Working behind a desk for 8 hours a day may not seem physically tiring but it can be mentally tiring. By the end of the work day your usually exhausted and you just want to get home and relax instead of hitting the gym. The main problem with having to work while spending the majority of the day on a chair is your not getting enough exercise for your body. So to help you I came up with a few ways you can get and stay healthy while at work.

Plan Workouts – Make it a set plan in your calendar to exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Find the time for it, it can be during your lunch hour, before work or, if you have the energy, after work. By planning it you are making the first step towards doing it.

Stand up and stretch – Sitting for even an hour without standing up and stretching can be a problem. So get the blood circulating by standing and stretching out your arms or, even better, take a small stroll around the office or a walk to the water cooler. Doing so will clear your head and keep you healthy.

Drink Water – Keep a thermos of water with you at your desk instead of a sugary beverage. Drinking water is great for your body and this gives you a great excuse to sneak a walk into your hour by topping up at the water cooler. Drinking water also helps keep you feeling full so you will not be prompted to make a regretful decision at the vending machine.

Healthy Snack – Plan to bring to work a small assortment of healthy snacks that you can keep with you at your desk, for those particularly busy days that you do not get the chance to have your lunch. This will also reduce the chances that you will binge on something sugary from the vending machine.

Plan Healthy Lunches – Pack a healthy lunch from home or if you do not have the time in the morning to pack a fresh healthy meal, scope out the area around your work to see which restaurants are close and have a calorie friendly menu, make them your go to places on busy days.

Take the Stairs – Opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator. This is not a Big Secret, its popular knowledge. So just do it. If your floor is high you can start taking the stairs until you get tired, then hop on the elevator the rest of the way. Make it a goal to climb higher and higher each day. Maybe the next step, pun intended, you could time yourself to get faster.

Having a demanding job that does not benefit or support a healthy lifestyle does not have to be the reason you begin dropping short on your health goals. Follow these few tips and you will not be disappointed.

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