Dreams follow a logical sequence that is different from the sequence followed by our thoughts. The dream logic is based on God's wisdom and sanctity, and not on the assumptions of our absurd, evil, and ignorant conscience.

All nightmares and bad dreams reflect the absurdity and the evilness that is threatening our conscience, with the intention to help us understand how to protect our mental stability.

Today we know that we are idiotic primitive primates that think like demons because we have a satanic anti-conscience and our conscience is underdeveloped. Therefore, we can understand why God talks about the dangers that are threatening our mental health in almost all dreams.

Today we know facts that the human race ignored during many years:

* We are unable to cure mental illnesses based on our intelligence because we are too absurd, evil, and ignorant. This is why we depend on God's guidance in dreams.

* We never will evolve by chance. If we will not obey the divine guidance we will not evolve even after billions of years.

Many people believe that we need the military, the police, and prisons until humanity will evolve, but if we will keep being violent and indignant, humanity will never find peace.

We have to organize our world based on God's wisdom. Our solutions are violent, insensitive, and unfair, and they generate numerous other problems.

* We have to change our focus. Instead of focusing on our lives on earth, we should first focus on our lives after death.

These conclusions are very different from the concepts imposed by the materialistic modern civilization. This happens because they are based on the information given by God in dream messages.

Thanks to Carl Jung's discoveries and my discoveries while I was probably obeying the Divine guidance in my dreams, today you know that you do not live in order to be happy.

You live in order to be transformed into a true human being, so that you may be able to attain sanctity. You have to have the behavior of a saint in order to be really mentally healthy and avoid going to hell after death.

Your evil nature transforms you into a monster, and this is why you have to be punished. You have to become a perfect human being during your life in order to go to heaven after death, instead of being punished.

This knowledge is hard to be comprehended and accepted in a crazy world where violence, selfishness, immorality, and greed prevail. Nobody believes in God, nobody cares about what happens to our spirit when we die, and nobody wants to pay attention to their mental health and correct their behavior.

We are living in an elementary historical time, even though we are so impressed with our scientific and technological progress. The new generations will consider the modern civilization one of the most ridiculous civilizations of our history.

There are so many horrors in our world that we should be afraid of our insanity instead of being proud of our accomplishes.

You have to be able to understand that your historical time is like the Middle Ages in many ways. This is hard to be accepted, but you have to open your mind. With all the enthusiasm you see around you because we have computers, cell phones, electricity, and so many things that make our lives much better than our ancestors' lives you tend to believe that your historical time is superior.

However, this is a misleading impression. Humanity did not evolve. Our world is controlled by powerful corporations that care only about making money. There is no democracy in a world of corruptions and hypocrisy.

Those who have the basic conditions to make money become insatiable consumers because they are manipulated by the commercial world, while there is still poverty on earth. Many people are starving, or hard managing to survive.

Our indifference to poverty proves that we are satanic creatures.

Many other shocking truths prove this fact. Terrorism, wars, and numerous crimes are part of the routine in our reality.

You have to surpass the mindset of your absurd historical time and pay attention to the information you have in your dreams now that God's symbolic language was clearly translated because I completed Carl Jung's research.

You have this advantage, even though you are in a tragic situation. You have to become really human by obeying the divine guidance in a world of betrays.

You are lucky because you can clearly understand God's guidance in your dreams, but you have to be a hero among many monsters.

You must prefer to precisely obey the divine guidance in your dreams instead of trusting false human beings who merely pretended to be human, and instead of trusting your own judgment. The sad scientific discovery of the existence of a satanic conscience in the human brain must make you completely change your attitude.

You have to understand that God knows what is right and wrong, and respect His decisions. The decisions of your ignorant and deficient mind can not be trusted.