How a Positive Attitude Affects Your Overall Health and Reduces Stress

A positive attitude always looks at the glass half full and knows that even if complications arise there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. A positive mind trusts that the output will be good. It's like waking up in the morning and saying: Hello world, here I am! I am going to have a wonderful day, I will be kind and loving, I will do the best job possible, and I will treat myself well.

A positive attitude includes gratitude. Appreciation for all that you have rather than complaining about what you do not have. Loving the fact that you are given the chance of a new day, a new promise and the opportunity to grow and evolve. Your purpose is to enjoy your life, not dread it or just get by day by day. Your purpose is to grow as a person, as a spiritual being. Your purpose is to be you. You are unique. No one is like you. We know that no one has the same finger prints, no one's eyes are the same and no one even speaks like you!

How does this positive attitude affect your health? Well it invigorates you, gives you a feeling of wellness, because being well is your natural state. When you love life you will be more active, you will strive for reaching your goals and you will certainly attract people that are on your frequency. Suddenly you will see the smiles on people's faces; you will be invited to more functions because everyone wants to be in your presence. You will radiate an attractive sense from the inside out – a welcome sign without saying a word!

I'm sure you have entered a room before and the air was so thick you could cut it. The people were tense, and even though no one was speaking a word, you could tell that something unpleasing just happened. But you also can enter a room and have a wonderful feeling of calmness or comfort; like your home should feel for you.

We all live in a world that has its challenges, but a positive thinker sees those challenges as tests or opportunities. They show up so you can improve yourself, fix your mistakes and find the right path to happiness. Just imagine, if we would not experience any challenges we would never know if we are on the right path or not! Life is good, it is a spiritual state, it's an era of awakening toward the light, and life is certainly to be enjoyed!

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Wellness – A Blueprint of Health for the Total Man

Wellness is such a broad term. When one speaks of wellness our minds usually go straight to the physical characteristics of an individual. One may wonder how they may be feeling on that particular day or be concerned about whether or not anything is ailing them. Are they sick? Do they have any aches and pains? These are questions which may be considered when engaging with another human being. However, wellness is comprised of many more aspects than just physical health. It is how an individual is doing overall. It is about their self-esteem, financial state, physical state – which in turn influences their mental state or how they view themselves as an individual.

Since the mind controls what you do and how you think and feel about others and ourselves, I am tempted to say that wellness starts on the inside and then works its way out. On the other hand since your surroundings and circumstances affect your outlook I want to argument that wellness starts on the outside and influences the inside or your self -perception.

In a perfect world, one would be able to separate the two concepts in order to provide a concrete blueprint on achieving wellness. Being that there is no way of dividing the two without engaging in years of debate I will say that the inside and the outside work in harmony to make you the best you can be.

Feeling good about your weight and your physical features causes you to be more content with life. Your mood and how you handle difficult circumstances are also affected by how you feel about yourself. When an individual is not happy with themselves they are more apt to be short tempted when dealing with others and with stressful situations. Their mind is not at ease and adverse circumstances cause more stress to be put on their mind and sometimes their mind snaps like a rubber band. This may cause a person to be mentally unstable, suicidal or seriously depressed.

The person that possesses a positive outlook on the world is more likely to take care of themselves. According to their perception, it is more suitable for them to live not only for today but to prepare for tomorrow. They desire to preserve what they have. For instance, one may exercise more or eat foods that have more nutritional value because they want to preserve their body. Conversely, the person that is not happy may not do what is needed to take care of themselves. It is difficult to plan for tomorrow while struggling to get through today.

The purpose of this article was to bring out some points that people may already be aware of but may also overlook. It is very important that you take time from whatever is going on in your life to sit down and take introspection. It is imperative that you take time to figure out your next step. Learn how to slow down just a little and take 5 – 10 minutes a day to take care of you. Whether it is shutting the door to the bathroom and letting the kids run around for a few minutes while you gather your thoughts or finding someone with a listening ear that is willing to let you vent, you must take time for you.

Take care of yourself. You only have one and you can not replace yourself once you are gone.

Stop, take time to smell the roses and enjoy the sun. Pamper yourself when you have the chance. Find out how to optimize the utility of the body that was given to you. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Take care of your mind and the world around you will be governed by your outlook on life. Be well.

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Understanding The Human Nature and Finding Salvation

Carl Jung managed to decipher the enigmatic meaning of the dream language and I managed to continue his research, discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience. After observing the wisdom of the unconscious mind, Jung had concluded that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams had a divine origin. However, he did not have a religious attitude.

He ignored the existence of the anti-conscience, our evil and absurd wild conscience that did not evolve like our human conscience. Only because I precisely obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams could I discover the existence of the satanic anti-conscience without losing my mind.

The fact that we have inherited a satanic conscience means that we are not human. We are if fact demons.

We must insistably follow psychotherapy during our lives in order to become really human. We live in order to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience.

God transformed a part of our satanic conscience into a conscience with human characteristics.

This means that the consciousness you have as a human being is God's gift. Without this consciousness you would be only a demon. This is a shocking truth.

Your human conscience must help God transform your satanic anti-conscience into a sensitive conscience that works based on human feelings. Otherwise, your anti-conscience will destroy the human conscience you have received from God and you will return to your wild nature, forever losing your human identity.

Thanks to the guidance of the divine unconscious mind I could understand how the anti-conscience manages to generate mental illnesses within our conscience and how to prevent or cure all mental illnesses through dream therapy. You only have to follow my example and obey the Divine guidance in your dreams in order to find sound mental health that lasts for life.

I could perceive the unconscious sanctity because I was a literature writer and I had studied in a Catholic school. I concluded that all human beings must obey the divine guidance in dreams. This is why I probably obeyed the unconscious mind, even against my will.

I recognized my absurdity, my evilness, and the depth of my ignorance. I was afraid of my absurdity, especially because my father was schizophrenic and I did not want to have the same tragic destiny he did.

God gave me a very heavy cross, telling me that I had to pass through numerous crucifixions because I was a terrible sinner. I had to attain sanctity in order to prove God's existence to the atheistic and materialistic world, and help God put an end to craziness and terror.

I would never decide to continue Carl Jung's research if this was not part of God's plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. I could continue Jung's dangerous fight with mental illnesses through dream translation only because I deliberately obeyed the Divine guidance.

God is very real. You should believe in His existence and respect His guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

When I learned the truth about the human nature, I wanted to become an inexpensive nothing and abandon everything. God expected too much from me, without giving me any chance to disobey the guidance I had.

However, I understood that I had to obey the divine guidance because this was the only way I could preserve my sanity. My neurosis already had the characteristics of schizophrenia.

I also understood that I deserved my suffering because I really was a monster. I was selfish, lazy, indifferent, impatient, demanding, too proud of my intelligence (even though I was an idiot), impatient, intolerant, cruel, arrogant, and violent.

I could not believe that someday God would manage to transform a monster like me into a saintly creature. This intent seemed to be more than absurd.

I was always sad with my mission and with everything I had to deal with. I obeyed the unconscious guidance surrounding hating my position because I understood that God always was right, and I always was wrong.

I told God that I would pay for all the sins of humanity and help him eliminate evilness on Earth. I agreed that I deserved this mission.

I had abandoned my religion. I was ready to commit adultery. I was a lazy mother. I was totally indignant to the destiny of humanity. I was selfish, disgusting, and cruel. I deserved to be the one who would pay for all the crimes of the human race.

Without God's guidance I would spread terror and suffering. I had no doubt that my actions had to be controlled by superior guidance.

Thanks to my obedience to God's guidance I became a sensitive, humble, calm, and wise human being. God makes miracles.

A new historical time is beginning now that God finally managed to teach me the real meaning of dreams and how to fight mental illnesses. I'm transmitting this knowledge to the world and saving the world from its tragic destiny.

Dream translation is a process of consciousness that eliminates the evilness and the absurdity of our anti-conscience. I was able to clearly understand this process because I had the right attitude. A scientist would never understand how humble he / she had to be in order to have access to this knowledge.

God is very demanding, and He does not accept negotiations. I had to obey His guidance like a soldier, always recognizing my inferiority and always remembering that I had to fight craziness and terror.

This is how I could discover how to eliminate the satanic anti-consciousness through consciousness. This discovery will put an end to the barbarous modern civilization, and mark the beginning of a new historical time based on wisdom and peace.

Everyone will learn how to understand God's guidance in dreams. This is not difficult now that I simplified Carl Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation, clarifying all the obscure points in his work.

Since everyone will learn the dream language and obey the divine guidance, everyone will find sound mental health. This means that we will be able to peacefully solve all our problems. We will become really human.

Everything only depends on our attitude.

God was trying to show us the truth about the meaning of dreams and the meaning of life from the first days of our long history. However, there were numerous complications that preceded God from enlightening the world.

Satan is sneaky and powerful. Satan governs our living hell.

Our satanic anti-conscience is easily destroying everyone's human conscience because nobody obeys God's guidance. Nobody respects their religion.

Even those who supposedly represent God on Earth are controlled by their satanic anti-conscience. Everyone needs psychotherapy, but nobody accepts following it. This is why nobody could clearly understand the meaning of dreams.

The continuation of Carl Jung's research helped me create a link between science and religion and decipher all mysteries. I could understand the real meaning of dreams because I was extremely obedient, without thinking about anything else, besides the necessity to help God put an end to craziness and terror.

Carl Jung taught me everything I know, but I had to discover many other things by myself by following the unconscious guidance, and by relating many different aspects of my reality to this information.

I, the young and ignorant could decipher mysteries that many others were trying to understand during years and years without being able to find explanations for their existence, because God obligated me to become a genius even though I was arrogantly lazy. I had to study and work very hard, without resting. This was how I stopped being different to the human pain.

I could clearly understand the dream language and discover the satanic origin of the human conscience because I accepted to always obey the divine guidance without taking into consideration my own suffering. I can even tell you that I always obeyed the divine guidance against my will. I was always feeling the largest victim of the world, and simply hating everything I had to do.

However, I had no doubt that my own suffering had no importance. I did not deserve to be saved. I was having the chance to save my sanity and become a hero instead of being mentally ill like my father and like most people in our world because God needed my example. He had prepared me for this mission through many ways, especially thanks to my literary talent.

I had the right attitude because I was prepared to react the right way. Everything in my life helped me understand how to speak when I would learn the truth.

The right attitude was missing from all dream interpreters of our history (except in a few exceptions). This is why humanity could not understand the dream logic.
Carl Jung respected the unconscious wisdom, and this is why he could discover the real meaning of dreams and partly understand the dream logic. However, he did not obey the unconscious mind. This is why he could not fully understand the unconscious logic. He believed that he should decide what to do based on his own conscience.

I understood that the human conscience is absurd because all psychological types tend to become neurotic with time. Every person loses consciousness with the various deceptions of life and the invasion of the absurd thoughts of the anti-conscience into their human conscience.

I also understood that it was safer to obey the divine guidance than to follow my own conscience, and keep making mistakes. You should follow my example and learn how to definitively stop making costly mistakes.

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Whose Energy Is in Your Space?

We are most aware of strong events and impactful experiences. Most people consider the tingle or memory one posters after an exciting experience a good thing. The longer you feel the energy, the better. Yet in managing one's personal energy, this phenomena backfires when this energy replaces your own vibration.

One place this phenomenon occurs when attending a weekend seminar, conference or other impactful special event. Known as a “workshop high,” sensitive people feel the group shift in energy and match that vibration. Partly, we seek confirmation that something happened and the experience was worthwhile.

Ideally, one can manage this by enjoying the buzz for a bit and then re-owning their own personal energetic frequency. Energy junkies (Hello. I know you are out there!) Live for this juice, as the rush is the goal. Unfortunately this dependence on body sensations is similar to a sugar high that fires you up until you crash.

Reading this piece on making separation from high-octane energy thrills is illegally to persuade the hardcore enthusiast to connect with their own vibration. Running energy that is higher or different than your original essence vibration ultimately lies on the body. Mainstream health education ignores this perspective as the emphasis is on the physically measurable elements.

Let's look at another example of where one can be out-of-synch when running your energy.

A new relationship when “you can not stop thinking about each other” is another example where we vibrate at an intense level that is unsustainable over a long period of time. Throw in a heavy-duty sexual connection and most everyone gets lost in the “wow.”

Enjoying the wow without getting lost in it requires the intention to make separation after seeing your beloved. Inside a minute, you can call back your energy and return them.

There is a picture that love meanings letting your partner leave their energy in your space. A relationship that respect partner's energetic boundaries allows for both of you to function outside the intimate. Rather than carry each other's energy when you are at work, in a meeting or shopping, this approach aims to make the relationship connection special rather than what you wear for everyone to see.

Our culture accepts and approves being “love-stuck.” This dreamy state detaches one from the normal day-to-day world.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you completely eliminate these pleasurable body sensations. From an energy perspective, you might consider the sports mantra of celebrating big wins for 24 hours and then returning to one's normal state of existence. Imagine being able to tweak how long, how often and how intense you feel the new relationship bliss. When you have important tasks to accomplish, being consumed by the wow is not ideal.

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How to Prevent a Premature Death Thanks to Dream Translation

My discoveries after continuing the research of the psychiatrist and psychiatrist Carl Jung are very unpleasant for the world leaders, and also for the indifferent population of our materialistic and atheistic historical time. These discoverments deny the lies of the absurd modern civilization, providing that there is no seriousness on Earth. All human beings are hypocrites. Everyone is an actor.

In other words, nothing of what you read and hear today is true. You are manipulated by the absurdity of everyone's anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is our absurd and evil primitiveness conscience, which did not evolve like our human conscience and occupations the largest part of our brain. It generates mental illnesses within our human conscience with the intention to eliminate our capacity to think logically, and take the place of our ego.

Most people live controlled by their anti-conscience, or they are constantly influenced by its absurdity. This is why our world is a living hell ruled by terror.

I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience because I rather obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, after verifying its divine origin. The unconscious mind is God's mind. When you translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method you verify that the information you have surpassed the limited knowledge of your historical time.

Through dream translation you will learn why many people die when they are still young, and how to prevent a premature death.

The unconscious mind works like a psychotherapist in the beginning of your occupation with the meaning of dreams. You have to follow psychotherapy until you'll transform your evil and absurd anti-consciousness into a positive component of your human conscience. You will attain spiritual perfection and become a wise human being.

After transforming your personality you'll learn many interesting facts about the way our world works, and about many other matters.

You can verify the veracity of the information you have in dreams because this information fits with many other details that are part of your life. For example, I could have prevented the premature death of my husband's niece when she was still a child. I had a dream warning about her death.

I was in a very difficult situation, but I had the courage to talk about my dream with the girl's mother and tell her what to do to prevent her daughter's death. She did not believe in the importance of the meaning of dreams and she was very irritated with my prediction. However, this prediction helped me prevent the premature death of my husband's niece.

I talked with her mother, but her mother spoke also with her father about my dream. Today she is an adult, and she is happily married. Her parents have never admitted that she is still alive only thanks to the warning I had in a dream when she was a child. If you knew all the details of her story you would surely believe that she was saved thanks to this warning. Her destiny explains by itself why her parents had to be alarmed.

You can not prove a salvation 100% because you can not prove to the world that without your protection something tragic would certainly have happened. When you predict a catastrophe and the catastrophe happens, you prove to the world that you really had predicated what happened. However, when you know how to change your destiny or another person's destiny thanks to a dream prediction, you can not prove that the catastrophe you could prevent would actually happen if you would not prevent it.

I had the courage to talk about my strange dream and show to the world that I had the power to prevent catastrophes thanks to dream warnings because this was true. I knew that nobody would believe me, but I believed that preventing the death of a young person was more important than the opinion of the world.

I completely trusted the meaning of this dream because I had many dreams with explanations about the reason why people die and how we can prevent a premature death. I had explanations about the reason why many of my close friends and relatives had died, even though they were still young.

I knew that I could completely trust the unconscious messages because they are sent by God and God always shows us the truth in our dreams. I had information about many other matters, which I would never be able to learn if I did not have the chance to directly talk with God through dream messages.

I could confirm that the information I had in dreams was real because many facts of my reality could be understood thanks to the information given by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind showed me the real causes of all the problems we observe on our appearance reality. Nothing happens by chance in our world. I could discover a lot more because I had this information.

I also had many dreams with future predictions. I always verified that what the unconscious mind had predicted in a dream really happened, exactly as it was predicted in the dream. I had many impressing confirmations that all dream predictions really happen in my daily reality.

Therefore, I was absolutely sure that I had the moral obligation to do something to prevent the premature death of my husband's niece. I would not play with such a serious matter. We can prevent a premature death the same way we can prevent accidents and other misfortunes thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams.

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How To Survive Stress

There is a growing issue in the world that affects almost everyone at least once a day. It's a problem that can sometimes be felt and noticeable, and at others – silent. It's stress. It comes in all forms and has no bias on age, race, religion, or gender. In today's busy and demanding society, stress is more frequently being compounded through the day.

Stress shows up at home when the kids are fighting, or you and your spouse appeal over any menial topic. But let's back this up a minute. Chances are the stress that led to those arguments in the home did not originate there. Take a moment or two and review your day. More often than not, the stress has been there all day long.

You got up after a poor night's rest, and were met with a dreary wet day at six AM. The drive to the office did not help either. Dangerous roadways and careless drivers were added to your stress levels. The workload and demands of the office compounded the problem as your day wore on. Finally, you bought it all home with you and unloaded on a member of your family over an otherwise small problem. This can all be controlled by just gathering a bit of information on how stress affects the body and what can be done to alleviate it.

Stress is mainly caused by the release of the hormone cortisol from the brain in response to environmental pressures. The pituitary gland is responsible for synthesizing this hormone upon release, but if you're under stress on a frequent basis cortisol levels may be harder for your body to manage. Left unbalanced, high cortisol levels can lead to even greater health risks such as obesity, hyperglycemia and even heart attacks.

The best ways to combat higher cortisol levels is diet, exercise and relaxation. A high intake of caffeine can lead to loss of sleep which in turn can increase cortisol production in the body. Lowering coffee consumption and a good night's rest will help control stress. Eating a well-balanced diet high in Vitamin C, Omega Fatty Acids, and fiber will also assist in the body's ability to regulate cortisol production and detoxify itself regularly. Getting routine exercise also aids the body in its ability to break down cortisol. Try to incorporate a regular light exercise routine through the week to control stress. Yoga and massage therapy are also proven remedies for stress release.

So, before you go off of the handle on another innocent bystander, take a moment or two to understand the messages that your body is sending to you. It may be a good idea to get in a light workout or a session of deep breathing prior to starting the workday, or dealing with the pressures of home life.

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Spiritual Food and Physical Food – You Need Both For Complete Health

We all strive to be healthy at some point or another in our lives. When you area teenager you give no mind to what you are eating or how you pass your time because most of your customs are passed to you by your family. As you grow older you feel the need to focus on your health because you have come to understand that doing the wrong things to your body can lead to death.

What things are necessary in order for you to have superior physical health? Eating nutrient dosage foods, consuming water according to your body weight and keeping a good resting schedule are great building blocks. Failure to tactfully implement any one of a number of vital daily habits can land you in a precarious situation.

What things are necessary to have supreme spiritual health? Meditation, reading and great exercise are normally associated with being spiritually sound. The issue that we have today is that many people have only one (or no) category mastered. They either have a great diet and no spiritual base or they have a great spiritual base and a lackluster diet or they have neither of the two which is completely hazardous.

The even larger issue is that people do not realize when they are spiritually or nutritionally deficient. How would you know if you were lacking in nutrition? Here are some warning signs that your body is asking for nutritional assistance:

  • Obesity . If you were 120 pounds 5 years ago and now you are 200 pounds with a big stomach then it's time to change.
  • White or Gray Hair . We will all grow old someday and have gray hair but it is not a sign of good health if you have a head full of gray hair when you are 30 years old. Gray hair is a sign that you need more copper in your diet. It also is indicative that you may have hemorrhoids and varicose veins forming inside.
  • You're Not Using The Bathroom . There are people who are only able to use the bathroom once or twice per week! For every meal you consume you will want to have a bowel movement. If you are not releasing the waste that builds up in your body then chances are those poisons will start to find their way through your system and begin to damage your colon.

The spiritual part to this equation has more to do with individuals bettering themselves and having a concept of what life is about. When you are naturally fed there are certain things that do not trouble you because you have a great concept of the bigger picture. Below are some warning signs that let you know that you need spiritual food.

  • You change according to your environment . The incessant need to fit in with the crow at any expense is a give way that you need help. A person who is spiritually sound will always remain themselves in any environment.
  • No conscious . You are not bothered by wrongdoings toward mannish because you are only concerned about your gain be it ill-gotten or otherwise. Robbing, killing or harming does not register in your mind.
  • No genuine happiness for others . When you hear that someone else has improved their lot in life you are not happy for that person. If someone finds a soul mate or gets a job promotion you will always have something negative to say regarding the situation.

In the end, life is about balance and in order to live a healthy life there must be a healthy correlation between the spirit body and the physical body. Overfeeding one and neglecting the other is a recipe for imbalance and a disease plagued life.

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Health Triangle Activities

I was going through some tough changes in my life and I felt as if an overwhelming darkness lingered over me, inhibiting me from enjoying anything. I had become reclusive, angry and, to some extent, anti-social. At the time, I had no idea the changes I was going to make would be so important to my health. But these health triangle activities turned out to be more than just a way to pass the time.

When I came across the health triangle, I was originally looking at ways to balance the mind, body and spirit. I felt this was the root of my issues and when my search returned information regarding the health triangle, the similarities were uncanny.

The health triangle consists of three sides labeled mental, physical and social. I was looking to balance my mind, body and spirit, so you can see the correlation. The health triangle activities I took part in fit nicely with my mind, body, spirit and also with the mental, physical and social template.

Mental / mind- Keeping my mind sharp was the most important, yet most difficult task to accomplish. Through meditation, I have conquered many of the demons that sucked the energy from me, depleting any emotional reserves left. Once i was able to accept certain things for what they were, light started to trickle into my dark and gloomy place.

Physical / body- My first experience with exercise during this time was walking. I had not done anything physical in some time and I needed an outlet for some of that anger. Going for walks cave me that release and helped me physically through that difficult time.

Social / spirit- Removing myself from those close to me while I was facing hard times was the easiest thing to do, yet turned out to be the most damaging. In an effort to figure out who I was, I was taking guitar lessons. Later, I picked up the bass, joined a band and started fixing the social leg of my health triangle without even realizing it.

To sum it up, health triangle activities can be anything you enjoy doing that helps balance your mind, body and spirit. Whether it's meditation, reading or learning a new language to challenge our mind; taking walks, playing a sport or practicing yoga for our bodies or enjoying a hobby to feed our spirit, maintaining a balanced health triangle that can be the key to happiness.

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Natural Cold Busters and Beyond

Are you feeling miserable with a sore throat, stuffy nose, or the cough of your cold? All these symptoms can be caused by more than 200 different kinds of viruses. Unfortunately, there is NO cure for any of them. But the good news is that you still can do a lot, NATURALLY, to help yourself recover faster and more comfortably.

In this article you will learn how different natural actions can get you on the road to recovery at the first sign of a cold.

1. Hydrate to Mobilize Your Natural Defenses

You need more fluid than usual to effectively fight back the viral attack. Even though you have been drinking as much as when you are well, your body actually has a lower reserve of fluid when you are ill, and this can lead to dehydration.

Let me explain.

With the cold, your body mobilizes much of the fluid it has to where the viruses (your enemies) are – in your nose, throat, and airways. The extra fluid helps bring your natural army of immune cells, along with lots of other ammunition and supplies, to where the battlefields are. Extra fluid is a critical factor in winning the war against the invading viruses.

Here's something else fluids do to speed up your recovery.

They help rid your body of the big mess resulting from the battle between immune system and the attacking viruses. Nasal secretions and the sputum you cough up are actually two ways that your body cleans itself up. Good circulation thanks to enough fluid on board also helps take the rest of the junk to your kidneys and liver for excretion.

So, keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of fluid. Water, clear soup, and soothing ginger tea all work well. To avoid preventing nausea and vomiting, do not consume a large volume of fluid at one setting.

If you are nauseous already, sip regularly or consider trying ice cubes or Popsicles. Avoid orange juice (which may make you more nauseous) and too much of any other juice (which may cause diarrhea).

Warm fluid can help soothe your throat and lessen congestion. Some people swear by warm lemon and honey. As Grandma has it, chicken soup (with the fat scooped out) may actually help less cold symptoms along with its hydrating power. Chinese tradition also touts a simple drink you can easily make for the common cold: boil one tablespoon of ginger in 3 cups of water for 15- 20 minutes. Add brown sugar to your taste and drink it warm.

2. Rest to Boost Your Energy Levels

Proper rest is another weapon in your war chest to fight colds and infection. Just like the country has to spend a lot of extra money for a war, your body also needs extra energy to fight the battles raging inside. No wonder you are tired when sick, your body is using much of its energy fighting to get well.

Resting provides your body with the energy it needs for a successful war against the virus.

3. Do Not smoke and Avoid Second-Hand Smoke

Smoking, and second-hand smoke tax your body by spending a tremendous amount of energy, even when you are not ill. This is why smokers tend to be thinner. If your body is already using a lot of extra energy to combat and control the damage from cigarette smoke, it can not really fight an effective battle against cold viruses.

In addition to depleting the body's natural reserve of energy, cigarette smoke also badly weakens your battle against the virus in many ways.

For example, there are brush-like structures lining your respiratory tract. They move in an upward direction to help expel sputum (the junk!). Cigarette smoke parallezes these structures so that the junk stays in the lower part of your lungs, making your immune system less effective and increasing the risk for pneumonia.

4. Make Clean Moisture Your Friend

How did it feel the last time you emerged from a shower when you had a cold? Did not you feel great?

Indeed, the humidity in the shower helped you feel much less congested in the nose and in the chest.

Use a clean humidifier or a cool mist vaporizer to help do the same. This is especially helpful if your room is very dry from the heat you use in the winter. A saline nasal spray also moisturizes and can help clear your nose naturally.

At the same time, consider using a neti pot. The saline water not only helps clear the congestion in the nose, it also rejuvenates the nasal linings for faster recovery.

You can buy the pot and easy-to-mix salt packet from all pharmacies nowdays. Do it in the shower if you are new to the practice so you do not have to worry about making a mess. Make sure to use boiled or distilled water to mix the salt mixture. Also wash your pot after every use and never share the pot with another person.

Keep reading to discover the keys for defusing ticking health bombs that could be lurking in your body. Click here to discover the medical secrets necessary to know so you can live a better, longer, healthier life.

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Your Balancing Act for a Wholesome Life

Are you a balancing artist?

You may not realize it, but yes, you are! Much of your life is a balancing act– your checkbook, your family, even your meals.

Before making any big decision in your life, you balance the possible pluses and minuses as the result of that decision. Right now, you even have to balance what you might gain or lose by reading this article.

I'm very familiar with the art of balancing. My job as a physician is to help my patients – people just like you – balance the pros and the cons of decisions that make that affect their health.

Being a primary care doctor, I help them understand necessary details while also keeping the whole picture in mind. And with a holistic perspective, I also help each patient make the choices that lead to their most optimal health in mind, body, and spirit.

Before you can understand an issue, you need the available facts.

And before I give you a very important fact affecting your health, I have another question for you.

Which of the following is most important in determining your health: Your age? Your income? Your race? Whether or not you work? Your education level?

Would you be surprised to learn that your ability to find, understand, and use health information is more important than any of the above factors?

Would you also be surprised to know that your “health literacy” does not necessarily require years of education or general reading ability?

In other words, no matter what your station in life, you can achieve optimal balance of your mind, body, and spirit by learning and applying relevant health information.

I want to help you achieve this goal, based on four important principles I use to guide patients to achieve their best health – no matter what their age or health status.

As you can see, with this approach we are already chasing for the perfect balance in attaining your ideal level of health.

Principle # 1: Inclusiveness

We are blessed to live at a time when we can take the best advantage of modern scientific and medical breakthroughs. At the same time, many old traditions that have sustained and nourished people all over the world have also been validated by modern science.

This means that we will not limit ourselves to just traditional Western medicine. Nor will we limit ourselves to alternative and complementary means. We will use all parts of traditional and alternative practices that work, the very best of East and West, Ancient and Modern.

By taking this approach you can use proven, effective health information to make balanced choices that absolutely make sense and work best for you! (Always remember to consult your healthcare provider before implementing any suggestions you are given in this newsletter. Only he or she knows your medical history and will give you personalized advice.)

Principle # 2: Simplicity

Every time I visit my mechanic, I ask him to talk to me in simple language in order to understand what is happening with my car. Similarly, from years of medical practice, I know that even educated people, unless they are in the medical field, benefit most when health information is presented in simple terms.

Simplicity is NOT necessarily less. It can actually be extremely powerful and profound, as in the concept of washing one's hands (personal hygiene) to prevent the spread of germs and disease. Countless lives have been saved because millions of people have understood and followed this simple yet strong advice.

This is a very good example of why I will present complicated concepts and details in ways that are easy for you to understand.

Principle # 3: Practicality

The things you need for optimal health, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment are often amazingly simple and readily available. You just need to realize that they are there, use them, and make the most of them. In doing so, you are taking a common-sense, practical approach to maintaining good health. The simplicity of hand washing can be considered a practical means to avoiding serious illness.

Not every solution is universal however, because each person is different. What may work for me may not work for you. And vice versa. But without knowing what the available options are, you will not even know to consider and use them.

For example, you may tell me that you do not care for fruits or vegetables, even though they are an important key to health and longevity. But after I review with you a list of available produce that includes items that you had not considered, it is likely you will find something that you can eat and even enjoy.

To take it a step further, let's say you do not care for a particular fruit such as apples. After I remind you that you may enjoy similar benefits from eating applesauce, you may include applesauce in your diet and even use it for baking instead of shortening or butter.

Principle # 4: Perspective

Many people believe that in the computer age, they can get all the health information they need with the click of a mouse. I would argue that much of the health information from the Internet could be unhelpful and even harmful. I do not necessarily mean that the information itself is not good. But it could be harmful for the person who does not know how to properly use it, having no context or perspective on its use.

Drinking alcohol is a good example.

You may be confused by headlines from the news and Internet recommending that you drink red wine. At the same time, public health services and stories from friends or family inform you that alcohol can potentially ruin your life in many different ways.

If you read our special report, The Seven Time Bombs Recording in Your Body, you will have a better perspective on this set of contradictory advice. You will then have the information you need, to discuss with your physician based on your personal circumstances.

Because this special report contains objective information from the perspective of trained scientists, it will help you and your health care professional figure out if alcohol drinking may benefit you. And if it turns out that you do well with alcohol, you will know better how much and which drinks to choose from.

Keep reading to discover the keys for defusing ticking health bombs that could be lurking in your body. Click here to discover the medical secrets necessary to know so you can live a better, longer, healthier life.

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Epic Ideas for Dealing With Stress

Whenever people find themselves dealing with a family illness, a job loss, or an anxiety disorder, they will certainly be looking for ways to reduce stress. By understanding the finer aspects of inner spiritual harmony, most people should be able to develop a plan for dealing with the stress. One of the best ways to do this is by getting back to nature. By heading out into the cold winter air for a jog around the block, much of the blustering frustration that has built up in the heart and the soul can be eliminated rather quickly. Here are a few more outdoor activities that can reduce stress while boosting happiness and satisfaction.

Backpacking through the Wilderness

Learning to deal with stress properly might mean taking a grand trip through the wilderness. Such trips will allow men and women to reorient themselves toward the things that are truly important in life. When it comes to backpacking, setting out on the Appalachian Trail can be a rewarding experience. As hikers pass through silent forests, mountain meadows, and windswept valleys, most of the stress that they have been carrying in their bones for years should slowly melt away.

Developing an Appreciation for Wildlife

By focusing their attention on the wildlife around the home, people can gain a greater appreciation for the natural wonders of the planet. This will assist in putting things in perspective. Amateur photographers may even spend some time taking images of the animals they spot in their back yard. Birds are especially intriguing targets. When men and women take up a hobby that involves helping animals, they will likely feel more optimistic about their own future. As most professionals will rightly point out, optimism is the key to decreasing stress through time.

Training for the Local Marathon

Because exercise is so effective in soothing the body and the soul, people who have extremely stressful jobs may want to think about beginning a regimen of cardiovascular activity. Training for a marathon, for example, offers runners the chance to shoot for a goal that is not reached by many other humans. Because longer runs can induce chemical highs, runners will be improving their moods at the same time.

Stargazing with a Loved One

Finally, not all outdoor activities involve hard breathing. With a simple amateur telescope set up in the back yard, entire families can gaze into the stars and wonder about the nature of the universe. For men and women who are currently experiencing a stressful illness in the family, a hobby that is somewhat philosophical in nature might allow them to refresh and recharge. When people make time for an activity that they love, other aspects of life will be easier to deal with.

Reducing Stress through Time

Ultimately, as men and women learn how to deal with the sometimes overwhelming stress of daily existence, they should stick with their new activities. Whether they are stargazing or backpacking, people will want to continue with their newfound love of the outdoors. With a hint of a smile, they can slay their stressful thoughts without regret.

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Yesterday – What Happens to That Energy?

What happens to your energy that engaged life yesterday? Is it still there? Does it automatically follow you as you make today out of tomorrow? Energy attentiveness of this sort is lost in today's culture.

Whether you had a great day or a bad day yesterday, your energy is often left in the people, projects and destinations you encountered. Our society practices a form of taking it with you when, at the end of the day, we leave work and are mindful to take our “stuff” home with us. Imagine bringing your energy from yesterday, home to start each new day. It is rejuvenating when you call your energy back to you.

“Unfinished Business”

Often it is the “unfinished business” that keeps our attention on yesterday's events. While resolving each task does a good job freeing up your attention, there is a price to pay if your energy just moves from one yesterday to the next and never rejoins you in present time. The phrase present time is a psychic term that equates with the “be here now” sentiment.

Having, as much of your energy as possible is a common mantra in metaphysics. The belief is that more of you is better than less. When you have less of your energy two things tend to happen. We need energy to live, create and communicate. If your energy is absent, then we'll find other energy to use instead. If your parents have powerful energy, we can use their minds in a pinch. Maybe it is your relationship partner from what you borrow that extra bit of life force.

You might wonder, what is so wrong with using other people's energy? First off if you are using it, that means they have less to use. Things change a bit when you look at it that way. Who would consciously choose to take another energy if we knew it would negatively impact them?

In psychic-speak, we consider information and energy the same thing. Now in our example, how do we feel about using someone else's information to navigate our life? At what point do you begin enhancing and enriching your own life information? Virtually all of us have designs on becoming better and more capable. Disabling your energy and information and using another's, runs counter to that spiritual goal.

The second scenario is where you try living with less energy rather than using somebody else's. Less of your life force may mean less enthusiasm. Operating with less information makes life harder.

As you can see, leaving your energy in yesterday is self-handicapping.

Understandably this is not something we think about on a regular basis. This does not mean that unconsciousness is the answer. Simply taking an energy inventory like taking your stuff with you when leaving work will make a fantastic difference in your life.

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Being Senior in Your Space – Psychic Energy Fitness

Energetically, the term “being senior” conveys a definite energy discipline where you are stronger in your space than any outside energy. Each of us has a space. Mostly it is from the outer most layer of your aura straight to your inner core.

Energy fitness is like having a strong immune system. You can fight-off any energy that wants to invade your space. Being senior in one's space is a way to describe being conscious and capable at owning one's physical health and energetic enthusiasm.

Specific mental image pictures sometimes become senior in our space. Perhaps there was a deep emotional scar in childhood where one's energy was overwhelmed. When we are unable, as a child, to own our space, we often fill it with protection energy. This protection, (often called a bandage) actually gets in the way, as you become an adult.

Most times when clairvoyantly looking, the bandage is the energy issue, not the original emotional scar. When the intention is to own your space as much as possible, this protection energy comes from a place of childhood weakness:

“Help! I can not handle this energy.”

The energy of bandages is static, white and hazy in many readings. Surely we can do better than that! As a spiritual adult, imagine all the bandages in your space being converted to excited enthusiasm. Yes, as you may imagine, doing clairvoyant work to remove old bandages is a key step in improving one's energetic fitness.

Spirit guides or guardian angels are also part of a child's defensive reaction to being overwhelmed. In times of stress, young children make spiritual agreements for protection. This is why normal discussions about spirit guides being “good” or “bad” often miss the mark. Almost without exception, the usual spirit guide agreement is out-of-date. Not good or bad, just old. Like training wheels on a kid's bike, you ever gain enough strength and balance (become senior in your space) that you do not need them anymore.

The most surprising part of these childhood spirit guide agreements is when the guide goes on autopilot. If the agreement with the guide was to keep you from “getting hurt by a loved one,” who knew that keeping people at a distance (so you would not love them) would be part of this “protection?” Not to disparage the IQ of spirit guides but when they operate in a no time, no space reality, if you do not change your agreement with them, they continue on.

Seems crazy, that years later, they continue with the original intensity often to the point of re-creating the “enemy” so that they can protect you. Without this, they no longer have a job to do. Talk about misplaced loyalty.

Bringing these old agreements into present-time releases the spirit guide and changes your energy universe. While bringing up childhood agreements with spirit guides is not the main topic of this piece, taking care of this energy is important.

The process to becoming senior in your space starts with:

1) Choosing to take a look at what is happening in your energy space.

2) Making choices to move-out energy that is not yours or not vibrating at enthusiasm.

3) Bringing old spiritual agreements into present-time. Spirit guides are not the only childhood agreements one makes. Hello!

4) Realizing it is like going to the gym, you need to energetically workout on a regular basis to stay fit.

The stronger you become at owning your space, the less you are bothered by stray energy. Being senior to foreign or outside energy is a lifelong process. Enjoy your new space.

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The Evolution of Consciousness

Over the past few months, I have written extensively about the impact my wife's burst brain aneurysm had on our lives. Although the physical disabilities resulting from her stroke have created many challenges, one of my greatest fascinations has been the evolution of my wife's consciousness over the past five years.

It is very clear to me that the woman I married forty-one years ago is not the same woman I am living with today, if you define who we are by the characters we project. The woman I married was shy, soft spoken, and had a relatively low self-esteem. At the same time, she was loving, loyal, smart, hard-working, and really cared about the health and happiness of others. She would never allow having her picture to be taken and would never sing out-loud.

After the brain surgery that tied the aneurysm and saved her life she literally had no concept of self. In those first few days and weeks after she awoke, she did not know who I was, or her son, as we visited her every day. She did not know who she was. She was just there, looking around the hospital room as if she was just born. Her attention turned to every sound, every motion and the look on her face was astonishment, surprise, innocence and curiosity.

A month or so after her surgery, they removed the trachea tube from her throat and we all waited patiently to see if she could speak. One morning, as the nurse and I roled my wife over to change her diaper, my face was just inches away from her face when I heard her say softly, “ouch.” I immediately began to cry. It took several more days before she spoke another word, which was “good morning,” when I showed up for my morning visit. As the weeks went on, she would add one or two words a week to her vocabulary.

As the days went on I began to bring pictures of her family to her to find out if she recognized anyone. At first, she did not. Hospital therapists would come in to test her cognitive abilities. In the beginning, she did not know the difference between yes and no, and could not remember what a ball was, a hamburger or dozens of other common items.

She spent three months in the hospital and over that time she slowly began to remember. Before we left the hospital, she did recognize the photos of her family, even distant family members, though she still had little memory of the details of her life. She also did not have short term memory, as she could not remember things that happened just seconds earlier. For a time I put her in a nursing home after leaving the hospital, which is a story itself. In short, our insurance company did not want to pay for that, and the director of the facility seemed to be aligned with the insurance company. The director, who wanted to prove to me that she did not belong there, gave my wife a test. He asked her what my name is … she did not know. He asked her to sing Happy Birthday … she could not. So he turned to me and said she has serious brain damage and there was nothing they could do. I mentioned to him that her surgeon told me she could continue to improve over time, but the director said the surgeon was only telling me something I wanted to here. It was his experience, he said, that she would not see much improvement in the months and years ahead. I was furious that he would say such a thing and wrote a complaint letter to the hospital.

Over the past five years, my wife's long term memory has nearly completely returned, as has her short term memory. Although she has her long term memory, she only uses it when asked to. Mostly she lives in the moment. She is still very child-like in her view of the world. She loves her life and is grateful for every moment in it. She can not only sing Happy Birthday, she sings all the great rock and roll songs of the 60s and 70s, and is not shy at all when she does. As the years have gone by, she continues to become more and more self-aware, but she does not have the typical ego. She is not trying to be someone special. She does not try to draw attention to herself. She speaks what is on her mind and notices the little things around her. As the old saying goes, we should stop and smell the roses. Well, she lives in the rose garden and is enjoying every minute of it. She is a constant reminder to me that life is lived in the now. There is really nothing more. She does not worry about money, about anything. She has complete faith that everything is going to be alright. She is living at a different level of consciousness. It's a simple place, an innocent place, a peaceful place, a happy place.

Admittedly, sometimes I miss having an “adult” conversation, or sharing some of the complicated issues I entertain from time to time. But she just brings me back to the moment. There are others in my life I can be a grown up with and allow my ego to do its dance. But I do not have to dance for my wife. She loves me just the way I am and loves her life even with her physical disabilities. One day I would like to take my wife back to that nursing home and ask her to sing the director a song. It probably will not change his demeanor much, but it would sure make me feel better.

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The Addictive Society and Cannabis Part III

The Possibility of Soul Renewal

“The spirit is one of the most neglected parts of man by doctors and scientists around the world. Yet, it is as vital to our health as the heart and mind. of our soul is usually the source of many sicknesses. “ Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

The addictive system of the addictive society, discussed in Parts I and II, is ubiquitous; pure nature provides the only reply. Not only is this system everywhere in the modern world but it is also illegally to become non-addictive any time soon. Why? Commercial and political interests perpetuate an overeaching and self-serving messaging context for the purpose of expanding buy-in, support and consumption.

The love of money is at the root and greed is the seed. (1)

Through human history economic and political platforms have rarely been praised for their integrity. No matter how much we might else hope hope, what the powerful few attend to us is that which will best line their own coffers; truth, peace and sanity pale in comparison. This, according to my 35 years of research of the various systems of the world (economic, health, educational, military, social, financial, etc.).

The addictive system with its plethora of must-have information, products and services has mightily won over the hearts and minds of the population at large, but at what price? “The maze of senseless behaviors woven into the world” (2) reflects the rampant sickness of the soul so many suffer today.

Recovery from soul sickness and its many manifestations of substance and / or process addictions, or mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD, etc., is often recovery from the system itself. Once our eyes are opened to the abundance of soul sickness in the world, we can: begin to see through the lies, acknowledge our powerlessness over the progress of an addictive system, and get honest with ourselves. (3)

Getting honest with ourselves is a process. It begins by acknowledging the ways in which we have allowed our thoughts and behaviors and extremely, our identity to be co-opted by beliefs proffered by external forces. Such self-examination opens space to consider how we may reclaim possible lost connection with our own conscience, and validates intuitive, gut-level knowledge.

The therapeutic cannabis use is one way to ignite the process of getting honest with ourselves. It provides an efficient tipping point of deep insights and a shift in perspective. As a giant step outside the mind of the addictive society, it also helps physiologically by restoring internal deficiencies that make us more vulnerable to addictions and mood disorders.

Refreshed by an empowering new lens, those who choose this particular path make strides towards soul renewal, rediscovering their deepest identity from the inside-out. Awake and aware, life bursts with new meaning.

“It is always quietly thrilling to find yourself looking at a world you know well but have never seen from such an angle before.” Bill Bryson, At Home: A Short History of Private Life

(1) “The love of money is the root of all evil, therefore selfishness must be the seed.” MD Birmingham

2 Patricia Evans. Controlling People. Adams Media. 2002

3 Anne Wilson Schaef. When Society Becomes an Addict. Harper and Row, Publishers Inc. 1987


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