Be The Best YOU That You Can

Have you ever set your personal best running record then felt deflated after finding out someone else just ran twice as far, or twice as fast? Do you feel like you're lugging around a keg in your belly after seeing pictures of ripped fitness models on TV or in magazines? Maybe you wish you had as big a house as your colleague, or wished you had a better-looking spouse, a better marriage, made more money, or drve a better car than the Jones'? Do you feel your accomplishments are insignificant just because someone else achieved more? If so, you need to quit comparing yourself to others and just be the best you that you can.

Be The Best At What You Do; Being You

I love this Albert Einstein quote:

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

We waste so much of our lives trying to be the best at everything we believe the world expects of us. We make unequal comparisons with other people who are successful in their fields of accomplishment. Everyone has their own journey. Do not try to be the best at being someone else. The only person you need to compete with is the person you were yesterday.

Can you imagine if Michael Jordan wasted his life trying to paint instead of being the best basketball player? What if Michael Phelps chose accounting instead of swimming? These amazing people succeeded by finding what they were good at and then driving to get better through constant practice. Michael Jordan's biggest adverse was himself. Same goes for Tiger Woods.

Always ask yourself, who's holding the yardstick? Alex Rodriguez could run circles around Tiger Woods on a baseball field, but Tiger could easily beat A-Rod at golf. So, depending on who's holding the yardstick, one could be considered inferior. Consider your own personal best achievement as your baseline, then try to do better each day.

Nothing kills your self-confidence more than unequal comparison with others. If you are struggling with self-confidence, I would recommend reading “The Power Of Self-Confidence” by Brian Tracy.

We're All At Different Stages In Our Journey

You could be 50 pounds overweight, but as long as you have started your journey to weight loss and better health, do not lose heart because you see someone else shedding off those pounds faster than you. Do not compare yourself to them. Just focus on your own journey. Focus on your diet, exercising and staying positive. Results will come. Maybe the other guy has been on a plateau for months and just finally got over the plateau. You do not know what challenges he has had to overcome. Run your own race.

Comparing ourselves to others is the quickest way to steal our joy. Just be the best YOU.

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Meditation Courses – Do I Need A Course As A Beginner

Meditation I have come to believe is as complicated or as simple as you want or need it to be whilst the benefits can be amazing for our happiness, success, health, well being and our relationships.

I think the most interesting finding I have made recently is that often when we start looking for a course or a type of Meditation the busier our minds have become the more complex the solution we feel has to be. Often we look to an alternate way of living and thinking because our present state is far from what or where we want to be and certainly there can be no easy solution especially not just sitting down and thinking of nothing.

Firstly before doing anything else we really need to understand what it is that we want to achieve from the act of meditation, whether it is a need for peace and harmony within ourselves, the ability to focus better to help with our day to day lives, to be more healthy maybe to correct a particular illness we have or perhaps just a need to be more spiritual.

Once we have determined this and firmly accepted that many thousands of years of practice and immense scientific evidence confirming the reality of the huge benefits of meditation to our minds and bodies we then need to be honest with how much time we are prepared to put towards creating a brighter happier more content future right from the offset.

I have found 6 main types of meditation : Mindfulness / Spiritual / Focused (Visualized) / Movement (inc Walking) / Mantra / Chakra .

Once you know where you want to be all of these can be started and learned quite effectively sometimes depending on the person without any assitance from a qualified teacher as such, there are tons of very good websites available on the net offering all the information you could possibly need, notstanding a vast array of very good downloads available on You-tube.

Where Meditation fits well as a discipline you can do without a supervisor presence is that that it is best practiced at your leisure when you need it during the day, 10 minutes here before going to work, 20 minutes at lunch time, 15 minutes sat in the garden on a lovely sunny day or in the park on a quiet afternoon all you really need is your own discipline some quiet time and a timer.

I will conclude though that if you do have access to a locally based Meditation class to visit weekly this can go so far in helping you sustain commitment in the early stages while getting into some good habits. There are also some great websites that offer email access at any time for help and assistance. What ever you can do to help keep your interest in the early days will reap its rewards many times over.

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How Awareness And Compassion Can Change You… And The World

What does a blissful life look like? Is it fulfillment and satisfaction in everything we do? How about confidence, healthy relationships with our friends and loved ones, a nurturing environment for growth and happiness? All of this is available to us beyond our circumstances, environment or opportunities. So, how do we achieve this? By returning to the simplest elements of who we are – by simply washing awareness and compassion into our life.

Awareness and compassion has the potential to blossom out of a culmination of experiences in our life. These experiences can produce a life changing realization – that everything is connected; that in a very simple way we are the same and the way we choose to see the world guides us in how we live it. It looks like such a natural concept but have you ever really asked yourself, “Am I living an aware and compassionate life?”

It's not too often we reflect on our level of awareness, so here are a few questions that can help reveal how aware we actually are:

Does your mind wander off and get easily distracted?
Can you constructively express in words how you're feeling?
Do you tend to do multiple things at once rather than focusing on one thing at a time?
Are you aware of physical sensations such as muscle tension or simply the air on your skin?

We can boost our level of awareness by being mindful. Mindfulness is a hot-topic in some of the top academic institutions worldwide and is one of the most powerful practices in self-awareness that we can do. It provides us with the ability to respond skillfully rather than react, express ourselves effectively, and to keep ourselves focused on what we're doing and where we are without placing judgment on what is happening.

Compassion consist of many aspects as well, like love, affection, kindness, gentleness and generosity towards both ourselves and others:

Do you really accept and appreciate who you are?
Do you notice thoughts of judgment or expectation towards yourself? How about your loved ones?
When you've been angry, can you let go of the tension and anxiety that you feel toward that person?

Compassion takes practice by viewing others with the understanding that “this person is just like me, striving to be happy and free of stress or pain”, then going deeper and visualizing that they find happiness and success in what they do, that their emotional and physical pain is eased, and that they live in peace. This along with other acts of openness, generosity and kindness to others and ourselves provide the conditions for a deep acceptance and appreciation of each and every present moment and a shift from a stressful self-focused view of “what can I get” to a relaxed and selfless one of “What can I do?”

We all have the ability to embody this way of being, which leads us to a happy and emotionally successful life. What is very exciting is that this dream is quickly becoming a reality. Research supporting the benefits of cultivating awareness and compassion in our workplaces and schools is on the rise, showing the ability to create healthy work environments, building effective teams, increasing attention and cultivating healthy relationships. In our personal lives awareness and compassion provide the skills needed to effectively deal with life's hardships and joys.

So, if you care to, let's take a few moments to pause, take a few breaths and ask ourselves now “What can I do to bring awareness and compassion into my life and the community that surrounds me?” Whatever arises for you, no matter how small, has the capacity to spark an experience that will create a shift within you and quite, the world.

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Counseling: Exploring the Thoughts or Feelings


The word 'Counseling' is a vague term. Different people think differently about it. There are some people, who consider it something related to advising, and some others think; it is sharing feelings and sympathies. According to my observation, counseling is about helping them who want to change their point of view, thoughts, feelings even behavior to enhance better life. In a word, counseling is nothing but exploring the thoughts or feelings of people.A properly trained counselor who has experience with regular supervision can help anyone through counseling. Typically, it needs several sessions to finish the counseling process depending upon the nature of the problem.

The advantage of counseling with a qualified counsel:

Counseling is nothing but share thoughts and feelings with others. You can share your thoughts and feelings with friends, family, and others. However, it may upset them, or they may show your secret to others. That is why, it is better to go for counseling with the counselor rather friends or family. There are several advantages of talking to professional counselors.

  • You need not to worry about upsetting them.
  • They are not going to judge you.
  • They will make sure that you are safe with your confidential information.
  • They will help you by sharing their decisions.
  • They will not say what they think about your unfulfilled aspiration.
  • You can make positive changes in your view and your life.

Whether you need a counselor or not?

It is difficult to decide whether you may need help from an experienced counselor or not. A person, leading a normal life may need the help of counseling service. Typically, a person with a serious problem is often seen to go for counseling. Before making a decision of going to a counselor, you may ask yourself the following questions to decide whether you need help or not.

  • Do you think you are not happy with your achievement?
  • Do you think yourself nothing but a hopeless?
  • Do you think your anxiety makes the barrier to get full potentiality?
  • Do you think the stress to your life growing and growing?
  • Do you think your low self-esteem holding you back?
  • Do you often think about traumatic events from your life?
  • Are you upset by any type of phobias?
  • Do you think “you could not be able to take control your life”?

If the answer for any question comes “Yes,” you may need help from an experienced counselor. Counseling is nothing but helping them who want to change their point of view, thoughts, feelings even behavior to enhance better life. In a word, counseling is nothing but exploring the thoughts or feelings of people. It is cost, but it can change the way you are leading your life.

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Surpassing the Limits of the Modern Civilization

All religions teach us that we have to eliminate our dangerous ego. We have to be humble, sincere, and generous. We have to show compassion to all human beings. We also have to respect our moral principals, which are in fact God's rules.

We must cultivate goodness in our hearts.

This means that all religions are totally different from the privileged, materialistic, and atheistic concepts of our historical time. Our commercial world works based on greed. Our reality is totally different from what we learn in our religion.

There is no real goodness anywhere. All human beings are selfish and indeterminate to those who are in a terrible situation. Nobody cares about justice. Nobody pays attention to the fact that many people in our world are victims of poverty and terror.

Thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me we have scientific explanations for religious mysteries. We also have religious explanations for scientific truths.

Even though the absurd modern civilization makes you believe that you should care about having material pleasures, the truth is that you have to eliminate the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited into the largest part of your brain and psyche. This necessity gives meaning to your life.

You live in order to stop being a sinner because you have a satanic wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which does not let you evolve. In other words, you have to fight Satan by obeying the divine guidance in dreams, so that you may completely eliminate what generates mental illnesses within your conscience.

All mental illnesses are generated by the satanic anti-conscience, which invades our conscience with absurd thoughts whenever we are depressed or angry. We have to offer resistance to the absurd thoughts it sends to our conscience instead of following these thoughts, as if they could contain something useful.

Through dream translation you learn how to stop being a victim of your anti-conscience. You finally have the chance to evolve. You become more intelligent and sensitive. The knowledge you have helps you become self-confident.

You live in order to eliminate your satanic nature, so that you may become truly human, and then, attain sanctity. You have to be transformed into a perfect human being.

The relationship exists between science and religion is clearly visible now that we know that we have inherited absurdity and evilness into the wild side of our conscience. The scientific method of dream interpretation created a bridge between both.

The indifferent and cruel world does not let you understand the importance of goodness. You are induced to believe you have to be selfish and always feed your insatiable ego. However, this is a dangerous impression.

Do not waste your time pursuing material pleasures. Your personality is more important than anything else.

All religions teach us the truth about the meaning of life and death. The absurd world disagrees with their teachings because it works based on violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed.

You have to surpass the limits of the materialistic and atheistic modern civilization. All religions help you become a perfect human being, but they depend on your faith.

Your dreams give you scientific explanations, which help you understand the process of psychological and spiritual transformation you have to pass through, even if you do not believe in God. Later, you will understand that the wisdom contained in the dream messages comes from a superior and saintly mind. You will surely recognize God's existence because God will make you pay attention to this fact.

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Linguistic and Text Analysis of Dreams

It's generally accepted by neuroscientists and dream workers that our dreams origin in the right hemisphere. The right hemisphere processes information differs from the left hemisphere. Also called the right brain, the right hemisphere names patterns, recognizes faces, is emotional and intuitive and processes our world holistically. The left brain, or hemisphere, is logical, linear and is the talkative one; the communicator.

During our waking lives, our left brain is the dominant half (for the majority of us). It takes the information our right brain processes -the intuitive, holistic patterns- and converts them into logical, linear thoughts, which we can then communicate to others, as well as to our self.

At night, however, our left brain takes a nap. Now the same information that we process while we're awake is still “out there,” but we've turned off the communication center, so we are not consciously aware of it. Our right brain, however, continues its work, processing information from the internal and external environment. Without the left brain, however, the information, the patterns, intuition, emotions and collective input which has been processed in large chunks, is hard to separate, to sort and make sense of. After all, that's our left brain's job.

While sleep, our right brain processes all sorts of information. We recognize this data as a dream. However, we are not aware of the information until our left brain clocks in for work. Upon awakening, the left hemisphere immediately jumps into action. It begins to try to make sense of all that jumbled information its sister -the right hemisphere-incurred while it was off shift. It tries to put the data into some kind of logical order, associates it with familiar images and information and then proceeds to create a story through which it can communicate and understand the information.

Each word and phrase used to build a communicable thought, idea, or story, is carefully chosen. The words we write in our dream journals are not trivial or random. They're highly significant. They've been picked by our left brain to convey and process the information in the most elegant and appropriate way possible, in relation to the context of the dream. To do this, it draws from our memories, our beliefs and even our preferred speech patterns to accomplish its goal.

By analyzing the text and linguistics of our dream reports, we can infer, with great accuracy, the messages in our dreams. A linguistic analysis does not require a degree in mathematics, English or statistics. It does, however, require time and enthusiasm. It can be carried out on a single dream, a series (or group) of dreams, or on your own dream journal.

Language is an instinct. It's our way of interacting with our community, our environment and our own minds. We acquire and develop our linguistic skills from infancy until death. It only makes sense that when trying to understand our own minds, we analyze the method it uses to communicate.

A psychological analysis of dream content may not be everyone's cup of tea. By performing a linguistic or text analysis, interpretation, per se, is not necessarily required. By studying the words and phrases and their frequency, we can determine the important points and themes in a dream.

Have fun with your text / linguistic analysis. Get creative. The more you work with the text, the more patterns you'll recognize, the more understanding you'll glean, and the more insights into your self and your life you'll gain.

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Why Is Acceptance Important For You

On this particular morning, the sun was shining brightly. The Sun's soothing warmth anxious all life that was lucky enough to catch her life-giving light. Flowers stretched toward her while gently swaying in the cool morning breeze. Bees, Butterflies and all sorts of flying creatures filled the air as if dancing to an ancient song of Spring.

Shanna looked out the window of her small apartment and shut the blinds. A muted darkness filled the room, shutting out the beauty waiting for her outside. She lay down on the bed. The same bed that her boyfriend pushed her onto as he explained to her that she was worthless just like her mother. Shanna shuddered at the memory and all the sadness and anger weled up inside of her and spilled down her shoulders and onto her pillow. She fought while just outside life celebrated being alive. She would ever leave him believing that there was something wrong with her boyfriend. She believed it and most everyone agreed with her.

Ten years later, Shanna is living in a house now. She has two beautiful children and a husband. She feels no joy, only sadness. As she gets up to close the blinds and block out the beauty of life, she begins to cry and she remembers how she felt ten years earlier. The memory haunts her like a cursed deja vu. She sits upon her bed and let's her mind wander back ten years and then she contemplates, while softly weeding, all the time between her first live-in boyfriend and this moment. She realizes that its all the same. She tried to be good so her man will love her, be nice to her, accept her; she thought if she just tried hard enough he would change and treat her like she dreamed of being treated. She pauses. An old memory creeps in and blooms inside her mind.

Frantically, she begins rifling through their bookshelf, which is a mess. Finally, she finds what she is looking for for a business card. On the back of the card is written, “I can help you accept your situation so you can be free.” She flips the card over and looks at the phone number, but its been two years since she talks to him last. She calls anyway. He answers and as they talk, something she never allows herself to feel begin to gently warm her like a warm bath-hope.

Shanna learns that acceptance does not mean condoning and it does not mean that what is happening is okay. It just means that you accept what is without judgment. Shanna accepts that for some reason she associates men into her life that treat her poorly. She accepts that these men are who they are and only they can choose to change. She accepts that she can change her world by changing herself. She goes on to spend the next two years working on personal and spiritual growth.

Today, Shanna does not close the blinds anymore. She goes outside and lets the sun warm her skin. She smells the flowers. She walks through the trees and marvels at how beautiful nature is and she wonders how she could have ever missed what was right in front of her all along. Gifts. Gifts everywhere she looks. She smiles.

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Tai Chi the Perfect Exercise

As one matures, rugby and MMA are not the exercises of choice for obvious reasons. Yet we still need to find some type of exercise that will promote good mental and physical health.

Tai Chi or rather Taijiquan could have the perfect exercise for not only the 50+ crowd but indeed for all ages.

Everyone knows Tai Chi as the slow motion movement that people do in the park, yet there are many hidden facets to this form of exercise that I will endeavor to share with you over the course of a few articles.

Taijiquan literally translated into “supreme ultimate fist”, pointing to the often hidden fact, that at is base, this living art form is martial in nature. When taijiquan was first introduced into Western society the concept of learning to perform a move slowly in order to be able to accomplish the same task quickly did not really catch on, yet the general public still found the effects of this form of exercise worthy enough to continue its spread into the consciousness of mainstream society.

In fact, the slowness and detail of the movements are one of the driving factors that make taijiquan so effective, in so many ways. From a physiological perspective, when one slows down a movement it has the effect of isolating the specific muscle that is being activated. Thus taijiquan is an excellent form of isometric exercise that strengthens the legs and increases overall balance. Interestingly, taijiquan is also great for the respiratory system as one tries to slow down their breath to match each yin or inward motion with an inhale and each yang or outward motion with an exhale. As we endeavor to gradually slow our form down we need to expand our lung capacity to match the inward and outward flow of motion. This deep form of breathing drives oxygen into the system fueling the cells and increasing the detoxification efforts of the body as the flowing inward and outward pulsing motions enhance the effectiveness of the lymphatic system.

The practice of Taijiquan also helps to center the player from emotional and mental perspectives. We strive to totally relax and learn to just go with the flow. We train to look for and find our center of being. This practice shows its usefulness in daily life when the universe throws you a curveball. A taijiquan player has trained to join whatever energy has been thrown at him and he has the ability to neutralize it, rather than react in the usual fight or flight response. So regardless if you have been in an accident or lost your wallet, you will be able to remain centered and calm, seeing the situation with clarity rather than through the dark filters of the ego.

Taijiquan is also a very safe exercise modality that actually decreases your likely-hood of injury as opposed to the majority of gym or competitive exercises that often lead to injury. We have a saying at our club – “If it hurts, do not do it.” While this sage advice is self-explanatory to the taijiquan player, it is often regarded as a cop-out to resistance trainers.

To condense the benefits of taijiquan into one article is impossible. Suffice it to say, that to practice this living art form leads to better physiological health, emotional well-being, mental clarity and possibly even spiritual growth. That being said, maybe it's time to find a good teacher and give it a try.

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Finding Solace on the Nature Trail While Exercising Those Pounds Away

Indulging in time for ourselves to clear our heads, to get some exercise, and to lose a few pounds in the beautiful outdoors is definitely a three in one. While it may take some daily walk to get those benefits, at least once a week is a goal worth keeping.

A near nature trail is usually fairly easy to find and the more beautiful it is the better. Every part of the country has its own unique beauty. An example is the beauty I have found in the Florida region at a nearby park. It could not be more scenic and it also has plenty of wildlife to catch a glimpse of.

Being comfortable on your walk is key. When I was first introduced to the unknown concept of walking the trails by my most valued friend, I could barely conceive the perception of removing my high heels to go on one. “Who me, take off my heels and go walking in nature?” These days, I have settled on my high heel flip flops. Regardless if you go in a three piece suit or a sweat pant outfit it is important just to go.

Each week early in the day or after dinner time I take myself on that much needed nature stroll. As I head down the path I am close to the beautiful saltwater bay that changes with the weather and tide each time I go.

Some days the water is tranquil and others the small waves from a windy day create a sight to see as the water swirls. As I look down while walking I see small fish in schools and larger ones jumping out of the waters. The rocks are visible along with crushed shells underneath its surface. The colors of the sands captivate like one huge outdoor aquarium.

At times, I am rewarded by manatee sightings, and once a dolphin so close I could hear breathing through its snout. Different varieties of birds stay along the waterway always a curiosity for birdwatchers.

I feel the tense pressure of the week begin to disintegrate as the water holds me spellbound. I am reminded of nature in the end calling the shots and being the true boss of the planet. Not one domineering person can intervene against mother nature. She will have her way as we all can with enough force and willpower to accomplish.

Further down the path I enter the shady trail with the protective trees that have been here for hundreds of years greeting the first people in the region. Some have fallen branches, some are tall and missing limbs. Others look like lightening has stuck them and still others are just beginning to grow.

Our lives mimic the trees each different, each growing in knowledge and wisdom through the years. Sprouting in new directions, new branches gather knowledge and change. The wisest trees the ones that have been through the most turmoil and conditioning and in spite of it are remaining and rooted firmly.

Red Winged Blackbird and bluebird are visible. They call and whistle in communication to all that pass by while the squirrels grow curious and stop in their play. Here you are welcome and nature will not turn you away.

I smell the pine and the masculine scents of bark and rustic woods and the most feminine of honeysuckle and flowers so sweet. There is no perfume so fragrant. Tiny wildflowers and larger Black Eyed Susans sway in the breeze and grow wildly. Today I see a black bee with red marks that has fallen to the ground and next to it a tiny flower. A bee like I have never seen before. What a treasure! If I am lucky I may see a curious raccoon or a non threatening snake slide into view. Bunny rabbits stop and watch.

I pass the pile of crushed stones and shells. I think of our bones that are creator brave us strong like these remnants and strong like we are. In spite of how we may get crushed or broken something beautiful always remains in each of us that no one, no matter what their behavior is towards us can ever take away, and many will try, but do not let them.

Pass the children playing on the playground, they are not mine but I can remember when I was one of them and with their spirit not broken they can be the future and pass along the short quick glimpse of the wonders of the world. Even if you have no children you are someones child. I imagine those before me, people I never knew that passed through.

Further along I pass those having cookouts under the palm trees and I watch as they enjoy them in different ways. Some are up to their waist fly fishing, others are in sailboats. I look at the variety of breeds of dogs with their owners enjoying their walk too. The people are a colorful variety and are all doing the same thing. Enjoying nature. I cut my walk short and skip a turn, it's too hot today! That's okay though I can walk that path a different day. Today I just want to enjoy myself while I shed a few pounds.

Down the secluded path I watch in the near murky waters for hints of an alligator. I have never seen one here at this park but there is always a first time. Turtles are present and they grow large large and can move pretty quickly. I trust my instinct because I do not want to be surprised by something unanticipated on the trail.

Butterflies are everywhere and some are green. A color I have never seen a butterfly be. There are all different colors circling in the grass. The butterflies remind me we are delicate and as I walk through them my mind heals from the scars of those that have been thoughtless or unkind. It does not matter what others think or how last week a college at work tried to cast you in unfavorable light or that others may try and blame you for things you did not do. It does not matter that some may not find you describing. Like butterflies there are all different kinds in the world and some of us can fly higher then others ever will be able to. Higher then they ever thought we would.

The world will spin and circle the earth regardless of what happened yesterday, or today, or what will happen tomorrow. Our time is so short. What does matter is today and being in harmony with the world. Trying to keeping our thoughts, minds, and bodies in order is essential. If you are able to walk the trail what a gift in itself that is. I hear the distance noises of planes, traffic, and people as I come out of the trail and back to reality. For a couple hours though, and a few hundred calories burned, I have restored my momentum and so can you. After you do it go get yourself an ice cream you deserve it, but remember after all that exercising you may want to make it sugar free.

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Faith Is a Strong Word

To some individuals faith means the trust in all, and to others it is a crutch to lean on.

Faith can hold you up when the world is pulling you down, it can rally strength when you are feeling weak, and it can hold you until the wind storm passes. Faith, by definition, is having complete confidence or trust in someone or something. Faith is believing – with your full heart – that something can, and will, happen.

I do not talk much about my faith; what it means to me, what I believe, or how it has helped, or not helped me during this time. It is not that I have not been asked the question. Last spring, at a meeting with many law enforcement chaplains, I was asked the question “What has your faith meant to you during this journey?”

I paused when asked that question, and although I can not remember now my definitive answer, I do know that I fumbled with it. I find that many people have trouble answer that question.

What does faith mean to you?

After my husband was injured, and I was informed that he had a severe brain injury, I remember thinking that the world around me had stopped. Life became slow motion, even though in some way I knew that things continued to move around me at a normal speed. I did not cry, or freak out, or express extreme emotion while at the hospital. Although I am aware that I was experiencing extreme tunnel vision, or what I have referred to in the past as “living in the eye of the hurricane”, I also know that there was a deep-rooted calm, almost like a living light, that sat within my chest, starting from the moment I saw Frank, lying on a gurney, hooked to a ventilator, in a coma.

From that moment, that light inside me grow with each breath I took. When I closed my eyes, I saw that light, flickering and dim, but there, and it made me a moment of quiet when I needed it. Funny, but I always think of it like a small blue ball, in the darkness, just giving off enough light to comfort me. Blue, I am sure, because of my ongoing thinking of the blue bubble of law enforcement protection that I always felt around me.

Interesting now to look back and think that there were two blue bubbles in my life; one that I saw on the outside as protection, and one I saw on the inside, as comfort and as calm.

That internal inner blue light represents to me a solid being of strength, and of faith. Why faith? Because since that moment of truth, the moment I finally saw Frank, and that light came to life inside me, and said “All will be okay”.
And I believed.

As each day moved forward, and things were hard or scary, a piece of me has always believed that it would be okay. Now, understand that I am fully aware that okay does not necessarily mean that I will get what I want, and that life will be just grand and Frank will just head off to work one day. I have had to embrace that okay means that it, whatever that may be, will be okay. At different times in Frank's recovery I have had moments of feeling like a complete failure, and losing faith in the process, and when that occurs, something always draws me back to center. Call it a sign, call it a message from God, call it whatever you want – I call it my faith; faith in this path that we are on, and faith that it will be okay.

Stepping out into the public with our story as we have has not always been easy. There are times, though not many slowly, that I would realize that someone knew who we were, and we got what I lovingly call “the face.” It is the face someone makes when they recognize you, then the realization of how hard things have been, and the feeling of sadness for us, and then it comes, the “face.” Now, in no way do I ever have ill feelings to those people – everyone has been so kind and supportive to us, especially our home community. The face is a normal reaction for people who are not on the inside of trauma – death, injury, illness and pain cause us to feel uncomfortable, and people often just do not know how to react, or what to say.

I take each encounter with a face as a hug, knowing that someone understands a little bit that we have had a rough time, and they feel for us. Hugs are appreciated, even the uncomfortable ones.

My faith has been the foundation for being able to make huge life changes for us, and believing that things will be okay. I am a chronic worrier, and there have been times in the past that worry will take over. Those are long nights, fretting over the “Should I, can we, do we” questions that seem to build strength in the dark of night. I spent many nights working through that process, with no resolution by morning light.

Instead, when I was in my deep worry phase, I was told to breathe, and to just focus on one thing at a time. What did I need right then, at that moment – stop, close my eyes, breathe, and ask for it. So one day, I finally did that. I closed my eyes and listened to myself breathe for a little while. Then I asked for a sign, anything, that would give me an indication that things would be okay. I apologized for being selfish and asking. I said please. I took a deep breath, let it out, and opened my eyes.

The next day Frank talked to me for the first time. And not only talked, but asked me question after question, for several minutes, before exhausting himself, and drifting back into his coma-like quiet.

Now, some of you may be thinking, so what? Coincidence? It was time for him to talk anyway, it was just good timing.

Maybe. But that does not explain it happening over and over, every time I have asked, since that day. Those around me that are believers in God, or some higher being, have teased me about my shock each time it happens. Why am I so astounded when I ask for help, or a sign, and it is given to me, do I act so surprised?

I do not know, but I am. Each and every time I am given that gift. It restores my faith, and gives me trust in the path, and that things will be okay.

Whatever okay will mean to us in the future.

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Change Your Habits to Achieve Your Goals

I am my own worst enemy! BUT I'm not alone, in fact most of the time everyone is their own worst enemy.

We all stop ourselves from achieving our goals and often from reaching our true potential with negative self talk. It's the little voice in our heads that says; 'I can not', 'I'm not clever enough / pretty enough / confident enough', 'I'll fail' and an endless list of faults. You know the voice I mean? We all hear it daily.

Well effectively we are what we think. By thinking negatively we let a seed grow in our minds that we are not capable, with time it grows and smothers our growth and success. By concentrating on the negative out come the output is typically negative and a vicious cycle begins. However if we concentrate on positive outcomes then it's much more likely that's what we will see.

It's time for us all to stop limiting our potential and instead tell that negative voice inside us to shut up.

Here's a few tips to start cultivating your positive thinking in order to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Decide to be positive: Make a conscious decision to stop thinking and being negative, instead focus on being more positive in your outlook and your decisions.
  2. Be Your Own Cheerleader: You can do anything you want to do and have anything you want to be as long as you believe you can. Develop a positive state of mind and keep it filled with daily affirmations to encourage it. Write your affirmations somewhere you can see them regularly every day.
  3. Avoid negative people: You need to surround yourself with positive people, those who support and encourage you, who lift you up. Like contributions like and negativity is contagious. If your day is filled with negative people then it's hard to remain positive.
  4. Action Cures Fear: Often the fear of doing something can seem crippling but the reality is that more times than not the fear is worse than the result. I'm not talking about parachute jumping here (despite why jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane). It could be something as simple as picking up the phone to make a call; nerves and fear of the arrival of the call could prevent you from making it. However by taking action you usually find that it was not as bad as your feared. Repeat often enough and that action becomes second nature.

You've had years of that negative voice inside your head, it's time to reprogram your brain to positivity and extremely to the success your deserve.

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Discovering God’s Guidance in Dreams

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method is totally different from the dream interpretations based on suppositions. This is something you will verify from the beginning.

Do you believe that I would have the courage to declare to the world that I know how to cure all mental illnesses through dream translation? This is a very serious declaration. However, everyone verifies that the real doctor is not me. I'm really a dream translator and a doctor helper. The real doctor is God's mind. God is the dream producer.

Only God can cure invincible mental illnesses.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me helps you understand God's words in dreams. This is an extraordinary advantage you did not expect to have in life.

Carl Jung did not understand the real importance of his own discovery. I had to continue his research in order to prove to the world that he is the only one who discovered the real meaning of dreams.

I mainly have to prove to the world that we have to obey God's guidance in dreams instead of considering the divine unconscious messages as if they were purely an advice, like Carl Jung did. Even though he understood that the unconscious mind was God's mind he concluded that a human being must decide what to do based on his / her own conscience.
I discovered that the largest part of our brain and psyche belongs to our anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience and has satanic characteristics. I concluded that our human conscience is idiotic after understanding Carl Jung's definitions about the psychological types and their neuroses. Thus, I concluded that the human being must obey the divine guidance in dreams.

We are unable to understand what is good or bad.

My research and my discoveries prove to the world that we are insane and we have to pass through a process of psychological and spiritual transformation. We have to indispensably obey God's guidance in dreams if we want to find sound mental health. We need this guidance. Alone we will never manage to win the battle against our powerful anti-conscience.

Do you know how many people have tried to have a direct communication with God without success?

The possibility to understand God's words in dreams and have a dialogue with God through dream messages is a spectacular alternative that surpasses its scientific significance. God's existence is a big relief for humanity.

Could you imagine that in a historical time based on atheism and materialism God would find a way to prove His existence through dream translation?

I simply obeyed God's guidance in dreams with the same seriousness I precisely followed Carl Jung's lessons. My work is not based on my own intelligence and my own speculations. I was an obedient patient who was fighting a severe mental illness and trying to attain sanctity because this was the treatment sent by God in my dreams. Therefore, my work is God's solution. My only merit is my obedience.

I'm part of God's plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. You are part of this plan too. You only have to follow the divine guidance in your dreams in order to discover what you can do in order to save yourself and save the world thanks to your brilliant example. You may even become an international hero.

The real meaning of dreams helps you understand your religion. All religions are very serious and true. Each religion teachers us a part of our complex spiritual reality. We have to pay attention to everything that belongs to our reality.

You will discover your spiritual reality. This is a reality that can not be described based on words that follow the logic of our ignorant and under-developed conscience. This is why the dream language is poetic and philosophical. It follows the unconscious logic, which is based on wisdom and sanctity.

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Does Circadian Rhythm Really Affect Your Well-Being?

Have you heard people mention that if they do not get eight hours of sleep, they can not function or may end up grumpy during the day? Can pulling all-nighters really have an effect on your internal biological clock? Do we naturally respond differently to night and day, as well as light and darkness? When our bodies are distracted by the irregularity in the natural beat of our circadian rhythm, we are literally setting ourselves up for a systematic malfunction.

A number of external effects such as day, night, temperature, stress and hunger can affect our internal body clock. Mental, physical and behavioral changes typically follow a 24-hour biological process. Circadian rhythm or sometimes referred as our built-in biological time clock is actually a person's life cycle or biorhythms. Chronobiology is the study of circadian rhythm. Biorhythms are defined by emotional, physical and intellectual measurements that affect mood, behavior and overall well-being.

When our natural order of functioning is interrupted, we find that our eating habits, body and overall health can become off-balance, and thus interrupt the natural flow and pattern of functioning day-to-day. The theory that our body responds to a natural 24-hour cycle of operation, which is akin to that of plants, animals and our planet, responds to an instinctive daily evolution and rhythm.

Conclusions based on scientific research reveal that fluctuations or disruptions in our physiological development affect the physical and mental health of our entire body. Evidence of this can be seen through sleep deprivation or sleeping disorders. The natural order of our body's circadian rhythm tells us when it needs rest, when to rise or sleep, opens us up to an alertness of our surroundings and how to respond to it.

Creativity, intellect, heart rate, our physical performance and body temperature are affected by our natural rhythms. Interruption in our circadian rhythm can affect learning, our metabolism and memory. A shift in environmental irregularity, as experienced by individuals working at night, can add to additional challenges in our overall well-being. Individuals are less focused during off-peak times. By living closer in alignment with your circadian rhythm, you could very well experience better health and improved quality of life.

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The Meaning Of Your Dreams – Psychic Guide

Psychics and non-psychics who understand dream code have been able to interpret dreams for hundreds of years. You do not need to possess psychic intuition in order to understand your dreams, you just need to be able to see the patterns in your dreams.

The patterns that exist in our dreams are not always obvious. If you have two dreams that seem completely different and unrelated, it may be difficult to understand the link between the two. Thankfully there are dream dictionaries and guides that make understanding these patterns much easier.

Dreams can bring up memories or thoughts that have been suppressed by our subconscious mind. Painful experiences and things that we do not wish to think about are pushed into our subconscious, where they appear to be forgotten about. These are known as “repressed memories.” Your subconscious holds all of these repressed thoughts and feelings, and sometimes they escape and are thought forth in the form of dreams. When you learn what these dreams mean, you can overcome mental barriers and move mast these repressed memories.

Dreams can also bring messages sent by entities that exist in the metaphysical realm. These entities, such as spirit guides, exist in a higher plane, and can send thoughts to our subconscious or to our dreams.

It can be confusing to know whether a dream is coming from your own subconscious, or whether it is coming from a spirit from the other realm. Chances are good that if it is a recurring dream, it is a message that someone wants you to pay attention to.

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Money In Your Dreams: What Is It Telling You?

We all know what money is for; we all know we need it to survive; and we all know that we attach different priorities and importance to it. What we may not know is why we attach specific significance, motives or attitudes to it.

Before we can begin discussing what money represents in our dreams, we first need to understand what money actually is. This may seem simple and straightforward, but it's anything but. Money can be defined in terms of economics, psychology, spirituality, philosophy or culture: The first two being the most useful for our purposes.

In the standard economic view, money is a purely utilitarian commodity that acts as a method of exchange, a unit of account, a measure of value and a standard of payment. Money arose as a convenient way to carry out business / trade. Economically speaking, money is simply the means to other ends. This view may be practical, but it fails to offer an understanding of the more psychological, emotional meaning of money.

In contrast to the stringent economic view, our capitalistic, consumer-driven society has become one that obsesses over money and instils it with meaning and importance. Money is revered, feared, worshiped, despised, lusted after and treated with a lopsided respect.

Money is a central motivation for many people. It's a screen onto which almost any psychological issue can be, and usually is, projected. And it's a source of all kinds of emotional, psychological, as well as financial, concerns.

There's no question that money has an elevated level of prominence in our lives. It stands between us and starvation. It dictates our position and standing in the community, and it can destroy marriages, families and lives in general. Conflict over money is the number one cause of divorce. Individuals' concerns about it can result in a wide array of problems including anxiety, depression, paranoia, impotence, impulse spending, gambling, hoarding, social isolation, theft, suicide and even murder.

According to the dictionary, money is, “something generally accepted as a medium of exchange,” but it also defines it as, “a measure of value,” and as, “of account.” This becomes a problem in so far as people value each other, and themselves, in terms of money, as persons of account, or of no account, based on income or net worth.

For all of its psychological importance and meaning, we do not even have a good, working psychological definition of money to assist us in understanding it. However, attempts are being made. A new, and different (psychological) definition has been offered which is based on the fact that we all, to some degree, depend on others' attitudes and behaviors towards us and how we think of and care for ourselves. These are essential ingredients of psychological well-being. It's also based on the fact that all of us have irrational, unrealistic ideas about what money can do for us, to us, and to and for others. The cause of our concerns about money is largely a result of our views regarding the attitudes and behaviors of others toward us, as well as how we believe we'll treat ourselves, depending on whether or not we have enough money.

Based on the above, the definition is as follows: Money, psychologically speaking, is our projection onto coins, bills, and other financial instruments, of our beliefs, hopes, fears and beliefs about how those things will affect who we are, what will happen to us and how we'll be valued by others and by ourselves. This definition is based on six possible conditions:

1. I do have enough money
2. I do not have enough money
3. I have too much money
4. He / she has enough money
5. He / she does not have sufficient money
6. He / she has too much money

An important question which this definition fails to address, or answer, is “What is enough, too much, or not enough?” The question of what's sufficient has to be answered by posing another question, “Enough for what?” Answering this question can bring clarity and understanding of our motives, values, aspirations, etc.

Unlike Freud who identified money with feces and somehow made a connection of money to anal erotism, this new definition makes money a symbol a response to our experience with our expectations of others, as well as our expectations of ourselves.

So, armed with a better understanding of what money “means,” we can move on to what money means in our dreams.

We dream of money in as many settings, situations and opportunities as it appears in waking life. However, the meaning of it in our dreams can be much less obvious or simple. Like waking life, though, the context in which money is present says a great deal about its implications. Is it a source of stress or conflict? Is it a means to an end? Is it a cause for celebration or joy? Does it inflate grief, pain, distress? Is it connected with a specific emotional response? Does it coincide with the appearance of a certain character or situation? Is money a current issue or concern in your life?

As with any element (image or symbol) in your dream, you need to analyze money in the context of the entire dream and in relation to your own personal connections and beliefs. When I was a kid, my parents told me, almost daily, that we were not made for money, that if it was not for bad luck we did not have luck at all, and that we (our family) weren ' t meant to be rich. These attributions were engrained in my psyche.

The most disturbing incident for me, related to money, occurred when I was just six years old. My mother bought me a new winter coat, which I adored and was very proud of. I spent a great deal of time admiring it (and myself) in front of the mirror. So when the opportunity arose for me to wear it to my relatives' house, I was very excited –as six year olds get. As soon as I entered my relatives' home, I did my little twirl to show everyone my new coat. When I was admonished and belittled for being spoiled and for having something that my cousins ​​could not have, the pride and joy immediately vanished. My aunt took it upon herself to inform me that she could buy all of her kids a coat and boots for what my mother paid for just my coat. I felt guilty, ashamed and embarrassed for being proud of my new coat (which I had nothing to do with purchasing). The guilt, shame and embarrassment remained with me my entire life.

Money as a dream element is complicated and difficult to understand because it's so closely related to our psychology, environment, culture and emotions. We use money to measure everything from the good deal we get at the grocery store to our own self-worth. It's our measuring stick for just about everything. It can be represented by a huge variety of images such as, cash, coins, debit or credit cards, a bank, a wallet, a cheque, a pocket, etc.

No matter what element (image, word, character or event) is used to represent money, the issue being addressed is usually one of success, achievement, flow, value / worth, power, balance, control, freedom, exchange, provision, materialism , appreciation and yes, actual money / economics.

With so many possible meanings how, then, can we figure out what the message of the dream is?

When analyzing your money dream, take the time to recall any, or all, childhood memories related to money. Then, as you work through the elements and situations in the dream, keep these memories in mind. They may not be relevant to the particular dream you're working with, but they may be connected to another one at another time. Either way, it will not hurt to find out what has shaped your attitudes and behaviors towards money.

Then find the main theme of the dream. Identify the key players (characters) and determine the important events or actions taking place. These analyzes will give you a starting point and a general understanding of what the money reference is connected to. The details of the message are filled in by the other elements of the dream. And do not forget that the meaning of any element / symbol is dynamic. It can, and often does, change from dream to dream, so do not automatically assume that because you figured out what the empty wallet in your dream is telling you, is that the meaning will always be the same.

You do not need to psychoanalyze yourself or your dream to understand it. With money dreams, there really is not any latent (hidden or disguised) content. What you see is what you get. Your job in analyzing the dream is simply to put the pieces together and connect the dots.

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