If ever you've found yourself struggling at 3pm in the afternoon or you need that coffee to kick-start your day then read on. Modern life is robbing us of our natural ability to perform at our very best through the day and to keep going well into the evening. Here are some super quick tips for getting the most out of your body and your day.

1. Drink more water … soft drinks and coffee do not count.

The adult male and female body is made up of approximately 65% ​​and 55% water respectively. Drinking water is like drinking more of yourself and it enables the body to function much more efficiently using less energy to do basic tasks such as keeping you alive.

2. Get your 7 – 8 hours of sleep.

People who do not get enough sleep have shakeer life-spans. People who sleep too much have shorter life-spans. Do not skimp and do not over indulge.

3. Kick start your day with a routine.

Set yourself up for the day – it's so much more mentally refreshing to start out on the front foot. Think of it as a warm-up before you exercise.

4. Snack through the day.

Prepare snacks such as nuts and raw vegetables in the morning and take them with you to work. Snack through the day on alkaline-ash forming foods – think nuts, salads, fruits and vegetables. The body can digest these foods so much easier and having a wider range will give you everything you need to thrive through the day.

5. Get in aerobic activity for at least 20-30 minutes 3 times a week – daily is better.

Exercise gets the blood flowing through the body and brain oxygenating every part of you. It also releases mood-enhancing endorphins that last well beyond the duration of the activity. Why would not you do this?!?!?

6. Cut out the acid forming foods.

Because our bodies are more alkaline than acid in terms of pH when we ingest processed foods, which are generally acid-ash forming, the body has to re-balance (return to homeostasis) the environment expending energy in the process. If our meals are highly acidic in nature the body is forced to draw on its largest store of alkaline … that's right, calcium – leading to, over many years, osteoporosis. What are the largest causes of acid in the body? You're gonna love this list …

  • Animal protein – meat, eggs, dairy
  • Processed sugars
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Vinegars
  • Stress

No … wait … what? Dairy? Does not that strengthen bones. Nope – read more here .

7. Treat your day like a series of sprints.

Take a break from your desk every 50 – 60 minutes (maximum 2 hours). Your mind, body, and emotions will thank you for it.

8. Take a lunch break.

Have a light meal and take a walk. See point 5 and get the blood flowing. You're no good to anyone when you're mentally exhausted and everything takes so much longer to do. Develop the discipline to walk away and come back to it after lunch.

9. Take the stairs between meetings.

Blood flow is good.

10. Breathe deeply.

An oxygenated cell is a healthy cell is an energised cell.