Dealing With Problems: A Fitness Perspective

As the fitness industry catapults itself into the 21st Century, an answer to the number one question asked by millions of people is still very much elusive. What is the quick fix solution to the problem of weight loss and negative self-image? As scientists, doctors and gimmicks all strive to provide a solution; more and more people are being affected and affected by it. What if because, we were approaching the solution from the wrong angle? What if the answer was a matter of perspective with greater ramifications then both you and I could ever conceive or imagine? That would create interest and enthusiasm within you: If so, then let's start by reading the depiction below!

One day a great guru was walking down the street when he bumped into a young disciple The young disciple was downrodden and lacking exuberance, so the great guru decided to inquire about the young disciple's well being. Ask the great guru? The young disciple responded (for 15 mins) by informing the great guru of how many problems he had in life and how he would give anything in this world to get rid of his problems. who turns a deaf ear to an offer so he mediated until he came up with a solution. going for a small drive. The young discipline was ecstatic with this, and suggested they leave straight away. After 20 minutes of driving, the great guru pulled into the local cemetery where he said the answer to his problems lie. by this and that asked: “What answer could possibly lie here in this cemetery?” The great guru responded ever so adamantly: The only people, who do not have problems in life young sir, are people who lay here in this cemetery dead. The young disc perceiving the error of his way never complained of a problem again “ (Elbert Hubbard cited in Canfield and Victor Hansen, 1989).

This story although abstract, places life's problems into perspective. It illustrates the fact that every person on the face of this planet experiences some kind of problem no matter how small. It was Vincent Peale (the power of positive thinking guru) who said:

“if you have no problems in life at the moment, you are in grave danger of jeopardy and should pray to god right now to be given a problem straight away” ( ).

If weight loss or self-image is a problem for you and sets as a major issue, it is time to stop feeling depressed with negative thoughts like: 'Why is this problem happening to me'? Or, 'Why do I have a problem losing weight?' It is essential that you understand and become tolerable to the fact that these problems are given to you for a reason. It was Richard Bach who quoted:

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands”

I believe we seek problems because we need their gifts. I believe that problems provide growth and an outlet for development and vision. To test this, I would first like you to take a minute too imagine and visualize what it would be like for you, if you had the perfect figure or self- image right now? As you create this image in your mind, ask yourself: Would I be happy and fulfilled in the moment? or Would I still have to face other problems relative to the success of my current new image? (Like friends becoming jealous and spiteful because I have achieved and stuck to my plan of losing weight) Also would all other problems now and in the future be solved because of this new image? Or would they still be problems not yet foreseeable that I would have to deal with? Now be honest with yourself as you answer these questions. Do not just habitually recite the first thing that comes into your head. Really stop and think about it …

How did you go? Did you answer yes to the first questions (identified above) or did you answer yes to the second question. I feel that most people would still have to face problems even when they realized an initial solution to their self-image or weight.


It is important to realize that through the process of addressing your initial problem (eg low self image and weight), you gain more then just a healthy self-image. You gain the emotional muscle necessary to deal with challenges and obstacles. It would be possible to conceive that problem solving is a necessary growth pattern for development and understanding within your own 'being'. As you work with problems, you actually learn and grow from the process. Jack Handey summed this up beautifully by quoting 'What does not kill me makes me stronger.' Although slightly extreme, this quote in essence depicts the true meaning of a problem.

What if I also told you that each problem that is solved by you creates a rule or a set of beliefs, which help to solve other difficulties? It was Rene Descartes who said, “Each problem that I solve became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems” ( ).

To provide an illustration of this, let's say that your problem at the moment is weight loss. Through reading this article, let's say you decide to put into action a set of fundamental steps that aid you in losing weight and feeling better about yourself. So you decide to join a gym, eat healthy foods, and work with a personal trainer. To cut a long story short, lets also say you succeed in losing weight, and because of your success, you gain self – confidence, which is picked up by everyone else around you. Because of this newfound confidence and your recent success with weight loss, you then decide to help your closest friend who has asked you to assist her in losing weight as well. So you work with her for 3 months or so providing the references and systems used in your success and notice you can help solve her problems of weight loss as well. So now that you have solved your problem with weight loss, and helped you friend solve her problem of weight loss, you decide to branch out and solve another problem you have always wanted to resolve 'How can I contribute to the community?' With your recent success with weight loss and your friend's success with weight loss, which has lifted your self-esteem and confidence, you decide to join a voluntary organization that helps other women get through the difficulties of losing weight as well. So now not only have you solved your original problem of weight loss, you have helped your friend with her problem as well as another problem that exists within you. Although this is only an example, can you see where problems can help you?

Through your problems, you create opportunities, which have greater ramifications, then just the problem at hand. I believe that within your own problems, you find a greater gift within yourself, whether it is confidence, persistence, determination, wisdom or knowledge.

So before you dismiss your current problem as being too serious and then not worthy of a solution, think about the information provided above and remember that within every problem lies the solution and growth of your inner being.

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Discover the Many Benefits of Tai Chi

While there is no denying the fact that exercise is extremely beneficial, but it's not necessary that everyone is fit enough to perform every type of exercise out there. It's a well known fact that high intensity exercises do not suit everyone; however, there are also many low intensity exercises such as running, jogging or rock climbing that many find inconvenient to perform. So, does that mean that you should stay away from all these types of exercises and follow a sedentary lifestyle? Well, the answer is obviously no, and it would be more harmful in the long run rather than being safe. So, what's the viable solution? The answer lies in the incredible form of exercise called Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is one of those fantastic exercises that have been medically proven to be absolutely safe yet super effective. Precisely this thing makes Tai Chi as the most preferred choice of exercise for people that are at high risk of injury and other complications. This is the perfect option for senior citizens or for people with chronic disease, stroke, pain or balance issues. The fluidity and the nature of this activity makes it one of the safest options as there is no risk of fall or other injuries. Apart from being the safest option, this exercise is super effective too. Therefore, even if you do not belong to the group of high risk individuals you can take advantage of this delightful exercise form. Normally, to derive all the advantages of Tai Chi, two days a week are more than sufficient, in addition to your high intensity training. You can easily incorporate this practice in your lifestyle by performing it just on the weekends or off days.

So how do you think that this ancient form of exercise accomplishes everything perfectly and smoothly without putting any extra strain on your body? Tai Chi is essentially a combination of well designed movements that have to be performed in a slow and flexible manner in such a way that they should flow into each other; this makes it looks like a well choreographed slow motion dance. The movements should be in a certain order to maximize the effectiveness. This is an important aspect of Tai Chi and only a professional an expert can advise you on the perfect movements and their perfect pattern. However, there are certain rules that are consistent throughout all the Tai Chi exercises such as, always keeping a straight posture, keeping the shoulders loose, never applying force in any movement, staying totally relaxed and never putting any strain on the joints, among others .

Apart from the above mentioned benefits; Tai Chi also works at your psychological level by improving concentration and focus to strengthen your mind.

The bottom line is; Tai Chi is a super effective exercise form that can provide generous benefits to everyone. The exercise is one of the safest options, so there is no risk of any side-effects. Try it today and feel the difference that it can make in your life.

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Color Psychology and a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen – RED (2 of 12)


When we stare at red for a period of time our breathing quickens, our heart rate increases and our blood pressure increases. We become impatient to act. We become filled with energy. Our desires become aroused. We become passionate about a cause. We want to move.

Red symbolizes not only our will to survive, but to do it with an intensity that makes it worth it. Red is action packed, emotionally charged and passionately exciting. It is self-assured and confidant.

Too much red makes us touchy, quick-tempered and even angry. We lose track of time, our appetites are stimulated and we can become frustrated.

Too little red causes us to be timid and cautious and withdrawn.

Red is vital to our psyche, if red is a color you avoid or hate this is an indication that you are overstimulated to the point of exhaustion and red becomes danger, fury or disgust. You find it aggressive and reject it.

It gives us hope, motivation, inspiration and eager expectation of what is possible. This is especially necessary when we have a 9-5 regulated lifestyle. Coming home from a long draining day, tired and wanting to relax, to a house filled with exciting red carpets or walls, can leave you feeling like you are going now, unfulfilled, not in control of your life. No red gives you the feeling that nothing is ever going to change and will eventually lead you into depression.

Red is necessary to give us the little spark of “something exciting is possible.”

Here are some psychological observations about the different shades of red:

1. Cardinal or Scarlet – This shade contains orange. It is rich and bright and indicates a defiant enthusiasm. It is lighthearted and more playful than pure red.

2. Vermilion – This orange-red is the most provocative, animated, fun-loving shade in the entire spectrum. It promotes social interaction without aggression, enthusiasm without obligation.

3. Crimson or Carmine – This shade is red with a tinge of blue. It promotes sensuality over sexuality. It is the most sensitive of all the shades of red, assertive without being aggressive.

4. Ruby – This shade is a transparent red with blue tinge. This red abandons all personal connections. It is used to convey excitment without becoming personally involved – it is a dry commercial color.

5. Burgundy – This shade is deep red containing blue and black. It suggests dignity in action. It is less attention getting and is loved by the affluent. It subtly states “I'm in control, my word is law”.

6. Chestnut – This is a reddish-brown shade and signifies a more nurturing mode of action. It is less assertive and more diplomatic.

A common misconception in advertising is that red is all about LOVE. It's not: red is about the action, the intensity, the arousal and “the chase”, it is not about love (love encompasses all colors in balance). Red is passionate, not usually sensual. The color red directly influences flirting, teasing and anticipation – the chase.

Advertising teachers our young folk that “the chase” is the same thing as love … an unfortunate misdirection. When sex and love are confused, mature appreciation for the opposite sex goes out the window. An apple tree is not an apple. The tree itself has taken time to mature, its roots have dug in deep and it has formed weight-bearing branches. Once the time is right it will yield its fruit of apples. Think of the tree as love and the (red) apples as sex. Yet advertisers would have us place incorrect emphasis on passion and sensuality, and by our use of colors jerk our emotions around. For the less mature in society, these leads to brainwashing and stereotypes. Valentine's Day is a prime example. Think of the red merchandise you would not even glance at if it were any other day. The bright (and gaudy) red is pounding away at your mind to think about sex. But is not Valentine's Day about love? See the advertiser's misdirection? Next Valentine's Day, consider making some beautiful burgundy or crimson hearts and watch the result.

Here are 10 suggestions of placing Red in key spots in your home. You need a balance. Items of red interspersed through our day give us unconscious spurts of anticipation. I suggest many stained glass products because they are translucent, and allow a play of exotic shades during different times of the day.

1. Walls painted red in a kitchen unconsciously inspire us to try new recipes, often on a grand scale, it motivates the cook to veer away from mundane meals and attempt concoctions of greatness! (Make sure your smoke alarm is working!)

2. Hanging a stained glass medallion in front of the kitchen window with a pattern of multi hued reds will connect the outside to your indoor expectations. It expends your world and gives you the feeling that there is something to look forward to when you are finished cooking.

3. Red mattes around a framed photo or painting give a very personal touch of promise to the landscape or person in the picture. I suggest glossy red mosaic tiles for a distinct flair!

4. Although quirky, red tiles scattered in the bathroom do tend to help get the blood pumping in the morning, and at night can spur positive dreams. Try to keep the tiles in either a localized pattern or a straight line, random scattering is too contrasting and hard to look at.

5. The bathroom or kitchen is also a good place to install a stained glass skylight with clear ripped glass and a few red jewels or glass chips in the pattern you choose (clear ripped glass will diffuse direct sunlight).

6. A red-infused decorative fireplace screen or a stained glass room divider in front of a bay window gives privacy and color to your space. Again, spot impressions of red highlights will create excitement and unconsciously allow your eye to find the perk it needs.

7. Installing a stained glass window decorated with red glass in your bedroom will increase the libido, bring in light and cast reflections through the room. Twisting red strips of fabric around tall bed posts or using a quilt with heavy use of red fabric is a positive touch.

8. Red drapes do not work well unless they are custom created for the space. They can easily overpower a room. If you are going this route, choose a burgundy or carmine shade and offset with a lighter cream, champagne or blush under the drape. It also helps to have the drapery pool into a puddle of fabric on the floor or tie back with red or clear fringe beads. Red drapes will darken a room. Psychologically you want your room to be welcoming or you will not spend time there.

9. The fireplace is a wonderful spot to add Touches of red. Wall sconces mounted on either side of the mantel balance the myopic focus of the blazing flame. If you use red infused stained glass, your eyes can see the color wherever on or off.

10. When you are sitting in front of a lit fire, your vision is usually drawn to the bright spot and the rest of the room can fade away. Let's balance that wonderful warmth by diffusing the direct firelight and heat through a decorative fireplace screen made of stained glass. If the screen has a profusion of red and orange glass chips it will beautify the dynamic energy of the fire bringing a rich satisfaction to your comfort zone. This is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself!

Red does not have to take over your life, but put Touches of red where you can bring in the feeling of excitement, stimulation, hope for better things, passion and intensity.

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Be The Light For Others to Find Their Way

Each day is an opportunity to learn from others, and to learn from our own life experiences, both the good and the bad. We are enriched by those around us, and sometimes we come across someone that draws us to them. Their energy, their words, and their exuberance for life can be contagious, and if you pay attention, you notice that they are bright, and that others are drawn towards them.

If you listen carefully during the day, sometimes you will hear something that may stand out to you as incredibly meaningful. Recently, that happened to me.

What stuck me so deeply where these words – Be a light for other to find their way.

That statement rang like a bell in my heart when I heard, each and every time.

What the pastor telling a story began to describe was a person that he had met while on vacation. The gentleman was an outgoing, friendly man that greeted joy to each person he met. He drew people to him, had people ask for him by name, engaged people in a way that people would seek him out. His kind heart and openness made people want to be near him, talk to him, and interact with him on a daily basis, including this pastor and his wife. This man shone with a light that drew others into his world.

This man, with the power to bring others towards him because of his graciousness and kindness, was the waiter at the restaurant.

Anyone can be a light for others; it is believing in the light within yourself, your path, your purpose, that creates that light that brings others to you; it is knowing that above all else, you are needed in this world to do something important, and if you can trust in the ideas and paths that are put before you, you will excel and be great. Others will be drawn to you, to hear what you have to say, and what you believe, and what you have to offer.

For some, this is a difficult place to be, and a difficult place to achieve. I was speaking to a friend of mine about this topic, and how many people can not or do not accept the light within themselves until something horrific and traumatic happens in their life. When there is a major life trauma, people are forced away from their normal day-to-day living environment and routines, and they are often put into a place that is uncomfortable or new. Living within uncertainty can bring a host of fears, and often people lose themselves in the process of grief.

But there is always another path to follow, another place to journey, and another direction our lives can travel. Sometimes, in that life changing event, we find our own light, and begin to understand that what we believed was our life's work, was really a preparation for what was to come.

I am a believer. I believe that I can be that light for other people. It has been hard getting to a place where I can admit that – the path to this moment has been incredibly difficult to travel, filled with so much fear and sadness that I can not imagine ever having to go through it again. To look back and realize that our family lived through the trauma, walked through the fire, and is now traveling towards new hope and inspiration is breathtaking.

You can hold your breath for a long time when life is uncertain – the waiting for the other shoe to drop is a hard way live, especially when it is for months and months. Life changes with a trauma, and that for me, it has meant giving up what I thought I was meant to do with my life, and to do something else, and to believe that it is the right thing to do.

It is hard to do that – to trust that it will be okay. But we continue to get positive signs each day that we are doing what is right, and what we were meant to do.

It takes believing – believing that YOU can be the light for others to find their way.

Because if we can do it, so can you.

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Enjoy the Summer Sun Without the Summer Burn

Summer is here. This will be the best time to hit the outdoor and enjoy the warm sun while on vacation with your friends or loved ones. The only bummer in summer would be getting too much of the sun and getting that awful and painful sunburn. Luckily, you do not have to worry too much about going out there to have fun as long as you get the right protection for the summer sun.

Of course, Sunscreen is the top dog in protecting yourself while out in the sun. Not all lotions are made equal so you should take note of what kinds of activities you'll be doing and how long you would have to be directly under the sun while doing it. Taking note of the SPF or Sun Protection Factor will help identify which sunblock lotion will be best for your outdoor activity. In basic term, the higher the number of your sunscreen or lotion's SPF, the longer it would allow you to stay under the sun without getting burned. This, however, would also depend on the intensity of the sun and your skin's sensitivity.

There are basically two types of sunscreen lotion that you can buy, chemical or physical. Chemical lotions will absorb harmful UV rays while physical sunscreens will reflect them. Physical lotions are more applicable for people with allergies. But then again, the strength of your sunblock would still have to depend on the present conditions of the sun, its SPF value and how sensitive your skin is to direct sunlight. In summer, the sun is near to the Earth and therefore, its harmful rays are also much stronger. You also have to consider this factor when evaluating your skin's sensitivity to the outdoor sun.

Together with sunscreen, remember to wear the proper protective clothing for your specific outdoor activity. Make sure that if you have the chance to wear a hat or to have more parts of yourself covered then, do so as long you can still enjoy your time with family and friends. Remember to also protect your eyes by wearing appropriate sunglasses. Try to stay away from direct sunlight for too long and take some time to stay indoors or under a shade in between your activities.

Remember, that it is always alright to have a great time in summer where you might go. But just make sure that you do not get that painful sunburn. Protect yourself at all times whenever you go outdoors. Bring your sunscreen along with you so that you can always put some on when you start to feel a little burn on your skin from staying under the sun. Keep your cool even under the heat so that you can enjoy more of the fun stuff that you can do with the ones you love. In summer, you do not have to be a bummer as long as you think of preparing and protecting yourself first before heading out to the waters or do anything under the sun. Keep it safe for everyone while you are having some fun in summer.

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Finding God and Curing Mental Illnesses

While our scientists are unable to understand the functioning of the human brain and cure invincible mental illnesses, the unconscious mind that produces our dreams cures all mental illnesses through dream messages. When the patient does not cooperate with the dream translator, the unconscious mind in his / her own dreams. This is an impressing proof that the knowledge we have through dream translation surpasses the human knowledge.

You verify that the information you have in your dreams about other people's problems is true because this information answers many questions and it fits their life biography and the characteristics of their personality.

The unconscious mind helps you show compassion to your patients when you become a dream translator and you have to be a doctor helper. You have to translate your patients' dreams and also help them follow the unconscious guidance in their daily lives.

When you have information about someone else's mental illness in your dreams, you understand how to help your patient, even without his / her cooperation.

You may need this information for many reasons, even if you are not a doctor and you do not have the intention to cure others. I simplified the dream language for you. Now you can understand other people's psychological system through dream translation. This is an important advantage you should have.

You will have information about the mental condition of the person you love, and about their past, their intentions, and a lot more. This information is valid and can be completely be trusted.

All dreams are produced by God. God is not a myth and He is not a ghost. God is alive and He speaks in a symbolic form, based on images.

Who could give you information about someone else's mental condition, or about your own mental condition, if not a superior mind? This superior mind exists, and it belongs to a superior creature.

Who could be this superior creature?

The sanctity of the unconscious mind and the fact that all dreamers have many dreams about their religion clearly prove to the world that the dream messages have a divine origin. All atheists have to admit that if someone is sending us wise messages in dreams and giving us information about things we could never learn otherwise, these messages are sent by a superior creature.

Who can have information about many things we ignore, and who can solve problems we could never solve alone?

Who can make miraculous cures?

God! This is a big surprise for the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization. God makes miracles through dream messages.

Everyone can approach God now that I managed to simplify Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation and now that I could discover the satanic origin of the human conscience. Now everyone can see the entire truth about the human nature and understand their position before God's wisdom.

Even though humanity despises religion, the real reason why we are alive is because we have to transform our satanic nature into human nature, so that we may be able to attain sanctity and find peace. The scientific explanations given in dreams and the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind provide that evilness generates craziness, terror, and despair. The cure for all mental illnesses is given by God's sanctity.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams and you follow the divine guidance, you learn how to tame your wild nature and become a wise and sensitive human being. Sound mental health is based on real goodness.

Unfortunately, the human race is very far from goodness. Even those who seem to be good are in fact exhibitionists who use their generosity in order to be applauded. You will rarely find real goodness on Earth.

Atheists believe that if God achieved, He would help human beings live happily instead of letting us pass through so much suffering in life. They ignore that we are responsible for our own suffering because we prefer what is bad. We live in order to learn the importance of goodness.

Atheists judge God's decisions based on how they believe God should act if He really exists, while they ignore the satanic nature of the primitive human conscience, which is still working in our brain. The anti-conscience is not a fossil.

God can not be indignant to our dangerous nature. We live exactly in order to transform this nature into peaceful human nature. We do not live in order to have material pleasures. These pleasures help us understand the importance of goodness, since only when you have favorable life conditions can you learn how to be a good person.

However, our absurdity reflected the importance of our material reality. Our cruelty, our greed, and our individence before the poverty of those who are starving transformed our world into a living hell. Our world is ruled by terror and violence, but camouflaged by indifference and hypocrisy. This fact proves our insanity. We are indifferent and selfish monsters.

Indifference is a heavy sin. When you are indignant to someone else's pain you are insensitive and cruel. You may believe that your attitude is basically neutral, but this is a false impression. If you are indignant to someone's pain this means that you are unable to feel their pain. You can not see their tears. You are a machine. You have no human warmth.

God is trying to save the human race from craziness and terrorism since he decided to create our planet with the intention to carry on this impossible mission. He regrets having tried to save us from despair because we refuse to obey His guidance. We insist on being selfish and insensitive.

Atheism and materialism characterize our world ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, financial power, and greed because we are violent primates. We do not want to pay attention to what is bad. We do not want to understand the importance of goodness.

The information you have in dreams helps you surpass the narrow limits of our barbarous historical time. You are able to see many hidden truths that average people can not see because you learn how to develop your intelligence and your sensitivity. You have information about how other people think, feel, and sense, besides being able to predict the future thanks to dream predictions.

Your dreams represent a bridge that unites a sinner like you with God, even though you are so imperfect and ignorant that you would never have the chance to approach God without this extraordinary alternative. You understand that you are absurd and evil because you have inherited a wild conscience, but you can become a perfect human being, independently of the negative characteristics you have inherited.

You will gradually eliminate the wild behavior of your anti-conscience through consciousness. Your dreams will help you understand your mistakes. You will also understand how to have a wise behavior in all circumstances.

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Dreaming Of Past Lives

When I was a child I realized that I used to be a man. I do not remember the details anymore, but my mother admits how positive I was that I had once been a man. By the time I hit puberty, the memories / belief faded and I did not think much about the issue after that … until I had a dream that I was a queen in ancient Egypt.

Western cultures have only reliably recently begun considering the idea of ​​reincarnation and past lives. But the concept, the belief, is as old as religion itself. Eastern philosophy considers past lives an essential and real part of the soul's journey and growth. Each life, each reincarnation teachers us, as spiritual beings, new lessons, offers us choices and experiences and aides in our spiritual development.

Children are much more likely to remember a past life (or numerous past lives) than adults. Children have not yet been subjected to the layers and layers of information, social programming and rules of their culture. They do not yet know that they're not supposed to remember what happened before they were born into this life. They often have vivid dreams of their past lives, but also have memories triggered by everyday events, objects and situations. Adults rarely spontaneously remember a past life, but do dream of them. However, they often do not recognize the dream as a past life memory.

By far, the most easily recognizable past life dream is the one that recurs. The dream does not necessarily repeat exactly, but the same location, time period, character or event replays over and over in different scenarios.

There have been a number of people who have had dreams or nightmares about past lives which then produced verifiable evidence. One such case convinced even the most diehard skeptics:

In 1962 Mrs. Smith went to consult with a psychiatrist, Dr. Guirdham. She was looking for help for a nightingare she had experienced since her teens. However, the dream was now coming two or three times a week. In her dream she was lying on her back on the floor while a man approached her from behind. She did not know what was going to happen but was absolutely terrified.

Although Dr. Guirdham remained calm and professional, he had to hide his surprise while listening to his new patient because he had been the same nightmare for more than 30 years. The doctor did not tell Mrs. Smith about this. The psychiatrist reported that strangely, after this meeting, neither he nor his patient had the nightmare again.

Although Dr. Guirdham was certain that his patient was psychologically healthy, he continued with the sessions because he wanted to know more about Mrs. Smith's knowledge of the past. Over numerous meetings, she provided him with names of people she said had lived in the 13th century and described things that happened to them. She also told him that he, too, had lived then and was known as Rogiet de Cruisot.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Guirdham was familiar with claims of reincarnation but never wave the concept much credence. However, intrigued by Mrs. Smith's so-called memories and his own dreams, he decided to investigate further.

Guirdham discovered that the names given to him by his patient were indeed accurate, although only mentioned in fairly rare history records of the Middle Ages. Those records had been written in French and had never been translated into English. The people Mrs. Smith described were all members of the Cathar sect-a group of Novatian and other Christians embracing a form of dualism and extraordinary practices, persecuted by Roman Catholics as heretics- in southern France and northern Italy in the Middle Ages.

Over time, Dr. Guirdham met a total of eleven individuals who had memories of their living together in a Cathar group. None of the subjects were drugged or hypnotized; past names and accidents simply appeared in their minds, according to Guirdham.

Mrs. Smith also had the doctor copies of drawings and verses of songs she had written as a teenager. Experts in Medieval French confirmed that she was writing in langue doc, the language of Southern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

She went on to astonish experts with her vast knowledge of the Cathars in Touluse, who had been persecuted by the Inquisition. In 1944, she reproduced, word for word, songs which were only discovered in archives in 1967. She knew historical details which only came to light later after painstaking investigation, such as:

  • The correct drawings of old French coins, jewelry and the layout of buildings
  • The correct details of the family and social relationships of people who do not appear in texts but who were extremely traced despite the records of the Inquisition
  • The knowledge that a crypt of a certain church was used to hold religious prisoners
  • The details of rituals and religious dress.

Professor Nellie, the greatest living authority on the period, was so impressed with the accuracy and quality of the information. Smith provided that he advised Guirdham that in the future, when there was conflict between the accepted historical view and the memories of his patient, he should “go by the patient.”

Guirdham later went on to discover several other people close to him who all shared the same memories which he documented in his book, The Cathars and Reincarnation.

The Mrs. Smith case is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to past life dreams. It's generally much more difficult to spot the evidence. However, if you're in the habit of keeping a dream journal, and if you take the time to find the patterns, connections and similarities you can sort out which dreams (if any) are showing you a past life. Once you've done this, you may be able to recall additional details by concentrating on the specifics of these dreams; such as the other characters in the dream, the setting or location, the events and objects. By doing this, it may trigger the memory of other events of your past life, like your name, place of birth, time period or place. The key is to relax and concentrate. Find a nice quiet place and put yourself into a meditative state. As you relax, let your mind settle on the details of the dream. You may be surprised by the additional details that surface.

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Feel the Benefits of Your Healthy Efforts

I'm so excited to share a topic I enjoy so much: feeling the benefits of our efforts.

Think about your work for a moment. How do you feel when you get through a task? Let's say you have a huge deadline approaching. So your unit has been prepping and prepping … and prepping …

The day arrives. The huge presentation is upon you. You all exhale. Success. It's all over with. But what happens next? Well, there is always the next “thing” to prep for. Maybe it's quarterly close. Maybe it's another meeting. Maybe it's correcting the issues your boss found on your last review. You know the drill. As fast as one thing ends, the next begins.

Life can be like this too. You accomplish one thing … and … what's next? What do I have to get done now? ” Alright, so I've washed the kitchen floor … but now I've got to get the laundry …” Life KEEPS on happening! You never get a break!

Let's relate this to health goals. You run a 5K. You agree that goal, but guess what? The next race is a month from now so you've got to start training for that. Or are you training for the longer race you have scheduled out next fall? Where am I? What am I doing all of this for?

Ahh … there is the million dollar question! What are you doing all of this for? Do you even remember?

Part of having FUN with your health and well-being is actually feeling the benefits of your efforts. It means taking the time to enjoy what you're doing. It's actually noticing your work is paying off.

Here's an example, an easy one just to paint this picture for us. So you've decided to start eating healthy. You no longer eat sugary breakfast foods and have cut out sugar-filled juices in the morning. Instead you drink green smoothies and eat oatmeal for breakfast. Hmm … OK. So day after day you're choosing the healthy choice. But have you even stopped to notice how you feel?

Do you realize that at 10 am (when you used to get so sleepy and irritable at work) you're still feeling fine? In fact, you have energy through your entire day!?! Have you noticed that when you get home from work you do not crash right onto the couch? You've been walking with your kids in the park !?

When you actually notice the benefits of your efforts you are more likely to continue with them. When you feel the good effects of the choices you make- it is easier to make those health-conscious decisions.

Start looking at your own life. If you are doing something because it is healthy- if you have made a health goal- do you realize what it is doing for you? Do you feel the benefits you are getting? When you start to notice the benefits, you have more satisfaction with what you are doing. You have more fun. You are more likely to stick with it!

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Four Aspects of Stress and How to Master Them!

Ever feel grumpy? Alone? Not sure which direction to take in your life or career? Or feel pain or discomfort in your body?

Although uncomfortable, each of these situations provide us with fertile ground, encouraging us to reconnect to our deepest needs, feelings, desires and desires. Wishing to propel us forward, they grab our attention and beckon us to expand our awareness of who we are and who we are meant to be. But in order to glean the wisdom they contain, we must first be willing to listen.

The body is an amazing biofeedback system, constantly providing us with vital information for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, we all struggle with stress and may sometimes find it difficult to rebound. Although the appearance of stress may seem to come in many forms, the key to improving our sense of health and well-being lies in recognizing the body's signals and learning when and how to read them.

The following descriptions will help you to identify the four aspects of stress, as they are occurring, followed by solutions to help you resolve them.

1) Physical Stress: Affects our energy and vitality levels. Pain, chronic tension, and the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of stress are strong influencers in determining our physical health.

Solution: Pay attention to the cues your body provides, whether it's a sore back, a headache, or tension in your jaw. First and foremost, be honest with yourself about your feelings, needs, and wants. Then, when and if appropriate, communicate them to those involved.

2) Emotional Stress: Triggered by fear, emotional stress can be debilitating. Fear of not having enough, being enough, or doing enough can wreak havoc on our emotional health and paralyze us from taking action.

Emotional stress can be triggered by expectations, our interpretations of people, places and events, and by reliving painful experiences from the past. (Make note, however, that reliving experiences that conjure up feelings of joy will help to produce endorphins and improve your mood, to boot!)

Solution: Learning how to identify the source of emotional stress in your life is the first step to managing it. Begin by noticing your response to disappointment and when you feel an internal or external sense of pressure. (Hint: The latter may come in the form of doing something you would probably not do, or feeling guilty for saying “no” to a request that someone makes of you.) Then step back and take a breath. Giving yourself time to recoup from emotional stress will help you to assess and respond to the situation more objectively, and will leave you feeling better about yourself and those involved.

3) Mental Stress: What we think (our self-talk) plays a huge role in how we feel, and is often unconscious and habitual. I have heard it said that we have 60,000 thoughts a day, and most of them are the same! Unfortunately, the messages we give ourselves are not always the most thoughtful or kind. How we see the world and the beliefs we hold true about it, and ourselves, are key factors that contribute to the quality of our mental health.

Solution: Notice what you are focusing your attention on as you move through your day. If you are thinking stressful thoughts, such as “I'll never get this right,” or “Why does Jim get all the attention when I'm the one who got the job done?” gently shift your attention and try to look at the situation differently. For instance, replace self-negating thoughts, such as “I'll never get this right,” with messages that are affirming, such as “I am doing the best I can. It's okay to make mistakes,” and
“I do not need anyone else's approval. I know I got the job done and I feel good about it.” Lastly, when feeling angry or obsessed with something that's gone awry, be sure to check the accuracy of your perceptions and assumptions. You may find you are basing them on past experiences rather than current reality. A common mistake we are all make to make. Be proactive rather than reactive. You may be pleasantly surprised and feel better, too!

4) Spiritual Stress: Spiritual stress affects all aspects of our health: physical, mental, and emotional and stems from feeling disconnected from ourselves and others.

Solution: When feeling out of sorts and disconnected from yourself or the world around you, find one person you can reach out to and connect with (animals are great, too!), And find ways to nurture and replenish your Spirit. Spend time in nature, get out for a walk, or engage in a creative pursuit that brings you a sense of pleasure.

In addition to better health, alleviating stress will serve to enhance other aspects of your life. For instance, you may notice your relationships improving, synchronicities occurring, and life looking larger and brighter. What's more, access to your Higher Mind will become natural as you clear away the old and make room for intuitive insights and guidance.

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How To Adapt And Stick To A Fitness Routine

The phrase 'healthy body, healthy mind' is something that many people like to adhere to as sturdy as they can. Feeling positive about yourself takes a sustained commitment to making the right choices and coming up with an exercise routine that works for you is an important part of this. When you keep yourself active the benefits are vast, from feeling your confidence rocketing to improving your health dramatically.

There are numerous people who are attracted to the idea of ​​getting into shape but when it comes down to it some fail to sustain any kind of fitness schedule and gradually, or quickly, tail off. As a result, it requires an alteration in thinking as well as allowing your body to adapt to the changes.

The truth is that the majority of people are capable of improving their physical condition and some choose to take full advantage of that possibility. Even if you have previously led an entirely different lifestyle it is possible to become an exercise junkie, and this is exactly how it transpires in many cases. Before you truly get the fitness bug you have to break through the psychological barrier of getting started and this is an obstacle that can be negotiated in the following ways.

Find positive effects
Getting fit takes a huge amount of motivation from within, but it always helps to have people around you with a positive outlook on matters. Those who encourage you to set goals and achieve them are invaluable so it is worth associating with influences like this where you can.

Do not be deterred by any difficulties
Even those who have been avid runners and gym attendees for a number of years go through times of frustration with injury or when it comes to finding the extra motivation. It is not possible to achieve everything in one fell swoop with a fitness plan so never be put off or discouraged when things are particularly tough. In addition to taking a step-by-step approach the secret is to look upon any difficulty as an opportunity and a challenge.

Set manageable goals
It is certainly important to hold back from pushing yourself too hard when you begin your fitness work and although goals are terrific to have it is advisable to keep them immediately within your reach at first. This will ensure that your progress is steady and you also get the benefit of feeling a sense of achievement on numerous occasions. Bigger targets are fantastic but do not be too angry about attaining them too soon.

Come up with a varied routine
Learning to keep things interesting with your fitness is a skill that will be crucial as time goes on. Even if an activity satisfied all your needs to begin with you may find that you are getting along with the results nor the enjoyment from it further down the line. A mixture of workouts is essential so if you have started off with running then why not add in some weights or even some swimming?

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Color Psychology and a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen – Intro

Your favorite color probably changes from day-to-day. Typically on Monday you wake up invigorated from your relaxing weekend, you're full of energy and possibilities, you grab that red dress, you are going to work like your life depended on it and you're determined to get on top and stay on top. However, by Friday you are wearing blues, greens and even blacks. All you can think about is a nice dark relaxing room, a glass of wine and someplace you do not have to do anything.

The colors you wear affect your disposition, and can even affect your decisions. Color plays a very large part of our individual worlds and yet most of us are completely unaware of it. Here are a few examples, see if you can relate.

Imagine yourself sitting in a bright sunshine yellow cubicle trying to create a spreadsheet. Now imagine yourself in a blue cubicle doing the same thing. Which feels better? I'm guessing you said blue; it is really tough to concentrate on mundane tasks when yellow is bouncing all around. (Although accents of yellow do freshen and tie monotony.)

Imagine yourself on stage performing in a talent show and you have control of selecting your back colors of purple or green. Which do you select? Most likely if you are under 20 you will select purple. Purple says (psychologically) to the world “I'm searching for my identity”. Green says “I am presenting to you who and what I am”. Most youths choose purple because they have not gained the confidence needed to present themselves.

Imagine yourself on a cruise and there are two identical nightclubs one at the front and one at the back, the one at the front is done in vibrant red décor, curtains, rugs, flashing red lights etc. The one in the rear is identical but done in vivid orange … to which do you see yourself drawn? If you said red, you identify with the need for intense action and energy and you will probably dance yourself sore! If you said orange you identify with the need for intense enjoyment and excitation without the drive for action … you're probably sitting in a group of hearty laughers with a Tequila Sunrise in one hand and a bunch of grapes in the other!

OK, last one. Imagine you are creating your own army of metallic clones to do your every bidding. You have a choice to go with silver chrome or hi-gloss brass or “new penny” copper for their finish. Which did you choose? Your army of Chrome Clones will be secret ninja intuitive guides. Your army of Brass / Gold Clones will be conquering and confidant and will bask in the limelight. Your army of Copper Clones will be social and interactive negotiators.

These examples show how subtly the psyche reacts to color.

In the next several sections I will relate how each color can affect us positively or negatively and suggest ways to bring balance back into our lives. One of the most successful items I've found is a process called chromotherapy combined with my personal suggestions of the use of stained glass lighting.

Chromotherapy is an energy modality that utilizes colored light to balance energy in our body. When light (color waves) register on our retinas it sends an electrical impulse to our brain releasing certain hormones and can be used to treat mental and physical disorders.

The following sections will fill you in on color psychology key points and suggest items for your home décor especially your fireplace and windows (natural light sources) to balance not only your psyche but how you present yourself to the world.

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How to Find Sound Mental Health and Evolve in a Crazy World

The information you have in dreams helps you in so many ways that you will surely realize that your dreams are sent by God. When you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you verify that all dreams contain meaningful messages.

These messages give you detailed information about what is happening in your psychological system and in the world around you. They also talk about your past, your traumas, and the problems you are facing now. Thus, you understand from the beginning that the unconscious words reflect the truth.

God knows everything about you, your life, and everyone around you. You find solutions for all problems in dreams.

You may have the tendency to dislike believing in God's existence because you follow the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the modern civilization. You probably consider science more important than religion. Perhaps you believe that it is strange to read a document about a scientific method of dream interpretation, which declares that our dreams are produced by God. God is not a scientifically proven truth.

However, the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method translates God's words because it is based on real research, and not on the dream interpreter's imagination. Carl Jung looked for the meaning of dreams like an archeologist who was trying to understand the meaning that the dream images had for the human race. I precisely followed his steps, providing that his method is efficient and real.

I was cured from my severe neurosis, which already had characteristics of schizophrenia, and I became a psychiatrist and psychologist. I started curing others through dream translation without payment, since September of 1990. I completed Carl Jung's research and I simplified the dream language before publishing my work online, in 2007 and 2008, after nineteen years of studies and real cures through dream therapy.

I looked for the meaning of many dream symbols that Jung did not explain. I also discovered the wild side of the human conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience.

I could better understand the dream language because I was a writer writer since my childhood and I had an extraordinary literary talent. All my writings were inspired by the unconscious mind, which sends us therapeutical dreams and gives us artistic talents with the intention to help us escape craziness, and have the chance to evolve.

I also was a designer since my childhood. Many of my drawings helped me better understand my psychological reality. I found important dream symbols in my drawings and in all the personages of a literary book I started writing after suffering from a tragic car accident, when I was 15-years-old. This book helped me fully understand the meaning of the symbolic dream language and relate the information I had in dreams to our mental health, based on Carl Jung's lessons.

My work proves to the world that Jung was a special scientist. The real importance of his work was not properly evaluated by the ignorant, superficial, and hypocritical world. My work proves to the world that Jung discovered the right code for the comprehension of the real meaning of the dream language according to the meaning given by the dream producer; the unconscious mind.

Only Jung did not distort the meaning of dreams with his suppositions, like all the other dream interpreters and scientists of the world. Everyone must learn his method of dream interpretation based on my simplifications, after continuing his mission.

The real translation of the dream language accurately transcribes God's words. This is an important scientific proof of God's existence, which can be verified into practice when you learn the dream language and you start understanding the meaning of your own dreams.

You verify that your dreams talk about your past and about all the details that were important for you. You understand from the beginning that your doctor already knows everything about your psychological system and how you can be cured. God is an excellent psychiatrist and psychologist; the only one who can cure invincible mental illnesses.

My work also proves to the world that human beings are unable to cure mental illnesses without Divine guidance because there is craziness into the largest part of the human brain.

This means that we are absent from birth. Absurd creatures can not understand how to find sound mental health without being guided by a mentally healthy and wise mind; the divine unconscious mind. We indispensably need superior guidance.

Alone we will never find peace. We are unable to put an end to terrorism, violence, immorality, poverty, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed because we are absurd and evil. Craziness and evilness are synonyms.

We are wild and under-developed primates who have inherited a satanic anti-conscience. Our anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy the human conscience we received from God. We received this conscience from God in order to transform our wild side into human content by obeying God's guidance in our religion and in our dreams.

However, we refuse to respect our religion. On the other hand, only now I am scientifically proving God's existence thanks to the fast dream translations based on my dynamic method, derived from Carl Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation.

His method is so complicated and obscure that it does not have a practical value for average people. Only now that I simplified the dream language can easily understand the dream language and have a direct communication with God without complications.

My work solves a basic problem because it is the result of my obedience to God's guidance. I would never be able to simplify Jung's method without Divine guidance. My work is God's gift to the world. I was an obedient servant.

God is the best psychiatrist you can find, but God also is your spiritual guide. You have to transform your personality and become a better person. You have to understand the meaning of goodness, so that you may defend its importance into practice.

Your goodness is more important than anything else for your evolution as a human being, but you tend to believe that goodness is something you should give to those you like. You disregard those you dislike, and you never show compassion before their pain.

God will show you that you have to like like an angel in all occasions, with everyone, even with your worst enemies. And not only that; you have to love your enemies the same way you love your children even when they do something you dislike.

You have to show compassion to everyone, without exceptions.

Your goodness helps you keep your mental stability because it does not let you agree with the satanic ideas sent by your anti-conscience whenever you face challenging situations. When you try to become a perfect human being you do not make costly mistakes that can put your mental stability in danger.

However, trying to become a better person in a crazy world is a dangerous adventure you can not face alone. It's very hard to be good in a selfish world, especially because you have inherited absurdity into your own brain. You have to obey the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams, even if you will disagree with God's wisdom.

God will save your sanity and help you use all of your brain power. Even if in the beginning you will not understand God's plan for your psychotherapy, you should always believe that God knows what is better for you because God is wise and saintly, while you are an imperfect creature. Many times you will not be able to evaluate God's wisdom from the beginning because you ignore how your future will be unfolded, and many other things that God can not explain in a few words.

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The T-Ballification of America’s Youth

I can directly link the sense of entitlement and lack of motivation our youth has today to the day we stopped throwing a baseball at them to hit. Rather, we set that ball upon a Tee andave them as many swings as they needed to hit the ball. On top of that, regardless of how many more runs one team scored than the other, there were no winners and no losers declared.

The T-Ballification of America was the beginning of the end. No longer did youngsters have the drive to be better than the competition. They did not need to. Regardless of his or her performance, they were going to receive the same trophy as the other guy.

Participation ribbons were one thing. I get that each kid describes a little smack on the ass for at least trying, but not declaring a winner or a loser just taught our children not to try.

Recently a 'martial artist' visited my gym. She was very talented, and had pretty decent technique. It was the beginning of Summer and the gym was somewhat hot. She quit th through class, complaining about the heat. She said she just could not continue.

I contend that regardless of her seemingly good technique, she was no martial artist. If she learned her martial arts in an air-conditioned room with matted floors, and was unable to execute her martial arts in conditions that were less favorable … she had no business calling herself a martial artist.

Learning to defend yourself in the heat of battle means you are accredited to adverse conditions, and you are mentally and physically prepared to end them. You prepared to persevere and rise to the occasion. Her martial arts instructor did her a disservice. All this time, she thought she had learned a skill that in reality she had not. Her kicks were pretty, but what good are they if you are unable to throw them in adverse conditions?

I have seen a paradigm shift in our society regarding those who underachieve. When I was a child, I was scared to death to have my teacher call my mother to tell her I had worked up in class. Nowadays, teachers are scared to death to make that call, for fear of how the parent will respond. Undoubtedly, Mom or Dad would blame the teacher for creating an environment that would allow their son or daughter to act out.

At first blush, the sense of entitlement and the lack of drive are two completely separate issues, but I submit they are connected.

I am a huge MMA fan. I have enjoyed watching the sport evolve and how the athletes have become more and more talent. This would debunk my theory about kids having no drive, because they could not reach such great heights without it. But, more often than not, I find myself reading stories about athletes that have committed a bone-head crime, or fallen out with their trainer or management team, or tested dirty for a banned substance. There is a lack of accountability that is created when you stop keeping score. There is a lack of responsibility if your teams are not depending upon you when you step up to the plate.

Compound that issue with the powers that be taking all the emotion out of the game for fear you may hurt each other's feelings. The NFL disallowed celebrating a good play. You are now considered taunting if you show any emotion for succeeding. When did we get so sensitive that we can not handle seeing our opponent jump up and down? That should do nothing but fuel your fire to work harder and do what is necessary to not let that happen again.

Bring back the pitcher. Make him stand out on the mound, and throw the ball over the strike zone. Make his opponent stare him in the eye and try to make contact with that ball. Make the income of the game depend upon who gets the best of which. Teach a kid how to win a game, and how to come up on the short end of the stick. Make him look his teammates in the eye when he fails, and let him be carried on their shoulders when he succests.

I teach martial arts, not baseball, but the analogy crosses over. While a healthy and safe environment is always strived for, Little Johnny just might get punched in his face. And as much as it hurts us as parents to see that happen, it might not be the worst thing that could happen to him. He might just realize that if he keeps his hands up like his instructor taught him, or used the footwork that we have been working on in class, he just might not suffer the same result in the future.

If we as parents teach our children accountability at a young age, as well as the importance to strive to be the best they can be, rather than coddling them, and trying to protect them from the evils of the world, they will have a much greater chance at success as they grow older.

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The Limitless Power Of Energy – The Natural Effects Of Energy In The Body

No one really knows exactly what energy is but it is known that energy exists because without it life simply would not exist. There are many forms of energy, but the most mentioned forms discussed in academic and scientific studies are kinetic, potential, and radiant. Historically, the concept of energy derived from the idea of ​​a living force, the energy force that is responsible for the activity of matter. When people think about energy they most think about the types of energy commonly utilized, such as gas, fuel, electricity, solar, and mechanical energy. When I think of energy I think of the human energy system specifically the energy forces that activate emotions. I believe emotions are survival instincts, for example, stress particularly fear initially served as a survival instinct for protection.

Natural energy or the forces of nature are clearly evident, demonstrated, and recognized in the effects of the wind, lightening, electricity, and static. However, the force of human nature are clearly evident and demonstrated in human behavior and interaction, but is still lagging behind in areas of recognition; recognition as far as being the energy forces of social, personal, and individual behavior and interaction. Science has identified human energy as waves of vibrations surrounding the body, and electromagnetic activity in the brain. I believe emotion including feelings and moods, which are physiological responses to the interpretation of life events and situations, is the core of the human energy system. The forces of emotion are demonstrated in the feeling and moods we allow to determine our outlook on life.

Energy is an unknown element invisible to the natural eye, but the effects are known and generally visible to the natural eye. The effects of energy in the human body are one of nature's many fascinations, yet it is taken for granted in human behavior and interaction. Maybe this is a result of the limits of science; we can not directly observe energy, so energy by itself can not be scientific. The effects of energy however can not be denied; therefore the focus is on the effects of energy rather than on energy itself.

As previously stated, stress particularly fear initially served as a survival instinct, today stress has become a silent killer to human natural wellbeing. I believe stress drains the human energy systems for which it depletes the immune systems leading to illnesses and diseases. Think about the energy it takes for mothers who can lift a van or can to protect her child in response to the fear of her child being killed. This is a perfect example of the limitless power of energy, it is sometimes unexplainable.

I like to define energy as the unseen source of all existence. With the advancement of science and technology psychologists and researchers can now observe the electromagnetic activity of the brain's cellular neurons and protons. But like everything else in life, with the exception of energy, everything has its limits. It is crucial that we not only pay attention to the effects of energy but also to energy itself. Acknowledging the limitless power of energy itself will change your emotional outlook on life.

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Living and Thriving With Congestive Heart Failure, What You Need to Know

Longer life spans, combined with “less than healthy” lifestyles, have lead to a rise in heart failure, also known as congestive heart failure or CHF. You can think of it as a “Pooped Pump.” The heart becomes unable to pump effectively, creating a system breakdown, where blood circulation is unable to meet the body's needs. Diseases that weakened the heart, cause stiffening of the heart muscle, or increase the oxygen demand beyond the hearts ability to deliver, can cause this type of failure.

Conditions such as coronary artery disease or high blood pressure can gradually cause the heart to weakened or become too stiff to fill and pump efficiently. The heart, in simple terms, is a pump that works together with the lungs to circulate your blood. The lungs take in oxygen when you breathe and that oxygen is circulated through the bloodstream with each heartbeat, which is a full cycle of the pumping heart. The oxygen-rich blood is pumped out of the lungs and back into the rest of the body.

The pumping action can be impaired for many reasons such as disease, heart attacks, infections, heart valve disorders, toxins, or an abnormally high oxygen demand by the body's tissues, as with hyperthyroidism or anemia. With a pooped pump, the heart can not pump hard enough to keep up with this cycle. It takes in more blood from the lungs, than it can pump back out into the body. The excess blood backs up and seeps out of blood vessels into other tissue, including the lungs. This causes the cells to become waterlogged and creates swelling, called edema.

Congestive heart failure unexpectedly affects the other systems and organs of the body. Weakened heart muscles may not supply enough blood to the kidneys, causing them to lose their ability to excrete salt (sodium) and water. This finished kidney function can cause the body to retain fluid. Often this is the first sign or complaint causing people to seek medical attention.

Swelling in gravity-dependent areas such as in the feet, ankles, and legs results from a weakened heart, not pumping sturdy enough to recirculate the fluid back up to the heart. Diuretics (medications that increase urination) are the usual treatment because they help the body get rid of excess fluid. Numerous diuretics can be used singularly, or in combination, along with other therapies. Keeping the legs elevated, limiting salt and fluid intake and wearing support stockings can help relieve lower extremity swelling by reducing the hearts workload.

Lungs can also become congested with fluid, so “congestive” heart failure. This is called pulmonary edema, and it causes fatigue, and activity intolerance. Fluid accumulation in the lungs causes shortness of breath, particularly when lying flat. Accumulation of fluid in the liver and intestines may cause nausea, abdominal pain, and reduced appetite. Fluid accumulation in the liver impairs its ability to excrete toxins and produce essential proteins. This condition can cause the intestines to become less efficient in absorbing nutrients and medicines.

Congestive heart failure is generally progressive with periods of stability, and periods of symptom exacerbation. Symptoms depend on which area of ​​the body is most involved in the reduced pumping action. It also depends on the degree to which the body compensates for the heart muscle weakness. As the right heart failure worsens, upper legs can swell and eventually the abdomen can collect fluid, called ascites. Weight gain comes from fluid retention and is used as a measure of how much fluid is being retained. Those with CHF should weigh daily to monitor for fluid accumulation.

Diagnosis is made through a close examination of medical history, a physical examination, and selected laboratory tests. A thorough patient history can remember the presence of one or more risk factors for heart failure such as a history of coronary artery disease, prior heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, or alcohol abuse. The physical exam focuses on the detection of extra fluid in the body, by listening to breath sounds, and assessing for swelling in the extremities or neck veins. There is also a thorough evaluation of the heart condition, by assessing pulse, heart size, heart sounds, and looking for the presence of arrhythmias or murmurs. Other symptoms would be a rapid or irregular heartbeat, persistent cough or wheezing, and white or pink blood-tinged phlegm.

Testing is dependent on the suspected diagnoses. An echocardiogram or ECG / EKG is one of the most useful diagnostic tests. It is an ultrasound used to view the heart muscle, valves, and blood flow patterns. It is helpful in diagnosing heart muscle weakness. Other diagnostic tests include a chest X-ray to detect previous heart attacks, heart enlargement, arrhythmias, and fluid in and around the lungs. Heart catheterization is another tool allowing visualization of the arteries to the heart. Nuclear medicine studies are also an option. They can be used to assess the overall pumping capacity of the heart and to look for adequate blood flow to the heart muscle.

The course of this disease is dependent on numerous variables such as the degree of underlining heart disease, response to medications, other organ system involvement, and severity of accompanying conditions. While you can not reverse the many conditions that lead to heart failure, the impaired pumping action can often be treated with good results. Medication can improve the signs and symptoms and help you live longer. Basic lifestyle changes, such as decreasing salt intake, managing stress, treating depression, exercising, and losing weight, can improve quality of life. The best way to prevent heart failure is to control risk factors and conditions that cause it. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention, really is worth a pound of cure!

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