I was going through some tough changes in my life and I felt as if an overwhelming darkness lingered over me, inhibiting me from enjoying anything. I had become reclusive, angry and, to some extent, anti-social. At the time, I had no idea the changes I was going to make would be so important to my health. But these health triangle activities turned out to be more than just a way to pass the time.

When I came across the health triangle, I was originally looking at ways to balance the mind, body and spirit. I felt this was the root of my issues and when my search returned information regarding the health triangle, the similarities were uncanny.

The health triangle consists of three sides labeled mental, physical and social. I was looking to balance my mind, body and spirit, so you can see the correlation. The health triangle activities I took part in fit nicely with my mind, body, spirit and also with the mental, physical and social template.

Mental / mind- Keeping my mind sharp was the most important, yet most difficult task to accomplish. Through meditation, I have conquered many of the demons that sucked the energy from me, depleting any emotional reserves left. Once i was able to accept certain things for what they were, light started to trickle into my dark and gloomy place.

Physical / body- My first experience with exercise during this time was walking. I had not done anything physical in some time and I needed an outlet for some of that anger. Going for walks cave me that release and helped me physically through that difficult time.

Social / spirit- Removing myself from those close to me while I was facing hard times was the easiest thing to do, yet turned out to be the most damaging. In an effort to figure out who I was, I was taking guitar lessons. Later, I picked up the bass, joined a band and started fixing the social leg of my health triangle without even realizing it.

To sum it up, health triangle activities can be anything you enjoy doing that helps balance your mind, body and spirit. Whether it's meditation, reading or learning a new language to challenge our mind; taking walks, playing a sport or practicing yoga for our bodies or enjoying a hobby to feed our spirit, maintaining a balanced health triangle that can be the key to happiness.