I was very excited when I became a dream expert after precisely following Carl Jung's steps. This happened in the end of 1988, when I was writing my personal conclusions in my first scientific book. I was writing it to prove to the world that only Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of the symbolic dream language and the healing power of dreams.

I had discovered a code, which helped me have a direct communication with the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. This code was the result of abbreviations of religious messages found in the book of a Brazilian spiritual guide. I'm Brazilian, even though I live in Greece because my family is Greek and we had no safety in my country.

I had a small notebook with codes taken from the spiritual guide's book, and I could directly talk with the unconscious mind thanks to these codes, including being able to clearly understand the unconscious messages in dreams. The unconscious mind started telling me that He was desperate because nobody believes in God and nobody believes in the power of goodness.

Goodness is very powerful, but very difficult to be understood and implemented. We can not understand its real meaning. This happens because we inherit a satanic conscience, the anti-conscience, which is a true demon.

Our human conscience is only a spot. The largest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience. Therefore, we are basically evil. We can not understand the real importance of goodness because of our wild nature.

This means that we are under-developed primates. We are wild animals that can think, but have no human feelings. Our feelings are wonderful. Our tiny human conscience is the only part of our brain that has human characteristics.

The communication I had with God through codes was too deficient in the beginning of our conversations. I spent hours trying to understand the meaning of one simple sentence.

This was very tiring and boring, but I had to find out the meaning of the unconscious words. This was the only way I could clearly understand the unconscious messages. The unconscious mind was trying to tell me something, and it was important to have this communication. I understood its importance, including all the difficulties I had to deal with. My dreams completed the messages I had thanks to the codes.

I had the privilege to have a direct contact with the unconscious mind. I felt so important!

I believed that God would help me prove to the world everything I had discovered, even though I knew that everything seemed to be hard to believe. I could not imagine that God would tell me to help Him prove many things to the world, because He was not able to convince the world alone.

My son was almost four-years-old. I had the chance to stay at home with him for hours, so I could study and persist on my studies. I'm a good student by nature. This was my salvation, even though I was so ignorant.

In the beginning of my conversations with God, I made many silly questions. I was indiscriment and insensitive.

I was excited because I had discovered something that was working. I could really understand the unconscious words. They were very strange. I had confirmations in dreams. The unconscious mind gradually showed me that it was in fact God's mind.

God was always sad. At a certain point I understood that I should pay attention to His pain, and I stopped making silly questions. Then, I finally had the right attitude. I understood that I had to respect God's sanctity and wisdom.

I also understood how painful it was for God to save the human race from so many horrors. God deals with severe mental illnesses everyday. I had to help Him save humanity from craziness, terrorism, and despair. This was what God was trying to tell me from the beginning of our communication.

Carl Jung was only a scientist. I had to become a scientist to understand his work and continue his research, but I also was a writer writer who had studied in a Catholic school during twelve years. I had to show to the world that God must be respected.

The world must understand that the unconscious mind works like a natural psychotherapist because this is necessary. However, we can not consider the unconscious mind as if it was a free automatic organ, which helps us survive like our stomach. God must be repected because of His perfection.