Keep The Entire Family Healthy By Following Some Tips

There's no reason that tackling health concerns can not be a team effort, and who better to do so with than the family. Family medicine experts say that building a healthy family strategy to include lifestyle choices and working a game plan together often yields much more success!

Explore the variety of ways to get healthy as a family and then get busy implementing them so the family can always be at its best.

Eat Well

In order for the entire family to stay at a healthy weight, they all have to eat! Starving to lose weight is not the answer. Fueling up on a daily basis will keep everyone from feeling like they have an insatiable appetite. This is when the hormone that controls hunger, ghrelin, spikes up! It takes about a half hour for that particular hormone to go back to normal once a person starts eating!

By the time it subsides, most have ateen many more calories than they need. Keeping healthy snacks on hand is important, and a family medicine specialist can help everyone put together a meal plan that they approve of.

Make Breakfast and Lunch Easy

When it comes to a busy family lifestyle, not having a healthy go-to option for every person can spell disaster. When this is the case, members are more likely to make bad choices on the fly. However, if a couple of common, easy items are purchased when grocery shopping it'll be much easier!

Oatmeal, an all-natural cereal, nuts, raisins and even homemade granola are great options, as well as Greek yogurt and fruit. These quick breakfasts mean that family members do not have to do much to have a quick breakfast, especially through the week!

For lunch, things like vegetable soup, fresh lunch meat, tuna and whole grain bread are perfect. Peanut butter sandwiches and a piece of fruit are great for kids! The fruit substitutes for jelly since it's loaded with sugar, which family medicine professionals say is a big contributor to unhealthy kids.

Exercise Does not Have to Be Boring

It's crucial for every member of the family to strive to get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day. It may sound simple but when traveling to a gym or park, that eats up a lot of critical time for busy families. Family medicine pros say that the 20 minutes can easily be done at home.

Take a walk around the neighborhood

• Play a sport
• Go for a bike ride
• Alternate push-ups and crunches
• Turn on a workout DVD or webcast and do it as a family
• Try Wii Fit or any video game that help everyone move

These are just a few ideas that will get you moving. It's also a great time for family bonding which also keeps everyone healthy and happy.

Avoid Junk Food – Do not Even Buy It!

It's up to the parents to ensure that the kids only eat healthy foods. That's why it's best to not even buy cookies and chips or similar junk foods. If they're not in the house, no one can eat them! It's that simple. Nuts, pretzels, fruits and veggies that are cut up and ready to eat will be a great substitute and if the kids … or adults get hungry enough they'll eat them!

Before long, implementing this rule no one will even miss the goodies. Once the body gets off of bad products that include too much salt and sugar, it starts craving the good stuff.

Eat as a Family

Eating together every night is more important than one would think. Ask any family medicine expert and they'll say that the emotional bond of a family that sits down to a meal together is priceless. It opens up an opportunity to really talk, and can even improve confidence and grades!

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God Heals What the Medical Professionals Cannot

It's an amazing thing to see a broken bone instantly damaged, a cancer on the hand disappear before your eyes, someone get out of a wheelchair and walk, or a limb grow back to its normal size. These are genuine miracles and they are happening worldwide as the Spirit of God is out of hiding and making itself known among its people. That is the secret !. Not everyone belongs and only the spiritual children of Israel are receiving their inheritance which involves miracles of healing.

This claim would have been outrageous if it did not come from the Old Testament prophecies that prove that religion has buried the real God and put up false images and prayers that have no pathway to it. Yes, I said IT! That is because God is the Great Spirit of the Universe and understanding the nature of such starts with the knowledge that it has no sex, it has never fathered a child, and that it is through all of space and not in some distant far away and unreachable heaven.

One 'feels' the Spirit within through tingles and goose-bumps when the truth is heard or a thought crosses the mind. They increase in intensity when the Spirit is happy and one is doing or saying the right thing. They also fade and may go entirely when in the presence of lies, fiction, and even a church, temple, or mosque.

This is how the Spirit leads and guides and along with the little voice within it informs. We may sit and ponder what to do about something and the answer presents itself. We may sleep on a difficult issue and in the morning know exactly what to do. That is because the Spirit works through our subconscious mind and when we give way to it then we get a response.

Meditation and peace are important in listening to the little voice within and giving way to it. That means one can ask whether or not they belong to the chosen and what they should do about it. In the world right now there are many like this that are pouring out traditional traditions and other things and gathering together in groups. They are abandoning the things of the world and communicating with God on a new level.

In these New Age establishments miracles are an everyday occurrence. If you want to know how to get healing and would like a closer walk with God then do something about it. The Spirit is calling its children and this may be what it is doing to you right now. Do not put up negatives and let shyness or doubt get in the way. God heals what the medical profession can not and that includes everything.

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Death Is Not the End of Life

Just thinking about how man is trying to solve problems associated with old age and living makes me shudder. That is because I have memory of reincarnation and know that at death we just pass on into a new body; at least that was my experience. It showed me that there is no heaven or hell that the devil, angels, saints, and so-called Trinity God is all make-believe. Religions depend on them for their power and control and that means they are fake.

The thought of spending eternity in a hell of fire has caused many to go insane while others have a great fear of death. There is also the purported notification that God is waiting to judge you when you are gone from the world and that only religion can save you. That drives people into the difficulties and makes them conform with the rules of men.

Driven to speak to people in the public arena on many occasions it is disturbing to learn of some of their experiences. The fear parent have, for instance, if their children turn out to rebel against the accepted principals of their community is governed by their religious teaching and many are pushing their children so hard that they ever must leave home to escape.

When one has a spiritual link within it is a little voice telling of what is right or wrong. It leads and guides its own and religion is not in its favor so those who are so led will rebel even against their parents to avoid going to church or temple.

The Spirit of the Universe is the real God and now everyone who has ever lived is back in their bodies awaiting the end of the earth as we know it. This is the last days and all that has been put down in prophecies is coming true, including the promise that the earth will cast out its dead (Isaiah 27:19). Those who are not linked to the Spirit will just be gone forever.

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My Call to Release My Inner Critic

Are you hard on yourself? Are you your own worst critic? I certainly have been my whole life, and it looks that my body is sending me a strong message that constant self-criticism has not only been hard on my self-esteem; it has taken a toll on my physical health.

Last week, I shared with you the new lesson that has presented itself in my life – my recent diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. As I did some preliminary research on this condition, I had to ask myself: if my immune system is attacking my joints, that means my body is attacking itself. What does this tell me about the effect of the constant self-criticism I have engaged in through my life? Have I not been attacking myself my whole life? Is it any wonder that my body is reflecting my own attacks at all of my perceived shortcomings and mistakes?

I was drawn back to Louise L. Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life. Here is what she writes about arthritis on page 137: “Arthritis is a dis-ease that comes from a constant pattern of criticism. criticism because it is their pattern to criticize. They are cursed with “perfectionism,” the need to be perfect at all times in every situation … Why do we set up standards that say we have to be “Super Person,” in order to be barely acceptable? It's such a strong expression of “not being good enough,” and such a heavy burden to carry. ”

The constant pattern of self-criticism and the inner drive to be “perfect” describe me perfectly. All my life, I have set insanely high standards for myself in every role and situation, and all because I believed that I was not good enough. Whenever I did not attain the incredibly demanding standards I set for myself, I would release my inner critic and subject myself to a storm of self-criticism. I realize that in setting such impossibly high standards for myself, I also set high standards for everyone else. Why could not I accept me and everyone else just as we are? Why did I choose to look through lenses that projected a constant perception of “not good enough”? Why did any self-acknowledgment or feeling of self-worth require such a high cost?

I am returning to the daily practice of self-love and positive affirmations of my worth. That practice was essential to the beginning of my healing journey after my divorce years ago, and with this wake-up call from my body, I realize that I need to re-establish my practice of self-love and continue to forgive and release all the wrongs I have perceived that I have suffered at the hands of others. How deep it is to finally understand that I created all the pain I have experienced in my life and that it is within my power to release that pain and to find true and deep healing. Not only have I been hard on myself, but I have expected others to be a certain way so they can meet my needs. When they have not done that, I have experienced pain. It is not, nor has it ever been, up to others to make me happy or to make me feel loved and worthy. That is an inside job – my inner work.

And so my journey to true, unconventional love continues, and as it does, I marvel at how the journey unfolds. Every time I think that I am “getting it,” something happens to pose the question, “Just how much do you really get it?” I feel myself more aware of the learning that occurs within each experience and more accepting of the process. More than anything, I trust in Divine guidance, which always supports me in the moment that I ask.

I pray that you are able to see your worth and that you practice self-love each and every day. May we all recognize our own worth and the worth of every other person with which we come in contact so that we may really embrace one another as beloved spiritual sisters and brothers. Imagine the healing we will create and experience when we release our inner critiques and embrace the love that we truly are! Namaste, my dreams 🙂

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Why Your Dreams Help You Understand Your Reality

You verify that there is a demon in people's minds when someone you trusted betrays you, or when you discover that someone you invited committed a crime.

However, how can you spot a demon in other people's minds before being a victim of their wickedness?

The truth is that the demon exists in everyone's brain, but it is controlled by their conscience when it is stronger than their anti-conscience. This is why some people seem to be balanced.

Those who are mentally ill lost a large portion of their conscience and are controlled by their anti-conscience. These people are more dangerous, but the fact that they are mentally ill is invisible.

The truth is that we are mentally ill from birth and many of the things we consider normal are in fact demonstrations of cruelty. Everyone is in a dangerous situation because everyone can become more mentally ill at any time, depending on the challenges they will face in life.

You can learn how to spot the demon persistent in everyone's mind by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. You will learn how to eliminate the demon existent in your mind, and how to detect signs of absurdity and wickedness in other people's behavior.

This does not mean that you will always have warnings in dreams about everyone you know. You will have warnings when they will help you avoid bad situations. Other times you will have to face bad situations in life because many people here make terrible mistakes, and you can not always be protected from everything as if you did not belong to your planet.

However, you will be able to identify the demon existing in many people's minds and protect yourself from their bad intentions in most cases.

The knowledge you have when you learn the dream language helps you understand God's words in your dreams.

God speaks like a poet, even though he is a judge and a doctor. He is a very serious priest who is trying to purify our violent and immoral spirit. This is why He works as a therapist, producing dreams that work like psychotherapy and mind empowerment. Our spirit depends on our mental health.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams you learn how to think based on God's wisdom, and not based on the knowledge of your historical time. You follow God's logic, which is based on sanctity, and not the selfish logic of your conscience.

God shows you that your spiritual evolution is more important than the material life. You understand that when you think you have to take into consideration many aspects that you used to disregarded or despise. You become more intelligent and careful.

By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you verify that everything is very meaningful. You stop being ignorant and naïve.

Today most people believe that everything happens by chance and that it is foolish to try to interpret the meaning of our reality.

God shows you in your dreams the real meaning of your reality and your future. The knowledge you have is not theoretical; it is practical and really helpful.

You understand in which ways every event is related to your life and to other people's lives. The more you learn, better you understand the symbolic meaning of your reality and the value of this information.

The truth is that you are foolish when you believe that things happen by chance in a planet created with the intention to transform Satan into a human being.

The truth is that the rudimentary scientific knowledge of your historical time is unable to understand numerous phenomena.

God gives you scientific and religious explanations in your dreams, helping you understand the relationship existing between all facts and events. You discover what exists behind the reality reality and what determines the future development of your reality.

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The Sensation of Living in the Now

In their inspirational book, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, writer Philip Yancy and surgeon Dr. Paul Brand explore the fascinating world of the human body and spirit, examining “the miracle of skin, the strength and structure of the bones, [and] the dynamic balance of muscles”. Dr. Brand reflects on his time spent with people suffering from leprosy, revealing how that experience altered his life by making him appreciate the function of the human skin and its ability to feel sensations. Leprosy is a condition that causes granulomas of the nerves, respiratory tract, eyes, and skin; it results in a person's ability to feel. Apart from the skin lesions and damage due to the disease itself, lepers are typically covered with sores that are caused when they sit on something hard or when they lean on sharp objects. Wounds and infections can result in tissue loss and deformation, numbed and diseased skin, and permanent damage to the nerves, limbs, and eyes.

We often take the gift of our five senses for granted. Yet just stop a moment and imagine having no feeling in your skin to warn you of extreme heat, sharp objects, or dangerous situations. Dr. Brand imagined this frequently. Although leprosy can be treated, it is contagious via nasal droplets; the doctor often surprised if he would wake up with the numb symptoms. It changed his outlook and made him intensely grateful for his life and for the world around him.

The acronym NOW is a summary of this kind of awareness:

NOTICE: Begin to notice and appreciate the senses you take for granted … feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling.

OPPORTUNITY: Find opportunities in the present moment to appreciate your senses in sentient moments of feeling the pressure of your feet against the ground, hearing music, seeing the sky or smelling an outside barbeque.

WITHIN: Allow your awareness to scan your body and notice the messages.

I have had the privilege of working with a group of terminally ill cancer patients. What floored me was their vibrancy, their joie de vivre; they took such delight in every moment because they knew that their lives would soon end. Mindfulness is about the celebration of the miracle of life that we so often take for granted. Everyday miracles, “simple” miracles, such as seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, and tasting-these are so overlooked, so underrated, yet so important. If we thought that we were going to wake up tomorrow and not be able to see, feel, smell, or hear, then we would cherish more of what our drinks could drink.

“Although time seems to fly by, it never travels faster than one day at a time. -Steve Maraboli

So try that. Live the day like it's your last. Take a moment and just look around you, see what draws your attention and what pleases your eyes. Allow your attention to focus on that someone or something for 30 seconds. Of course other thoughts will enter your mind meanwhile. Notice them, acknowledge them, and then refocus attention on your object. You may notice a greater sense of relaxation and calm as you immerse yourself in the experience of the present moment.

If you've never tried this before-of if you're looking for a different method to practice mindfulness more effectively-the “body scan” is an excellent technique to get in touch with your senses on a daily basis and monitor how you ' re doing and feeling …

The Body Scan Technique

1. Sit or lie down, and take three deep breaths. Mentally count each inhalation / exhalation.

2. Focus on your body for a few moments. Notice where you feel tension, pressure, or tightness. Simply allow your attention to scan through your body, as if you're taking an X-ray. Become aware of all the sensations.

3. Remind yourself that the intent of this practice is to focus on bodily sensations and to notice what happens. Watch without judgment. Observe the sensations of the present moment.

4. Let yourself be curious about the sensations in your body and the places where you've been unconsciously tense and pressured all this time. How strong are the sensations? How tight is the pressure? Is there throbbing? What parts of your body are in need of attention and healing? Remember-it is essential to be kind and objective during your self-diagnosis.

5. Re-scan your body more selectively and thoroughly. Begin with your head. Notice any pressure or tension. Drop your awareness to your neck and shoulders. Then your chest-often a place where a lot of tension brews. Next let your focus shift to your abdomen, your belly, and your back. Shift your attention down to your legs, moving further down till you reach the soles of your feet and the tips of your toes.

6. Meanwhile, stretch each muscle as you go-and, as you visualize the knots loosing, imagine that this is due to the healing energy you are sending through your body. Repeat the mantra of loving kindness mentally or out loud: May you be healed. May you be at peace. May you be filled with loving kindness.

7. Repeat as needed through the day. Cherish your body and send oxygen, intention healing, and loving compassion to all the areas that need to relax.

Remember that there is no one right way to do this. You'll do what feels right for you. The purpose of this exercise is simply to divert your attention into your body and to observe inner sensations with curiosity, openness, and gratitude. Just remember to stay centered and focused on the feelings and sensations. You can do body scans many times throughout the day, reminding your body that you do not need to hold onto negative thoughts or toxic emotions. You can mindfully and gently release tension and start afresh.

Pema Chodron is among those who take mindfulness one step further. She is an American-born Tibetan Buddhist, ordained nun, and author. She strongly advocates the Buddhist meditation practice called Tonglen, which is Tibetan for “sending and receiving”. This technique is about visualizing taking in suffering-one's personal suffering and / or the suffering of others-with each inhaling breath, and giving out acknowledgment, compassion, solidity, and aid during each exhaling breath. When you breathe in you open up and allow the pain to exist in the spaciousness of your body and mind and on the out breath you send healing yourself and others who are going through similar suffering. This technique has been shown to cultivate mind patterns which promote an attitude of love and self-sacrifice, where you can begin to exchange pain for love and healing.

“There is only one time that is important: now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.” -Leo Tolstoy

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Miracles Follow When the Link to Spirit Is Restored

It has nothing to do with religion as the link to the real God is born within. It is often separated by the role worship of idols play in one's life. Without it people flounder and get sick. Some commit suicide and others fall into various states of depression and mental illness. So what is it all about? Why does God appear to heal some and not others? Why are there diseases and mishaps that lead to death or an invalid state? Why do some have it but others do not.

This is something that can be explained due to my memory of reincarnation and a strong link to the Spirit. To begin with the world is trained not to accept such things as 'normal'. Anyone who claims to speak to God or to have reincarnated is pushed away as the religious hype about heaven and hell takes priority.

My experience is proof that these places of eternal life do not exist. They are dreams made up for power and control. Organizations such as the Catholic Church use them to encourage people to join the congregation while the lock on the door, the threat of hell, prevails them from leaving.

My awareness not to tell anyone of what my experience has taught me was governed by the Spirit. It warned me not to speak out until my feet are on solid ground. That time has arrived and through visions and a huge learning curve it showed me how some people belong to the Spirit because they were seeded with it at the start of the day of the lord.

They have been refined through hardships, torture, and death, to come to their present state. Born into religious families many have had that link separated by the false gods and idols. When asking for healing and to be reconcribed the Spirit is always waiting and ready to take them back. That may begin with their miraculous healing and restoration of the link that leads them into better associations in the future.

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Serious Health Risks From Worship of Idols

There is growing concern about the number of people who are obese and the increase in disease that is taking place worldwide. Serious outbreaks of incurable diseases like Ebala, Dengue fever, and now the Zika virus are just some of the most recent. Behind the scenes, however, there is far worse and more of the same to come. Because of greed even our most valuable fighters of disease, antibiotics, are weakened to such an extent they will have little effect on what is coming.

The countries most affected by such plagues are those who are religiously involved with false gods and idols. They believe in magic, are dominated by religious indoctrination, and live in grossly overpopulated countries. They are subjected to daught, super fires, famine, and now diseases. The medical world is at a loss to cope with so many traumas.

Couple with wars and other things, such as poverty, the life of millions hangs in the balance. What they do not realize, however, is that the false gods and idols are the cause. Without the power of the Spirit these people are not protected. The world is facing a major crisis that will see it end and those who are risk now will be taken out of the picture. '

This is all written in prophecy and overridden by the New Testament, which is the work of Jerome. He was commissioned to bring it online as a text to unite the floundering church after it was established by Constantine in 325 AD. He built the Vatican and the first Christian churches. He also invented Jesus Christ and out up the image of it. He reinstated the Mother God of Babylon, Mary, as its chief god.

Since this time the cohorts of the religion have spread out and taken their false gods into the entire world. Claimed to be the Prince of Peace since Jesus Christ was invented there has been nothing but wars, disease, famine, terrorism, and such. People who have fallen for the lies are suffering from one form of disease or problem or another.

Accidents, mass shootings, transport crashes, and other things are all a part of the end of the world that is looming. With each tragedy people reflect on their gods. Many turn back to them to ask the colored lumps of cement or plaster why something happened. They beg the Mother of God, Mary, to plead to God on their behalf. They stay in the dark and grow even sicker or receive more of the same but they never blow the images of their worship.

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Aging and Change – Learn to Expect and Accept

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

What is Change? Change is to become different. Change is to make someone or something different. Change is to become something else. It's one dependable trait is that it happens all the time – change is constant. We all have to deal with change on a daily basis. Nothing ever remains the same forever. Sometimes change can be hard, yet we still have to end and keep moving forward.

How do we deal with change? We must learn to expect it and accept it. We must all face the fact that change will always come. This can bring us hope when things are going poorly in our lives, as well as help us to stay grounded when things are going well. Whatever situation we are in today; tomorrow will always bring change. Expect and accept the process of change.

As we age, we experience changes in our health. Our memory begins to change; we forget things more often. We become, “absentminded.” Our bones and our joints begin to wear and tear, we feel pains we never before experienced. Our eyesight and hearing animals to weaken. We begin to experience problems with digestion and metabolism. We being to experience dental issues – loss of teeth, gum disease, etc. Our skin changes, we develop wrinkles and spots. Our functional ability changes. We fall more often, experience more broken bones, less strength and flexibility. Overall, our entire body and mind changes as we age.

We experience change in work and career. Retirement or job loss can drastically affect our finances, resulting in major downsizing or cutbacks in activities previously enjoyed. Retirement and job loss can also affect our physical health. If previous work was physical and now all of a sudden you retire to a lifestyle with no physical activity, your health can change drastically and quickly. Retirement and job loss can also be felt emotionally and mentally. Some experience a loss of identify or usefulness.

How about loving relationships? Loss of a loved one can result in feelings of depression, loneliness, guilt, anger and helplessness. There is certainly no way to prepare for the death of a loved one or spouse. Nothing can take the pain altogether away, yet it is possible to cope with the grief and mourning. Seek support, know that you do not have to go through it alone. Divorce and / or separation can also be a drastic change to many. Again, it does not have to be deal with alone. Seek support.

Changes in the family are unavoidable, especially as we age. Family systems are constantly changing. Our children grow up; they create families of their own. Family members move away, and family time becomes less important. In many families, power struggles can result with each family member convinced he or she knows what's best.

Despite all this change occurring around us constantly, there is hope. We are adaptable! We can survive change! When we learn to accept that life is full of change and loss, we begin to expect it and we give up trying to control it or prevent it. We can learn to accept that certain losses and changes can not be replaced or fixed, yet we can honor them for what they represent and mean to us.

Frederick Douglass stated, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” I agree 100%. Yes, change is hard. Sometimes it can seem unbearable. Yet, when we get through the turmoil we are stronger and better for it.

What can we do to survive change?

Step 1 – Stop Thinking! When we dwell on the painful changes in our lives, our mood and spirit follow our thinking. We remain stuck in misery.

Step 2 – Relax! Everyone needs at least one hour a day to relax and do nothing. Take a bath pray, nap, read a book, breathes, listen to music, crochet or knit, whatever helps you to relax do it for at least an hour a day.

Step 3 – Cry! Why do we insist on fighting the tears? Crying is so therapeutic and healing. Stop carrying around the sadness, let it out so you can move forward. Cry!

Step 4 – Connect with someone helpful! Connect with someone who can offer reassurance and compassion, or maybe just a hug. It could be a friend, a family member, a professional counselor, a pastor, etc. Anyone who can offer you reassurance and compassion.

Step 5 – Avoid the absolutes. Stop with the “I will NEVER get survive this,” or I will ALWAYS be this way, “etc. As I mentioned earlier, change is constant.

Step 6 – Be kind to yourself. We are our own worst critics. Identify at least five things you like about yourself and remind yourself daily of those hits. Only surround yourself with people are kind to you, avoid toxic people. You can not change them and they are only bringing you down. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and pray or meditation daily.

If you follow those six steps, you will survive the changes you are experiencing and, I believe, become a better person for it. We can not avoid change, but we can embrace it and be grateful that we are alive another day to experience it.

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Wellbeing Enhancement

When we talk of wellbeing enhancement, we start off by talking about a more familiar concept. Health. We're all familiar with the words, “Health is Wealth”. But we do not really know what all can be covered under the roof of health. So, it is essential to ask this fundamental question –

What exactly is health?

The best answer to this, was given by the World Health Organization, which said-

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

So, one thing we can easily gauge, is that good health has nothing to do with the absence of disease and everything to do with all-round wellbeing! Until and without there is complete wellbeing in all aspects of life, we can not be healthy.

As explained by medical, social and behavioral sciences, wellbeing is a holistic approach. Physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing, come as a combination. We can not have any one element singularly and be healthy.

Let us look at each form of wellbeing separately and then as a whole.

Physical wellbeing

• Physical wellbeing is a combination of physical fitness, mental balance and emotional strength. It talks about the human ability to pull through the problems in life, which can only be achieved through an overall state of wellness.

• Physical wellbeing does not imply that one has to be in absolute shape and free of all ailments. That only counts as fitness. Physical wellbeing would imply that even if we are not in top notch shape, we are fit enough to carry out all the activities without strain.

• There are various Olympic level athletes, who are astoundingly fit, physically. But they lack in overall wellbeing due to the high level of strain they put their body through.

• Wellbeing is about balance. Here, physical wellbeing is about having a balanced physical aspect.

Mental Wellbeing:

• The same rules of physical wellbeing apply here, but from the perspective of mental health. Simply because we have no known mental disorder of illness, does not ensure mental wellbeing.

• We all go through stress in daily life. So, getting worked up is not wrong. But when we are unable to deal with the stress, it is a sign of low mental wellbeing.

• A person can only be mentally well, if he is able to go through life's pressures with a stable approach and not get paranoid or lose his calm about every little thing, then we can say that he has achieved wellbeing.

• Another important aspect is the control of ones emotions and behavior in a social situation. It is directly related to one's mental health.

Social Wellbeing:

• Social wellbeing is the ample to which a person feels a sense of attachment and belonging to the society. The people around him and his relations with them are defined here.

• It is a state where emotional needs are met and there is harmony among people from different walks of life.

• A person's social wellbeing can be judged from the way he involves himself into the pool of people from different cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

• When a person has a superior or inferiority complex, with respect to the people around him, it is a sign of low social wellbeing.

• It is characterized by, equal access to and delivery of basic needs services (water, food, shelter, and health services), the provision of primary and secondary education, the return or resettlement of those displaced by violent conflict, and the restoration of social fabric and community life.

• Man is a social animal and so social wellbeing is absolutely essential to his overall wellbeing.

• Once again, social wellbeing is impossible to achieve without physical and mental wellbeing.

When there is wellbeing in all the above three aspects, we can hope to achieve excellent health and also look towards better life and prospects.

To give you an overview of what overall wellbeing can mean, listed below are some points taken from the lives of highly functional individuals. Before you read the list, please note, these are not qualities related necessarily to celebrities or business tycoons or anyone famous. These are experiences that people from all walks of life have, when they achieve wellbeing.

1. Greater strength to deal with situations
2. A more practical and functional approach to life
3. Peace of mind and self-satisfaction
4. Higher work efficiency
5. Fruitful personal lives
6. Better concentration and greater problem solving abilities
7. A better social status and standing
8. Amazing interpersonal relationships

When it comes to wellbeing enhancement, a very effective factor is having a life coach. Someone who can inspire you to be the best version of you. This helps tremendously and leads to better and quicker results too.

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Knee-Deep In Flowers, We’ll Stray

Have you ever felt dull? The kind of dull that washes away beauty? Most people have. Some people have .

The mood could be described as a blah sort of feeling. It's the feeling that drives lottery ticket sales and drug and boo industries (as if money or oblivion could make a difference to indifference). At such times, when we feel dull, we may wonder “Where is my mind?” (like the Pixie song) without realizing that is what's wrong. We've been sucked into the vacuum of our own light-bulb heads.

When someone is stuck doing something that numbs the senses, when someone is stuck like an egg in an egg-carton world, it's easy to forget how amazing it is to be alive here and now. If we're reminded of the mystery of life while in such a mood, we may get annoyed. We may think, “Yeah. I know. I know. Smell the roses. Blah. Blah. Big deal. Go away. Leave me alone.” Smelling roses feels like a vapid platitude. To see another person happy is to feel resentment. To hear advice from an optimistic fat-head is reason for murder.

At such times we're reminded that we're social creatures so people push themselves to be with others and then feel irritated. There is not anything anyone can do to alter our mood. This is a project for the self. Solitude may be necessary, but then, even if alone, we still may not enjoy ourselves because we are lost in ourselves. The outside world either does not exist to us or we find fault with it.

Humans are plagued by a dry-rot of unhappiness. It's not because of poverty, unemployment, sickness or death. It is not for lack of healthcare or education. Unhappiness of the kind described has a definite cause and few people realize that it can be removed with the power of one's will. It's so easy that it is not.

Because we don electronic blinds and plug our ears with noise, we feel separated, but what if – what if! the world outside our bodies did not start at the edge of our skin?

Try this experiment. Stop what you're doing and go outside or look out a window and imagine that the outside world is not separate from you. Imagine that the air in your lungs is the same air as outside your lungs and that you are environmentally permeable. Imagine that what you've made of is the same thing that makes up rocks, trees, and flowers: Everything. Imagine a flower, a rock, a blade of grass is as much you as your fingernail. You do not have to believe anything or tell anyone that you are so imagining. To most people, the idea that you're not separate from the world sounds like a crazy idea. Most people think this way because it feels like we're separate from the world. The trick to this is to just enjoy entertaining an imaginary notice without over-thinking it.

Moments of unhappiness come when we do not notice anything outside ourselves. We get into a vicious circle of immediate thoughts and practicalities. When you forget to lose yourself in the contemplation of the outside world – the not-you, or all that stuff all around you – that's when unhappiness strikes. We go on a head-trip. There will always be a part of yourself that can not get out of thinking about itself and yet, only by losing yourself in the absorption of the world outside can you grow happy. Madness comes when inward visions lose their imaginative outwardness. The more you can concentrate on the outside world, the more your real identity grows.

The next time you feel dull, take a break from what you're thinking and look outside. Concentrate on the mystery of your being alive at all. Imagine the world outside your body is your outward vision. What's outside goes inside. Call yourself a lonely soul with a sense of relief. Only the lonely soul can go into the outside world day by day. With a calm and prolonged satisfaction, drink in your surroundings as if it were a mirror of yourself. Imagine Tip Toeing Through Tulips. Hear that song.

Imagine being knee-deep in flowers (and you are). Such is the power of imagination.

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Religion, Spirituality, Health and Women

Today's woman plays many roles in her daily life. She is a mother, a wife, a caretaker, a business runner, a first aid giver and lots more. She is the one who organizes parties; she attends PTAs that most fathers miss, she runs a tight ship in the office. With her hands full 24×7 she manages to do exactly what she is supposed to do and what she wants to do. She multi tasks better than most billionaire CEOs. Amidst all this, where she is a superhero, she often tends to ignore her own health and personal well-being. Now a superhero can not do much good when unhealthy.

Women's Health enterprises of all health issues and problems that needs attention. From reproductive health to mental health to emotional health to giving you an insight on how to keep your bones healthy and your heart happy, to know your body better, you need to take care of all. Being total solutions machines, you need to care about each and every running part of that machine.

One of the things that dramatically change women's attitude towards their own health-care is the factor of religion and spirituality. Interestingly, most women seem to be following some sort of health term -gluten-free, low crab, low sugar, high protein, vegan, or something else. In our endless march toward physical fitness, we try exercise, supplements, vitamin shakes, and nutritionist-approved meal plans. We pay too much attention to what we should eat and what we should not, little do we bother about what's good or bad for our soul. There is a difference between managing your outward manners and managing your inward sentiments, and both affect one's soul in ways more diverse and complex than one tends to understand.

Recently, I began to understand more clearly how the said combination of health, religion and spirituality worked for women. I have found out that religion helps followers engage in healthier lifestyle practices on a general basis. All religions teach not to drink, smoke or engage in other unhealthy habits. People tend to drink less alcohol, smoke less, and have healthier habits overall. Spirituality gives a mirror for the soul. Spirituality helps followers examine their emotions and mindfully witness their own fleeting feelings. Ultimately it helps us have a calmer outlook, lower blood pressure, and a more even-hands on approach to dealing with life's challenges.

Religion and Spirituality offer a number of diverse paths for accessing the life's concealed and unparallel parts and redemption. Religion and spirituality work together to create individuals of healthy mind, body, and spirit. Indian culture contains a number of ancient texts of Vedas, Upanishads and others which give a detailed measure for women's physical health, social conduct and family duties. The Atharva-Veda also contains a collection of spells and incantations for the practice of magic, contained references to disease, injuries, fertility, sanity, and health. Methods of diagnosis included few indirect rather mystified as well as rational approaches. Omens of various kinds such as the flight of birds, the sounds of nature, and many other observations were interpreted by the physician as clues to the severity of the illness. It could have had something to do with the changes in environment which brings about a great impact on the human behavior. Religious faith cave psychological stability. This ability to believe can be used by health psychologists in medical settings to help those who struggle with a disease or to promote a healthier lifestyle. In our much modern and tech savvy lifestyle what we absolutely need is a touch of religion and spirituality. One that not only provides us the way tos on life but also create a drive inside of us for a more enlightened and prosperous environment.

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Miraculous Cure – Is This Possible?

A 74-year-old woman's lower right leg was covered in waxy lumps, eruptions of angry red and vivid purple. Tests confirmed the worst suspicions: it was carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. Despite receiving no treatment over a period of a few months the tails miraculously disappeared. There was nothing in the biopsies, or the scans. The patient believed it was the hand of God; she had kissed a religious relic just before what she saw as miraculous healing set in. However, medications call this a rare case of spontaneous remission although they can not account for it scientifically.

Like the patient, believers in faith healing assert that the miraculous curing of disease and disability can be thought about through prayer and / or other religious rituals that, they say stimulate a divine presence and power. The term miracle means an event that is contrary to natural law. There have been claims that faith can cure blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS, and many other disorders and injuries.

Attitude of religious people to miraculous healing
Miraculous healing was said to happen in biblical times like Christ's healing of the blind, deaf, lame and other diseased people. If it really happened then, why not also now?

One might wonder about the many millions of Catholics who have made their pilgrimage to Lourdes over the years where the waters are qualified to have miraculous healing powers. Some amazing recoveries have been claimed as miraculous cures but little is said about the vast majority who make no dramatic improvement.

When most do not get miraculous healing does this make them doubt their religion? Or do they assume they are not good enough for God to want to heal them?

The lack of cure does not put off the 72 percent of Americans in 2004 who said, according to a Newsweek poll, that they believe that praying to God can cure someone, even if science says the person does not stand a chance.

Can this be true or is it just wishful thinking? Is this attitude just a historical reminder of a pre-scientific age when the Christian church depended on the belief in miracles and superstition? Are not people today in secular society more likely to be more rational about such things?

Miraculous events in biblical times
According to Emanuel Swedenborg, spiritual philosopher, in biblical times, there was less capacity than now of perceiving the deeper side of life without myths to engage and illuminate the mind. These narratives were usually believed as literally true and people were more naturally-minded. Many needed to believe in miraculous events as a way of thinking about a higher power.

The followers of Christ believed in their leader's bodily resurrection only because they said that he came to eat with them after his death. According to the Gospel account, one of them, Thomas, was not even convinced until he was allowed to personally examine the wounds in Christ's hands and side that had been infected during the crucifixion.

If miracles were to take place today, such events would soon dominate the mass media and be regularly seen on television news, and almost everyone would have compelled to believe in supernatural power even against their inclinations. Swedenborg argues that such compulsion would take away our freedom to think clearly about the pros and cons of a spiritual orientation to life.

Belief compelled by miraculous events
I would suggest that in the 21st century we live in new times when we are able to explore rational ideas and have the freedom to hold reasonable doubts. Swedenborg's point is that it is only in this way way we can really sense and willingly take on board the idea of ​​a higher degree of reality that transcends the material world. Belief freely adopted endures in the heart. It lasts because it is not based on what is sensational, or what others say but comes from an inner acceptance and commitment to a different way of life.

This freedom is said to be vitally important. It allows us to adopt what beliefs we choose and within social boundaries conduct our private lives as we please. It permits us to observe what we get up to and form our own assessment of our conduct either from the perspective of the world or from our idea of ​​higher values ​​as we wish. It allows us to take responsibility for what we do and feel remorse and try to reform only if we so choose.

This is the freedom of thought we have when looking up at the night sky to stand in awe at its vast majesty. To feel wonder at the spell of the sea with its fathomless depths. To marvel about the dreams that fill every period of sleep and what might be their personal meaning. For some people the very breath they take each day of their life is amazing and life itself is a miracle. They do not need it proved to them by supernatural events that defy any rational explanation.

Seeing the miraculous in the ordinary
The body heals itself. When a virus invades it, the body sets up a process to repel the invader and, after illness, recover sets in. Medicine and other therapies help this process that according to religious people originates from a God of healing love and wisdom. They say if you put your faith in this miraculous Source it opens your mind to an inner world that goes beyond time and place taking you to quite a different level. This is a kind of faith healing although not what is usually meant by the term.

Your spiritual beliefs may affect your chances of recovery from disease not through a miraculous cure but rather by connecting you with what you perceive as the loving essence of life, encouraging your moderate healthy life style and providing social support and then that emotional help that can only improve your mental state and immune system. Is it this spiritual inflow rather than a supernatural event that can nurture your healing?

“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.” The real miracle is the love that inspires them. (Marianne Williamson spiritual writer)

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It’s Not Too Late To Get A NEW START On the Rest of Your Life

NEW START ~ The best all around Health Program for your Mind, Body & Spirit, making you stronger, mentally, physically & spiritually. Nutrition; Exercise; Water; Sunshine; Temperance; Air; Rest; Trust in God. These 8 words are the LINKS in the CHAIN ​​of HEALTH. If just ONE link is weak or broken, the chain will fall apart. I hope this article will inspired you to make all the LINKS strong.The Agreement, NEW START, holds the key to health, for your Mind, Body & Spirit. Incorporating these 8 simple, RULES of Health into your life will give you the strongest foundation you can possibly have for building a healthyier YOU, for the rest of your life, no matter what age you are right now.

I like acronyms. I think they really help us to remember the various points being taught, plus the acronym in itself, in many cases, this one included, sends a very strong message. Many people willingly NEED and WANT a NEW START in their life. Most people have lived lifestyles over the years that have caused them to have health problems, and many wish they could have a fresh NEW START … but they do not know where to turn. Their lives are falling apart, mentally, physically and spiritually. They go to the Doctor and he gives them drugs, but instead of getting better, too many times, they end up having ANOTHER problem caused by the drug. Drugs are like putting a band-aid on … they do not fix the real problem … they do not get to the root. Lifestyle changes is what is needed, and not until those changes are implemented will their real improvement in their mental, physical and spiritual health. That is where NEW START comes in ~ it is all about lifestyle changes. So let's begin!

N = Nutrition

E = Exercise

W = Water

S = Sunshine

T = Temperance

A = Air

R = Rest

T = Trust in God

Nutrition: We are what we eat. The Bible tells us that, “Do not you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself.” 1 Corinthians 6:19 (NLT). As Christians, we have a responsibility to take care of our health. It is true, one can not eat their way INTO Heaven … but they sure can eat their way OUT of Heaven.

Exercise: I would rather wear out, than rust out. Science has proven the many benefits of exercise, not just to the body, physically, but also to the mind and one's mental outlook on life and to the spirituality.

Water: Again, science has proven the many blessings of water. Without water, there would be no life. The root problem of many peoples health issues, is lack of water. Many are dehydrated.

Sunshine: Sunshine is not only needed for physical health, but it is just as necessary for mental health as well.

Temperance: The old saying, “Moderation in all things,” is not Biblical. Christians will be moderate in all GOOD things and healthy things, but they will NOT TOUCH those things that are unhealthy and bad for us. “So come out from amongst them and be separate, says the Lord. and clean. Then I will receive you. ” 2 Corinthians 6:17 (NIRV).

Air: Fresh air and fresh water, two predictable things for those who want to be healthy.

Rest: A lack of sleep and relaxation is at the root of many mental problems. It is impossible to have mental clarity and to have patience (as well as impossible to have the rest of the Fruits of the Spirit) if one does not get enough sleep and rest.

Trust in God: Worry wears out the life forces and causes many health problems and finally premature death. Learning to Trust in God and leave your problems and worries with Him is the ONLY real way to find peace and happiness.

The Chain of Health is made up of all 8 of these LINKS. If one of the LINKS is broken, the chain will not hold, and sickness will be the result.

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I Knew I Could Fly

One of the phrases I love to hear when sharing my passion for hypnosis “I want to have what you've got.”

Patti had a unique request we were both excited to explore. She knew that as a small child she could fly. She just could not remember the details.

She asked to visit her early childhood skill-through hypnosis-from the depths of her memory. I explained to her the concept of regression, visiting past memories with the intent of gaining knowledge and insight to benefit her current life.

The next hour was fascinating. We none introduced doubt nor assumed an outcome. I accompanied Patti back to the time and place and space that as a child she flew.

With a count of 1, then 2, then 3, I asked her if it was day or night.

She said the sun was setting.

I asked if she was inside or outside.

She was outside and it was raining. She was getting wet and did not like it.

I asked if she felt safe and if there were any immediate concerns.

She said she was okay.

The next steps were simple since she was already comfortable and ready.

Patti, from a third-party perspective, was able to watch a car accident she'd experienced as a two-year-old child. She had been a passenger in the back seat of the car her mother was driving. On impact, Patti's little body had been thrown free of the wreck-and she flew through the air-landing safely in a ditch several feet away.

Yep, we had found the moment when, as a child, Patti could fly.

This session taught me a valuable lesson. We carry memories from the perspective of the person we were in the moment they happened.

Patti had not remembered clearly until we connected with the two-year-old's perspective. That session also assisted Patti to heal the trauma of that same little girl who watched her mom being rescued, and then could not understand why her mom was never quite the same afterward.

I gently bought Patti our of her hypnotic trance time so that we could discuss her experience. Her first words were “I knew it !!, thank you for not judging me, for allowing me to believe in myself enough to know what I know”. We had the best time with her memory clear and her request fulfilled. Patti shared a mind a body and a spirit filled event within the gentle ease of flowing within the knowledge of her Subconscious. The created partnership that day, one I am certain remains.

Suddenly it all made sense.

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