How old are you? Did the number you just declared scare you? Do you feel as if life is passing you by? I have some optimistic advice if you're willing to accept it. Although you may think time is dwindling or maybe you are not that old and you feel as if you're drowning in the redundancy that seems to be every day life, there is hope to greatly change and improve your life. The best part is it is not that difficult. Sure, it sees as if though I'm blatantly stating how easy something so seemingly difficult is to accomplish. Well that is because I personally think most people overthink things when it comes to actively improving your life. Key word actively. It is a never-ending battle yet you get to say you are improving your life, that's the loophole if you will. It is a continuous struggle, however the reward is present every and every day if you allow it to be.

Lets start with the internal workings of your body and how starting your improvement there is your best bet. What do I mean by internal workings? Well, if you have not already guessed it I'm quite the advocate of living a certain healthy lifestyle. I say something because I am most certainly an avid lifter as well as clean eater, however, I am also an avid foodie along with quite the party animal (please do not judge too harsly, I'm still adjusting to the freshly 21 year old life). So while I do definitely advocate a healthy lifestyle, I do not intend to overemphasize healthy as in some cases those who believe they are leading healthy lifestyles at times are actually torturing their bodies by incorporating extreme measures.

Starting a healthy lifestyle may in fact be the easiest yet most convoluted step there is. It seems like such a complex task but in actuality all you do is jump in. Therefore, the best way to start an active lifestyle is to get active. Devise a simple yet effective workout regimen that you can begin with but one that allows for a great deal of change as my best method was to create a simple guideline and over the years perfect it by adding to it based on my level of expertise. Next comes the nutrition aspect. The easiest way to gain weight or lose weight all comes down to calorie intake and unless you are seeking to compete professionally, do not let anyone tell you anything different. What this means is if you wish to gain weight, you simply need to eat more calories than your maintenance amount (amount that you need to sustain a weight that neither increases nor decreases). If you would like to lose weight, you consume fewer calories than your maintenance. Knowing these two basics you are actually ready to begin, it now all comes down to discipline.

Be disciplined. Know that just by slowly working at both of these activities will ensure an improvement in your life.