Our hostile planet is a place where too many dangers are threatening us.

* Here we have microbes that cause physical diseases.

* We face natural catastrophes like earthquakes or the eruption of a volcano.

* We are burned by fire,

* Frozen by ice,

* Ruined by floods,

* Tormented by insects (that also cause diseases),

* Threaded by wild animals, and so on.

I could write a big list of bad things that happen in our planet and in our lives.

These bad things prove that our lives on earth can not be pleasant.

We live in a hostile planet because we are absurd and evil, and we must pass through a deep process of transformation.

The fact that we are demons means that we can not understand the importance of goodness. This is why our planet and our lives are characterized by the fight between good and evil and we are constantly in danger.

Our brain is so disorganized and absurd that our poor conscience can not find balance without God's organization.

The same way, our world is so crazy and disorganized that we will never be able to organize it in a just and peaceful way without superior guidance.

Therefore, we must humbly admit that we depend on God's wisdom, and stop trying to govern our world based on our dangerous suppositions.

The formation of the anti-conscience was a disaster because it happened by chance, who knows how many trillions of years ago. Whatever is disorganized is a disaster because without organization nothing can work perfectly.

Therefore, we can not believe that our well-organized universe and our well-organized planet could be perfectly organized by chance. We must admit that God created our planet with the intent to give us the chance to become wise and sensitive.

If our planet was the product of a disorganized process that happened by chance, it would be a disaster. It would not be able to work without exploding.

On one hand we have the perfect conditions for the existence of life in our planet, we have a beautiful planet with a big variety of animals and plants, we have many alternatives, and we have many material pleasures.

On the other hand we have to face numerous problems in order to survive in our hostile planet. Our lives on earth are not simple. We depend on many things in order to be able to live well, and we are exposed to numerous dangers.

The fight between good and evil is present everywhere because we are evil, but we must be transformed into perfect human beings in order to find peace. Otherwise, we will keep spreading terror everywhere.

The terrible crimes, wars, and many other horrors that happen on earth prove that we are demons, but we can not understand this fact. I had to discover that we have the behavior of cruel demons by learning how to translate God's messages in dreams better than Carl Jung, who taught me everything I knew, and transmitted this knowledge to the atheistic and materialistic world in order to help everyone understand this obvious truth.

First of all God helped me discover that I was one of the most violent and selfish creatures of the world and that everyone else on earth was selfish and cruel like me, thanks to my literary talent. Then, I learned Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation and I had to become a doctor after continuing his research.

This was how God managed to help someone finally understand that we are demons. Our wars and crimes were not enough to open our eyes.

My literary talent and the numerous dream symbols I found in the literary book I had written when I was a teen helped me discover the meaning of many dream symbols at the same time. I was helped in many ways in order to be able to discover everything I'm teaching you.

My discoveries were based on my obedience to God's guidance in dreams and facts of my daily reality. They were in fact God's revelations, and not 'my discoveries'.

This is why I could see how evil we are. God opened my eyes.

We justify our tendency to be vengeful, our anger, and our selfishness through many ways, and we even believe that we are right when we like like demons because we can not understand that we are cruel.

When I was young I was surprised when I first discovered that I had the personality of a cruel dictator after translating the meaning of my dreams, and the symbolic meaning of my literary book. I believed that I was a reasonable person …

I had many dreams about people who had no blood in their veins (like zombies). They represent very cruel parts of my personality.

I was shocked the content of my brain and psyche when I analyzed the meaning of my dreams. They were reflecting the severity of my mental condition. I had to be more than careful and learn how to control my anger because I was a terrible monster.

God showed me the truth about the human nature because I had to intentionally obey His guidance without objections in order to be cured. I needed this knowledge.

Everyone needs this knowledge because everyone must be cured, since we are mentally ill from birth, and everyone has the tendency to acquire a severe mental illness.