As the end of the year draws near, you may want to think about what you have accomplished so far in the creative field and how you can progress more. It is a great opportunity to reflect; to reminisce about great creative moments; and to consider what you want to achieve for next year.

Getting Ready for Something New

You may need to take some time to relax after a hectic year; it is important to respect your biological rhythm; Apart from physical fatigue, you may also be experiencing mental and spiritual strain; since, you may need to rest your mind and body properly before starting afresh; so take time off any creative plans and activities for a while … Do not use your alarm clock during this period; and do not reach out to your mobile to check the time every 10 minutes; in case you usually wear a watch, you may try to do without it. Benefit from the carefreeness enjoyed by making yourself temporarily unavailable. After this period of recharging, you can feel ready to make provisions for next year. It is always exciting to look forward to something new!

A Gift for the New Year

The change of the year offers the perfect backdrop for changes in your life too; changes that will boost your productivity and creativity. You may also need to evaluate if you are doing enough to live up to your creative calling, and if not, consider what you can do from now to better serve your true purpose. So make yourself a gift for the New Year: Commit to positive action to increase your well-being and creativity. Change can mean something simple but consequential, such as joining a gym or an art class.

How to Be Uplifted

The beauty of the season stirs strong emotions; you may want to spend some time with your family and friends; this can be a great stimulus to your creative work. Be uplifted by expressions of affection, kindness, and amusing activities with people who are close to you; let yourself get carried away by the festive spirit around you. Can you think of a better way to celebrate the end of this year and welcome the new one?

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