The human race made many mistakes because we have a huge anti-conscience that has satanic characteristics and occupations the largest part of our brain. The underdeveloped conscience we receive from God is constantly misled by the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience.

God's solutions for our problems are very different from the solutions we find based on our thoughts. We are ignoreant, absurd, and evil.

God is a sensitive genius. He gave us scientific knowledge in order to show us the existence of the satanic anti-conscience in our brain, and finally convince us that we have to obey His guidance.

The fact that I discovered its existence is purely a detail. Anyone could have made this discovery, since it was based on God's guidance and not on my curiosity.

Now that we made so many scientific discoveries we can finally understand that we need a deep psychotherapy in order to become really sensitive and find sound mental health. If we are insensitive we are cruel.

In order to find sound mental health we must be sensitive, calm, and balanced. We must be sincere, patient, and generous.

We must be morally correct. We must protect our moral principles and our dignity.

We must automatically forgive our enemies and help them find sound mental health instead of hating them because they are demons. Since everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience, even those who do not seem to be evil are demons. Therefore, we can not condemn anyone.

Some people are more controlled by their anti-conscience, and this is why they are more mentally ill than average people, but we are basically mentally ill from birth because the largest part of our brain is absurd and evil.

This is a tragic truth. However, now that it became known we will follow the necessary process of transformation for our evolution through dream translation. While we ignored the truth we could not find salvation.

Our planet was created by God in order to give us many practical lessons and help us transform our anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience. Everything that happens in our lives is prepared and predetermined in many ways.

In many cases we are predetermined to act like animals by our evil nature, but we must change our bad destiny and act based on the divine guidance.

In other cases we are free to do what we want, but we should follow the path that will allow us to develop our conscience based on God's wisdom. We have to follow God's rules in order to realize the positive destiny that He prepared for us.

For example, we try to find a partner without believing that there is a perfect match for us. This is a big mistake. Everyone must learn how to find their animus or animate through dream translation in order to have a perfect love relationship.

God makes perfect combinations. He prepares a brilliant destiny for us if we will obey His guidance and become really human. When we respect the divine wisdom we follow our positive destiny.