John Demartini, DC, an American researcher, author, educator and public speaker in human behavior, founded the Demartini Institute and has trademarked methodologies in human development. The two most significant are the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination Process and the applications of these processes in the seven areas of life – Family, Financial, Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Vocational.

Demartini, states that support plus challenges equals the best formula for growth.

Pause and consider your life-where are your challenges and what is the support you give Your Self? Know that life takes care of the challenges and it is up to you to take care of the support. This does not mean life is not providing support. It means, however, it is up to you to Look, Listen, Appreciate and Trust that support is available within. You can draw from Your Self the kind of support that will assist you best.

You need to draw support to not only meet, but surmount the challenges. That is how you grow.

Sometimes support is found by amplifying the support you give others, or by the way you appreciate the support that is in your environment.

Support plus challenges equals the best formula for growth. All of life is inviting you to grow, grow, and grow as you navigate the vicissitudes of life. It is the resistance of supporting Your Self through the challenges that creates stress, tension, fear and unhappiness.

You are the creator of your life – Give Your Self the gift of support and grow through the challenges.