Many people believe that they have more advantages when they are evil, but this is a misleading impression. The consequences of evilness are terrible, even though they are not visible from the beginning.

This is why those who observe evil people believe that they manage to have many advantages by being evil. They seem to have advantages, but their victory is temporary. They will certainly have serious problems in the future.

Whatever is evil generates tragic tragedies. This is a physical law not discovered by our scientists because these consequences can take a long time to appear in the reality of those who are evil, and they do not seem to be related to their behavior.

Why is everything so hard to be observed?

The reason why we do not understand that the problems we have in life a long time after doing something bad are in fact punishments for our actions is the fact that we have inherited an anti-conscience, which distorts the meaning of everything with its evil and absurd conclusions.

God must hide many facts from our anti-conscience. Otherwise it will not let us learn anything. It keeps making misleading comments and suggestions. Our conscience must pay attention to our reality and try to understand how it works.

God gives us many lessons in dreams in order to show us how our reality works and a lot more. However, He must use the symbolic dream language. He can not speak based on the idiotic logic of our conscience, and He must avoid being comprehended by our anti-conscience.

Today we can clearly understand God's words in dreams thanks to Carl Jung's discoveries and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research. These discoveries will change our tragic destiny and save us from terror, even though the beginning of this process of transformation will be difficult.

Our anti-conscience has satanic characteristics. It is our wild conscience, which did not evolve with time. It works independently of our conscience, trying to destroy our conscience in order to control our behavior.

The anti-conscience belongs to us and occupations the largest part of our brain, but it works as if it was another person. It is our evil self, which we ignore, but it does not protect us, besides being a huge part of ourselves. Our satanic anti-conscience works against us because it is self-destructive and it wants to live in terror.

Our anti-conscience pretends to be a part of ourselves that protects us, but its intention is to destroy our capacity to think logically through absurdity. It misleads our conscience, generating mental illnesses within our conscience, and sending us unbearable symptoms.

This means that we have an enemy in the wild side of our brain. Whenever we are evil, our enemy manages to destroy a portion of our conscience, and generally generate a mental disorder within our conscience.

We could learn this fact in our historical time because this is part of God's plan for the elimination of terror on earth.

The discovery of the existence of the anti-conscience means that we must give to God the power to decide what we have to do. We have to humbly follow His guidance in our dreams instead of doing what our idiotic and evil conscience desires.