Everyone must become very sad with God's revelations in dreams and regret being different to His pain.

Instead of believing that we have the right to do everything we can in order to be happy, we must be accused for having such ambition.

We do not deserve to be happy because we are incorrigible demons.

* We are disgusting betrayers

* We mislead one another

* We kill one another

* We indiscriminately kill numerous irrational animals

* We are destroying our planet

* Our world is a living hell ruled by terror and violence

In the beginning of my research I wanted to find new solutions in order to help humanity. I loved the human race.

However, when I discovered the existence of our evil anti-consciousness and I started noticing its signs in everyone's behavior, I was so disgusted with the human race that the only reason why I was working was the necessity to alleviate God's pain.

I could not understand why God insured so much on trying to save us from terror. We do not deserve His mercy.

I was a terrible demon too. I did not believe that I could become a saint. I believed that I was wasting my time trying to become a real human being by doing what God was telling me. I was so cold and cruel that I could not cry. My heart was frozen.

How could someone like me become a sensitive human being?

I believed that God had to stop trying to make an impossible miracle. I would never become a saint and nobody would probably obey His guidance.

Nobody would try to attain sanctity. God had to accept His failure.

However, God was sure that I could be transformed and He was sure that all human beings can become gods like Him. He predicted that someday everyone will obey His guidance and achieve this goal.

I would not believe that this day could come if I did not trust God's wisdom. I'm sure that God can make this miracle. Otherwise, He would not try to make it. He can predict the future.

Wish I could say that now that everyone is learning the truth about our evil nature, everyone will obey God's guidance and soon we will become gods too, but I do not think that this miracle can happen before one thousand years. We are too far from balance.

There are so many criminals in our world, so many corruptions and so many horrors that God has more than too many enemies.

The probabilities are so discouraging that if God did not exist I would not try to do anything for humanity after discovering that we are terrible demons.

What do you think?

Will you try to become a perfect human being now that you know the truth?

Will you sacrifice your life in order to help God save the human race from terrorism?