Strengthening Cognitive Function

In life, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the important things. Exercise is no different and it is one of those missing links that make up the backbone of our ability to function optimally.

Our Brains and Bodies are Linked

Recent studies from the Department of Psychology at the University of North Florida * show that we can increase our working memory up to fifty percent by performing movements and exercises like running barefoot, carrying large and / or awkward objects (farmer's walk), walking or crawling on a balance beam, and navigating various obstacles.

What is Proprioception and What Role Does it Play in Cognitive Function?

Wikipedia defines proprioception as “the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.” Basically it happens like this: proprioceptive training places a large demand on our working memory due to continuous changes in our environment and terrain. In order for our neuromuscular systems to continue to perform optimally, we have to challenge our brains and bodies with stimuli that are unpredictable and will make us think and react immediately.

Like What?

This could be anything from riding a skateboard, bull riding, boxing, wrestling, or simply walking on a curve. Dynamic challenges like this will make us consciously adapt our movements to the changing environment. Martial arts, dance, and gymnastics are all great for proprioceptive enhancement, as they provide movements which are definitely different and therefore challenge and improve our cognitive abilities. Benefits include reduced risk of injury, increased stability, enhanced speed, quickness, and agility.

Proprioceptive Training and Injury

Proprioceptive training has also been shown to aid in injury rehabilitation. Rehabilitation programs address three levels of motor control: spinal reflexes, cognitive programming, and brain stem activity. These programs are designed to increase dynamic joint and functional stability.

As we age, progressive cognitive decline is inevitable. Proprioceptive training has been shown to increase proprioceptive regeneration and cognitive deficits in older adults. By performing challenging movements that are unfamiliar to us, we continue to recruit and write new neurological patterns. As with any modification to one's routine, it is important that exercises are performed carefully and in a controlled environment to ensure safety and prevent injury.

Tips for Getting Started

So, make it a point to integrate new movements and exercises into your daily lifestyle by trying some of the methods mentioned above, as well as challenging yourself on a daily basis. For example, try putting on your pants and shoes without holding onto anything, washing dishes on one leg, or practicing simple movements with your eyes closed. A general rule of thumb to remember is that if something becomes too easy or natural, you stop to challenge your neuromuscular system.

The body and brain are interconnected, so remember the basic laws of physics; when the body is in motion it stays in motion, when at rest it stays at rest. To rest is to rust, so keep moving!

* Source

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Eliminate Excuses

January has ended and the New Year's resolution you made for yourself is starting to fade. Why? The answer lies within you. All through the month of December you put your goals, saving them for the new year. You wrote them down, spoke of them among your peers and set your mind to accomplishing them. Then something happened between January 1st and January 31st. You realized how tough achieving your goal is and how much effort you must put forth in order to reach your goal. You began doubting yourself and asking if your goal is really something you could achieve. You began to tell yourself that your goal was out of reach and what fell right below it was acceptable because although you have not reached what you set out to reach, you have made some progress. You began making excuses. Excuses that I am going to invalidate.

Excuse # 1 Time

Your first excuse was that you did not have enough time to work on reaching your goal. Prior to the New Year you had ambition, you were eager to begin working towards your goal and you were determined to do so by any means. Prior to the New Year you were on a schedule, a specific schedule that did not involve you working towards your goal. You were comfortable with this schedule because it was routine. You woke up at a certain time, participated in certain activities and events, and went to bed at a certain time. This was the old you. This was the you who was not working for what they wanted to become. In order for you to become more, you must do more. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and just because you are working towards a goal does not mean you get more hours. Therefore in order to make progress, you must make time. How do you make time? Here are a few tips to making time to work on your goal.

Wake up earlier and get a head start on your day.
Schedule time intervals through the day for 10-15 minutes that you can work on your goal.
Set up a time everyday that you will dedicate towards working on your goals.
Give up time spend watching TV or other miscellaneous activities and use this time to your advantage.
Keep a calendar and keep track of your progress

Excuse # 2 Energy

You do not have enough energy you say? You have a full time job, kids, a wife / husband and not to mention the dog that you have to tend to everyday. Where do you get the energy to work on your goals? Working out releases endorphins that actually wake you up and energize your body through the day. Have you ever worked out first thing in the morning and saw how your day went? Chances are you felt better that usual. Make it a habit to get up and get going and you will feel much better through your day. Here are a few tips you can use to help assure you are energized throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water
Eat a proper nutrient dessert diet
Get Rest
Stay Active

Excuse # 3 Money

How much is achieving your goal worth to you? Hopefully more than your Netflix subscription, or your Spotify Premium account. Many people complain about the cost of gym passes when in reality they pay more for the very things that are keeping them from going to the gym. In all actuality, you do not need a gym to be physically active. Going for a jog is completely free and extremely beneficial. At home workout DVDs are great for parents who have kids and for those who may not be comfortable in a gym environment. There are endless options for those who want to workout and not join a gym. Here are a few tips for those who think money will prevent them from reaching their goals.

Find a low price gym
Invest in a workout DVD
Go for runs in your neighborhood
Take the stairs over the elevator
Park further away from buildings to make yourself walk more

Excuses # 4 No Results

We live in a world where we demand immediate results for everything. If our web browser take longer than 15 seconds to load a webpage we consider it to be slow. If our smartphone takes longer than 5 seconds to open an open it must be out of date. Unfortunately this is not how exercise works. Results take time and we can not just update our bodies. We must put in the work in order to gain results. Every year college students will wait until 2 weeks before spring break and began working out in an attempt to lose 10 lbs. The reality is that the most they will lose, if they do so in a healthy manner, is about 4 lbs. Results are not immediate so do not get discouraged by slow results. Be patient and be consistent, the results will come. Here are a few tips that will help you keep getting quicker results.

Stay Consistent with your routine
Eat a clean diet and avoid junk
Get rest to allow your body to recover and rebuild itself
Take photos once a week and track your progress

Excuse # 5 Motivation

We all have our ups and downs when it comes to motivation. Some say motivation does not last and this may be true. My way of approaching motivation is to look at your “why”. Remember why you started working towards this goal. Why did you want to achieve this. Think of this everyday you do not feel like waking up. Everyday you think of giving up remember why you started. No matter how unmotivated you are, remembering your reason for doing what you are doing will push you to greatness. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated.

Write down your goal and look at it everyday
Tell people about your goal to hold yourself accountable
Read success stories and be inspired by others
Be strong minded and do not let anyone discourage you
Remind yourself of your “why”

If you can eliminate your excuses in life, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Remember why you started and think of how you will feel once you reach your goal. This will give you that push to do what you really desire. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, but it is not. It is tough but you can end the pain of sacrifice in order to reach your goal. I hope this helps you eliminate excuses and strive for greatness.

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Have More Energy During the Day – Quick Tips!

If ever you've found yourself struggling at 3pm in the afternoon or you need that coffee to kick-start your day then read on. Modern life is robbing us of our natural ability to perform at our very best through the day and to keep going well into the evening. Here are some super quick tips for getting the most out of your body and your day.

1. Drink more water … soft drinks and coffee do not count.

The adult male and female body is made up of approximately 65% ​​and 55% water respectively. Drinking water is like drinking more of yourself and it enables the body to function much more efficiently using less energy to do basic tasks such as keeping you alive.

2. Get your 7 – 8 hours of sleep.

People who do not get enough sleep have shakeer life-spans. People who sleep too much have shorter life-spans. Do not skimp and do not over indulge.

3. Kick start your day with a routine.

Set yourself up for the day – it's so much more mentally refreshing to start out on the front foot. Think of it as a warm-up before you exercise.

4. Snack through the day.

Prepare snacks such as nuts and raw vegetables in the morning and take them with you to work. Snack through the day on alkaline-ash forming foods – think nuts, salads, fruits and vegetables. The body can digest these foods so much easier and having a wider range will give you everything you need to thrive through the day.

5. Get in aerobic activity for at least 20-30 minutes 3 times a week – daily is better.

Exercise gets the blood flowing through the body and brain oxygenating every part of you. It also releases mood-enhancing endorphins that last well beyond the duration of the activity. Why would not you do this?!?!?

6. Cut out the acid forming foods.

Because our bodies are more alkaline than acid in terms of pH when we ingest processed foods, which are generally acid-ash forming, the body has to re-balance (return to homeostasis) the environment expending energy in the process. If our meals are highly acidic in nature the body is forced to draw on its largest store of alkaline … that's right, calcium – leading to, over many years, osteoporosis. What are the largest causes of acid in the body? You're gonna love this list …

  • Animal protein – meat, eggs, dairy
  • Processed sugars
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Vinegars
  • Stress

No … wait … what? Dairy? Does not that strengthen bones. Nope – read more here .

7. Treat your day like a series of sprints.

Take a break from your desk every 50 – 60 minutes (maximum 2 hours). Your mind, body, and emotions will thank you for it.

8. Take a lunch break.

Have a light meal and take a walk. See point 5 and get the blood flowing. You're no good to anyone when you're mentally exhausted and everything takes so much longer to do. Develop the discipline to walk away and come back to it after lunch.

9. Take the stairs between meetings.

Blood flow is good.

10. Breathe deeply.

An oxygenated cell is a healthy cell is an energised cell.

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A New You, A Better You

95% of everything you do is out of habit. Let that sink in for a moment. By changing these for the better, you can transform your life. Here is something to think about: Bad habits are quite easy to develop, but also hard to live with. Case in point, it's much easier for most of us to lounge on the couch than it is to say, go for a jog.

On the other hand, good habits are harder to develop, but easier to live with. For example, when you get up and go for said jog, you feel better about yourself which in turn, helps you want to do more things that make you feel good. That, better you. It's that easy to transform yourself. Simply replacing the bad with the good, it's easier than you might believe. It can be learned through repetition.

Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit, and when frequently repeated, becomes an automatic reaction. This can be difficult the first few times, but soon you will notice how much easier it becomes (and how much better you feel) and finally with enough repetition, you will be doing things with hardly any consciousness at all!

What you think about, you bring about. If you believe you can change – if you make it your habit – than that change becomes real. You will become what you think about.

Below are some different tips to help with the process of becoming a better you.

Be goal oriented. Set daily goals, and do them. They do not need to be too complicated. For example, set a goal to walk the dog, or go to the grocery store. The goal does not matter so much as the fact that you are conditioning yourself to be more goal oriented. Write a list of things you want to accomplish that day, and check them off as you do them. You will feel satisfied as you create better patterns.

Be results oriented. Think about what you can do to achieve your results. Focus your energy on the end result. Ask yourself these questions: How can I achieve this? What do I have to do now to get there? How is getting the result make me feel? These questions will help you become more focused on the end result and get you there faster.

Be people oriented. Everything you do is with the direct cooperation or support of other people. Always think about what you can do for other people. This in turn will make other people want to help you.

Be health oriented. To be successful in our fast paced world, you will need a lot of energy. Energy that comes from good wholesome food. Think of food as fuel to keep your body strong and working properly, not as a hobby or something to do while bored.

Stay honest. Always tell the truth no matter the cost.

Have self-discipline. Self-discipline is the foundation to establishing a better you. It is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it. No matter if you feel like doing it or not.

Following these tips are sure to bring you positive changes in your life, in no time.

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It’s Time To Improvise On Your 5 Best Health Habits

Most people concentrate on starting the New Year rectifying things that have been doing wrong. With these healthy changes, people are not only living longer than the previous generation, they are also living a healthier life.

However if you have been living with these healthy habits for some time, it's now time for you to set your limits a bit higher with the following small healthy food upgrades which leave a huge impact!

  1. If you use a headset while talking on your cell phone, you might as well also try walking while talking. While you had no trouble using a headset with the cell phone when you heard cell phones can cause brain cancer, it's very probable that your phone has turned you into a couch potato!

Research has proven that people who use their phone the least had higher oxygen usage capacity with a well-established measure of fitness (VO2) when compared to those who used their phones the most. As higher VO2 is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, it's better to be on the move when you talk!

  1. If you have always been buying foods carrying the Whole Grain Stamp indicating the products have at least 8 grams of whole grains per serving, then you could consider choosing whole grain-rich food maintaining of a carb-to-fiber ratio of 10-1.

This is a smart move to make because although grain products with the Whole Grain Stamp are high in fiber with less Trans fat, they also transported more calories and sugars than products without the label. So look around for products where there's at least a gram of fiber for every ten grams of carbs as these whole grain products contained more fiber and less sugar and sodium.

  1. If you have a habit of writing down everything you eat, why not go digital? Although food diaries help with slimming down, those using a mobile app lost more weight. Perhaps because the apps give immediate and reinforcing feedback.

Moreover, studies have proven that there's a better chance of logging all information and skipping fewer days of recording through apps. And you now have a good reason to keep your phone on the dinner table! J

  1. If you now use BPA-free cups and containers, it's better switching to glass or stainless steel. Yes, these drinking vessels do not have bisphenol A, the endocrine disrupting chemical linked to thyroid, reproductive and cardiovascular problems in adults.

However while phasing out BPA, the companies have used other chemicals like bisphenol S (BPS) and bisphenol F (BPF) to make the containers, which are potentially just as dangerous.

  1. If you try hard to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, now try claiming a spot near the office window. This gives you more sunlight exposure by day and about 46 minutes more sleeping time.

Day light exposure can increase your night's melatonin levels. Moreover, office workers with windows were more physically active after work, and exercise can improve sleep quality. If there's no chance of moving your office desk near a window, get as much light outdoors as possible during lunch and other breaks to help schedule your circadian rhythm!

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A Morning Routine – 5 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Rise and shine, surprising as it sounds it's morning time again! That wonderful sounding alarm clock has just gently – or maybe not so gently – stirred you awake from your peaceful slumber and it's time to get the day started.

Before you get into your typical morning routine, how about making a slight change in what you may usually do and try out a few, or better yet each one of these 5 healthy ways to start your day? By doing so you can make the most out of the time you have before heading out and increase the likelihood of sticking with healthy living habits for the better part of the day.

5 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Morning Routine # 1: Do not Hit the Snooze Button

You set your alarm the night before for a particular time you wanted to wake up so stick with that plan. Hitting the snooze button can easily turn into 10 – 30 more minutes of time taken away from what you could possibly accomplish in the morning before leaving for work. During that additional snooze time you will not be able to get another REM cycle of sleep so it is basically just wasted time. If you are trying to improve your health, do yourself a favor and simply pop out of bed and get on with all the things you need to accomplish that day.

Morning Routine # 2: Drink A Large Glass of Water

Once you make it out of bed, pour yourself a tall glass of water to drink. Remember your body has probably not had any nourishment in 8 to 12 hours so it's a bit dehydrated. If you want to take this healthy habit one step further, buy a bottle of Metamucil which is a fiber supplement that aides your digestive system. One spoonful in a glass of water will not only help reduce your cholesterol, but the additional fiber will actually make you feel more full so when it comes time for breakfast you will not have the desire to overeat.

Morning Routine # 3: Eat A Healthy Breakfast

As you probably know, breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day and should never be skipped. Again keep in mind your body has been without any food or drink for 8 to 12 hours so one of the first things you need to do is put some fuel into your engine. Try to keep your breakfast as healthy as possible. Eating breakfast doesnt mean you should go through the McDonald's, or any other fast food drive-through since often their breakfast meals can easily total near 1000 calories. That is far too much for a single meal. If you stock your refrigerator / kitchen with healthy options there's no reason why you will not be able to quickly whip together something specific to eat at home.

Morning Routine # 4: Write A To-Do List

Another morning routine to get used to is while you're eating your breakfast, jot down a few things on paper you want to accomplish that day. This “To-Do” list can include any immediate goals you want to finish that particular day. These goals can be in relation to your work, home, children, or weight-loss efforts. By having a To-Do list, that gives you specific things to focus on and will increase the likelihood of accomplishing them and in turn you'll be more productive.

Morning Routine # 5: Pack a Lunch With 2 Snacks

Finally, if you leave your house for work or for a lengthy amount of time, pack yourself a lunch along with two appropriately portioned snacks. This is of utmost importance if you are on a weight loss mission. Having a lunch handy along with two snacks will keep you properly nourished the next time you're away from home. Guess what that means? You will not have to resort to going out and getting a fast food meal or vending machine snacks all of which offer entirely too many calories with little or no nutritional value.


Hopefully you take these five healthy morning routines to heart and start using them on a daily basis – at least during the work week to start with. You'll find that once these habits, your days will become much more nutritious and productive which will lead to weight loss success. The decisions you make with the choices you're faced with everyday will be the difference.

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How to Take Control Of Your Health and Your Weight

Have you ever wondered why all the efforts you have put into drugs, nutritional supplements, diet, exercise, your body just seems to have a mind of its own? That that all your good intentions, the level of health and the body you want continue to elude you? So what is missing?

Of course, less than ideal health, whether in the form of illness, gain gain or loss, lack of energy and vitality could stem from conditions that could have been alleviated by traditional medicines. Drugs do have their purposes. It's when you have exhausted all the drugs, natural or man made, and all the other means you could come up with that you need to ask the question, what is my body's condition telling me?

The human body is a marvelous machine. It knows how to manufacture over 300 drugs on its own, including morphine. It also possesses an innate intelligence that knows how to regulate itself and bring itself back to balance. When an outside source, such as a virus or bacterium, invades the body and causes temporary loss of the body's ability to restore itself, we should give it the assistance it needs to bring back that balance. Everyone knows a poor diet would jeopardize your health in the long run. What is the key to optimal health then?

Your body is adaptive. That means it will take whatever onslaught of abuse we can imposes on it and try to “survive” somehow. Our body is constantly in reactive mode because of that. The key to taking control of your health, ironically, is to let your body's innate intelligence take back control over itself. Of course, it will need your help. After all, you have final say whether to eat that extra slice of pizza or not! But the most important part of letting your body regain control over itself using its own innate intelligence is to listen to your body. It takes practice but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. The process is even easier if you align the different aspects of yourself to get behind your intent to regain optimal health.

First, declare your intent for optimal health in writing. Be specific! Use sentences that begin with “I am”, “I determine”, “I allow”. It signals a commitment and permission to your body that you mean business! It is an act of creation and carry great power behind it. Second, declare your intention that you allow your body to control your body, verbally. Review these written declarations everyday. Make them your daily affirmations.

Then, finally, start listening to your body. When you want to go for that piece of sugary pastry next time, repeat the affirmation that you allow your body to control your body. Then ask your body if IT wants to eat that piece of pastry. By the way, I hope you know that sugar is as lethal a drug and just as addictive as nicotine or cocaine. If you do this exercise every time before you eat, or take vitamins, or prescription drugs, soon you will see a pattern emerge. Your body will begin to tell you what it wants, based on your intention for optimal health. There is one exception. That is when you have an addiction. I will cover that subject in a different article. Stay tuned!

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Is a Fit and Healthy Body Crucial to Excellent Well-Being?

Being involved in the complementary therapy industry our goal is to help people reach excellent well-being. We are constantly looking at the different ways in which massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, healthy eating and exercise can lead to well-being.

In this piece we will first of all look at what that is before considering the role a fit and healthy body plays in reaching it, focusing on whether you can achieve excellent well-being with or without exercise.

What is excellent well-being?

For us, we consider it to be state of body and mind in which a person is healthy and happy. The person would be calm and content with their lives, they are confident in what and what they are. At the same time they would have a healthy body that looks after them and provides them with a good foundation to encounter the challenges of life.

Do you need to exercise for great well-being?

Now we know what we're talking about when it comes to the ultimate goal, how do we get there? First let's look at how you can get there with improving your state of mind and eating well.

Your state of mind is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. It is of course what controls you and your body. If you're feeling stressed, down or a bit fed up then you will not be a healthy person.

When your mind is not in a good place your body is not, your brain releases chemicals and causes your body to act in certain ways, increasing blood pressure and your heart rate for example.

It is important to keep your mind healthy and you can achieve that through a number of ways. A few examples would be meditation, massage, a great work / life balance and an excellent social life.

Healthy eating is also important to a great well-being. By eating will you're looking after your body and improving its efficiency. A healthy body is a happy one.

It is absolutely possible to achieve a great state of well-being without exercises.

Why make things harder?

Whilst it is possible to reach a god state of mind and body without too much exercise, it becomes much easier and better with it.

We're not revealing any secrets in saying exercising makes you feel good. We've all heard of the feel good hormones (endorphin) which are released when you exercise. It is a simple fact of life, exercising makes you feel happier.

Not only that but it can improve the health and efficiency of your body, it can give you a great sense of accomplishment and pride and really take you a happy and healthy place.

There is no doubting it, exercise is very important when it comes to an excellent state of well-being.

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The New Image Of The Human Being After Unpleasant Discoveries

Until today we were announcing our accomplishments and adoring our egos, without considering that we should in fact be accused of our idiocy.

Today we know that God created irrational animals that violently kill their prey in order to reflect our own behavior. He had to show us that we are absurd and evil demons by showing us that we are wild animals that can think. Our planet is an open mental health hospital, where we have many examples and lessons.

The fact that we can think is a tragedy because our thoughts are disorganized and dangerous.

God gave us a human conscience in order to put an end to this tragedy by organizing our thoughts and our behavior based on goodness, but we must obey His rules in order to eliminate our satanic primitive consciousness and be transformed.

However, our conscience disagrees with God because we like to be evil.

Our new image as terrible sinners who have a satanic nature is unpleasing and frustrating, but now we can see how idiotic, absurd, and evil we are. This is a tragic and enlightening moment for humanity.

Now we can understand incomprehensible mysteries, and find explanations for all unexplained phenomena thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation, based on my simplifications and clarifications.

Now we have the chance to read God's words in our dreams and understand our complex reality.

In order to stop suffering we must eliminate hate. Physical and mental diseases result from our individence to the existence of terror.

Our world is an infinite living hell where only those who manage to make money have some protection. Poverty and injustice are killing the largest part of the world population.

Mental illnesses result from the unfair world in combination with the absence of everyone already inherits in their brain. These mental illnesses are destroying the human side of the human race.

We have a human side because God keeps us a human conscience, but we have to preserve our conscience and increase its power by obeying God's guidance. We have to respect His rules in order to find balance.

Otherwise, Satan will control our mind and our behavior.

Satan is our anti-conscience, which occupations the largest part of our brain, and remains in a primitive condition. This idiotic and absurd conscience is self-destructive. Its existence is a tragedy.

We have to put an end to this tragedy by obeying the divine guidance in our dreams, and learning the real meaning of goodness. This is how we will develop our conscience and become true geniuses, instead of being idiotic demons.

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How To Become Really Wise Thanks To Dream Translation

I could understand the truth about my mental condition thanks to the dream language. I have already shown you everything about me, but do not think that this exposure was easy in the beginning. I did not want to show the world that I was a terrible demon when I was young. I did not like this fact. I wanted to hide it.

God made me expose myself because I had to use my example in order to give you practical and realistic lessons. However, in the beginning of my path it was very hard for me to admit that I was a bad person.

The first time I understood this fact was in 1984, when I started studying Carl Jung's work, the work of many other psychologists, and the work of many scientists from various different fields. I was writing down some of my dreams and trying to interpret their meaning based on the knowledge I supposedly had. I was confused and I was ignorant. I did not know which method of dream interpretation was right.

I do not know how I managed to understand that I was bad. I was interpreting the meaning of my dreams based on what I could understand from Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation at that time.

However, I remember that when I concluded that I was a bad person I felt relieved. It seemed that I had arrived to a decisive point in my life because I made this conclusion.

I could not imagine that this verification could have a positive meaning. I believed that it was very bad to be a bad person.

I had to start thinking in a different way. My dreams were criticizing my personality and my behavior. I understood that the fact that I realized that I was not the good person I imagined I was, helped me understand who I really was. So, it was a very important comprehension, independent of its negative aspect.

I was becoming wiser.

At that time I believed that it was not so hard to become a wise person. I was glad with my philosophical and psychological progress, including having verified something very unpleasant about me. Yes, I was a bad person. I was selfish.

I recognized this fact, but I believed that I was right for being selfish. I did not think that after understanding that I was a bad person I would have to learn how to become a saint.

I had this revelation four years later, in January of 1989, the worst year of my life. I discovered that I was practically schizophrenic. My neurosis already had signs of schizophrenia. I was not simply a bad person. I was a demon.

I do not know how I could survive after discovering this fact.

In the beginning the admission of your satanic nature will be painful and unpleasant. You will not bear to look at yourself and identify the demon existing in the largest part of your brain. You will hate yourself because you will see that you are evil. This is a painful experience that your ego wants to avoid.

You have to be strong and face the truth. This demon is real. Now that you know this fact you can not be indent to its existence. You have to be afraid of your evil self, and you have to be accused for having an evil nature.

This initial comprehension is sad, but it helps you become a wise human being.

This comprehension helps you look at the truth with the eyes of an adult. It eliminates all the frivolity that was covering the truth.

The fact that you are a demon is a tragedy. The fact that you must become really human in order to stop facing terror and despair is a terrible necessity. However, you must be grateful because you are learning the truth. Now that you know the truth, you can prevent many horrors.

Now you will do everything you can in order to stop being a demon, and become really human.

You will stop imitating the bad examples of the commercial world, and avoid horrors that seem to be unavoidable for those who ignore how our planet works. Nothing happens by chance.

Earth is a planet specially created by God with the intent to transform demons into human beings. Everything here has the purpose to work like enlightenment. Everything here has the intent to help you see the truth behind the appearance reality.

You have to learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation in order to receive free psychotherapy in the dream messages, and understand God's wisdom.

Most people believe that success in life is based on having material pleasures and social admiration. This is an erroneous ambition. You should desire to stop being evil and absurd instead of agreeing with the cruel concepts of the commercial world.

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Strange Studies And Scientific Discoveries

My studies were totally different from the studies made in the universities of our historical time. God helped me gradually discover that all mental illnesses are generated by our satanic anti-conscience, rather than believing in the ridiculous realities of my historical time.

After discovering the truth about the human nature and fighting my anti-conscience, I had to stop writing my scientific book, and study what I had discovered. I was not expecting to find God and Satan after continuing Carl Jung's research in the human psyche through dream interpretation.

My life completely changed. I stopped being only a writer. I had to become a doctor.

A doctor is responsible for other people's lives. I did not want to have such responsibility. If I could choose my destiny, I would never decide to become a doctor. However, I could not choose anything. I had to precisely obey the divine guidance in my dreams, independently of my opinion.

I was a terrible demon. I had to be transformed into a real human being by possibly obeying the guidance I had in the dream messages. My opinion had no importance. It was the opinion of an idiotic, absurd, and evil creature.

God showed me that our psychiatrists and psychologists are doing everything wrong. I had to become a doctor and learn how to help everyone find sound mental health thanks to dream interpretation according to the scientific method. Everyone's doctor is God, the dream producer. I would be only a helper.

I already wrote many articles about how dangerous and ineffective psychiatric drugs are. This is why there is an anti-psychiatry movement.

In 1989 I had no idea of ​​what was really happening in this field. I was shocked when I discovered how harmful these drugs really are. They have numerous dangerous side effects and they cause dependency.

I had to study what happens in the human brain based on the information I had in dream messages, signs of my reality, and through the codes I discovered in Xavier's book Words Of Eternal Life, based on the dream language. I saw that God's symbolic messages could be found everywhere if we knew the meaning of the symbolic dream language.

God was graduating showing me the big tragedy that marks our existence.

We are selfish and violent monsters because we have a satanic nature.

Everyone must precisely obey the divine guidance in their dreams and in their religion in order to become really human. Religion is more important than science.

All religions teach us a part of the truth. Jesus was really God because no one else would bear His suffering without false.

However, Jews are right because they declare that they do not believe that Jesus was God. They were chosen by God to be sincere, even though they were wrong. At least they are not hypocrites like those who pretended to believe in Jesus.

God is revolted with the hypocritical Catholic and Orthodox Church because nobody is imitating Jesus' example.

I do not know many details about other religions, but I can tell you that every religion is right and completes a part of the big puzzle that forms our spiritual reality. When we know a lot more about our complex reality we can understand the relationship exist between all religions of the world and why all religions are right.

We are absurd and evil, and this is why there is a dispute between different religious groups. We should respect all religions and try to understand their importance.

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The Empty Threats of Fear

A recent experience taught me how quickly I can fall into the deceiving grips of fear and how important it is for me to practice awareness. For several weeks, my left leg has been swollen from the knee to the ankle. I convinced myself that it was a muscle spasm or cramp that would not let go, and I kept thinking that I would be able to work it out … or it would just disappear because I wanted it to be gone. It certainly did not seem like something I should see a doctor about, or so I Thought.

As the swapping worsened over the past week, I began to limp more at work. Colleagues began to notice and question me. When I showed them the amount of the swapping, their reaction was immediate. Go to see your doctor now! It might be a blood clot. That caught my attention. When I told them how it felt like the skin was going to split although I knew it would not, one told me a horror story of how her horse's leg had split from top to bottom like a boiled wiener because of uncontrolled swelling. I could feel the fear rising in my chest and throat. Had I left it too long? Was there something really wrong with my leg?

I went to the patients' department at the hospital, and my doctor happened to be on duty. Things got very serious as soon as she saw my leg. She told me that she was treating it as a blood clot until proven otherwise. Thump! I felt the thud of fear within me. How was this possible? I was given a blood thinner immediately and informed that I was being sent for an ultrasound. No ultrasound technician was available in the area that day so I had to drive to the nearest city for the ultrasound and then return directly to see my doctor.

Against her orders, I returned to school briefly to make sure everything was set up for my students for the afternoon before I left. As soon as colleagues saw me, they shook me with their worry and concern … and I succumbed to the grip of fear. Frightened tears flowed as I prepared to leave and get on the road.

The shaky waters of my inner landscape calmed as soon as I got into my vehicle and started driving. I was able to observe how I was allowing myself to get swept up into all the “what if” projections caused by fear. I was able to witness what was rising within me and remove myself from the anxiety-hidden scenarios I was creating in my mind. I settled back to being present and enjoying the drive on a beautiful winter afternoon. That inner calm remained through the ultrasound, even when it was evident from the young technician that she had found something, and through the long drive back. In fact, I texted my colleagues before I left to tell them that I was on my way back to hear the good news.

And I did, indeed, return to the good news from my doctor that it was not a blood clot. Instead, it was a Baker's cyst that had formed behind my knee and ruptured. The swelling in my leg was from the fluid draining from the cyst. There was nothing to fear and nothing that rest and elevation would not take care of.

I share this experience with you because of what I learned about fear. As soon as I was able to observe the effects of fear within me, I was able to let them go. I was able to observe from the awareness that I am and to return to an inner state of calm. Even as I celebrate my increasing ability to observe what increases within me, I realize that there will be many more opportunities to practice awareness. It is one thing to sit in inner quiet and be aware of what arises within me when I am at home. It is another to practice the perspective of the observer during our daily lives out in the world. I am learning, slowly but surely, why it is called a practice and not an accomplishment! Namaste, my dreams πŸ™‚

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Mind and Body!

Thousands of years ago the Ancient Greeks understood the benefits of exercising both their minds and bodies! Unfortunately, today some people are picking one over the other. Some schools have cut back on gym classes and / or recess time in order to gain more academic seat time. And some students are concentrating their efforts on sports at the expense of their studies.

The mind and body are like a two-lane road. Traveling on only one while ignoring the other might leave you stranded somewhere far away without any way of getting back home. Focusing on only one, not only neglects the other, but also causes the one you're focusing on to receive a lot of inefficient attention!

In order for either side to get the most productive attention one has to combine the two and utilize the mind and body link together. Can you feel what I'm saying yet? Good! Believe it or not the mind will help out in any physical endeavor if you give it a chance to work its genius, and likewise the body will help out in any intellectual endeavor as well if given the chance to perform.

If you athletes learn how to train your brain you'll get that mental edge that will give you a leg up on your competition in sports. And if you intellectuals discover how to use your body to put yourself in the “zone,” your mind will be sharper and quicker than you've ever experienced.

Train your brain and feel your body move, and you're sure to become a smarter, faster, and better you. Just look at Alexander the Great, who loved to physically dominate and destroy his competition as much as he loved to read a good book and study under Aristotle.

Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember, the Ancient Greeks knew the benefits of the mind and body link thousands of years ago! Be balanced. Be successful. Be happy. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do …

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Using Magnets to Heal, Is It Possible?

Based on the research of people like Albert Roy Davis, Walter C. Rawls and many others the use of magnets has become a field of healing that should be more 'mainstream' but to this day is treated by the medical profession as' fringe quack medicine '. This subject is vast and would require an entire text to do the subject justice, however I will attempt to give you a 'taste' of what is possible when using magnets to treat the human body naturally. The therapeutic use of static magnets has gained acceptance for the treatment of a number of physiological, cardiovascular and neuro-musculoskeletal problems issues that range from pain relief to having the potential to prevent heart attacks.

The uses of unipolar and bipolar static magnets, as well as other forms of magnetic therapy's which include the highly studied pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) have been researched since well before the turn of the century. Magnets have an effect on the body simply because when you think about what it is made of (mostly water and minerals), are ionic molecules (a charged atom or molecule), which means they all carry an electrical charge and have positive and negative poles . This is significant if you remember back to the days of your early childhood science experiments that used magnets to display the 'fields' they produce using iron filings. These same fields can have a direct impact on the body.

Even after all of the research that has been done using magnets, it is still not entirely clear as to how they work. It is just known that they have an effect on human physiology that has been replicated and has been shown to have an effect on the biochemical chain of events that occurs in the body. One specific effect has to do with the way minerals and even water are utilized in soft tissue after trauma and in the normal everyday biochemical processes that occur on a daily basis. [1,2] Because certain magnets have these effects on the body, they were shown in one study to delay, and in some cases dramatically reduce acute neuronal swelling after the injection of chemicals that overstimulate nerve tissue. [3]

The action that a magnetic field has on the body reduces the excitotoxic, hyperexcitability and the retention of fluids that occurs at the cellular level between the affected tissues due to trauma. The pain that is associated with post traumatic events such as slamming your finger in a car door is not limited to one simple chain of events. With this in mind, and understanding that magnets can regulate many systems in the body, especially after a traumatic event, they can help to prevent the biochemical cascade that occurs after the fact.

The human cell is a very complex anatomical entity that can be affected on many levels. Trauma can cause modifications in the natural movement of ion-channel proteins, it can also cause physical changes in the lipid (a type of fat) bilayer the makes up the cell wall and which inhibits the inward movement of ions and water. The good news is that if you act right away after a tragic event by placing magnets on the affected area it can have a significant clinical effect. [4]

Many researchers have looked at the use of static magnetic fields (SMF) in animals and in humans; in one animal study it was found that SMF's affected the magnetic fields of some internal organs of the test subject. It was also found that a magnets orientation during the treatment period could have an effect on blood chemistry as well as organ function. [5]

Other potential uses for magnets include their use in treating circulatory issues where the magnets were shown to reduce the thickness, viscosity and the flow of blood. An article in 'Science magazine' that was published in 2011 discusses the use of magnets for this purpose. Located at:

In doing some of my own personal research on companies that sell just magnets, I found that there are many companies that are only sellers of the actual physical magnets, and do not have any knowledge of their use in regards to what is discussed above. Then there are those who sell magnets for the therapeutic use, many of which do not have the clinical training or technical background to be able to have an educated discussion as to how they should be used responsibly. I did talk to one company owner that provided me with some insight that I could not find elsewhere. One great nugget of info that he shared with me was that most company's products are not oriented correctly. There is a difference between magnetic North and polar North; Many of the products being sold on the web are directed towards polar North. Their site also has a lot of great information on it that I also found to be very helpful .

Please keep in mind that there is a science to this, and as it is with the human body when it comes to healing, it is almost never a one dimensional approach. Actual healing will require a multidimensional method that may also include the use of magnets.


1. McLean M, Holcomb R, William A, Pickett J. Effects of steady magnetic fields on action potentials of sensory neurons less in vitro. Environ Med 1991; 8: 36-44.

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5. Milovanovich I, Cirkovic S, De Luka S, Trbovich A, et. al. Homogeneous static magnetic field of different orientation induces biological changes in subacutely exposed

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Just What Is An “Odd” Emotion?

While performing social media consulting work for a child psychologist, my eyes were drawn to a Psychology Today magazine sitting in the office lobby. The headline for the cover story read “Odd Emotions: Master The Feelings You Can not Name.” The title alone was intriguing enough to stoke my interest because, well, I'm a “highly sensitive person” and I often experience emotions that I can not quite name or explain.

There Are Just No Adequate Words, Or Are There?

So-oo … not too long ago, I struggled with understanding some emotions that I can best describe as a ball of intertwined feelings occurring simultaneously. It felt like an explosive double roundhouse kick to the gut from Ronda Rousey that left me dazed, confused, hurt, angry, scared, humiliated, and traumatized.

And those are just a few of the emotions that converged upon my spirit in one fell swoop. But the worst part was not able to explain or comprehend the emotions, nor that no one else seemed to understand it, either.

Fast forward to the other side of my multifarious emotions, I discover that these “odd” feelings really do not have one name. When artist and writer John Koenig was not able to label his emotions of dying death, he just invented one, “moriturism,” and says “it [his emotions] felt somehow okay.”

He then created a website that serves as a dictionary describing emotions that have no name using a combination of creativity, linguistic research, and etymology to assign a name and meaning. For instance, “exulansis,” he has determined is a noun which means “the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it-whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness-which allows it to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feet out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land. “

The word is a present verb from its Latin root exul, which means “to exile, banish.”

Fluff or For Real?

You may be wondering, if people really remember or use these words. Highly likely not, but psychologists suggest in the article that naming or labeling an emotion “might make it more manageable,” “allow us the opportunity to choose our response,” and “help to put a frame around more complex emotions.” I would agree with them, because I believe being able to name what I was previously feeling would have helped to redirect my energy because I spent a lot of time just processing my emotions and the experience.

Others may see it as a pointless exercise that probably will not be useful, but Koenig believes it helps individuals to understand that the same indescribable emotions that are feeling have been felt by others. The experience may also encourage the practice of honoring one's sensitivity and personal emotions in a constructive manner. That's a lot less exhausting than the alternative, which is running from or suppressing emotions in hopes of an exulansis.

What do you think about “odd” emotions? Are there inventive words you've heard or used to describe an emotion or even an experience, whether good or bad?

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