Looking Forward To Getting Old

As children, we could not wait to get older.

The first coolest thing was when our ages hit double digits. Then, something else new and exciting was always around the bend. At 13, it was my Bar Mitzvah. Sixteen brought a driver's license; 18 ushered in the newly earned right to vote; 21 celebrated with (too much) champagne. There was always another reason to move on to the next year. Bring 'em on. Line 'em up! Do not stop!

However as John Mellencamp lamented in, “The Real Life,”

It's a lonely proposition when you realize / That there's less days in front of the horse / Than riding in the back of this cart.

Aside from the fact that it should be “fewer days,” (sorry, I could not resist) the concept is spot on. It's macabrely humorous that as soon as one begins to realize he's on the downward slope of the hill, vainly pumping the brakes, the calendar's pages flip ever faster. When we were young and immortal, time crawled at a fossil's pace. As the clock ticks louder, it also accelerates.

The result is many of us beginning to slightly affirm what aging is about, viewing it negatively. I mean, yeah, sure, there's that “death thing” looming out there, which does cast a pallid gloom on post-middle-age. Yet, spending my remaining (hopefully) many years bemoaning a natural and unavoidable process seems a pretty rotten way to appreciate those very years, would not you say? Therefore, I thought it would be good to wrap my brain around the cool things about getting older so whenever yanked to the getting-older-sucks magnet, I can repel easier.

First, the hastening stride of time allows a much richer appreciation of “smaller moments.” Sitting on a couch with my wife reading, observing a toddler giggle with joyful abandon while chasing a puppy in the park, or indulging myself long enough to simply soak in the red-orange-yellow sun as it melts behind the ocean brings with them joy and peace I rarely took time to experience when building a career or growing a family.

Also, I do not care as much what others may think. Sure, I'm still disconnected to wear a Hawaiian shirt, plaid short-shorts, checkered knee socks, and black wingtip shoes as an ensemble. Yet, self-acceptance ushers in an attitude of “this is me, take it or leave it.” With that, comes freedom.

Do not misunderstand; “take it or leave it” does not make one unnecessarily rude; as aging also carries with it a lower tolerance for cruelty. Never was I harsh, but now, with age, comes the wisdom about when to open my yap and when not. Should I disagree with someone, my credo has evolved from “me first” to “compassion first.” The awareness of how words and actions affect others makes a massive difference in how I utilize them.

Finally, whether it's the result of these other lessons or not, the unsurpassed improvement about these days in which I find myself is the quality of relationships is far superior to any I had previously. Not only am I less likely to spend precious moments suffering the fate of fools, but correspondingly the people I care about mean so much more now than I ever knew they could. Even better, that trajectory appears to be continuing.

There is fullness to every moment with friends and family, which – as with good wine or fine cheese – can not be rushed but only arrives with the patience of aging well.

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5 Keys to Success for Personal Achievement

What is the Key to Success? Whether you are working on a personal achievement like weight loss, athletic stamina or achieving financial success there are a few key action steps that will lead you to success.

1. Identify Your Specific Goal and Write it Down
2. Create a Vision Board that You See Everyday to Imprint your Vision on Your Mind
3. Give yourself a Deadline or Timeline to Aim For
4. Take Daily Action Toward your Goal
5. Be consistent and Listen to Your Intuition – Believe

Once you have created your vision, you have set in motion the law of attraction. The universe will begin putting people and things in front of you, both to assist and also to distract you. Typicallyrations arise because of your deep-separated fears. Although your fears may be dormant in your subconscious, they do exist. Be honest with yourself and allow them to rise to the surface. When you can specifically identify what you are afraid of (success, failure, judgment, love) then you further align yourself with your desire.

Once identified, you can forgive, let go or decide how to move past those limits. Oftentimes, our egos will prevent us from moving forward by raising issues of worthiness. Remember that you are an extension of Spirit (or whatever name you prefer) and that you deserve to have ALL that your heart desires. If your desire is based in authenticity and service, all forces in nature will move in anticipation of your achievement of it. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Daily action is the next step. What you do from the moment you wake to the moment you rest is directly correlated to your level of success. If your goal is weight loss, are you choosing good quality foods and eating balanced nutrients according to your plan? Have you consulted with a professional to address your nutritional needs with your activity level? If your goal is athletic stamina, are you following your protocol for training, rest days and fueling your body properly? If your goal is financial success, are you making the connections needed to build your empire? Are you adding value to the marketplace to make yourself successful? How can you add more value or assist more people? Ask yourself these questions and be honest. What value are you providing and WHY is it important?

When you have laser vision and a written road map, there is no way NOT to succeed! Want assistance Identifying and Achieving Your Goals? Let me share my talents and empower you permanently. Whether you are looking for Weight loss, Energy and Performance, Healthy Aging, Personal Achievement or Wealth Creation, I offer solutions. Success leaves clues, these are your breadcrumbs.

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The Power Of Predictions In Dreams

Curiosity is certainly the main reason why you want to understand the meaning of dreams. You want to be able to decipher what your dreams are trying to tell you.

However, dreams are mysterious. They seem to be incomprehensible.

On the other hand, there are many dream interpreters in the world, and each one interpreting the meaning of dreams in a different way. How can you be sure that the interpretation of a dream is accurate? You are afraid to trust dream interpretations.

Another reason why you certainly desire to decipher the meaning of dreams is fear. Most dreams are intriguing, unpleasant, or terrifying. You are afraid that the horrible things that happen to you in your dreams may happen in your daily life.

I had these reasons to care about the meaning of dreams too since I had many vivid dreams and nightmares, but the main reason why I cared so much about the meaning of dreams was the fact that I had serious psychological problems.

I noticed that all psychologists considered our dreams important. I believed that dreams had a healing power. So, I started reading many scientific books about the meaning of dreams.

I was passing through postpartum depression, while dealing with a depressing situation in my life because my young cousin Efi and my mother-in-law had died in the same week, four months before I gave birth to my son. I always was depressed, angry, and afraid.

I had read Freud's book about the interpretation of dreams when I was 18-years-old (in 1979). I borrowed it from a library in Pacific Beach (California) when I was studying English there. In the beginning his method seemed to make sense, but later I saw that it could not be applied to all types of dreams.

I abandoned this matter. I remembered my interest for the meaning of dreams again after deciding to live in Greece and after getting married, when I was pregnant and Efi died because of a train accident (in 1984). She had traveled from Athens to Patras (the city where my uncle and my aunt were born and she was registered) in order to vote for the first (and the last) time in her life.

The accident happened when they were going back to Athens. The train went off the rails when it was passing through Corinth because the driver was going too fast. Many people died.

This tragic accident incident reminded me the car accident I had to face when I was a 15-years-old (in 1976). I lost the friend who was next to me in the car. I almost died too. The five friends who were with me in the car had fractures and went to the hospital like me, except the driver.

I wanted to be able to prevent accidents, or at least get prepared to bear someone's death without having a shocking surprise. However, this was impossible.

My mother-in-law had a stroke and died two days after Efi's death. These two deaths in the family at the same time made me understand that this was not a coincidence. These deaths seemed to be God's decision, but I was not so sure of God's existence at that time, especially because I became an atheist after the accident. I started believing in the possibility of God's existence a few days before getting married, in January of 1983.

I remembered the two deaths of the pope in 1978, the last year I studied in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I was born. One pope died after another for health reasons. Since I studied in a catholic school, we did not have school because the pope had died, and a few days later we did not have school again because his successor had died too.

I understood that nothing happened by chance, but I did not know where to find explanations. Something made me believe that maybe I could find answers for my questions in dreams.

I studied Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation, after studying many other methods that did not help me understand anything. Only Jung's method could be applied to all types of dreams and give us real insights about our psychological content.

I studied so hard and I was so obedient to the unconscious guidance in my dreams that in 1988 I became a dream expert. To my surprise, I had information about the reasons why Efi had died in my dreams, and I learned the meaning of life and the meaning of death.

I was impressed with all the knowledge I found. God listened to my prayers andave me the answers I was looking for. I could not imagine that I would learn so much by translating the meaning of my dreams based on Carl Jung's method.

I learned how to prevent accidents and predict the future, but I saw that I could not always predict everything that would happen or prevent all catastrophes. For example, I did not predict my husband's death (in 1989). I believed that God had to send me a dream preparing me for his death, but this was not possible.

However, I managed to prevent the death of my husband's niece Helen thanks to a dream prediction in 1986. Her parents hated my prediction, but thanks to my courage on telling them what I had dictated that they changed their attitude and their daughter did not die .

I had a dream telling me that Helen would die like Efi. So, I told her parents to let her develop her personality without imposing their desires. Until today they do not believe that she was miraculously saved thanks to the warning I had in my dream, but if you knew her story you would certainly understand why this warning was so important.

After having a series of dreams with explanations about why Efi had to die, I could understand why Helen was in a similar position.

Sometimes we can prevent a premature death thanks to a dream prediction. Other times, this is not possible. God is the only one who knows when we can do something in order to change the development of our reality.

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What Happens If You Compare the Planet With Your Own Body Energies?

Even though only a few have the ability to see energies, we can all feel the flow of energy when we are in love, having sex, feel on top of the world or on the bottom of a pit hole. We are 'feeling beings'. But because it is not so easy to see, I want to tell you about my insight that might help you see what you sense.

Our energy body is like that of our planet. She has an equator, meridians, she has wind blowing her surface, she has an aura and she has energy centers around her globe.

Does the planet have meridians?

The meridians, are exactly like the ley lines, you probably have heard of them before. These lines are very accurate and electro-magnetic in nature (positive, negative and neutral), they connect from point A to point B and never move. They transport energies where they are needed and sometimes even leave a trace on the skin of the earth. In our body they transport energies through our entire body. When they are blocked, you start to feel it in different ways like for instance tiredness, feeling weak, dull or depressed. When the blockage will not go for a longer period of time, it can produce illness and pain. The ley lines of the planet are also known for its effects on humans, but it is not yet scientifically researched as far as I know or could find on the internet.

Those beautiful Polar lights are an indication of something …

The aura of the planet is absolutely incredible and the Polar lights give us some insight into her beauty. The Van Allen Belts are like a skin in the form of an apple that protects our planet from influences that can invade us from space. This form is exactly like our aura. The apple shape springs from our head like a fountain and moves inward and up again at our ankles.

Equator is the belt around your waist

The equator is the middle line that divides Earth in the Northern hemisphere and the Southern. (Notice that wé have two hemispheres as well, maybe you can even recognize a difference in people and their brains above and below the equator.) Our own equator is called the belt flow, which is a radiant circuit I will speak more of in the next paragraph. It is connecting your upper body and your lower body. Especially with ladies you see that this flow is often blocked. Their lower body is barely communicating with the upper body. When this flow is healthy, you feel sexy and attractive, you are comfortable in your skin and you can feel stable on your legs and on the ground.

Radiant winds are blowing our minds

The radiant circuits I spoke of in the beginning of this article and in the last paragraph, are like the winds. They are moving energy in different directions on the surface of our Earth, but they tend to have a common direction on specific locations. As you often experience in your own country, the wind is free, but it flows in patterns. Mostly it blows in one direction, but in a certain period of time, it changes. The basics of the wind system of the Earth is well explained in the next video.


The wind brings new weather, new moods, sometimes it caresses your skin or blows your mind. The wind has an awful influence, but we hardly recognize it … it is so familiar and part of our daily life. Yet it is such an inspiration, when you give your senses a chance to feel and enjoy them anew.

Can you influence your body's energy?

Yes you can! There are many ways to influence your body's energies. A very legitimate question is, why should you? Well, here is because. You are actually, often without being conscious of it, energetically influenced all day long. Just as the planet is influenced by processes in the universe (solar flares, meteorites, star positions etc.), your own energy is also bombarded with impulses from outside (emotional reactions, toxins in the air, electromagnetic waves from devices etc.) and your aura is protecting you. When you have to handle too much pressures from inside and out, your aura gets weakened. When that happens, viruses and other intruders can enter quite easily. So to make sure that your energy systems are strong and balanced and thereby are able to handle stresses from outside ánd inside more effectively, you can do all kinds of energy work. Think of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, do-in, but also sports and certain games can help. Taking a shower, sleep, drinking water, eating natural, being outside in the sun and in nature enough are all very helpful in balancing your energies.

Love for Earth

As you now start to see, there are quite some similarities between Earth and your body and I am just starting to compare a couple of systems. Is not it giving you a sense of joy, being a part of and living in this great place? Feel love for Earth? (Did you realize that HEART and EARTH contain the same letters?) I myself can feel an overflow of gratitude looking at the complex simplicity of the Universe. And I hope I have given you a bit of that as well with this article.

With sparkles,


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Reinventing Myself – Realizing What Really Matters

This week marks exactly one year since our dog, Jack, abruptly left us.

Appearing fine with the rising of the sun, by nightfall he was no more. That's a grim progress to experience any time, but to complicate this horribly unpleasant and unexpected bump in our highway of life, Jack's passing occurred the exact morning I was slated to leave town for three months of contracted work. My wife and I, heartbroken, left the veterinarian and, upon arriving home, tearfully hugged each other as I slipped into my rental car, and left her forlorn and isolated in our grievously hollow home.

Intertwined through the choking weight of sadness I was tortured woven a heavy rope of guilt. But what are you going to do? It was three months worth of employment, planned well in advance. If your occupation takes you away – even when it's more than inconvenient – you're bound to go.

Life goes on – so to speak.

When my travel concluded, my wife requested, “I know you love what you do – and I want you to be happy. But, I really need you not to travel so often. Would you please try and earn more of your income here? ”

I agreed, not only because of her request, but also because I had been growing weary of the travel hassles. Her vocalizing my thoughts cemented the decision. So, for the last several months, I have been “reinventing myself at 60,” not something I intended – nor something I recommend, but as they say, “Life is what happens while we're making other plans.” Mostly, short of scurrying haither and yon sussing out new modes of income, I'm doing okay. To that end, I do more coaching, both in person and on-line. I'm producing my own local seminars. I've snagged more hours assisting clients with marketing and consulting. And, I'm pleased as heck that even after 20 years together, I really do still enjoy spending so many hours with my lovely bride (and how cool is it that she says she enjoys having me around).

Today however brought forth an unexpected revelation: The most difficult component of my reinvention is that I no longer know who I am.

For decades, I have been a “professional speaker.” I mean, technically I still am, as I continue to speak professionally. Yet the vast majority of income in this new normal is via on-line and local presentations. I guess my definition of “professional speaker” involved airplanes, hotels, larger venues, and going to places that were not “home.” I did not realize that until now.

Some say it's a “guy thing” to have so much of who I wrapped up in what I do. Yet I'm confident there is plenty a lady whose identity is even swathed in what she does.

I'm not looking for sympathy about my post-midlife crisis. Many, many people face far worse decisions; and I'm grateful that I have the skills and resources to weather this transition. Yet, this readjustment in thought requires some support, which arrived today through one of my wiser associates (who is indeed quite successful in his own career). When others ask of him what he does, he replies, “In reaction to what?”

It made me realize that too many of us have given up the moniker, “human beings,” having changed it for “human doings.” None of us are here to “do.” We exist to “be” – and doing that to its fullest potential has next to zero to do with the title on a business card. I am reminded that nobody's final thought will be, “I wish I would have worked more.”

Who we are is determined by the quality of the relations we weave, and the appreciation we hold in each moment for the remarkable animals we are – no matter what label we choose.

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Is It Time to Lighten Up? Time for YOUR Spring Cleaning!

The energies of spring can be an amazing catalyst for change and I'm not just talking about spring cleaning of the house and yard! YOUR house needs a tune-up as well and if you do not take care of your body, where are you going to live? I truly love that question and the powerful insight it provides! This is a good time of the year to take stock of how you feel on three levels – body, mind & spirit.

Not sure what I mean by this? Let me get started with these three inquiries:

1. What is weighing you down? Is it time to purge closets or your inbox, or is it time to purge people / situations from your life? The answers might surprise you!
2. Do you want to make some healthy changes? Is it time for a nutrition overhaul, some fun physical activity or long overdue self-care?
3. What do you need a dose of? This is your spiritual RX … it simply soothes the soul. Do you need to visit or create a new / healthy environment and enjoy a bit of R & R with scenic vistas?

I checked in with myself and had some powerful realizations. The most important one involved changing my approach to certain processes in my life. It was time to be more consistent in my routine. I have a tendency to do what I call “re-shuffling the deck” – I will re-work my scheduled activities when I have flexibility. This is part of my nature because I am good at improvisation and thinking outside the box, but it has become typical behavior as of late. It was a huge relief to acknowledge that about myself and realize that I was now ready to change this behavior (or attempt to!). This was literally weighing me down and now I started the process of making positive change to this part of my life.

Once you answer these questions honestly, you will provide you own road map for how to proceed. What you discover can be surprising, refreshing and enlightening and will hopefully motivate you to implement some healthy and empowering changes. But, until you check in with yourself, you may never know what you need until forced to change because of a health or lifestyle crisis. Taking this fun and proactive approach means you can enjoy the process on your terms!

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I look at what is going on in every area of ​​a client's life to help them create the vibrant, healthy & delicious life they have always desired. This involves taking a close look at what is going on in four key areas of their life – Work / Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity & Relationships. When you are fulfilled in these four areas, what we call “Primary Foods”, actual food becomes secondary. It truly is a case of feeding your soul and the rest will fall into place. It is a beautiful and empowering process to witness in others!

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Is Brainwave Entrainment With Isochronic Tones Suitable for You?

Let's take a detailed journey together throwing some light on what brainwave entrainment is all about with the help of this article.

There would be so many people all over the world who get angry with something that holds a great importance in their lives. The anxiety would be revolving in their minds unless they find a way to get rid of the same. It would not be wrong to bring up the fact that the human brain is the most sensitive part of a human body, and is made up of billions of brain cells which are called neurons. These neurons use electricity for the purpose of communicating with one another.

Those who are not aware what brainwave entrainment is all about, we would like to bring to their kind attention that it is a safe and powerful technique which calms the activity occurring in one's mind. Why is this technique used? With the help of this method, a person is able to attain a state of pure relaxation. As a matter of fact, this method can be considered as an effective way of training the mind in such a manner that it enters a state of deep meditation or sleep. No practice is required at all while letting your mind enter the zone of achieving relaxation and consciousness expansion by focusing on a mantra.

Let's face it. Your mind is at constant work through the day. Any decision you make, any challenge you go through in life, any moment you grab during your personal or professional life, your mind lasts with you through and acts as a constant companion. And you can not turn your back on the fact that your mind is both your best and worst enemy. It depends on you how you handle your mind and to what level you are able to deal with the same. If the quality of your mind remains constant, you probably would not feel exhausted or be burdened with anxieties.

Brainwave patterns are created by the electrical activity and measured as a frequency in Hertz (Hz). The brainwave frequency helps us to know the mental, emotional and physical activity of a person, and these frequencies are segregated into four groups which are Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta.

Why makes isochronic tones are in a huge demand all over the world?

Below mentioned are some of the reasons that make isochronic tones popular all over:

  • These tones are easy to use and you can listen to them from your computer, iPad, mp3 player etc.
  • They can be played for more than one individual at a time.
  • They take you to a place of inner peace and conscious awareness.
  • They fill an adrenaline rush in you by exciting the adrenals.

There are other reasons as well other than the above mentioned ones and you must use brainwave entrainment with isochronic tones if you want to reduce anxiety, improve mind power, cure insomnia, improve the immune system and the list looks endless.

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The Ultimate Act of Self-Care: Clearing Clutter

For most women, the three largest obstacles to an organized environment and schedule are: clutter (paper and email), planning and follow-through. Both a disorganized environment – physical clutter – and a disorganized schedule-overly packed, haphazard, limited in space or hours-rob you of your energy and increase stress and overwhelm.

A good way to start being organized is with your space and environment. When clearing away clutter in your environment, often there is also the unexpected effect of clearing away emotional clutter too, that may be holding you back from achieving your health goals and reaching success.

Below are 5 questions to create space and free yourself from clutter in your environment.

1. What's working? It's helpful to know what's not “broken” so that you do not spend time fixing it. Also, a little “good news” is nice to hear.

2. What's not working? Take a big picture approach here. It takes forever to get things done, because I can not easily find what I need, so I work a lot of overtime.

3. What items are most essential to you? What information do you need to have at hand?

What I observed works best is to follow this simple yet powerful laser-focused approach to processing paperwork-and electronic communication-so that it does not build up:

• Toss it. (Delete, if electronic.)
• Refer it. (Forward.)
• Act on it personally.
• File it. (Archive.)

4. Why do you want to get organized? These are the benefits you will derive from an organized environment. Less stress and anxiety, more time and energy to share with family and friends.

5. What's causing the problems? Some of the most common sources of clutter: inconvenient or inadequate storage, no designated “home” for things, perception of not enough time to get or stay organized.

The next step is to strategize how to approach the things that are not working and their underlying problems.

For many women, the biggest problem lies in maintaining an organization system. To arrive at any kind of sustaining system, it's important to understand and work with obstacles to a clutter-free environment.

The most common obstacles that come up for women include:

Need for accumulation. Women who need to keep a lot of everything around them may be filled with anxiety and dread at the idea of ​​getting rid of things.

Unclear goals and priorities. Organizing is about defining what's important and setting up a system to reflect that.

Fear of success / fear of failure. Disorganization may be a convenient way to hold back.

Need to retreat. Clutter can be a protective shield to keep others at a safe distance.

Fear of losing creativity. A common myth is that creative, “right-brained” people need to work in chaos to produce high-quality work.

Need for distraction. Clutter can provide a convenient excuse to avoid uncomfortable issues or unwanted tasks.

Sentimental attachment. Infusing objects with personality, emotions and meaning (“That vase will be sad if I throw it out.”) Usually results in living with an intense amount of clutter.

Need for perfection. Often, women will not deal with clutter until it can be done perfectly. Translation: It will never get done.

Identifying these obstacles can help you create an effective, lasting solution to clutter and free you from stress and overwhelm so you have more energy to realize what you really want.

There are many simple ways to create a clutter free environment. It takes persistence and support from someone to encourage you to keep with it. I would love to be there for you.

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Is The Little Voice In Your Head Getting You Down?

Can you hear it? That little voice chattering away in your head? It helps you think about things and can be very useful for getting stuff done. But what does that voice sound like? Does it sound happy or sad? Does it seem to like you or loathe you? Is it mostly positive or punishment?

Stop and listen.

If that voice is telling you this exercise is completely stupid , then you've most likely got a negative Nelly narrating large chunks of your life. If it says “hey, why not …”, your inner voice is being supportive and positive. Good for you!

1. You've Got To Name It To Tame It

Identifying whether your inner voice is positive or punishing helps to set the stage for taming it. Now let's take the first step and give it a name. (Do not worry, you can change it later.) You may even need a couple of names if you hear multiple characters doing voice overs in your head.

I'll go first. For years I had a very punitive, schoolmarm-ish voice constantly commenting on my every move. I'll name her Mrs. Dixon. She was brilliant at telling me all of the things I was doing wrong. I could not seem to catch a break with her relentless reprimands.

Comments such as “that's stupid,” “why are you doing it that way?” and “what's wrong with you?” were common. She appeared to always be on loudspeaker and I did not know how to turn down the volume. She was so loud it was impossible to allow positive messages in.

2. Shrink The Role

If your version of Mrs. Dixon is larger than life, it may be time to shrink her (or him) down to size. Take a moment and visualize her standing or sitting next to you. Now imagine her as tiny as a paperclip with an itty-bitty squeaky voice. Now make her large again while still having that tiny squeaky voice. Watch her struggle to talk. By now she should be sounding like one of the chipmunks from that crazy Christmas song. She does not have the same power anymore, does she?

Take a moment and really soak in that scene.

The voice that has had so much control over how you feel about yourself has now been reduced to a virtual cartoon character.

Now go even further. Shrink her down even tinier than before-less than a speck of dust.

This is how you turn down the volume on that rogue little voice in your head so you can turn up the volume on a positive and supportive voice.

3. Switch The Lead

After you become good at identifying and scaling your inner voice, try switching the lead. Cast a new character. Have fun with it. You get to choose.

Who would you want that voice to be? It can be a real person like a mentor, a fictional character or someone you create from scratch.

In my case, Mrs. Dixon was completely rewritten. She sounds different and she even looks different. She is much softer and feels more like someone I would look up to. She can still be a task master, but she has learned to be much more positive and supportive because she knows if she gets out of control, she's dust. (Muhahahaaaa)

Did You Know That Everyone Is A Mind Reader?

Well, not literally. However, what you think about yourself sets the standard for what others will think about you. That's why it's so important to make a conscious choice about who is narrating your thoughts. If that inner voice is not treating you well, chances are the people around will not be treating you well either.

Recasting the narrator in your mind does not happen overnight, but knowing what to do when that little voice gets out of control will eventually get you to a healthier inner dialogue.

“Most of us are totally unaware that our inner conversations are the causes of the circumstances of our life” – Neville Goddard

Just Remember These 3 Things:

  1. Name it to tame it
  2. Shrink the role
  3. Switch the lead

This is your life. Be selective in what you choose to think about because what you think about really does matter. Especially what you think about yourself.

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Relax And Decrease Stress In Your Life

There's no question that stress causes disease. Stress causes inflammation in your body which has been directly linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease just to name a few. It also negatively affects your immune system and can make you feel grumpy, tired, and just plain unhappy.

Unfortunately, in our fast paced world, stress is a part of life. There are bills to pay, friends and family to get along with, and challenges to overcome. How you handle stress is completely within your control. When you're feeling stressed you can let your emotions take over, or you can take these simple steps to relax and decrease stress.

The first step to any relaxation exercise is to acknowledge you're stressed. Begin to learn the signals your body sends when it experiences stress. Does your heart rate increase? Do you feel your fists clench or your brow furrow? Are you only taking shallow breaths; are you holding your breath? Does your mind race with negative thoughts, worries, or doubts? Are you holding your shoulders up around your ears?

When you begin to experience signs of stress, take five to seven slow, steady, deep cleansing breaths. Each breath lasts for a slow steady seven count in; hold for a count of four; then exhale through your mouth for a slow, steady count of seven. Repeat until you feel the stress signs disappear and you feel more calm and in control of your emotions.

Practicing daily gratitude is an amazingly rewarding experience. Studies have shown that gratitude helps a person feel more joyful and happy. It puts things into perspective and helps you feel more optimistic and resilient. When you're grateful for what you have, the challenges of life do not feel quite so powerful or overwhelming. If you have a flat tire, instead of feeling like a victim, frame it that you are grateful you have a car to get a flat tire. It may seem trite, but just this small shift can make an amazing difference in how you handle your daily challenges and your life in general.

Massage and the power of touch have been shown to release anti-stress hormones. These hormones actually create a feeling of calmness through your body and help you manage stress. While a professional massage is not an option for everyone, you can achieve much of the same benefit by learning a few self-massage techniques. By massaging your hands, neck, temples, head, and even your feet, you can experience instant relaxation. Learning to identify signs of stress and to immediately self-treat can help you reduce your reaction to stress. You'll feel an immediate benefit and a sense of wellbeing. Feeling like you have control over your responses to what happens to you is empowering. You'll also improve your long-term health and reduce your risk of stress related conditions.

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How Do You Know If Your Life Is Meaningful?

Have you begun to question what your reason for being here is? Has your life just become one big routine where each day pretty much looks like every other day?

Sure, there is a sense of comfort in knowing how each day is going to go, but when there is no “spice” in your life, it can leave you feeling like you are just going through the motors and missing out on something larger.

I find myself constantly questioning whether what I'm doing in life is enough. Should I be doing something different? Should I live somewhere else? Should I meet different people? The “should I's” list goes on forever. And the “should I” thoughts never seem to shut up.

Where do these “should I's” come from? For me I think they come from a fear that my life is missing meaning which makes me wonder if my life is as good as it's going to get.

The Search For Meaning

What is meaning? Where do you find it? Do you find it when you reach a goal? When you have kids? Get a new job? Get married? What is meaning anyway?

Meaning can be boiled down to a belief that your life has significance and purpose-basically, that you matter .

What Prisoner 119104 Can Teach You About Meaning

When I was a teenager I read Viktor Frankl's book “Man's Search for Meaning”. Frankl was a Jewish psychiatrist in Vienna and survived the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. He was prisoner 119104.

Through his experience, Frankl discovered one crucial factor – that the prisoners who found meaning in the midst of truly horrific circumstances were more significantly more likely to survive than those who did not.

Frankl encountered many suicidal prisoners who felt they had nothing more to expect from life. He challenged them by asking if it was conceivable that life, instead, expected something from them .

Frankl tells of one prisoner who had a series of books he needed to finish. Another had a daughter who needed her father. His question about what life expects from them pushed them both back from the brink of suicide. Instead of focusing on death, they focused on what they still had to do in the world. This cave them a reason to go on.

3 Ways To Get More Meaning In Your Life

1. Do Something

The oldest part of your brain likes to do things. It acts and reacts. So it makes sense that the foundation of creating meaning is through action. This can be done through your job, raising kids, working on a project, exercising-anything that physically involves you showing up to do something.

This is why it's so important for people who lose their job, a loved one, who's kids move out, who retire etc. have a project or activity to focus on. Projects can include anything from knitting scarves to fixing cars. Going for walks, taking classes and joining a group are also great things to do.

2. Experiences

What would your life be like without experiencing love and connection? Without a sense of wonder and awe? Without fun and excitement? You are made for emotion and can find meaning in making connections with others and through all your life's experiences-good and bad.

You can create a meaningful experience anywhere, even in line at the grocery store. Everyone wants to feel like they matter so any experience with someone is an opportunity to let them know that they do. Making eye contact and honestly saying thank you could transform that lookout clerk's day.

3. Change In Attitude

If you can not change a situation, you still have the freedom to choose your attitude about it. The ability to see the lesson in a difficult situation can lead to a higher level of meaning.

This goes for past mistakes too. If you are holding onto shame, anger and resentment, it may be time to look at the situation for what it was and just let it go .

Now it's all up to you

The next time you start wondering about the meaning of life, know that it is not something that happens to you. It's something you create .

If you do not feel like there is much meaning in your life, ask “what does life expect from me?” What can you do, experience or think about differently that can add more meaning in your life?

It really is all up to you.

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What The Hell Were You Thinking?

How many times have you heard that in your life? From your parents, your teachers, your bosses. Everyone seems to be an expert on what you should have done. Sure, you may have screwed up, but who does not? The thing is, YOU may not have been thinking at all. You may have just been mimicking what you saw your parents do or what you saw someone else do.

How many times have you said something and it sounded just like your mother or your father? You swore you'd never act like them and then you go and act like them? When the hell did that happen? And it's not just you. Your mom and dad have had the same realization. They never wanted to sound like their parents either. Nobody wants to sound like their parents! And if you have kids, guess what? They do not want to sound like you either.

Many of your “automatically” programmed thoughts are actually programs from your childhood. From the time you are born until about the age of seven you are basically in a hypnotic state and easily programmable. These programs can run through your entire life!

What The Hell Are You Thinking?

So if you have all of these automatic programs running through your head, then where are you? What are you thinking? How can you distinguish your voice from your old programmed voices? That's kind of a scary thought. You've got all these messages and voices floating around in your mind and one day you realize that none of those voices are really 100% you.

Only you can know what is authentically you and what is fake. Right now, I do not know if it's really me thinking the thoughts I'm writing or if they are influenced by someone, somewhere in my life that expects me to sound and talk a certain way.

The only advice I can give to you on that is to spend time journaling . Just writing. Letting the words flow out of you with nothing holding you back. No editing.

I researched journaling for a long time because I was afraid to write my thoughts down or I just did not think it was a good use of my time. Now I know how misguided that was. OK, misguided is not a word I would use, so I know that was not me right there, or was it?

Any, as a creative person in the ad world, one thing I know for sure is that the stuff you have floating around in your head that you think you believe can end up being completely different when you get it down on paper. A lot changes between the stuff that lives in the dreamy part of your brain and the stuff that you end up creating in physical reality.

Right now, my brain really wants to go back and edit this to see if it makes sense, but I'm just going to keep going and see where this leads. This is what I'm thinking at the moment. This is me talking. And “me” may not make any sense at all right now. Your “me” may not make sense either, but just let go and see what happens. You've got nothing to lose. You may find a little clue about who you really are because, so why not?

What The Hell Will You Be Thinking?

Well, how the hell would you know? The thing is if you start to become aware of your thoughts and really start to recognize the thoughts that are not really yours, you can learn to “un-practice” thinking those thoughts and decide what types of thoughts you want to be thinking. Clear as mud, right?

All I really know is that I Want to be me and I want you to be you. And even more, I want both of us to feel really good that we know who we are and feel confident that what we think matters. It may not matter to the people we've been hanging around all the time. They want us to keep practicing the old ways of thinking. But the old ways of thinking just keep us stuck in old ways. I've had enough of being stuck in my old ways, have not you?

Let's make a pact. I'll start paying attention to my thoughts and I'll start thinking about who I really want to be. Then after I have a pretty good idea of ​​who that is, I'm going to start writing down the thoughts I would need to think on a regular basis to actually BE that person who I really want to be. You do the same. Let's do something different. Let's breakup with our old selves – the selves that everyone expects us to be and start being who we WANT to be. Sound good? I thought so.

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You Stepped In Dog Poop – Now What Do You Do?

Do you get taken host by your first bad encounter of the day?

It happens to all of us. You know what I'm talking about. You wake up and find the milk's gone bad for that one cup of coffee you took the time to make. You walk out the door only to get bumped, okay, slammed, by someone walking down the sidewalk. The cashier at the coffee shop snaps at you. Or, yeah, the worst … you step in dog poop in your brand new shoes.

By the time you get where you are going you are on a rant, and those crappy encounters become the events that define your entire day. Everything else you do is stained by that encounter, ruining your day.

Ask yourself: Do you really want to lose an entire day because of someone else's nonsense?

I was reminded of this recently when I walked out my door to go to a 7am appointment and stepped in … dog poop. I was on a schedule, could not be late, and well, I was furious, frustrated and wanted to ring someone's neck. “Why can not people just clean up after their freakin 'dog?”

Later in the morning I was still cranky. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that I was allowing the dog poop episode to hijack my happiness and wellbeing! After all, being angry affects our health in a myriad of ways: mental health, emotional wellbeing, blood pressure, headaches, digestion, increased anxiety, depression, and even heart attacks and stroke.

Do you find yourself before to allowing events to define your day? Here's a simple, easy and powerful way to change that pattern. The key is to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Once it becomes second nature you will substantially change your level of happiness on a daily basis.

Morning Intention Ritual

Upon Waking Up Before You Do Anything (no phone, email, do not even go to the bathroom if you do not have to):

** lie flat on your bed

** take three cleansing, deep breaths – I like the image of breathing in the new day, and breathing out everything that does not serve it.

** set your intent for the day – Here's mine: No matter what happens this morning, it will not effect the rest of my day. It happens in that moment and in that moment only. I will manage it and let it go. I will enjoy this day and create joy wherever I can.

** take three more cleansing, deep breaths

That's it! Commit to do it for a week. I dare you! And, let me know the results. I'd love to hear.

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How Your Brain Can Make You Feel Crazy

Imagine you are sitting and having a great talk with your best friend and all of the sudden a look of utter terror over her face. She screams and runs for cover. What just happened? Is she insane? Then you look over your shoulder to see what her terrified gaze is fixated on and you find yourself joining her in her crazy freak-out moment.

There it is. Crawling across the couch the two of you were just sitting on . The source of your deepest fear. The “it's-soooo-going-to-kill-me” gigantic creepy spider. You know it's going to crawl into your hair, latch on to your skin, inject you with some kind of lethal spider venom and leave you to die in agony.

So what really happens when a creature that is the size of a penny and physically no match for you, invades your world and creates such monumental fear?

Welcome To The Amygdala Hijack

“A-what-dala” hijack? The amygdala is the oldest part of your brain responsible for the fight-or-flight response. Daniel Goleman coined the phrase “amygdala hijack” to describe the emotional response when a person feels that they are in immediate “it's going to kill me” kind of danger. This type of response can take over your brain in a millisecond when a threat appears.

The 3 signs of an amygdala hijack are:

1. Strong emotional reaction

2. Sudden sunset

3. Do or say something stupid

The amygdala hijack is very good at getting our emotions to pay attention to an urgent situation and helps us to move into action without our rational mind getting in the way to analyze the situation. The time it takes to analyze what is happening could have been the difference between life and death. It's our brain's way of protecting us.

For the record – the spider thing has NEVER happened to me. Nope – not ever. (Ya, I'm a big fat liar. But in my defense the spiders I've faced recently were WAY bigger than the size of a penny!)

So What?

What's the big deal if the amygdala hijack's your brain? Well, it can overreact to non-life-threatening situations which can create problems in work and personal relationships. Goleman states “self-control is cruel … when facing someone who is in the throes of an amygdala hijack.”

During these hijacks, logic and reason get thrown out the window. Being aware your friend, spouse or coworker is in the middle of a hijack is important so you can step back, keep your cool and not become a victim of a hijack yourself.

Basically, you have 3 brains inside your head. Let's take a look:

The first is the oldest part is where the amygdala hijack takes place and is sometimes referred to as the reptilian, or as I like to call it, the lizard brain . It's the part of the brain that causes you to act and react .

The second is the mid-section of your brain and is where your limbic system is located. This is where connecting to others and meaning is created. It's your ” feeling brain “.

The third is the most recent and outermost part of your brain and is called the neocortex, also known as your thinking brain . It's responsible for reason and logic. It's the part that get's hijacked when perceived threats and high emotion take over.

How To Put A Leash On Your Lizard

The good news is you can teach your thinking brain to control your lizard brain. You may never be able to tame it completely, but recognizing what it's doing and having a plan for when it acts up will help you with future hijacks. Here are a couple of ways to put a leash on your inner lizard:

Name it – Your brain can not be in two places at once. Just the act of naming an emotion, or the part of the brain that is responsible for any over-reaction, can help to minimize it. Neuroscience tells us that engaging the language part of the brain (thinking brain) starts the process of putting a leash on that over-reacting lizard. Simply thinking “this is my lizard brain taking over” will start to move you into a rational way of looking at the situation.

Time it – If you or someone you know has been hijacked, stop and allow 90 seconds to pass. This is the amount of time it takes for the chemical surge released by whatever triggered the fight-or-flight response in your body to go away. If you continue to feed the lizard after 90 seconds, you run the risk of saying or doing something you may regret later.

Why Stopping A Hijack Matters

How you think, feel and react to emotional hijacks can affect your closest relationships and the relationships with people you work with. Research shows that teaching your brain to tame the lizard can actually help you to have more self-confidence, higher energy and be in a better mood on a regular basis.

We are all human and emotions can run high in stressful situations, so being aware of your inner lizard and the inner lizards of your friends, family and coworkers is important. Plus, having a plan to put a leash on your lizard is crucial to keep things from escalating.

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Health Is Wealth – A Conceptual Critique

People have different preferences towards available life options. Same is true for the statement “health is wealth”. What exactly is it? A simple preference that signifies health is superior to wealth? Or a comprehensive statement that reflects health and wealth are linked with each other, systemically and dynamically?

Health is a comprehensive concept, it includes physical strength, mental power and spiritual-wellness of a person. On the other hand, wealth is the richness of a person ie abundance of money and worldly items. “Health is Wealth” is a simple statement but its meaning is so fabulous when deeply thought. People now a days refer the statement as when a person is healthy, he is capable of making wealth. On the contrary, if one is not healthy he / she can not work productively, and hence will not be able to generate income for independent living. This explanation is true but the deep meaning of this claim can be understood by the words of Virgil: “The greatest wealth is health.” Mr. Virgil is trying to enlighten the concept that the greatest wealth is health, not money or worldly items. There is nothing more valuable in our life than having a good health.

Patrick Meagher said: “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” Nowadays people are influenced by wealth improperly that they do not even care about their health, the greatest wealth. They do not understand that without health there is no real happiness and enviable success. A person with poor health is unable to enjoy the pleasures of life. I think such people are foolish enough because they do not care about their health. Our first priority should be maintain our health in the best way.

There are multiple methods and practices by which a person can stay healthy; Spending time in natural environment ie visiting parks and gardens. Physical exercise is also essential eg morning walks, playing sports, etc., it keeps a person smart and healthy. Water is the cure for all types of illness, so drink water to stay healthy and fit. Eating a balanced diet keeps people away from different illness and diseases. It is said that: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Abandon unhealthy practices and habits eg smoking, drinking and taking drugs because it harms internal parts of our body. Always be optimistic and cheerful because: “Laughter / smile is the best medicine.” On the contrary, an unhappy person is more prone to fatigue and other illness.

Remember, living a healthy life can be the greatest gift you can give yourself because one can not enjoy life if he / she is unhealthy. In addition, we must not harm our health by running madly behind wealth. I would like to conclude my essay on the nice words of Mae West: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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