psychological system is complex. Your dreams will help you stop adopting the behavior of the negative parts of your personality, which is exactly like the behavior of those you dislike.

So, even though you must follow dream therapy in order to eliminate your anti-conscience and have the chance to find sound mental health, you have many advantages thanks to the knowledge of your dreams according to the scientific method .

The bitter truth that makes you do everything you can in order to stop having the cruel characteristics of a demon also helps you discover many things that help you become more intelligent.

You will discover many things about your objective reality and the human brain that will help you solve problems that you could not resolve before having this knowledge, and before developing all your psychological functions.

You will be grateful because you will stop being a sinner and become a saint. Right now you do not mind being a sinner because you do not understand the severity of your mental condition.

When you will become a wise and sensitive human being you will understand the importance of purity. You will realize that you were inconcential when you were indignant to your negative reactions and to your sinful behavior.

So, you will really understand the importance of having discovered the bitter truth.

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10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

Happiness is all we want in our life and the interesting thing is we all have the different perspective to how to make ourselves or others happy. It is very difficult to explain happiness because happiness can not be explain it's basically a state of mind and basically everyone strides for it but not everyone will reach it. Everyone loves to be happier and we will describe you 10 simple things which you can do today that will make you happier.

1. Sleep more: The very first thing you should do is to sleep well, the more you will sleep or the more you have sound sleep the more it will make you happy. According to a study, it is proven that how well you sleep will probably affect how you feel when you wake up.

2. Spend time with your family and friends: Time spent with family and friends makes you much happier than anything else in the world. Yes, it is true social time is highly valuable when it comes to improving your happiness several studies have studied in it.

3. Just 7 minutes exercise: You would not believe how 7 minutes of exercise can change your mind state of mind. Exercise has such a good effect on our happiness and it's actually been proven to be an effective strategy for overcoming depression.

4. Feel the fresh air: Go outside, happiness is maximized when you are in fresh air. Making time to go outside on a nice day also delivers a huge advantage and according to a study spending time, 20 minutes outside in good weather boost your positive energy.

5. Assist others: Helping others and providing a piece of advice to others will make you feel happy more than anything else and according to a study it has been proven that helping others can also make you feel happy and enriches your life.

6. Smile always: Try to smile always as smiling makes us feel good which increases our attentional flexibility and our ability to think positively. A smile is the best thing you can do to improve your circumstances and gives you the energy to get away from this situation.

7. Schedule a trip: Taking a holiday make you feel happier and boost your energy up to a certain level. Highest spike in happiness came during the planning stage of a vacation as people enjoy the sense of anticipation.

8. Meditation: Yes meditation has a very big hand in the happiness of a person; meditation clears your mind and calms your mind so to take decision easily which will make you happy. Studies show that in the minutes right after meditating we experience the feelings of calmness and contentment.

9. Believe in yourself: True happiness comes from within that is when you try to believe in yourself and when you start to thank everything you get in your life.

10. Give yourself a boost: Stay healthy with fruits, veggies, and protein as your body start feeling good automatically your brain will also feel good and this, in turn, makes you feel happy.

Here we have discussed some of the points that will give your day a little blast, you can also share your points to how to stay happy.

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Tweaking Your Nervous System

Here's the problem: A nervous system that wheezes and drags through life always leads to illness after illness, then to a miserable old age filled with doctor visits and lots of prescriptions – and, finally, the final curtain.

Why not avoid a lot of misery and woe? Most of what medicine calls aging is the result of nervous system issues, which can be reversed. So let's talk about some little tweaks that give the nerves a happy boost.

1. Get good nutrition, both in your diet and a program of supplements tailor to do what your body needs it to do. Unfortunately, the facts about what constituents good nutrition seem to be in the witness protection program, and almost nobody knows how it goes. Lots of us think we do, but no; we need to learn a better way.

Do not take advice from programs like “The Biggest Loser.” Their off-track diet advice promotes poor health, not good health. Trainers vigorously do their best at what they were taught, fully persuaded it's good information, but they're wrong. Really wrong.

2. Breathe deeply – and correctly. We all know how to breathe, of course, but most of us take shallow breaths, while tweaking the nervous system takes deep, slow, rib-cage-expanding breaths.

Besides helping the nerves, this deep-breathing technique calms the body. Why spend the night being a whirling dervish instead of sleeping? Concentrating on the breathing technique stops your brain from jumping from one topic to another, which also helps.

3. Get cold once, or maybe several times, a day. Drink cold water. Put a wet, ice-cold wash cloth on your face for several seconds. To make the most of this cold business, take cold showers. Freezing in the shower takes things a little too far in my mind, but you may like it.

4. Sleep (or lie down) on your right side. This increases the variability of your heart rate and tweaks the king-of-the-nervous-system, the vagus nerve.

5. Sing! The louder the better. And singing in a group, whether in a choir, hymns in church, or enthusiastic pep songs, helps even more.

6. Gargle as often as possible. Do not drink a glass of water without getting a gargle in.

7. Chew gum. Unfortunately, no-sugar gum contains aspartame, which whacks your nervous system, and regular chewing gum includes high fructose corn syrup, which is hard on lots of body parts. Some people tout gum sweetened with xylitol, but that's instant diarrhea for some folks. So this is tricky business. But it's worth the effort to hunt down something that works.

8. Laugh! The harder you laugh, the better it is. More than just getting into a happy mood, though, it's about all the muscles that laughing relaxes and jiggles. has thousands of comedy clips in various categories. It would probably take a year to watch all the possibilities that show up when you search on “clean comedy.” Personally, watching Tim Conway's dentist and elephant routines does the trick for me-no matter how many times I watch them.

9. Pet a dog, play with a child or embrace somebody. This helps your body release oxytocin, your I-love-the-world hormone.

10. Pray and meditate to mellow things out. Prayer and meditation actually create physical changes in our bodies, but it's not a matter of doing it by rote. If you're mad at the world when you start and still mad at the world when you stop, it does not work. Maybe you need more practice.

11. Finally, coughing also moves muscles that benefit the nervous system.

So there you have eleven tweaks for your nervous system. (I left out one “helpful” tip about getting an injection into the brain that “might” work. Yikes!)

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5 Natural Ways To Thrive

What does it mean to thrive?

According to standard definition, it means to grow, to flourish, to prosper.

This is a beautiful term, something that resonates deeply with anyone who wants to encourage and inspire wellness. In terms of wellness then, to thrive means that we are constantly encouraging wellness within ourselves, within our bodies and of course, within our minds.

This leads us to an awareness of an all-pervading sense of wellness within our spirits. To thrive is something beautiful and it is something that each of us can learn how to do.

How Do We Thrive?

We thrive, quite simply by allowing ourselves to and encouraging ourselves to do so. For some, this is easier said than done. There are many people who have tried to thrive, but who have faced too much difficulty, they ever give up because they think their life is just not cut out for it.

No matter how hard they try, something always gets in the way or pushes them back in the wrong direction. There are some things that we must understand about thriving, about constantly evolving, growing, and moving forward.

Knowing How To Thrive

To know how to thrive we must fully understand the process. Thriving, although the definition is of growing, prospering, and flourishing, is not always a case of thriving.

Sounds contradictory does not it? Let me explain.

The tree that thrives in nature faces many obstacles. It faces potential destruction in its early stages by animals walking by that could possibly crush it underfoot. It has to compete with all the other trees and plants in the forest to get the sunlight it needs and even when it has fully matured still it must face gales and storms and through all of this, it must continue to strive towards thriving.

It can be seen then that thriving is not actually something that is achieved; rather it is something that one must aspire towards and to do that we must accept that we will face challenges.

Indeed in order to thrive it is essential that we face challenges and it is also essential that we overcome those challenges or at least have a mindset that will strive to overcome them.

5 Natural Ways To Thrive

Motivate Yourself – Without motivation, it is impossible to thrive. Motivation is inspired through passion, whether that is related to doing something for yourself or for others, perhaps your passion relates to providing a future for your children. It does not matter what motivates you, use your motivation to thrive. Use it to grow, and to push you to the next level.

Accept all challenges – When you are challenged, you are forced to thrive. This does not mean that when someone challenges you to a game of pool for example, and you win the match easily, that you are thriving.

No, a true challenge is something you find difficult, something that you can not easily achieve, anything that requires that you grow, or learn a new skill, or visit a new environment or face a fear, to achieve. This is true thriving, pushing your boundaries, expanding your limits, forcing yourself to thrive.

Face your fears – Fears, in every case are designed to limit us. By facing our fears, we are pushing ourselves into an area of ​​life that we have been too afraid to visit. To truly thrive we must want to be able to do anything and we must be able to do everything without limitation. In order to do this we must allow the formation of mental barriers to what life presents us with.

Everything that comes our way can be used as an opportunity to thrive and by facing our fears, we will make the most of every opportunity that does.

Balance – Balance your life from the perspective of 'Body & Mind'. In order to truly thrive we must develop a way of life that promotions balance. If we can not promote physical wellness then our mental wellness will struggle and the same goes in reverse. By developing balance physically and mentally, we allow our spirits to thrive.

Develop harmony – Harmony is something that is very important when it comes to thriving. Without harmony, we face too much opposition in the world, and this opposition leads to restriction of our ability to express ourselves.

If we can not express ourselves freely, we can not thrive. Learn to accept what happens around you and even within you, be selfless if it encourages harmony and not only will you thrive, but you will see that everyone else that you interact with will also, in their own way, will thrive.

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How To Stop Being Misled By The Commercial World

The commercial world makes us believe that we are alive in order to be selfish and materialistic because this is convenient for all marketers, and everyone is a marketer in our world.

We have to learn how to stop buying things that are not really necessary and care about more important matters. Everything in our world is done based on money, and everyone does everything in order to make money. We live making and spending money, as if we did not have anything more important to do in life.

The existence of poverty in parallel with the greed of those who have money proves that we really are vampires who exploit and kill one another. We live in a world characterized by numerous horrors because we are absurd and evil monsters.

The global image of what is happening in the world speaks by itself. The existence of poverty, violence, and immorality proves that we are cruel and evil.

We have to change our behavior in order to change the world and stop living in a chaos where we are exposed to numerous dangers. Everyone must have the chance to evolve and attain higher consciousness.

We have to finally understand that God is the only one who knows how we can find peace and happiness, and stop trusting our suppositions.

We are induced to believe in dangerous delusions because the commercial, greedy, and cruel world imposes selfishness and materialism to the population.

So, we do not learn from the beginning of our lives all the dangers that are threatening our mental health and our lives. We imagine that the world is a place where we can be happy, its its horrors.

We believe that happiness depends on having many material pleasures. We associate immorality with pleasure, while it generates mental disorders and it kills love.

We believe that we can do whatever we may desire, while there are many restrictions and dangers blocking our way.

We believe that we are smart when we are evil and dishonest, while we lose our human identity and we are controlled by our satanic anti-conscience every time we agree with its evil suggestions.

We believe in many delusions and we make many mistakes.

Everyone must learn from the beginning of their lives that there are numerous dangers threatening their mental health and their future.

Life is a difficult experience made by numerous challenges.

Everyone must be afraid of their evil self, and afraid of the evilness of the world.

Everyone must humbly obey God's guidance in their dreams and their religion with seriousness and gratitude.

There are more than too many dangers everywhere, and Satan occupations the largest part of our brain. We must make many efforts in order to save our conscience and develop all our psychological functions.

Our anti-conscience is totally absurd and our conscience is deficient.

Now that we know this fact we have to be careful and transform our personality from the beginning of our lives through dream therapy instead of being exposed to the same dangers that ruined our ancestor's mental health and their lives.

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Why You Have To Believe That Everything Is Dangerous

Today most people despise the meaning of dreams as if they had no importance at all, while they contain God's words. The scientific method of dream translation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me is the only one that can help humanity understand God's words in all dreams, and clarify all mysteries.

All the other methods of dream interpretation are based on suppositions. Carl Jung was the only one who managed to decipher the real meaning of the symbolic dream language, as I prove with my work.

The fact that I could discover that Satan lives in our brain generating mental disorders within our conscience because I precisely obeyed God's guidance in my dreams proves that Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation really helped me understand God's words.

You have to believe that everything is dangerous in your reality in order to protect yourself. If you will be naïve, your anti-conscience will ruin your mental health and your life.

You do not want to believe that everything is very dangerous, since there is a demon in your brain and there is a demon in everyone's brain. You do not want to believe that you can not trust your own thoughts and you must obey God's guidance in your dreams and in your religion, but you must make many efforts to believe in this incomplete information.

I already showed you that you can not recognize your cruelty if you do not know how to identify the signs of absurdity and evilness in the human behavior, and if you do not stop believing in the lies of the hypocritical world.

You have to believe that everything is very dangerous because Satan lives in the human brain generating mental disorders within our conscience in order to verify that this is a true fact and save your conscience.

If you will not believe in this fact because it is unpleasant you will not try to verify if it is really true by translating the meaning of your dreams, and you will not be able to protect your poor conscience from the attacks of your satanic anti-conscience and from the attacks of the cruel world.

You have to believe in the possibility to discover that something is real in order to care about this matter and verify the truth. If you have a negative attitude from the beginning and you expect to have proof according to what the ignorant scientific community of your historical time considers valid, you can not surpass your rudimentary historical time.

You will verify that even after believing in this information you will have the tendency to forget it because your anti-conscience keeps trying to make you disregard all dangers in order to mislead you and destroy your conscience.

So, you must have an attitude totally different from the attitude of disbelief you usually have whenever you try to judge a strange scientific discovery if you want to protect your sanity.

Your anti-conscience uses many different techniques to make you forget all dangers.

For example, it generates yawns to make you disregard important information, or to make you have an insensitive reaction before other people's pain. It also generates laughter without a reason to make you stop being afraid of dangerous people and dangerous situations.

Therefore, you have to be serious and try to remember the information you have in your dreams during all moments of your life.

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A Scientific Discovery That Proves The Importance Of Religion

My scientific research began with a philosophical research through literature. When I had psychological problems I studied many scientific subjects, especially Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation.

In the end, my dreams and the scientific discoveries that happened in the end of the 20th century helped me understand the importance of religion.

I discovered that God produces our dreams in order to cure our absurd psyche because we are in fact demons with a tiny conscience, which is underdeveloped and must be developed with our participation in this process during our lives on earth.

This unexpected discovery was in fact a revelation. I had many clues about the same matters, and I related the information I found.

Sometimes I could discover something about the evil human nature thanks to a scientific discovery. Other times I had strange information in a dream and I looked for scientific proof that could justify the information I had.

I also looked for information about metaphysical phenomena and religion, including relating everything to philosophy and art. My research was based on relating every kind of information I could find to the meaning of dreams.

The truth I discovered in the end is tragic, but we have a big consolation because God is alive and He speaks in dreams. Now that I completed Carl Jung's research and I simplified the dream language everyone can understand God's symbolic messages in their dreams and resolve all their problems thanks to His wisdom.

Carl Jung's work and my work created a bridge that unites God with every human being.

We have a human side because God gave us a human conscience, including being basically demons, since the largest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience.

The bridge we created is a big advantage for humanity, but nothing is simple. In order to become mentally healthy human beings we have to attain sanctity by obeying God's guidance in our dreams and in our religion.

The mindset of the modern civilization is totally wrong. The future generations will understand this fact, but you can understand it today thanks to God's revelations in dreams.

Most people try to live in a private paradise on earth, surrounded by poverty and terror. They believe that money is more important than anything else, concentrating their attention on the material pleasures they can have.

These people are wasting their time, coupled being exposed to numerous dangers. They can have many material pleasures for a certain period of time, but they will be punished later. God lets them have pleasant moments to help them understand the difference between happiness and despair when they will pay for their sins.

Everything happens based on our necessity to stop being absurd and evil and attain sanctity.

God lets many people have the false impression that they can be happy on earth if they have money because He must test our capacity to understand the meaning of life, and He must let us develop our sensitivity without forcing us to be good.

We have to stop wanting to be selfish and prefer to be generous for being sensitive and intelligent. We have to understand by ourselves the importance of goodness and desire to attain sanctity because we want to see everyone having a happy life.

We must have the capacity to attain a higher level of consciousness and realize that we depend on one another and this is why we must love one another.

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Aging And Relationships, Does That Goes Together?

It sure does!

Your body wants to move to get going, your mind is not up to it today so we have here a get opposite of interest, your body had to move in order to keep in place strong and full of force.

Your body is a list of knowledge processing machine orders with the power to get in good condition again itself after a damage on a growing base, whatever your physical conditions are, the more you move, the better the process operation. Your body is designed with a complex system that is capable of keeping you active and young feeling.

Unwinding is imperative to great upbeat, it battles stress and gives the body time to recharge its vitality. When you feel lose you have without a doubt a superior association with your partner as you are a ton less disturbed. When you feel solid and lose your vitality will build, you appreciate a superior center and a superior memory also a superior comprehension.

You convey more oxygen to your body in light of your relaxed body, along these lines you have a superior cholesterol level ever. Muscles can do all that for you and a great deal more. You can come to begin practicing at any age level, be that as it may, the more youthful you begin the better it is as you learn in a youthful age to cooperate with your partner.

Regardless of where you live, today's world and life are exceptionally unpleasant. We are over-loaded with work, maybe determined by cash issues, work uncertain issues, and restless about the day of tomorrow, what's to come. Aging and unwinding together are the essential keys to an exceptional relationship with your partner.

For a great many of people it is an awful issue as they have never figured out how to unwind in light of the fact that the clock has been administrating their lives. Pressure causes compression of the muscles and withdrawal causing tightening, which prompt to aggravate and vitality getting to be aggravated in the body.

When you are maturing and do not stay aware of your body unwinding process you have not just an issue with your own “you” as well an issue with the partner you live with. Two bodies should develop into each other regardless of the age without being tense or feeling upsetting.

When you kindly begin to discharge the strain – the grasping yourself and confidence – you will start to experience yourself growing mentally and physically. No one gets born with the clock in their little baby hand, rather, unwinding is our characteristic condition of being, and the more you attend and be one to your partner the more you feel in peace and congruity being as one.

The following is an extra exercise on a day by day base. Pick a time that works best for both of you and lay down on a firm surface beside each other. Ensure that you wear free and simple apparel that is not tight around you, this is a part of the unwinding.

Breathe in and let it go gradually, by doing so, hold each others hand and experience the power of unwinding moving through your hands. Release yourself, inhale and unwind. Your brain will unwind and will give up every one of the distractions, fears, stresses.

By doing this practice on a day by day base you will feel quiet, peaceful and another mindfulness will open up who you are truly are.

Good luck and cheers

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The Body and the Mind

Working as a psychologist in pain management, on several occasions I have been asked whether I think a person's pain is 'in their mind'. When we think about it, this is an odd question. The possibility that pain could be 'in the mind' implies that it may be imaginary, deliberate or a sign of mental weakness. None of these scenarios are either helpful or realistic. However, they can easily stem from the way we have learned to think about the functioning of the human body.

For the past 400 years we have been massively influenced by a theory introduced by Descartes which stated the body and mind were separate entities. It is fascinating to reflect that we still work to this theory, both in medical and everyday settings, because it does not fit with our everyday experience or with current scientific understanding.

When we pay attention, it is quite easy to notice how the body can affect the mind and vice versa. Just think of the last movie you watched. Depending on what happened, you probably experienced feelings of excitement, tension or tenderness not only in your mind but also reflected by the body. You may have noticed physical tension during excitation or suspense, feelings of arousal during love scenes and feelings of heaviness or a lump in the throat in response to sad scenes. In fact, though it can be easier to spot at some times than others, the body is constantly reflecting the state of our mind, and the mind is constantly reflecting the state of our body.

When we practice the body scan, which is a core mindfulness practice, we allow ourselves the opportunity to simply tune in to the body and make contact with what we notice there. For some of us this may be a new experience, as we have been used to focusing so much on thinking and planning that we have paid little attention to signals from the body. As we continue to practice, this renewed connection with our body becomes a rich resource. We may spot signs of tension in the body and be empowered to take the action required to look after our needs. We may become more aware of a valuable 'gut feeling' about certain situations that helps us to make good decisions. We can also more readily draw our attention back into the body at times of difficulty in a way that helps us to ground and steady ourselves.

Importantly, because we are working with direct experience, rather than our learned expectations of how things should work, we will learn that far from being two separate entities, the body and mind are two aspects of the same thing – our human experience. This understanding opens up the possibility that we can benefit from treating our physical symptoms holistically, not because they are 'in the mind' but simply because they are located within our whole experience. The mind and body are not separate.

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The True Meaning Of Life And The True Meaning Of Dreams

Your dreams help you understand how to develop your conscience and use all of your brain power. They also help you follow a process of spiritual purification.

God knows how to transform you into a true human being, who will then be able to attain sanctity.

In order to discover everything I'm showing you I had to relance science to literature, philosophy, religion, and to the existence of unexplained phenomena, translating the meaning of my dreams and having special information thanks to this alternative.

There are numerous impostors pretending that they know the meaning of dreams, but Carl Jung is the only one who managed to discover their real meaning, since this is the meaning given by the unconscious mind to the dream images.

Jung concluded that the unconscious mind was God's mind, but he did not believe that he had to obey God's guidance in his dreams. He believed that God was a good counsel, but he had to decide what to according to the judgment of his own conscience.

I concluded that the human conscience is idiotic and absurd after studying Jung's work. I did not trust my own conscience because I verified that I was neurotic.

I trusted God's wisdom in my dreams. This is why I could discover what is really real.

The meaning of dreams is as important as your daily reality. Your dreams help you understand your mental health problems and eliminate the demon that lives in your brain.

You have to help God eliminate the demon thanks to your obedience to the guidance you have in your dreams and in your religion.

The fact that you seem to be reasonable in many ways is a miracle.

Only a small percentage of your consciousness could have been artificially developed by God. You have to complete God's surgical operation in your brain and develop your conscience in order to become really intelligent and sensitive.

For example, I already showed you that if you are indeterminate to other people's suffering you are cruel and absurd. If you believe that your unique attitude is a neutral attitude this means that you can not perceive the absence of sensitivity in your behavior.

You believe that this insensitivity is normal because everyone is insensitive. However, the fact that everyone is insensitive means that everyone has the same mental illness. We are insensitive because we have satanic characteristics.

We believe that we are human because we do not know how to verify the various signs of absurdity and evilness in our mind and behavior.

You must have the courage to learn who you really are thanks to the information you have in your dreams. This is indispensable for your own safety.

You will definitively stop being vain after verifying how many absurd tendencies you have inherited.

This painful verification you will help you eliminate these routes and become a perfect human being. You will become a mentally healthy person and purify your spirit.

By obeying God's guidance in your dreams you will become a special person because you will have the behavior of a saint. Your dreams will help you attain higher consciousness. You will help many people.

This is why you are alive. You have to become really human and attain sanctity. Only a few people in our history could understand that this is the meaning of life.

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Mind And Body Connection

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Happiness is what derives the positive energy around the world. We feel happy with happy people and sad with sad.

This entire universe is a collection of ideas, positive and negative and so is the body that we all live in.

The concept and understanding of the harmony between our mind and body can not be understood in one go but this book will surely give you a better knowledge and definition of a happy life

Our mind is what we think and our body is the object that gives action to our thinking. All the energy that we breathe revolves around the thinking and its implementation process.

The body, mind and soul work as a system of energy. We connect our body, mind and soul to keep energy flowing within us. This energy flow can be abundant or restricted, depending on our 'state of being' in each moment and it changes constantly.

Most commonly mind is frequently used as synonymous with thought. On a broader aspect it is that private conversation with ourselves that we carry on “inside our head” during every waking moment of our lives.

So we “make up our minds,” “change our minds” or are “of two minds” about something.

While reading this article you will understand that we have the power to control our thoughts and emotions and we can give them the positive directions as per our direct. It is all in our mind and body that we need to conquer to lead a healthy life, so we must take into consideration the importance of both and work according to it.

Our mind according to Vedanta is a term used to design the thinking aspect involved. It can be called as 'flow of thoughts', those are interconnected to produce desire results. Our mind can only think one thought at a time, but it can jump from one thought to another in no time. These are all interconnected thoughts.

Our mind generates feelings on a continuous basis. The debate about the nature of the mind is of practical importance because of its relevance to the development of artificial intelligence. If the mind is indeed a thing separate from or higher than the functioning of the brain, then presumably it will not be possible for any machine, no matter how sophisticated, to duplicate it. Our mind is a tool of private conversation with oneself. It gives shape to your thinking process and makes you an emotional person.

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Why You Have To Follow A Process Of Transformation

We do not want to suffer while we are on earth for any reason, while we have to be transformed into human beings in order to stop suffering after death.

We pay more attention to our material life than to what will happen to us after death, but what happens after death is more important than what happens on earth. Our life on earth is a preparation for our life after death.

Suffering is part of our existence because we are imperfect. If we do not suffer because we have to stop being evil, we suffer with the consequences of our mistakes.

Therefore, we have to accept suffering in order to become perfect human beings, and then definitively stop suffering when we will become saints.

Sanctity is sound mental health and wisdom.

God discovered this fact and He knows how to help us do what He did in order to become a saint and find peace, love, and happiness. We have to imitate His example.

We can become gods too. Our brain power is limited by the conditions of our planet and our body, coupled being used by our anti-conscience against our conscience.

We can learn how to use all of our brain power (including supernatural powers) thanks to the power of dreams and thanks to power of the spiritual reality.

Satan is using this power to destroy our conscience and the crazy world. Our human conscience must be the one that has the capacity to use all of our brain power, and not the demon.

We can stop suffering and attain higher consciousness by obeying God's guidance in our dreams and by respecting our religion. This way we will eliminate our satanic anti-conscience and our conscience will be fully developed.

Most people use only one and a half psychological function to make their decisions, instead of using four (thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuition). Everyone must learn how to use all their psychological functions in a conscious level. This is an indispensable psychological transformation that will help us begin a new life, without the problems faced by previous generations.

The big victory of the human race will come when we will understand that we have to stop being stupid and violent and learn how to be sensitive and wise.

Therefore, you have to accept the necessity to follow a process of transformation through dream translation and learn how to become a perfect human being because you can understand the importance of goodness and wisdom.

While you ignored the truth you could have an indeterminate attitude without understanding what you were doing, but now you can not be inconsequential.

Now you know that you have many negative tendencies and you already are mentally ill from birth because your conscience is underdeveloped and the largest part of your brain belong to your satanic anti-conscience. Now you know that your anti-conscience tries to destroy your conscience through craziness and ruin your life.

So, you have to avoid repeating the common mistakes of the human race and develop your conscience before it will be completely destroyed by your anti-conscience.

The uncomfortable necessity to change your behavior is in fact your chance to eliminate your worst enemy before being destroyed by it.

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How Mindfulness Can Help You Reduce Stress

The Scourge of Modern Life

Chances are, if you are reading this right now you have access to electricity, an internet connection and a smartphone.

You live in the industrialized world and have been affected by stress at some point in your life.

Stress in modern times is unavoidable.

It is the frontier for worry and anxiety, reflecting the conditions our ancestors faced on the plains of the Savannah centuries ago.

The mention of stress has found its way into everyday use, teenagers now use the term to describe rising stress levels studying for mid-term exams.

But are we stressed or feigning the symptoms to drawn attention to our struggles?

One thing is certain, stress is real. Yet how your body interprets it varies from person to person.

In fact, your tolerance for stress is different to a trained Navy Seal soldier. Yet, we can all agree, when pushed beyond our stress point, our health declines.

The good news is, we can use mindfulness to help us navigate the torrents of stress and manage our lives better.

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; with purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgeally.

It helps you cope with life's challenges by being present and inhabiting your body with attentiveness. This is in contrast to runaway thoughts which pass through your mind without your conscious awareness.

“Mindfulness – the steady, nonjudgmental awareness and acceptance of experience – leads to self-awareness and toifts in our perspectives that allow us to see clearly what's happening and how we are reacting, to respond to triggers and traumas with far more open -mindedness, and to face the process of necessary change with far more flexibility and tolerance, “affirm author Linda Graham MFT in, Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being .

Lurking Beneath Surface

Practicing mindfulness can help you reduce stress because it shifts your autonomic nervous system from a stressed state to a calm state.

As you are reading this, there are minor pressures taking place in the background you are unaware of, yet your subconscious mind is attentive to.

Stress is insidious. It lurks beneeth the surface and strikes when you least expect it, carrying with it accumulated stress from the past which can tip you over the edge.

I liken it to a sequinned pearl necklace, cut at one point and left to unravel into pieces. Stress has the same effect causing life to crumble if left untreated.

Mindfulness can help you cope with the habitual patterns of thinking that dominate your everyday life.

“The practice of mindfulness – training the brain to focus its attention and to strengthen conscious awareness – allows us to see our conditioned patterns of response so clearly that we can get unstuck from them when we need to,” avows Linda Graham MFT.

Mindfulness helps you notice the stream of thoughts passing through your mind moment to moment.

It is a means to check in with yourself to notice what is taking place benefit the surface of your thoughts.

You may be able to reacting to external conditions, yet seldom take the time to note your emotional well-being. It is often too late when you sense something because an emotional crisis has occurred.

Your thoughts can pull you into the past, where you re-experience uninviting events.

You are not present, but recollecting a mental screenplay taken place long ago.

This becomes a stressor because you bring unresolved emotions into your interactions with others, contaminating the beauty of the present moment.

“But any time you let your thoughts, worries, and stresses dictate how you experience this moment, you inevitably suffer, because you're in conflict with reality, with truth. and the outcome of the struggle is not in doubt, “declares author Hugh G. Byrne in, The Here-and-Now Habit: How Mindfulness Can Help You Break Unhealthy Habits Once and for All .

Carving Out Time for Silence

Mindfulness can go a long way when you devote regular time for silence.

This is attained through meditation and the sensations created in the body.

Meditation anchors your mind to the present moment, so you become attentive to your present moment experience.

It is important not to fight your thoughts or add a commentary to what you feel, but allow yourself to connect with your feelings.

As you become comfortable sitting in silence, you may wish to advanced your practice via structured meditation. This is ideal to strengthen your knowledge and take you into a defect meditative state.

The benefits of meditation allow you to detach from your thoughts. You become a silent witness and less invested in the stream of activity created in the mind.

You are less reactive because you interact with what is taking place before you.

Stress abounds because people believe their thoughts.

So, if you are driving home after a hostile encounter with your boss or colleague, and an inconsiderate motorist cuts you off in traffic, you offer them a piece of your mind.

Yet, by practicing mindfulness you become attuned to the physical sensations of anger before you retaliate since you are mindful of your emotional state.

Linda Graham MFT affirms, “Mindful awareness – observing and reflecting – allows us to step back from the experience of the moment and observe it from a larger field of awareness that is not any of those experiences, that is larger than any of those patterns. With that awareness, we can begin to see different possibilities for responding. ”

Mindfulness has a positive effect on your relationships. Your emotional well-being is enriched, instead of succumbing to external stimuli.

The success of mindfulness-based stress reduction lies in noticing your thoughts nonjudgmentally, through the eyes of equanimity and compassion.

In doing so, you recognize thoughts pass through the landscape of your mind and they need not turn into negative emotions.

We are heavily invested in our thoughts and have a negativity bias when challenged. This is an evolutionary mechanism to help us make sense of our environment.

So, when thoughts, feelings or sensations emerge, do not ignore them or suppress them, nor analyze or judge them.

Note them as they occur and observe them intentionally but non-judgeally , moment by moment, in your field of awareness .

If your mind wanders say to yourself, “wandering” and bring your mind back to the present moment.

If you wish to be happy and live a peaceful life, be mindful of your thoughts before they lead you down a perilous path.

Stressful thoughts are not the source of your happiness, but a by-product of unconscious thinking left to run wild.

Mindfulness helps you reduce stress because it anchors you to the present moment where your body inhabits.

After all, if your body is present does not it make sense that your mind also be here and now?

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