Is there some way to physically increase vibration rate? ”

Everyone and everything is made of energy. Everything we eat, everything we breathe, and everything we touch is energy. So when asking how to increase your own personal, physical vibration rate it is important to remember the old sayings, “what you think – is what you are or what you eat is what you become”. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the answers.

Here are some quick tips to increase your vibrational rate.

Diet: If you eat food that is dense and processed it will lower your vibrational rate. To increase it, eat more fresh and organic foods. When something comes from nature without our human selves interfering it is going to be healthier. Meats, cooked food in general, and those processed pre-packaged dinners do serve a purpose. When you feel ungrounded, have a hamburger as example. It is also vital to remember that our bodies are made up of water. We have to continuously replenish that water. The Law of Rhythm reminds us that everything is flowing and changing. The more water we drink, the more our own energy will flow.

Exercise: Believe it or not, the physical body has to be exercised in order to increase the vibration rate. If you do not do any type of exercise it will be more difficult to raise your vibration. You do not have to join a gym; yoga and tai chi provide a form of exercise that can be done in the comfort of your own home. The additional benefit being they incorporated a form of meditation. Honestly, even simply walking will help to keep the energy in the physical body moving and help with the energy alignment.

Breathing: Most of us do not know how to breathe properly. Breathing exercises can actual stimulate the flow of energy in the body. There are specific breathing exercises that actually work on ensuring the internal energetic system is flowing properly, while others work to ensure the connection to the Cosmos is flowing. Even simple deep breathing in through the nose, holding the breath for a moment and then releasing the breath while consciously focusing on the breath can help to raise the energy flow.

These are some general tips; there are literally hundreds of techniques that can be used to assist the body in lifting its vibration rate. Common other techniques are drumming, chanting, or sing. The key is to find what authentically resonates with you.