You can experience tiredness as a result of many causes. Medical conditions such as sleeping disorders, flu as well as seriousness illness can be the reasons. The causes could also be lifestyle related for instance unhealthy eating habits and working for very long hours. Other psychological causes like stress and depression are also causes of tiredness.

Causes of Tiredness

Tiredness is characterized by loss of energy in the body which leaves the bones feeling very weak. The causes of tiredness usually differ according to the gender and age of an individual. For instance, there are certain medical conditions that can leave women feeling so weak but the same medical conditions will not have serious effects to men. And since adults are exposed to a lot of issues that usually involve emotions you may find them being tired because of some emotional causes, something which is less likely to happen to children.

Anemia is a chronic disease that leaves a person very tired. This is because it causes the level of the red blood cells in the body to go down in turn causing reduction in the level of hemoglobin that is responsible for carrying oxygen around all parts of the body. This causes a sharp drop in the supply of oxygen around the body, a situation which causes tiredness. Other disorders that cause tiredness are insomnia and apnea, cancer and the medications prescribed towards it as well as heart problems.

If you have an unhealthy sleeping routine due to work or others issues, then chances of being tired are high. The body has to be allowed to rest for at least 8 hours during the night for it to function well. That is why people who work night shifts are prone to tiredness because they work when they are supposed to be sleeping and as a result confusing the internal clock of the brain. Sleeping a lot and being exposed to disturbances when you are sleep can also result to tiredness. Consumption of drugs as well as alcohol can cause tiredness too.

If you are depressed due to being sad for a long time or having anxiety and stress, then you are most likely to experience fatigued. Your diet may also be another cause of tiredness so you might want to check on it. You should make sure that you make Vitamin C part of your diet since studies show that a lot of people who suffer from tiredness do not have enough of this vitamin in the body. The best sources for vitamin C are fruits and vegetables but you can also take 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements everyday if you happen to be low on this crucible vitamin. All B vitamins as well as minerals like zinc and magnesium are very important for energy.

Diagnosis for tiredness can be a bit hard due to the many causes behind it. A doctor may need to do tests about your diet, medical history, and lifestyle as well as life events. If you are always feeling fatigued, you should always make a point of consulting a doctor.