I would agree that we need these protective agencies in place, but at what cost? And I'm sure most want to feel protected and secure. Health insurance is good, but does lend itself to a false sense of security. Doctors and hospitals can be life saving, but again this leads to that false sense of security. Government agencies can implement more laws and regulations to provide the public with health protection, but history has shown us that they are not that good at this. Curious to know how many people understand that from the time the AMA and the many licensing laws took control of medicinal remedies in the early 1900's we were one of the healthiest nations on earth. Or the published article * in JAMA stating; “Traditional Western Medicine contributor to poor health and is the third leading cause of deaths in the US” This makes me wonder … why the downfall? When there are so many safe and natural ways to prevent poor health as well as improve the health and quality of an individual's life. Why did not they consider this when they created these regulations and laws? Maybe they did? Or better yet, why can not “all” alternative medicines be considered when implementing our new health care mandates now? We hear the presidential campaigns discuss health care, but do you ever hear them say we should consider adding more alternative methods of prevention and health care? Of course there would potentially be so much control as to what can or can not be done that it may be best to leave it as is. I would say NOT. I'm sure we all have our opinions on this.

Good marketing, just like in the height of the tobacco industry, is what keeps unhealthy foods in the forefront of our minds. Now, on the other hand why does our mind and body desire sweets and fats? One can presume if you did not grow up eating these foods, you may not desire them. However that is not always a reality. Or why are human beings naturally lazy? Or why are we creatures of habit, good or bad?

Then we look at the environment and our daily way of life and how this affects what we eat and our health condition. It is certainly good to see many in our society concerned with the quality of our environment and how it negatively affects our lives and our morally taking action to preserve it as well as pushing government (and the world) to enforce laws to protect it. Unfortunately our way of life is only getting more and more hectic. How do we prevent an unhealthy life?

So, does a select group hope that people will always desire unhealthy foods, bad habits and lifestyles leading to poor health? Certainly death from unhealthy habits, poor diet and physical activity can be preventable. When it comes down to it we are responsible for our own actions.

* Starfield, B. (2000, July 26). Is US health really the best in the world? Journal of the American Medical Association, 284 (4), 483-485.