Horses and Human Relationship

With their majestic beauty, horses are the perfect venue to teach people about faith and relationship with others. Unbroken horses are much like people in that they choose to do what they want instead of what their master wants them to do. Their rebellion can get them into trouble, just like people who rebel against authority and become angry at the world.

The process of training a horse with a firm yet gentle touch can teach people to see how God works in our own lives. Gentle yet firm correction trains the horse into obedience just like the discipline our Father provides when we stray.

A visit to a Christian horse ministry allows even non-believers to learn about the wonderful news of Christ while bonding with the beautiful animals. Many people who are hurting are touched by the gentleness of the animals as they groom and stroke them. Horse ministries provide the opportunity for inner healing to those who are struggling with drug addiction or emotional issues.

Many believe that horses facilitate healing because of an innate ability to know what a person needs in order to heal. The animals are often paired with adults and children that are suffering from emotional pain, repetitive behaviors, or serious physical diseases. The massive animals can often sense uncertainty in a person as well as deeply seated emotional distress.

Riding a horse is a tactile experience that uses the whole body and requires mutual trust between the horse and rider. This activity can open the person up and help with healing the emotions, the physical body, the mind, and restoring the spirit to peace.

Healing for Abused Horses

Horse ministries also provide a safe place for the beautiful animals to find their own peace. Many of the horses have been rescued from abusive environments or from owners that could not properly care for them. Caring for these hurt animals can help develop trust, responsibility and patience in young people with deep emotional wounds. Many of these children have trouble relating with their parents and peers but form a deep trust with the horse giving the Christian horse ministry an opportunity to express the love of Jesus.

Support Christian Horse Ministry

Most horse ministries function as non-profit organizations even if they do not take advantage of all the benefits of this status. Horses are expensive animals to care for so most Christian horse ministries do accept pledges to help with feeding and boarding the horses. Donations also help fund veterinary care for the ministry horses when needed.