The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God's mind. This is why an ignorant young woman like me could continue Carl Jung's research (in 1989, when I was 28-years-old) and discover the existence of a satanic primitive conscience in the human brain. I named it anti-conscience because it is an evil conscience that tries to eliminate our human conscience.

The rudimentary level of consciousness of the anti-conscience is responsible for its idiocy, but it does not want to evolve. This is why it remains in a primitive condition.

Since it is an independent conscience, its actions depend on its will, and it refuses to stop being violent. It does not want to learn how to find peace.

I do not know how God managed to discover the power of goodness even though his conscience had satanic characteristics, but he managed to become a saint. God created our planet in order to transform our anti-conscience into a saintly conscience like His conscience. I had this information in dream messages.

This information can be confirmed if we will analyze the organization and the perfect functioning of our planet and of all the animal and vegetable species found in it. I will talk more about this matter later.

A human being would never be able to discover the existence of a wild conscience in our brain without being guided by God because we can not see what exists into the largest part of our brain. We can see only what exists into our conscience. Without having this vision we could not discover the existence of a second conscience altogether different from our human conscience.

The anti-conscience creates numerous logical traps for our human conscience, which must be developed during our lives because it is underdeveloped and one-sided.

I had information about the anti-consciousness in my dreams and I had to fight its absurdity and bear with courage the unbearable symptoms it was generating, until it stopped attacking me. I was so resistant that it could not beat me.

I was so resistant because I was actually obeying the Divine guidance in my dreams and also in a book written by Chico Xavier, where I discovered various codes that helped me have a direct communication with God without sleeping and dreaming, even though this communication was too time consuming.

The fact that I could discover these codes in Xavier's book is a second scientific proof of God's existence. Xavier was a Brazilian spiritual guide and medium. The book he wrote was a spiritual transcription. It was not a book written based on his personal opinion. The codes I found in his book prove that God speaks through many ways and that His symbolic messages can be found everywhere.

The same way that quantum mechanics show us that the physical reality can not be predicated with certainty based on conventional physics as Albert Einstein believed, Xavier's codes show us that unexplained phenomena have an explanation that our scientists could not find yet.

These codes were based on the admission of the existence of a spiritual reality. They could be scientifically explained according to the meaning of the dream language, which was discovered by Carl Jung. There was a logical sequence between these codes, similar to the logical sequence followed by the messages contained in our dreams.

The dream logic is based on God's concepts and not on the concepts of our ignorant and idiotic conscience. Xavier's codes helped me understand that the dream language could be found everywhere, exactly like a quantum particle.

I later discovered that we can translate the meaning of whatever happens to us in our daily reality the same way we translate the meaning of dreams, and have trustful information about our reality and the future this way. This is the third scientific reason why you must believe in the existence of God.

God really is everywhere and His messages can be comprehended when we know the meaning of the symbolic dream language.

The symbolic dream language gives us real information about our reality. It is symbolic because it is made of symbols, but its symbolism is not merely metaphorical. The information we have when we translate the dream language to words that we can understand is meaningful and true.

We can predict the future by reading God's symbolic signs in our reality, and prevent catastrophes and bad outcomes thanks to this information.