My discoveries after continuing the research of the psychiatrist and psychiatrist Carl Jung are very unpleasant for the world leaders, and also for the indifferent population of our materialistic and atheistic historical time. These discoverments deny the lies of the absurd modern civilization, providing that there is no seriousness on Earth. All human beings are hypocrites. Everyone is an actor.

In other words, nothing of what you read and hear today is true. You are manipulated by the absurdity of everyone's anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is our absurd and evil primitiveness conscience, which did not evolve like our human conscience and occupations the largest part of our brain. It generates mental illnesses within our human conscience with the intention to eliminate our capacity to think logically, and take the place of our ego.

Most people live controlled by their anti-conscience, or they are constantly influenced by its absurdity. This is why our world is a living hell ruled by terror.

I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience because I rather obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, after verifying its divine origin. The unconscious mind is God's mind. When you translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method you verify that the information you have surpassed the limited knowledge of your historical time.

Through dream translation you will learn why many people die when they are still young, and how to prevent a premature death.

The unconscious mind works like a psychotherapist in the beginning of your occupation with the meaning of dreams. You have to follow psychotherapy until you'll transform your evil and absurd anti-consciousness into a positive component of your human conscience. You will attain spiritual perfection and become a wise human being.

After transforming your personality you'll learn many interesting facts about the way our world works, and about many other matters.

You can verify the veracity of the information you have in dreams because this information fits with many other details that are part of your life. For example, I could have prevented the premature death of my husband's niece when she was still a child. I had a dream warning about her death.

I was in a very difficult situation, but I had the courage to talk about my dream with the girl's mother and tell her what to do to prevent her daughter's death. She did not believe in the importance of the meaning of dreams and she was very irritated with my prediction. However, this prediction helped me prevent the premature death of my husband's niece.

I talked with her mother, but her mother spoke also with her father about my dream. Today she is an adult, and she is happily married. Her parents have never admitted that she is still alive only thanks to the warning I had in a dream when she was a child. If you knew all the details of her story you would surely believe that she was saved thanks to this warning. Her destiny explains by itself why her parents had to be alarmed.

You can not prove a salvation 100% because you can not prove to the world that without your protection something tragic would certainly have happened. When you predict a catastrophe and the catastrophe happens, you prove to the world that you really had predicated what happened. However, when you know how to change your destiny or another person's destiny thanks to a dream prediction, you can not prove that the catastrophe you could prevent would actually happen if you would not prevent it.

I had the courage to talk about my strange dream and show to the world that I had the power to prevent catastrophes thanks to dream warnings because this was true. I knew that nobody would believe me, but I believed that preventing the death of a young person was more important than the opinion of the world.

I completely trusted the meaning of this dream because I had many dreams with explanations about the reason why people die and how we can prevent a premature death. I had explanations about the reason why many of my close friends and relatives had died, even though they were still young.

I knew that I could completely trust the unconscious messages because they are sent by God and God always shows us the truth in our dreams. I had information about many other matters, which I would never be able to learn if I did not have the chance to directly talk with God through dream messages.

I could confirm that the information I had in dreams was real because many facts of my reality could be understood thanks to the information given by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind showed me the real causes of all the problems we observe on our appearance reality. Nothing happens by chance in our world. I could discover a lot more because I had this information.

I also had many dreams with future predictions. I always verified that what the unconscious mind had predicted in a dream really happened, exactly as it was predicted in the dream. I had many impressing confirmations that all dream predictions really happen in my daily reality.

Therefore, I was absolutely sure that I had the moral obligation to do something to prevent the premature death of my husband's niece. I would not play with such a serious matter. We can prevent a premature death the same way we can prevent accidents and other misfortunes thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams.