While the West has been obsessed with medication for hundreds of years, with millions of people being on prescription medication, the East offers a totally different toolset for handling illnesses. One of the most commonly used tools for healing in the East is meditation.

There are over a hundred different benefits offered through the practice of meditation. Many of them refer to health and to curing illnesses. Of the many physical and mental health benefits offered by meditation, some of the most important include: helping with high blood pressure, curing addictions, helping avoid and fight heart disease, slowing the aging process and producing more antibodies. This, of course, if in addition to the fact that meditation produces inner calm and helps eliminate the many symptoms associate with stress.

Another great benefit of meditation over medication is the fact that by meditating we empower ourselves to handle health issues in a natural manner, where medication makes us dependent on substances.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that meditation is easy. While many in the West associate meditation with spirituality and religion, meditation is, at its core, a practical tool to promote general well being.

By following the instructions in this guide to healing meditation, you will empower yourself to handle health issues in a positive, lasting and natural way.

How to perform a healing meditation

To begin with, it is important to go somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed for at least twenty minutes. The area should be comfortable and make you feel relaxed. Dim lights if necessary, open windows, create the perfect environment for relaxation.

Sit comfortably, using a pillow if need be. Aim to sit with good posture, keeping your spelling in alignment. Allow yourself to sit still for a few moments and to become comfortable and relaxed before continuing with this healing meditation.

Close your eyes and continue to relax. If any thoughts or feelings arise, acknowledge them but continue to relax.

Start to breathe through your nostrils. Take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds, then exhale slowly and comfortably. Focus your attention on your breathing. If you find it difficult to focus on your breathing alone, try reciting a mantra. A good example of a healing mantra would be: “I am comfortable and relaxed and feel calm through my body and mind.” Repeat this phrase to yourself, focusing on the words, or continue to focus on your breath, which you prefer.

Should you find thoughts distracting you, acknowledge them but do not dwell on them. Simply observe the thought entering your mind then leaving, then return your focus to your breath.

Continue to meditate on your breath, allowing feelings and thoughts to dissipate as you gradually become more and more relaxed. This process of relaxation is great for body and mind. It gives you the opportunity to unwind and to relieve stress and tension.

Simply continue to focus on your breath in this way for however much time you have set aside for your meditation. Then, when you are ready, gradually open your eyes and return to normal.

After performing this meditation for twenty minutes you will feel much more relaxed. Relaxation is of the utmost importance to well being. Relaxation gives your body and mind the opportunity to release stress and tension and to return to normal.

Practice this meditation once or twice a day for twenty minutes at a time. It is the perfect way to give yourself the peace and inner calm you need to promote well being.