Does being in love really have an effect on our heart? Can we suffer physical effects of a “broken heart”? Love creates not only feelings of happiness but also causes our bodies to create hormones and endorphins that have an effect on our well-being. With Valentine's Day right around the corner let's take a look at four reasons why being in love is good for your health.

1. Improved Heart Health. Feelings of love release hormones into your system that aid in lower blood pressure and improved blood flow, effectively making your heart beat stronger. Improved blood circulation continues our most critical functions for survival, leading to a longer and healthier life.

2.) Reduced Stress. Physical contact such as hugs, holding hands and even kisses with our loved ones release Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. Oxytocin decreases feelings of anxiety when you are separated from your partner. Oxytocin has a calming effect on our minds effectively enabling us to relax and enjoy the moment rather than stressing over life's small annoyances.

3.) Glowing Skin. Not only does love reduce our stress and give our heart a workout, it can also aid in reducing signs of aging on our skin. Feelings of love release endorphins that increase blood flow improving our skins texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4.) Positivity. Love reduces the risk of depression and can improve confidence, allowing individuals to attain all their hearts desire. The connection between two individuals can be influential to a persons mood and behaviors. Being in love creates a positive energy in individuals making us more accessible and pleasant in our daily interactions.

These four reasons make it pretty clear that love is good, not only for your heart, but also for your overall health and well being. Improved circulation and lower blood pressure help improve our overall heart health for a longer and healthier life. Reduced stress reduces general anxiety and allows us to live in the moment. A glowing complexion helps us look more youthful and overall healthy. Finally with a benefit of a positive outlook and reducing our risk of depression, we are more likely to go out and conquer our goals and our hearts desire. The feelings of love truly do have a lasting benefit to our overall health. This leads me to believe that a broken heart can not only be tough mentally but could also have a physical toll on our health.