Mastering the Art and Practice of Conscious Body Language

Body Language Training is a start!

But are not knowing it and experiencing two different dimensions? Is it better to know or to understand and use a skill? What is the most effective path to mastering body language? Keep reading for some inspiring clues …

Current interest in body language training is a great start!

A quick Google or survey of YouTube contributors on the subject of body language will reveal lots of important knowledge to help you discover much about this fascinating subject. Many are now actively teaching the rudiments of observing the implications of certain gestures. Many more are learning what to do with their arms and future to generate more effect. Practicing body language basics is starting to generate results in this new age where everything seems to end up on video. Yet could we still be missing something?

The Body Language Expert

If you go to school long enough you can get a doctor in your chosen field and almost overnight that title will make you an expert. Yet:

How much experience do you now have in its real world application?

What kind of feel will you have for your subject's effect on others?

How often do you actually apply what you know on yourself and your behavior ?

Just like having a driver's license does not make you an expert behind the wheel, but does not know when to cross your arms make you an expert on body language. This may be oversimplified, but it is meant as an invitation to look beyond the knowledge and really feel what is happening.

Mastering the language of your body

Nowadays being an expert often means you need to know your subject well enough to win a debt. Yet what if mastering a subject requires a whole other dimension; to understand your subject well enough to apply it? What if the minority difference here has to do with your emotional involvement? What if incorporating what you know with what you feel is the key? This is where it gets tricky. This can also be where you can take your first conscious step on the path of body language mastery. Beware though; This path will require you to take a practical look within.

“Know Thyself and Know The Universe”

To graduate from the world of expertise into the world of mastery implies a willingness to look within yourself. This means actively practicing to gain insight into your own relation between your body language and the emotions coupled with each pose or gesture . At some level, we humans are all alike. Just as computer software is built-in “stacks” starting with the machine code level of ones and zeros, so are we. In our case those metaphoric ones and zeros can represent pain / pleasure, joy / sadness, ease and dis-ease, to name just a few. You need to be willing to explore what makes you happy or sad, what makes you feel lighter and more in the flow as well as what does not. Then you need to couple that to the language of your body. Finally, you need to practice relating to your experiences and feelings to sense any connection with similar body language patterns in others. This process takes mastering effective soft skills.

Will it hurt?

Just as with rummaging around in a dark and dusty attic, exploring your body language and the emotions tied to it can seem mysterious, even dangerous. One of the reasons most of us have, until recently, tended to avoid engaging in this process is that you often unaware memories and emotions that you long ago forgot or hid deep down in your tissue. Shining a light on these “issues in your tissues” can be confronting and even painful. But, sticking with this process until its complete can feel very liberating. It takes lots of energy to freeze those old emotions in place. Sometimes they are so frozen that muscle can feel like cartilage and cartilage like bone. Yet for every challenging issue you expose and deal with, the energy you were using to keep it frozen is liberal. You can now use it much more efficiently. What could you do with more energy in your life?

The other exciting part of this is that since we are all built relatively similarly you will soon discover that others hide similar issues in the same physiological areas of their bodies as you. What if this is the key to empathy?

Building relationships that stick

For those of you fortunate enough to have someone in your life that listens to you with empathy, you will know how wonderful and liberating it feels. You will also sense how light, happy and energetic your body feels after spending time with them. Finally, you appreciate how attractive they are and how much you look forward to seeing them again, soon. Even if this empathetic person has never heard of body language training, see if you can sense their awareness of the power of emotion in relationships. Do you think you could used this practice to:

Lead others in a way they choose and enjoy following?

Sell ​​and present in a way that encourages this agreement?

Serve others in a way that develops customer loyalty

Create a positively infectious form of team spirit?

Make you a better mom or dad?

Mastery, applying the best balance of knowledge & emotion

What if combining the hard skills of reading body language with the sensational soft skills of feeling its effect is the promise of the next phase of body language training? Just reading body language is like reading a travel guide. It's an intellectual process that often leads to experts debating each other over what they read. Is not it a whole other dimension when you actually visit the place you read about; to experience the sights, the smells, the noise, the tastes and the feelings it brings?

Intellectual expertise is great but consciously mastering actual experiences even better. Come join us on this path where feeling is believing!

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The Sixth Sense Developing Our Intuition

By expanding your awareness into all of your senses you will automatically increase your intuition because you will be living more in the present moment with your mind enrolled in expansion and reception. It's a way of living your life from one second to the next. But you have to do the work. Listen to what people say and really hear them.

When you are eating take your time to appreciate and tune into the flavor of your food. Really taste it. Feel the texture. What part of your tongue, mouth, pallet, body – does it affect. Listen to your intuition about what you should eat (… not that little voice that is addicted to sugar and stodge).

Smell is closely associated with taste but also connected to the memory center if the brain. The past. (They're all connected somewhere, some how to different chakras, centers and emotions, etc. But that's another article). What sense, memory, do smells evoke in you? Keep a journal.

When you look at somebody, place, event or thing – really look. Apart from the various Colors, reflections and physical beauty of what you are seeing with your eyes, what else can you see. Auras? Guides? Shadows? A lie? Excitement? Fear? Expand your awareness and really look with an eye of another kind.

What can you hear? Right now there is a fly buzzing in one corner of the room, I'm inside and the wind is rustling the leaves outside the window. A bird sings in the distance. The loudest noise is inside my head as it constantly chatters away and I still and expand my mind to listen to it all. Next time you are having a conversation or listening to somebody on radio or TV really listen to what is being spoken. What is their agenda. Listen and really hear. Their tone of voice, body language, how you feel. Does it make your skin crawl? Hairs stand on edge? How does your body react?

Touch is giving and receiving. We communicate through touch and feel nurtured and healed through touch. In fact, if an infant is not touched it dies. Touch is connected to our heart. Things are soft, hard, rough, sharp and textured. People and animals are too, but in a different way. Be aware of your sense of touch and what you are feeling (really feeling). What other realities can you touch with your awareness? Can you feel the edge of a persons or plants energy field with the palm of your hand? Or simply be aware of another person touching yours when you're in their presence? Get to know your sense of touch and how you relate to it. You'll find out all sorts of things about yourself.

By expanding your awareness of all your senses and touching, tasting, hearing, seeing and smelling with receptivity and an open mind, you will soon realize that little voice that pops into your head from where there is always being there, warning you, making sure you are in the right place at the right time. Protecting you. Giving you that gut feeling. Your intuition is your birthright. Trust it.

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Things To Look Out For In A Light Alarm Clock

Light alarm clocks are clocks designed as the regular alarm clocks, but come with a light attached to them. They are also commonly referred to as wake up lights. The light attached to the clock emits natural light which is also designed to illuminate gradually to ensure that you wake up gently and as happily as possible. These alarm clocks have basically changed the way people wake up saving many of the annoying noisy alarm clocks that spoil the day before it even begins. The clocks have very natural sounds to make waking up even more pleasant for you.

The clocks are believed to actually enhance wellbeing since they give you a pleasant waking up experience. There are so many brands in the market today. To choose the best, you will need to look out for a few things. Here are some of the things that can help you in making the right decision with your light alarm clock.

The Brand

It is important in fetching you a good quality clock. Fortunately, when it comes to electronics and electrical products, there are reputable brands you know will definitely give you the best. Settle for reliable, reputable brands when choosing your alarm clock to enjoy all the benefits for longer.

Light Settings

They are important because people love the lights differently. The secret is to choose a wake up light that gives you control over the lights when the alarm goes off. Whereas there are people who would rather go for dimmer lights or those that get brighter gradually, others would rather go for bright lights to help them wake up fast but gently. Always check what control the settings on your clock offers you and how convenient they are for the needs you feel you have.

The Soundscapes

The fact that the clocks are designed to help you wake up better does not necessarily mean they will have the most soothing but awakening sounds. Some of the sounds can still be very irritating for some. When choosing the clock therefore, consider the sounds that are available to see whether you like them and whether they will do you enough justice waking up in the morning. Some are great in that you can set them to play your favorite radio station. Remember the first sounds you hear in the morning can determine your moods through the day.

Ease of use

This is very important since you do not want to have problems setting the alarm. Choose a wake up alarm clock you can set or program with ease. You can try programming or setting the alarm before purchasing the clock. To make it easier, always read through the instructions. You can actually tell how complicated it is programming the clock by looking at the instructions.

The look

If you are into aesthetically pleasing items in your home, this is important to look out for when buying your light alarm clock. Luckily, you have the chance to find very beautiful options to work with your bedroom décor.

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Wake Up Lights – Do They Have Any Benefits?

The demand for wake up lights have shot as more and more users find them to be helpful and life changing in how they wake up. The alarm clocks are designed to produce an artificial dawn so you can wake up gently in the morning. The artificial light comes on gradually which in essence works by pulling you from your slumber gently supporting better morning. It is believed that the wake up lights can actually promote better health by balancing hormones all day long. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy with a good light alarm clock.

1. It supports Cortisol response in the morning

Wake up lights influence Cortisol levels significantly. Naturally, the levels follow a rhythm peaking mostly in the morning and decreasing gradually as the day grows old. Any irregular spikes in Cortisol levels can be as a result of chronic stress and it can deplete its production leading to adrenal fatigue. Exposure to the light when you wake up can support the peak of Cortisol thus promoting a healthy response all through the day. The result is improved hormonal balance for you.

2. It balances melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that is light responsive and the levels work on the opposite of Cortisol meaning that they should be low in the morning and peak as the night sets in. Most people with the hormone issues have to use melatonin supplements to maintain the balance, but by the morning light exposure via the light alarm clock, you can powerfully balance this hormone naturally. The dawn stimulation supports better balance of the hormone not just in the morning, but all through the day.

3. It can help seasonal affective disorder and depression

This is through light therapy known to be a great treatment for the disorder. The wake up lights can actually be most valuable during winter months which are dark. You will feel much better every day waking up to the lights.

4. It boosts energy levels and positive attitude

This is because the annoying sounds of an alarm clock are eliminated with a good wake up light. The manufacturers include very pleasant sounds in the clocks to make it easier for you to wake up without having your moods spoiled by the annoying sounds. You can select different sounds to fit different days or even program the alarm clock so it switches to your favorite radio station. There is nothing better than waking up to sounds that you love. You will feel more energetic and ready to face the day even before you are out of bed with the clocks.

5. It helps gentle waking up

With the warm lights and soothing sounds of light alarm clocks , you will have an easier time waking up. This is nothing compared to the abrupt waking up that regular alarm clocks exposes you to. You will enjoy your mornings better and this boosts the moods as well for a good experience even when waking up earlier that you wish.

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Keeping Young and Healthy in Body and Mind

It does not matter if you're not a model size and shape, what matters is that you are happy with the way you are but in order to do that you have to be completely honest with yourself. Telling everyone else that you do not care about your weight, skin or emotions is pointless if you're really happy with one area or another. If you want to lose weight, improve your skin and be happier all round, you will need to work at it, lying to others does not make it go away.

As you get older, your metabolism slows down and the body changes shape – areas that were never a problem suddenly become one! This is why regular exercise is important, apart from toning the muscles and keeping you in shape, it has a surprisingly good effect on your state of mind as well.

The old saying “you are what you eat” is very true so it stands to reason that if you eat junk food you will look and feel like junk! Ideally you need to eat lean meat to provide the required protein for the body, fresh vegetables and fruit to help with burning fat and the vitamins for their antioxidant benefits to protect against free radicals and have anti-aging properties to help slow down the aging process and onset of wrinkles. Obviously that does not mean you can not have occasional trips, it is quite important not to deny yourself all of the “nice” things as this makes you crave them all the more, just remember moderation.

You may also find that your diet is not providing you with the necessary nutrients so it is sometimes a good idea to add a diet supplement. Omega 3 is a very popular supplement because the western diet often does not provide enough of docosahexaenoic acid, DPA and eicosapentaenoic acid EPA which the body needs in order to be able to function properly. Another popular supplement is Resveratrol which is an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory which the body can not make, but it needs to contain trans-resveratrol in order for it to be absorbed into the body.

Getting enough sleep can make a huge difference in the way you feel and look. Ideally the body needs between seven and eight hours of sleep a night. This will help you maintain a healthy weight and good complexion. If you can develop a regular sleeping routine, waking up and going to bed at more or less the same time every day this will help to regulate your metabolism which will help to less weight gain as you get older. Lack of sleep also prevails the body from burning off excess fat so weight creeps up, so make sure you are getting enough sleep.

The sun can cause dry skin, wrinkles and at its worst, burnt skin. Whilst it is essential to get out in the sun for the vitamin D it is also important to be careful and use sun cream to prevent damage. A tan can look lovely but too much sun can age you prematurely.

On a similar note, drink plenty of water, particularly when the weather is hot. Water helps to keep the skin as well as the body hydrated and moisturised. It also helps to remove toxins and waste from the body and can increase blood sugar volume which in turn increases metabolism which can help with weight issues.

One of the most important ways of feeling and looking healthy is to keep a happy disposition. Avoid negativity and stress as much as possible as this will speed up the aging process faster than anything else. Keep yourself busy and active, look for the positive things in your life but also find the time to relax, maybe meditate or just sit quietly somewhere. Most of all, listen to your body – you'll be surprised how much you already know about your body needs to be happy, healthy and look good.

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Are You a Positive Person?

Many people do not give a lot of thought to how much they focus on positive versus negative emotions. However, the way you balance these emotions has a tremendous impact on your life and those around you.

Studies have shown that the average person is exposed to more positive emotions than negative emotions. The problem is we pay more attention to negative emotions (eg frustration over the amount of traffic) and tend to overlook positive emotions (eg a quick hug from your child). The way you balance your positive and negative emotions affects your relationships with your spouse, children, friends, co-workers, and just about everyone else you come into contact with.

How Balanced Are You?

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson is one of the leading experts in the study of positive psychology. She's even developed a mathematical formula to determine a person's positivity ratio (a measure of your positive compared to negative emotions). Based on Dr. Fredrickson's work, the secret to enjoying a happy and positive life is countering each negative emotion with thoughts of 3 positive events or emotions.

This method is so simple, yet so powerful that it works for relationships, child raising, and even to create a strong, successful business environment.

How Would You React To Some Spilled Milk?

Your son knocks over his glass of milk and it spilled all over the kitchen floor. You know he already feels bad (negative emotion # 1), but how do you respond? Do you add to the negativity count by pointing out the he should have been more careful (negative # 2), complain that you need to clean the floor again (negative # 3) and ask why he can not just sit still like his sister (negative # 4)? Once the negativity ball starts rolling, it can be hard to stop. You just keep going down that negative spiral and drag everyone around you down it too.

Instead, you can look at your son and say, “It's alright, it was only milk (positive # 1). Picture you were coloring for me (positive # 3) How easy was that? Instead of a day of fighting, bickering and bad moods, you can enjoy a fun day together creating even more positive memories.

The same method can work in a meeting. Sometimes there's that one person who criticizes every idea and makes you feel like the meeting is a complete waste of time. You can turn that meeting around and create an open, engaging discussions. Ask open-ended questions and find out what Mr. Negativity thinks would be a good plan of action. Explore other people's ideas for improvement. Let the group know that the focus of the discussion is going to be brainstorming for solutions, not dwelling on past problems.

How Do You Increase Your Positivity?

It's really not that hard to create a more positive environment for yourself. The first big step is to stop hyper-focusing on every negative thought and feeling in your past. Decide to just let it go and move forward! The second important step is to stop imagining and predicting bad things in the future. Once those two stumbling blocks are out of your way, you are free to start focusing on all the wonderful, positive things in your life.

This does not mean you will be magically transport to a new world where death, illness, and hardship do not exist. Negative events actually play an important role in helping us to appreciate the good things in life. The trick is finding the proper balance in life.

Smiling, laughing, and taking a deep breath are great ways to get started. Self-care has also been found to be a powerful tool, so take a walk, try a yoga class, enjoy a long hot shower, or explore a new hobby. Expand your joy to others by performing acts of kindness, focusing on who or what you are grateful for, or helping out with a local charity.

When you focus on creating more positive events in your life, you open up your mind and spirit to all kinds of new and wonderful experiences. You might even find that you can not believe how you used to get so upset over silly, unimportant things like a little spilled milk.

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Building Resilience Against Compassion Fatigue

Do you feel easily overwhelmed or over-stimulated when there is a lot going on around you?

Are you easily affected by the moods and emotions of others and seem to pick up their energy?

Has your enthusiasm you once had for life and work waned into exhaustion and disillusionment?

If you can relate to these feelings, you may be experiencing “compassion fatigue.”

Those most vulnerable to compassion fatigue are front-line workers and those who work intimately or “hands on” with others. When you help people, you have direct contact with their lives.

Henry Neils, Founder of describes compassion fatigue as, “The emotional residue of exposure to working with the suffering. Professionals who work with this population contend not only with normal stress of work, but the emotional and personal feelings of those they work with.

Compassion fatigue is NOT burnout. Burnout is associated with stress hassles involved in your work. ”

He goes on to say that, “Compassion fatigue is a state of tension and preoccupation with the individual or cumulative trauma of clients. You are absorbing the trauma through the eyes and ears of your clients and can be thought of as secondary post traumatic stress. ”

Awareness of your susceptibility to compassion fatigue is the first step in recognizing how it may be affecting your emotional and physical well-being. Being “aware” means being attuned to your own needs, limits, emotions, and inner and other resources to draw on as ways to cope.

Signs of compassion fatigue may include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Negativity
  • Anger / resentment
  • Adrenalin driven
  • Apathy
  • Headaches and stomach issues
  • Feeling helpless
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Quick fix eating or not eating at all
  • Irritable
  • Impatient
  • Impaired immune system

This weakened spirit can result in reduced enthusiasm and motivation for the work that once inspired you and further results in deteriorating job performance. You may find yourself using more sick time, with a decrease in overall health.

When you become over involved in your work and serving others, you start to leak energy and end up feeling drained. You start experiencing an internal conflict between meeting your needs versus meeting the needs of others.

An “energy leak” is a habit or behavior pattern that bleeds your vitality and gives nothing back. A necessary responsibility will absolutely lead you toward your goal, whereas an energy leak will not.

Some questions to consider:

Where are you being too accommodating?

Where do you sense a conflict? Is there “drama” being created?

Are you “too busy” to take better care of yourself? Would you not stop for gas because you're too busy driving? Of course not! You know you need to fill up your tank for the long haul.

Being busy lends to self-sabotaging behavior where you overextend yourself in an ego-driven way fueled by adrenalin to “get things done” in this false sense of urgency. A car without gas will stop. It's not broken it just needs to get refurbished. This goes for you, too.

When you are power-full, full of spirit, pure energy, you are unlikely to be vulnerable to negative or lower forms of energy.

5 Ways to Start Building Resistance Now:

  1. Practice this Healing Mantra: “I am full of health and vitality. Every day I gain more self-clarity and knowledge as I make time to stay in tune with my higher self. I unconditionally love and accept myself completely in every way and this strengthens my being. ”
  2. Place a green leafy plant next to your bed. It will replenish you as you sleep.
  3. Take your breaks and relax or get some fresh air. Do not use your breaks to run errands, check email, or phone messages.
  4. Eat healthy foods that nourish you and boost your vitality.
  5. Make your mental and spiritual health a priority.

If you work in a helping profession and are experiencing increased anxiety, exhaustion, apathy, stress, or perfectionism you need meaningful engagement in life and career. It's time to regroup and engage self-care practices.

Once you engage in activities that build resilience you can expect increased concentration, decision-making, problem solving, more confidence, clearer thinking, boosted motivation and enthusiasm, and increased energy. Inner work allows outer work to be effortless.

Remember to stop as often as necessary to re-connect your energy. Downtime is required to regroup and replenish. Do not undervalue this! Stay in your place of compassion and do not wear yourself out with it.

Balance compassion for others with self-compassion. Know that once you achieve this state of love, nothing or anyone can pull more energy from you than you can replace. You must stay conscious of this process for it to work, especially when you interact with people.

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What Is Total Fitness?

How can we explain total fitness? Well to summarize it is a combination of being fit and well in mind, body and spirit. All three areas are of importance and interconnected.

When we think of exercise we often only think of physical exercise but what good is it if you are physically fit but you do not use your brain. Use it or lose it so the expression goes. The diseases on the increase in our society are dementia related illnesses. Why is that? Do we stop using our brain as we get older? It would seem so. We have to look at the brain like a muscle, if we do not use a muscle it shrinks and gets weaker, and so does the brain.

At the same time what is the point in having a fit mind if our physical body is too weak to do what we enjoy doing. As we get older we need to keep exercising as there are so many benefits. More energy, more oxygen circulating in the body, better immune system, our health is generally better. We do not have to have fitness freaks but we do need to exercise at least 3 times a week, and exercise well. It's no good going to the swimming pool and spending most of the time hanging on the side chatting, the talking can happen after over coffee but when you're exercising stay focused on the job in hand.

The benefits of a regular exercise routine will soon start to show, firmer muscles, more energy, walking faster up those hills plus a general sense of well-being. Consistency is the key as with anything we want to achieve in life.

What about the spiritual side? A strong connection to the inner you gives you a lot more confidence in life as well as the ability to cope with stress and most of us have a lot of that in our lives. As we get older so do our family members and sooner or later we all have to deal with losing a loved one, a strong spiritual connection will help you deal with loss. Life after all goes on and we must learn how to adapt and remain strong and productive. We should still be able to enjoy our own lives and a connection to the inner you will make this more possible. The inner you is wise and knows the next step you should be taking in life, often the signs we get from this font of wisdom are missed due to the busy nature of our lives. We must learn to listen to the whispers from our soul.

Life will always present us with problems the important thing is how we deal with them, being totally fit will give you all the tools you need to meet and achieve whatever challenges come your way.

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My Early Encounters of Empty Force

In my early days of foray into internal martial arts, I was mesmerized by empty force demonstrations. It had been promoted as an advanced martial art. If it did work, it would have rendered martial arts as we knew it obsolete! In those days there was no social media to cross check others' experiences or reviews.

With my first encounter of the EFO (empty force object) kind, I had to go through some tests of my receptivity to his empty force. At least he was honest and acknowledged that it only worked on people who were susceptible to his empty force. His students were flying all over with just some finger gestures. To my disappointment, there was no effect on me! He kept asking me to relax and feel the force. It was not working for me and it was my problem it looked; therefore he concluded I was not cut out for empty force!

Then there was another recent arrival from China in Sydney who could fire Qi with a finger like a pistol across the opposite side of the training hall, the size of a basket ball court, and sent his collaborator flying. Of course I asked to feel that incredible force. The answer he gave me was he feared hurting me with his powerful empty force since he could see all my blocked energy channels. I was surprised with his assessment as I had already done 5 years of Taiji training including the Taoist Zuo Family qigong with great energy feelings. However he allowed me to stand behind the collaborator to feel the force impact through him. Obviously I felt the force through this intermediate.

Although unconvinced that it actually worked, I still cave him the benefit of doubts as I like to keep an open mind. So I decided to sign up for a ten week course to go in as a student and maybe he would deem me ready to receive the empty force effect after some training with him. After 8 weeks and still no sign of empty force emitting from him, I started to lose patience. Then he allowed me to touch hands to feel his structural forces, not empty force. To my chagrin, his structure was reliably weak and he could not even penetrate through my structure. That was when I realized I had been taken for a ride.

My final encounter was the most reliable of all and it was promoted as good for health with no martial relevance. We had to do some standing meditations to empty our minds and relax altogether. With our eyes closed, we were asked to open our minds to whatever we feel and go with it. After a short period of time standing, I actually felt some magnetic pull towards the front, while still keeping my eyes closed. As instructed I did not resist it and went along with it. Yes finally I felt something and I also felt some energy wriggling through my body. It felt really good and refreshing.

In conclusion, empty force has some effects when one relaxes and goes with it. For health purposes, letting yourself go with a directed empty force can actually help clear energy blockages. However it has no place in martial arts and should never be promoted as such. One should always experience a phenomenon directly before buying into its hype. To be certain that you are not the susceptible type, triangulate with another person's experience who maybe more immune to such energetic work.

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Spirituality And Materialism Analyzed In Dreams

We believe that our materialism is a natural attitude. Of course we need many things in order to survive and live well. Therefore, we do not believe that God expects us to accept sacrifices.

However, God is disgusted with our greed and with our indifference to the poverty that characterizes the lives of many people in our cruel world. We want to live well, but we do not care about how other people are living.

I speak about God as an authority because I'm a professional dream translator and God is the dream producer. The explanations I'm giving you were found in various dreams of many different dreamers.

Religions like Buddhism and Taoism are being accepted by the materialistic civilization of our historical time because according to these religions the human being is a conscious individual who is responsible for his destiny and not a sinner who depends on God's wisdom. They are in fact faith beliefs based on revelations, and not religions characterized by the adoration of a God.

Buddhism is a religion originated in India by Buddha, which states that life is full of suffering caused by desire. The way to end this suffering is through enlightenment that enables one to stop the endless sequence of births and deaths to which one is otherwise subject.

Taoism is a philosophical system evolved by Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu in China, stating that a life of complete simplicity and naturalness and of non-interference with the course of natural events is the way to attain a happy existence in harmony with the Tao . Tao is that in virtue of which all things happen or exist.

Both religions are basically philosophical therapies that help the human being give importance to the cultivation of compassion and humility, without considering the human being an inferior creature.

According to these beliefs, the human being does not even need to believe in God. What really matters is his or her process of spiritual transformation.

God's image as a judge who punishes the human being for his sins was defended by the Catholic Church in the past, but the concepts of the clergy become more flexible with time. Today God is presented as a very good father who forgives our sins because he knows that we are imperfect creatures.

However, the truth is that God is a judge and He does punish all sinners. God is a holy father who corrects the behavior of His evil children.

As I told you before, all religions were created by the same God. There is no right or wrong religion. All religions or beliefs that have a religious aspect explain one part of our complex spiritual reality. Their differences become comprehensible when we learn a lot more about the meaning of life and death. These differences are not contradictory.

The Christian view observes the dark side of the human being, while other religions believe in the bright side of the human being being his / her imperfections.

Man can become a god. There is a bright essence in the human mind. Everything depends on our capacity to discover this essence.

Some religious focus their attention on the brilliant alternatives of the human spirit, which are more encouraging and optimistic, even though they do so in parallel with the understanding that the human being is imperfect and must evolve.

According to Christianism you are a sinner from birth and you must become a perfect human being after purifying your spirit. Christianism deeply analyzes the dark side of the human behavior because the Christian point of view has the basic purpose to end terror.

According to Christianism God is a father who teaches His children how to eliminate their evilness. This is an unpleasing and painful situation, but it reflects the dark side of the truth, which prevails in our reality.

It is also true that even though we have an evil anti-conscience that transforms us into terrible sinners independently of our will, we are responsible for our actions because we receive a human conscience from God.

We can develop our human conscience if we respect the rules of goodness, even if we do not believe in God. However, this is more difficult because we have inherited a huge anti-conscience, which is absurd and evil.

When we are controlled by our anti-conscience we think like wild animals that can use various strategies with the intent to kill their prey. We do not think like conscious human beings who are trying to find happiness in life. There is a big difference between both purposes.

When we manage to concentrate our attention on our superior capacities we can attain sanctity and spiritual perfection coupled being induced to be evil by our anti-conscience, but this is very hard.

This is why Christianism is more emphasized in our world. It is more difficult to attain sanitation by paying attention to what is good without focusing our attention on the elimination of what is bad, even though it is possible.

God showed us this solution because it helps us discover the importance of our spiritual reality and stop making the mistakes imposed by our anti-conscience.

We can attain spiritual perfection through many ways.

The emphasis on our mistakes and on the necessity to eliminate what is bad is the method used by God in our dreams to enlighten our conscience because it is direct and clear. This method is based on the purification of our spirit, so that we may find sound mental health, peace, love, wisdom, and happiness.

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How to Nurture Yourself and Why It’s So Important

“I do not have time. I'm too busy. Things will fall apart if I do.”

These are the excuses I've heard – over and over – from so many of my clients and friends. I've heard them from myself as well.

These are the excuses I hear when I talk about the necessity of daily, nurturing self care. If you're telling yourself that you're too busy, chances are, you really need some nurturing. And, if you're someone who does find time for self care, it's good to strengthen your practice.

Why nurture ourselves when there's so much to do? Because — when we nurture ourselves, we harness the strength to show up for our lives.

Daily rest and stress relief allows us to revitalize and rejuvenate. When we feel rejuvenated, it's easier to accomplish our daily work. And, when we're not tired and stressed, we get things done a lot faster.

When we let go of daily distractions, to go within, we're able to tap into inner wisdom. It's this intuitive guidance that we all need, every day, to help us navigate life. We only find it, when we take the time to find it.

So really, really, you can justify it. Nurturing yourself on a daily basis will help you feel clear, calm, focused, happy, and satisfied. And when you feel good, life gets a whole lot easier.

Here are some ways you can truly nurture yourself. Try something that really calls to your desire to be nurtured.

Eat well. Your body works for you. Honor it by nourishing it.

Rest. Allow time for quiet rest and relaxation. Without distractions and noise. Come back to center.

Daily Ritual . Create your own personal ritual to help yourself go within. This could include yoga, meditation, a walk, morning pages, art, music, or an early morning cup of tea. Keep your ritual simple and enjoyable.

Fun . Have fun. Whatever that means for you. Cultivate it.

Comfort Yourself . Give yourself the comfort you crave. Tea. Comfy pajamas. Slippers. A warm bath. A healthy treat. A couch, a book, and a cozy blanket.

Nurture Your Body . Try body-mind therapies and practices to help release tension and pain. There many– including Massage, Yoga, EFT, Rubenfeld Synergy, Energy Work, Acupuncture, Qigong, Feldenkreis, and more.

Allow Support . Ask for support when you need it. Allow someone to help you with your struggles.

Do what works for you. Commit to yourself. Enjoy!

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Alternative Therapy For Mental Disorders And Physical Diseases

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me gives you scientific explanations and spiritual guidance at the same time. This happens because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God's mind. You have scientific explanations about all matters in your dreams.

Through dream translation you can understand how God's spiritual healing works. Your mental health problems and your physical problems are eliminated because you transform your personality and your spirit. God's healing method is not based on dangerous medications and surgical operations.

You believe that all your thoughts are the result of your conscious conclusions, but this is not true. You can not imagine that all your negative thoughts are sent by your wild conscience, which thinks like a prehistoric man and tries to destroy your human conscience. The influence of your anti-conscience causes mental disorders and physical diseases.

God gives you scientific explanations in your dreams about your satanic anti-conscience, which tries to destroy your tiny human conscience through craziness.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a science-based spiritual healing, since you have scientific explanations that help you find sound mental health and spiritual health. You are also able to find physical health and become more intelligent.

Your dreams help you understand that God and Satan exist, with scientific explanations about their meaning. Satan is not only a demon that belongs to the outside world. It works in parallel with your conscience, influencing your conscience with its absurd thoughts.

You have to obey God's guidance in your dreams and in your religion in order to eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and become a wise and sensitive human being.

The fact that I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience by obeying the divine guidance in dreams means that now everyone will learn how to eliminate their anti-conscience and attain sanctity through dream interpretation. By attaining sanctity we will be able to solve all the problems of the human race.

Therefore, the beginning of the 21st century represents the end of terror on earth. Now we know why we have to obey God's guidance. So, we will agree to do so. This is a very important historical time.

Thanks to the knowledge we have today Nostradamus catastrophic predictions will stop being confirmed in the human history. The world will follow a process of transformation and attain sanctity. This is God's plan.

My work is in fact God's work, since I previously obeyed the divine guidance from the beginning to the end. All my discoveries were made thanks to the clues that the unconscious mind was sending me. The world may forget Carl Jung's name and my name in the future, but the fact that the scientific method of dream interpretation will be taught everywhere in the world is guaranteed.

You should learn this method today, without waiting for the global recognition.

God's spiritual healing is more powerful than conventional medicine; especially because many unreal assumptions are presented as if they were science-based concluding, while the scientific methods used for their evaluation are subjective.

There are many other factors that annulate the value of our scientific discoveries. The fierce competition that characterizes our world is also part of the scientific community.

Many people are punished with incurable diseases and tortured by severe mental disorders because they listened to the absurd thoughts of their anti-conscience. They can be cured if they will stop making serious mistakes by following the unconscious guidance in their dreams.

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Quit Telling Me What To Do!

Are you sick of reading stuff like this? The thoughtfully crafted pages, ostensibly wishing you a “Happy New Year!” but really just bullying you to, “Get fit!” “Lose Weight!” “Join a Dating Service!” Egypt “Tell Your Boss to Shove It!” Blah, blah, blah. New Year's Resolutions … every year, the same stuff. The same you. You're either, “Hey, I'm just fine, thanks anyway,” or “I know I should, but …”

Ever consider what might really happen if you DID change? Maybe you have, and the possibilities made you shudder … from Fear-of failure, of having no money, of maybe being alone. Then, Guilt-of disappointing people, all the ones counting on you to stay the same. Maybe you've never even considered a change. Maybe you should …

OK, here's my thought: is this YOUR movie, or are you just acting a part in someone else's? Are you still faithfully playing a role that your parents signed you up for in school? Or maybe the part your boss has cast you in. Maybe the one your significant Other writes for you each day. Remember, not choosing is still a choice. Is it YOUR choice? Do you care enough about yourself to let YOU have what you really want?

Hey, my wife did! Lovely Christine took a recent chance meeting, in a little farmer's market in the mountains of southern Costa Rica, and based a complete remake of her health program on it … (cue the long shot of happy couple driving in the car … )

It's midmorning as we turn from the coastal highway in southern Costa Rica and start up the winding two-lane road toward San Isidro. Our destination is the little village of Tinamastes. Christine has discovered an organic feria, a farmer's market, happens there every Tuesday. It's near the end of the rainy season, and the sky is still gray and threatening. At 1000 feet above sea level, the clouds occasionally engulf us, and the cool moist air inside them is the very essence of fresh. We park on the muddy berm along the road and walk across to the market. It's a large warehouse with no walls, and the excited votes of vendors and customers blend with the vivid Tico music from a boom box in the back to create a palpable energy. As we walk through the aisles, everyone we pass greets us with “Buenos Dias!” and a smile. A tall Gringa offers us a sample at one of the tables.

“Would you care to try my tincture of turmeric?”

It looks kind of nasty. I am about to politely reply when I hear Christine say,

“Yes, I would love to! I've been reading about the benefits of turmeric!”

Our hostess measures out a spoonful, mixes it with coconut oil and pours it into a paper cup. Christine looks at the concoction, then asks, “Shoot it?”

“Yes, take it all at once,” she is told.

Christine tosses it off and tells me it's good. I accept a dose and do the same. It's earthy and warm in my mouth, and actually kind of tasty. Christine launches into a long discussion with our concessionaire about the benefits and properties of the tincture, while I wander around and gobble up free samples of exotic fruits from the nearby booths. After a few minutes, Christine taps me on the arm and hands me a green Grolsh bottle with the old-style wire stopper, which I dutifully put in our shopping bag.

A few days later, we are sitting at our table back on Hilton Head Island, taking our amazing journey. Christine says, “I can not begin to tell you how much better I feel after eating nothing but fresh whole food for those two weeks.

She discovers a diet consisting of eating only fruit until 5:00 pm every day, and adds that to her regimen. It's pretty much all we ate for breakfast and lunch in Costa Rica, anyway.

Now, two months later, she is considerately thinner, and continues to act and feel like her pre-Parkinson's self. We are both committed to healthy eating, and trying to avoid anything with a list of chemicals on the label. We searched a recipe and began making our own tincture of turmeric, and we're sharing it with our friends. We made a change! I know it will not be the last one, either.

So, please make your new year happy. Listen to those little voices in your heart (no, not the scary ones), and find your courage to do what they say. It'll make your 2015 movie an Oscar winning performance.

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Healthy Living: How To Start

I have a favorite phrase, that I keep repeating to myself when I feel down. These are my simple words of wisdom. That phrase is,

“You have only one life. Leaving is not an option, living is!”

I kind of developed it myself. Are you wondering where I am headed with this? Well, I just want to set the mood for what I am going to say now. We all complain about our life, and the quality of it often. The more we age, the more we complain. We are very happy with who we are. I am just trying to say that it is okay to be upset with yourself. You may ask why. I will say soon.

Live Life in a Healthy Way

First, I would like to ask you all about your definition of “health”. Does the wellness or fitness of the body mean “health” to you? I do not have a problem if it does. It is true. I just want you to think beyond that. Healthy living starts with a healthy mind. When you do not feel good, you will not be in good shape in any possible way. You will not eat better, rest better or think better. It is all inter connected. To start living a healthy life, you will have to want to live a healthy life first. You will have to decide, and stick to it. Set your mind to be healthy first.

Achieve Happiness with a Positive Mind

The definition of happiness varies from person to person. You may not be happy with the thing that makes me so. We have some common sources which make almost all of us happy. Along these general facts, our expectations from events differ a lot. So, there should not be any comparisons. Try to find out what makes you happy. Also, do not put a burden on your shoulders if you are having a difficult time. Nobody stays happy forever. If you keep smiling chin-to-chin all the time, it will only cause you pain. It is okay to have some down and dull moments. Do not lose your hopes if you had a bad day today. Be ready for tomorrow. It will be better someday.

Maintain Hope with Daily Efforts

Nothing happens overnight. It takes 24 hours to complete a day and nine months for a baby to take birth. If you want a life that is full of positivity, you will have to make daily efforts to support that. Do something that makes you feel good everyday. Talk to people who inspire you. Read books that motivate you. There are lots of things that you can try. You will have to have your own set of tasks. Just make sure you do one of those everyday. It might sound weird, but you will see the difference. You will feel the difference.

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Verifying That Science Completes Religion

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me who completed his research helps you clearly understand your reality.

I relate science to religion, showing you that everything explains a part of the complex truth that characterizes your reality. God is the dream producer, as Carl Jung had discovered. I continued his research in order to prove to the world the importance of this fact.

Today everyone trusts science more than anything else. However, this is a dangerous attitude.

Of course, science gives us precision in many aspects. I like to be a scientist. It is very comfortable to be in such position. When I started writing my first scientific book (in February of 1988) I was writing it for scientists. It was more complicated than Carl Jung's books. I liked to use scientific terms.

Only later could I understand that I had to simplify everything, even though I discovered a lot more. Instead of adding more information to my book in a complicated way, I had to make changes based on new comprehensions.

When I was young I believed that scientists should govern the world and decide what was best for humanity, but when I had to become a scientist and I gradually saw how many theories were considered to be scientific discoveries, I understood the chaotic situation that prevails in the competitive scientific field.

I'm glad because I'm not only a scientist. I'm basically a philosopher and an artist. My literary talent was more important than anything else in my research. I was persistent because I understood God's pain.

I had to write like a scientist to have your attention because if I would write like a poet you would believe that I was talking about things invented by my vivid imagination. However, I'm basically a literature writer. I had to become a scientist to complete my mission.

I even had to become an atheist when I was a teenager to understand the mindset of my future enemies. My preparation was long.

My real mission is not to teach you how to translate the meaning of dreams and how to acquire sound mental health through dream translation. This is part of my obligation, but the truth is that I have to prove God's existence to the world and mainly, convince our individuous, cruel, and materialistic population to obey the divine guidance in dreams, even though human beings are in fact demons, as I could discover by precisely obeying God's guidance in dreams.

Now, I will briefly analyze all the problems of this situation. Nobody likes the idea to be a demon.

However, the satanic origin of our conscience is a scientific fact. Our anti-conscience is the wild part of our conscience, and it occupations the largest part of our brain. Since the anti-conscience is a demon, and since it occupations the largest part of our brain, this means that we are demons.

Our tiny human consciousness was a gift artificially created by God. Without it, we would be only violent and cruel. Our conscience is underdeveloped because it must be developed by our ego during our lives.

We are demons, but we have to believe that we are the conscious human beings existent into our human conscience, and transform our satanic anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience.

In order to do so, we have to obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion. All religions help us fight the anti-conscience. All dreams do the same, giving us many explanations and lessons.

We are able to be admirable human beings, even though we have a satanic origin. There are many examples of people who had an admirable attitude in our world. There are also a few examples of real saints in the tragic human history, marked by wars and barbarous crimes.

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